Where are the Multi-Player locations?

  1. How do I play 2 player with my friend? Can I access multi-player from a menu or do I have to find one of those icons in the field? If I have to find a 2 player icon where is the closest one to the Hospital / Police Station where you restart after getting killed? I appreciate the help!

    User Info: Kirin_Lao_Daora

    Kirin_Lao_Daora - 8 years ago

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  1. There should be a total of 5 locations for the co-op mode, not sure. I know 4 of them.
    Los Santos: near a highway (looks like a giant Y from up), which is near the hospital in Los Santos, you will find some ruins, in those ruins you will find the co-op marker.

    San Fierro: Near your first save point area, just go a bit north and you should see a tall building with a rather small fence what surrounds the building fom the north and a bit from the sides.

    Las Venturas: Don't remember that one exactly, but it should be some parking place, if you look at it from the map it should be between 3 building in an alley what looks like T.

    Countryside of Las Venturas: The town where your girlfriend Barbara's police station is, you can't miss it!

    Hope that helps!

    User Info: DragonboyBDC

    DragonboyBDC - 8 years ago 2 0

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