How do you get Wheel Arch Angels?

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    SM3master - 8 years ago

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  1. First, you need to complete all the Driving School. there are twelve tests, just get at least Bronze.

    Then complete the mission "Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom". After that, Wang Cars asset can be bought. Buy it for $50000.

    Finally, play the missions that appear outside your garage. You will get Wheel Arch Angels unlocked by completing, "Zeroing In"

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  1. You unlock WAA by completing driving school with at least all bronze. You'll receive a phone call. From here you go and buy Wang Cars which is across the street from your garage in Doherty. Just go there, buy the place, and you should have Wheel Arch Angels.

    Have fun, because modding cars here is a blast.

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