Um I need help with game?

  1. Hey Is there a cheat for Beating the game or Skipin missons

    User Info: ShadowCastro

    ShadowCastro - 7 years ago
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    Also If not Can You Unlock cloth shops with out doing missons?

    User Info: ShadowCastro

    ShadowCastro - 7 years ago

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  1. The infamous death-by-jetpack method unlocks all enterable locations at the start of a new game (finish entering the button code for a jetpack when Tenpenny throws you out of the car in the final introductory cutscene). However, this glitch remains active only until the first one is legitimately opened within the storyline.

    With a cheating disc like Gameshark, Codebreaker, or Action Replay, you can send all clothing (incl. girlfriend awards) directly to your wardrobe without ever having to purchase them or "do" anything. Also, you can invoke any number of additional codes to make playing through missions about as easy as you can get (infinite health, etc). I recommend that route if you choose to cheat your way though a game anyway.

    Better yet is just to play through the game legitimately. It's tough in some spots, but you are only cheating -yourself- out of the experience otherwise...and making it very boring. Once you can accomplish that, try obtaining collectables or finishing optional missions in locked areas to create your own "starter file". It's very challenging to run around in Las Venturas collecting horseshoes with the police chasing after you, for example. By contrast, it's pretty boring to be doing so after the area has opened legitimately and nobody is chasing after you.

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  1. No,but there are some cheats that can help you get past some missions.But do not activate the cheats peds riot and peds attack untill you complete the mission where you save madd dogg from jumping off the Royle Casino rooftop,and you either have to complete the missions drive through,nines and ak's,or drive by to unlock the binco stores.

    User Info: Tetris312

    Tetris312 - 7 years ago 0 0

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