" Sky door " above cluckin bell in bone county ?

  1. I've read somewhere , there is a hidden " sky door " ( yellow arrow that float high above the sky ) above cluckin bell in bone county . I tried to find it , but i can't ..
    1. Is this rumor true ?
    2. If true , then can you explain to me how to find that sky door ?
    Many thanks for your explanation .

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    tonyhawk_cool - 7 years ago

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  1. First, it's better to understand how the game world is constructed.

    As you move about the streets in San Andreas, you are doing so in the "exterior" game world. The textures that are loaded and displayed are only those that can be seen from "outside". If you are standing beside a building that features an "interior", those textures within (or more exactly, the entire room itself) is not loaded until you step into a doorway marker that places you in it. This was done so that the game would not experience slowdowns as you pass by these interior locations when travelling about in the exterior game world. Further, certian objects that are drawn (i.e. weapon pickups, bribes, savepoints, etc...even the doorway markers themselves) regardless of whether you are "inside" or "outside" can exist in either location. So, the actual rooms are not anywhere near their corresponding buildings...but are located above normally-accessible altitudes. That way, icons that are present within said rooms are also not visible from the outside world.

    San Andreas uses a "bit" (an on/off unit of computer memory) to determine if the player is currently in an exterior or interior location...so it can easily determine which textures should be drawn. When you touch a doorway marker, this switch's state is flipped. Your character is then "teleported" directly to this room...wherever the designers chose to place it above vertical limits. Exterior textures (including cloud textures) are no longer drawn, since they cannot be seen from within the interior anyway. The switch's state is not flipped back until you exit from it's corresponding doorway marker that exists in the interior location. This is why if you are able to bypass touching the corresponding doorway marker to exit the room (such as flying out of it using a jetpack), exterior locations would still not be drawn. You would end up in what is commonly referred to as "ghost world" if you then fell down from the room's location. No ground, no buildings, no sky...just some distortion effects and color shading. You'd basically be stuck there, unless you could find your way back to the intended doorway marker that teleports you back to your original entry point...and flips the switch's state to signify that your are now in the exterior game world.

    Anyway, getting back to the questions:
    Doorway markers are drawn regardless of which game world you are in (interior or exterior). So if an interior location is physically located closer to vertical limits instead of farther, it's doorway marker (and any icons that exist within) will be visible if you look around after flying up as far as the game allows you to. Using outside methods of bypassing the latter (using a Gameshark code to provide unlimited jetpack flight, for example) would make it possible to even touch the icons or doorway markers...in a manner unintended by the game's designers.

    It should be noted that the built-in cheat code that causes vehicles to float away like balloons also bypasses normal altitude limits. From the outside world, you could stand on a floating vehicle until it passes an interior location. However, if the switch's state mentioned earlier still signifies to the game that you are in the "exterior" game world, the textures that the room's walls use will not be loaded...and remain invisible. Collision barriers, however, as well as any icons that exist within the room WILL be present.

    Second question:

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