How do you get access to all the planes becuase I want to fly one of those 747 or Fr400 planes whatever they're called?

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  1. It's in a hangar at the Las Venturas Airport. You can get into the airport if you have a pilots license or if you find a low enough fence, steal an ambulance and back it up to the fence. jump on the hood first then jump on the very top. You should then be able to jump and climb over the fence.
    Once you're inside the airport go to the southeast corner. There should be an enormous hangar here, walk up to the door and it will begin to open. I looks like it's not doing anything but be patient. Once it slides all the way down you should see the huge airplane. sometimes its not there so youll have to run away until the door closes then go back and let it open again. Go up the ramp and get in. the best way to go from here is back up and use R2 to turn. When you back up turn all the way around and actually use the runway othorwise you'll probably end up crashing.

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  1. To fly the massively huge airplane, go to the airport in Las Vegas(haha) and it is in one of the hangers, if it isn't there, die and go back and it should be there.

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  2. Andromada(spelling?): was removed from the game and cannot be found anywhere other than the games files. So you can't use it.

    Stunt plane: which is easiest found outside your airport hanger once you have bronze or above in all flight school missions.

    Crop Duster: Very similar to Stunt Plane. Press horn button to release a mist. Fairly rare, I've found it at some random farm or country side but it's easiest to initiate a certain race at Las Vegas airport (I forget what the race is called) and just take it to your garage and fail the mission or pass the mission and land back at the Las Vegas Airport.

    Dodo: Found at all? the airports (suprisingly). It's pretty terrible but it's common and decent.

    Shamal: San Fierro and Las Vegas Airports. Spawns no where else.

    WW2 fighter: Found only at the landing place you eventually own when you have gotten silver or above on all your flight tests.

    Hydra: Available in one mission. Cheats. Spawns at your landing field and spawns on a building near your original safehouse on grove street after achieving 100%.

    Massive plane: As said, in a very large hanger at Las Vegas Airport. And before you try it, no it doesn't fit in the hanger at the graveyard of airplanes.

    Sorry... can't thinnk of any others right now. Make a new question if you'd like me to answer for helicopters.

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  3. Stunt plane: Found at abodon airport when you get silver in all challeges. Also at a farm near the Quary.

    Hydra(jet): Found at abodon airport when you beat vetical bird. Also on the military aircraft carrier and at the military base in the desert.

    AT400: Found at Las Veturas airport in a giant hanger.

    WWII plane: Found at abondon airport only when you complet the mision there. Also at the airport in the second city.

    Dodo: Found at all airports except the aboandon airport.

    Privet jet: Found at all airports except the aboandon airport

    Sea plane: Found on both sides of the dam. Also at the boat school.

    Two other planes that I don't know the name of are found at the airport at the second city.

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  4. Andromada: It's actually in the game, however it has no spawn points. (If you were to look in the sky after exiting a save house you just saved in, you usually see one of two jumbo jets in the sky. Look closely and count the engines. Two engines means it's an AT-400. Four engines means it's an Andromada.) However, you'll have to use a cheat device to get it.

    AT-400: Spawns at Las Venturas International. Enter the airport, go to the runway and drive west until you see a giant hangar. Drive towards it and wait for it to open. It only seems to appear 40% to 50% of the time you go there.

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