Where can I find (ghost person)?

  1. I heard of glitches in the game and i also need help with ghost town glitch

    User Info: spacedawg18

    spacedawg18 - 8 years ago

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  1. The Iterior Worlds may be what you are thinking of. You can get to them by going into the Ganton Gym and killing everyone inside. Then spawn the jet pack and use it to go up into one of the corners inside the Gym (I think it is the back left corner, to be more precise). Once on top of the Gym, you should be in total darkness, but there should be a yellow entrance thing, like the ones you see when you go to enter a building. (Should be to your left as you come up.) Fly to that and you can get into the Interiors.

    taintedtears102 - Technically it's not a "ghost car" persay. It's just an abandoned car that spawns on the top of the hill there and then rolls down because of the game physics. The programers just happened to have it spawn in the wrong place, so it can't stay there.

    Though I will admit that freaked me the heck out the first time I saw it and, needless to say, after checking that there was indeed no one in the car, I headed out of there asap. XD

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  1. not in San Andreas, it's in GTAIII

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  2. To get into the ghost town go Ganton gym do the jetpack cheat and keep flying and u will go into the Ghost town

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  3. And where is the ghost person in gta 3

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  4. And the ghost is real go to sf airport then kill the guard then look inside the there will be nobody

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  5. ^^^Duhhh.....You killed them!

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  6. there is no ghost person but there is a ghost car on GTA SA heres a map to help you find anything you are look ing for: www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/914983/34165 y did u ban http?

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  7. There are 2 games in the grand thft auto world first one is in grand theft auto 3 to go there in gta 3 get a dodo and keep flying around the city and there u are.Iin gta sa go to the gantoms gym in los santos by the railroad tracks and do the jetpack cheat kepp flying up and there u are hope this helps and this is my first answer so hope this helps by

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  8. The ghost person is real.
    -activate the peds riot cheat (do not save!)
    -go and play the mount chiliad challenge
    -as soon the minigame start,get out from that bike
    -watch.if you lucky,you will find a person that you can run trough it,and whatever you doing,he is not gonna die

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    a ghost person huh i see a CJ mom can be describe as a ghost person.
    i don't know how to do it but you may see at youtube and write GTA SA CJ mom
    they will show you the ghost person(found in johnson house)

    and the second one is the doomed ps2 at johnson house too
    it a woman who came out from the television and as usual see at youtube GTA SA GHOST
    BrrRRRRrrrrr i never wanna done that insane things.

    DKCGamerGirl-yeah you right its just a respawn car not a ghost car i already seen it on youtube but once i think it truly its just a respawn car lol don't trust it to much man....


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