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"No such thing as a perfect game"

Yeah, and there never will be. Grand Theft Auto, an extremely anticipated game for 2004, is a very VERY good game. One of my personal top 10 favorites. They seemed to time it exactly right, right at the time another shooter came out, one called Halo 2. I suppose they just wanted to cause havoc between the two eh? Lets get started.


One of the features that made GTA so popular, were it's radio stations. Just one of the many extra things to help your sandbox seem more real and lifelike, and to entertain you while you're on one of those long trips to another city in a vehicle. Well done, but it could've been a little more thought out. There were many songs that were very well known in the 90s, yet they didn't put them in there. There is one rock station, which is good but, after awhile you notice they pretty much play the same 5 songs over and over. One country station, heh well not my cup of tea but some people might like it. And about 6 rap stations, which suck. Sorry, but they do, and I like the oldschool rap. Vice city, the second in the series had better radio stations IMHO. But on the other hand, voice acting was VERY well done. I commend them on that, that was some very good voice acting in that game. Well done at that part. Guns, sound pretty lifelike basically. Cars, well you know some have the big motors and you can tell which ones by just accelerating, hearing that huge motor bust once you put your pedal to the medal. Sound is one of GTAs best features.

Graphics 8

Now to be honest, I wasn't expecting much with this. Sure it'd be nice to have a HUGE place like this to have lifelike structures and people everywhere, but come one people, PS3 hasn't come out yet. This isn't final fantasy. Now, the graphics have upgraded throughout the series with each game, with a little cleaning on the rough edges each time. Faces look like faces, bodies are a little blocky, and the hands look like the tops of shovels. But hey, who really cares about the hands anyway, they are mostly always holding a gun. Cars look very nice and realistic in a GTA kind of way. Buildings are huge and nice to look at. One real complaint is that damn SUN. It's maybe 7 am, and I see the freeking sun come out with a huge sunset. Now this sounds nice, but if you are driving towards it your eyes are gonna burn like hell. Realistic? Yes. Nuisance? HELL YES. To bad they don't have sunglasses vision or something >_>

Story 10

I love the story. Basically, you are Carl CJ Johnson you go back to San Andreas because your mom died and you came to her funeral. You soon realise that your "homies" are having trouble in the hood and are getting shot to pieces by the ballers. You stay to help them take the place over, while 2 cops watch your every move. As I said I love this story, the timeset is the 90s, and you shoot and smooth talk your way through the cities, earning you respect and of course, the benjamins. You'll meet loads of characters, and do 3 or 4 missions for them helping to progress through the story. Betrayls, hookers, gang bosses, it's got it all. Not your typical hero, I admit I miss Tommy Vercetti as CJ isn't as tough as him, but CJ is a good character all the same.

Features 10

In this section, I'm going to explain a lot of the new and existing features in GTA. You can drive planes or helicopters, drive tanks, drive ATVs, hijack any car, give your car new body kits, rims, different colors, drive dirt bikes, drive motor cycles, shoot just about anyone, kill cops, sky dive out of a plane, have sex with hookers in a car, shooting range, change your tattos, clothes, hairstyle, talk to people on the streets, play pool in a bar, street race, be a paramedic taxi driver or a truck driver, you now have shooting skills where as the more you shoot the better you are at shooting that specific gun, you have driving skills which now the more you drive a car, plane, boat, or motorcycle the better you are with it, go to the gym to get muscular, go to a fastfood place to get huge and fat, buy and own property, fight to own gang territories, go to casinos and gamble your ass off, take pictures of anything you see and save them to look at them at any time, spray paint walls, have girlfriends, go to driving schools, and MILLIONS of other things. It's amazing how much they put into this game.

Fun Factor

Well after looking at those features, it is pretty self explanatory. But I'll explain how fun they really are specifically. First, lets talk about shaping CJ's body. It can be skinny and bony, fat and huge, or muscular and sexy. Or it can be a combination of fat and muscular to make you look like a sumo wrestler. It can be a little annoying, getting it to the full strength of these things, at least with muscular. Staying fat is not easy, and plus it takes down your respect bar. Running can make it go down very quickly, and believe me, you will NOT always have a car around you. Now, there is also the shooting skills. As I said, the more you shoot with it, the better you are. But you are now able to Duel Wield, which is to hold two guns at one time. But these are only specific guns, such as the pistols, micro SMGS, and the now legendary Sawed Off Shotguns. These things, kick ass. They can destroy cars in a matter of seconds, and if you're close enough you'll kill anyone with one click to the trigger button. You become nearly un-killable with these, but it won't make it much easier. You now have a "Sex Appeal" stat, which is how good you look. People will compliment on how sexy you are, and when you get into and out of great looking cars, hookers will be all over you. You can now customise your vehicle, giving you a very nice selection of rims and body kits, and adding some NAS. They can also have hydraulics, which is moving it up and down with the music. You can do that with the right analog stick. You can make your character change cloths, which some of them are just comepletely dumb and no one would possibly wear them, while a lot look pretty good, you can also wear chains and watches. All 90s looking clothes. Take that as you will >_> Planes are now difficult to fly without a lot of patience and practice, but luckily unless you do the plane glitch you'll get the proper training beforehand. Loads of new features, I can't possibly name all of them.

Controls 7

Not the best controls evar. Driving can be difficult at times with turns, at least to some people. I don't have problems with it anymore. Aiming is what I have problems with. When you have a gun most of them auto aim, but sometimes it'll just do it at the exact wrong person. Which can get you killed extremely quickly. They really need to work on that part. But driving cars is realistic, big cars take big turns, small cars flip over easily, it all works out . But they really need to work on the aiming.

Final Thought

Damn good game, IMO the best one yet. Once they get all the tweaks fixed out the next one could become one of the best ever. Not for everyone though, as some of these features could be a little to offensive for some. But, if you think you can handle some of it's cussing it's for you. Buy or rent you ask? What you have to ask?? Buy it. Buy it now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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