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    FAQ by Isa

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                                DANC  DANC  REVO
                                DA CE DA CE RE OL
                                DA CE DA CE REVOL
                                DA CE DA CE RE OLUTION!
                                DANC  DANC  RE  LUTION!
                                Dance Dance Revolution!
                                       MAX 2 USA
    Version 1.00
    By: Isa
    Updated 09/25/2003
    I    - Introduction
    II   - Controls
    III  - How To Play
    IV   - Game Modes
    V    - Song List
    VI   - Modifiers
    VII  - Unlocks
    VIII - Other Stuff
    IX   - Credits
    X    - Contact Information
    XI   - Update History
    I - Introduction
    Dance Dance Revolution is a game that originated in japan in 1998.  Origionally
    an arcade game, this game has spread to consoles and over the ocean to the USA.
    However, this game is extremely different from the japanese version (as far as
    song choice goes), thus I call this version MAX 2 USA.  A variety of pads are
    used to recreate the arcade experience, ranging in price from $10 to $300.
    Some of the better options are Red Octane pads with the protection cover, or
    for a stronger (but more expensive) pad, the Red Octane Ignition pads are the
    top of the line for soft pads.  The metal pads are even better, but yet again,
    more pricy.  The catch is metal ones tend to bend or bow, so it's a good idea
    to renforce the pad by modifying it if you know how.  Please don't ask me on
    information on modding pads.
    II - Controls
     Arrow:    go up or down on the menu
     O/X:      Select Option
     triangle: cancel/previous menu
    Song Select:
     Left/Right: Previous/Next song
     Up/Down:    press twice to increase/decrease difficutly
     O/X:        Select song.  Hold to access option screen
     triangle:   Hold to exit game mode
     start:      Sort Songs
    In Game:
     Up / Triangle : Up Arrow
     Left / Square : Left Arrow
     Right / O     : Right Arrow
     Down / X      : Down Arrow
     (note: non-arrow steps can be turned off in options menu.  Recommended for
            play with pads)
    III - How To Play
    You can see a video of this by waiting at the title screen.  The way it works
    is there is a set of arrows which scroll up the screen.  When these arrows line
    up with the fixed arrows at the top, step on the appropriate arrow (or press
    the appropriate button on the controller)  Using a dance pad is the best way to
    play, but a controller is also usable.  The steps will usually fall on a beat,
    or in higher difficulties, follow the melody or an instrument in the background
    of the song.
    IV - Game Modes
    From the menu, you can pick Game Mode, Lesson Mode, Training Mode, Workout
    mode, and Endless Mode.
    Lesson Mode   - this mode include step by step "how to play" song clips to
                    learn how to play
    Training Mode - this mode will allow you to perform a song with any settings
                    you like without the risk of failing.  Will also show you where
                    you miss so you can learn the songs better
    Workout Mode  - Records your calories burned as you play (based on your weight)
                    you cannot fail, and the game will alert you when you reach
                    your workout goal (either number of songs, time, or calories)
    Endless Mode  - plays all the songs in a continuous (random) sequence for the
                    ultimate dance challange.  Must be unlocked.  Versus mode not
    Game Mode - This takes you to the main mode.  From here you choose Single,
      Versus, or Double
        Single - a single dancer on a single pad
        Versus - two dancers on two pads
        Double - a single dancer using two pads
      From here you can enter the normal game mode by choosing a difficulty, or
      enter nonstop mode by pressing right 3 times.
        Nonstop Mode - Choose a sequence of songs to perform without a break
                       between songs
    V - Song List
    Most songs have 4 difficutly levels - Beginner, Light, Standard, and Heavy.
    Some will have Challenge steps.
    Basic songs will have a difficulty of 1, sometimes 2.
    Light songs will have a difficulty of 2 - 4, somtimes as high as 6.
    Standard will have a difficulty of 4 - 6, sometimes as high as 8.
    Heavy will have a difficulty of 7 - 9, but can range from 5 - 10.
    Challange songs will have a difficulty of 7 or more.
    Pressing Start will sort songs:
    Default - songs are sorted by color
    ABC     - Choose the first letter of the song
    BPM     - Songs will be sorted by the highest BPM in the song
    BEST    - Songs will be sorted by your score, considering all difficulty level
    (title, single difficulties, double difficulties (no beginner))
            difficulties = beginner/light/standard/heavy/challange)
    GREEN SONGS - songs new to US DDR mixes
    A Little Bit Of Ecstasy                   1/4/5/7    , 2/5/7
    BRE\-/K DOWN!                             2/4/6/9    , 4/6/9
    Busy Child                                1/5/7/7    , 3/6/8
    CONGA FEELING                             1/3/5/8    , 4/7/8
    D2R                                       1/3/5/7    , 3/5/7
    Days Go By                                1/4/5/6    , 2/5/6
    DESTINY                                   1/2/5/7    , 2/6/8
    DREAM A DREAM                             1/4/6/7    , 4/6/7
    DRIFTING AWAY                             1/2/5/8    , 2/5/8
    Get Down Tonight                          1/3/5/6    , 2/5/6
    GHOSTS(VINCENT DE MOOR REMIX)             1/3/6/8    , 3/5/8
    Heaven                                    1/4/6/7    , 3/6/7
    i feel...                                 1/3/6/9    , 2/5/9
    IN THE NAVY '99(XXL Disaster Remix)       1/4/6/8    , 4/5/8
    Keep On Liftin'                           1/3/5/5    , 3/5/6
    LET'S GROOVE                              1/2/5/6    , 3/4/7
    LONG TRAIN RUNNIN'                        1/2/5/7    , 3/5/7
    Love At First Sight                       1/4/5/7    , 2/4/6
    LOVIN' YOU(ROB SEARLE CLUB MIX)           1/2/6/8    , 3/5/8
    rain of sorrow                            1/2/5/9    , 2/5/8
    SO DEEP(PERFECT SPHERE REMIX)             1/3/5/9    , 2/6/9
    STILL IN MY HEART                         1/4/6/7    , 4/5/7
    Take Me Away(into the night)(radio vocal) 1/4/6/7    , 2/5/7
    THE WHISTLE SONG(Blow My Whistle Baby)    1/3/4/7    , 3/4/7
    TSUGARU                                   1/3/6/9    , 4/7/9
    TWILIGHT ZONE(R-C Extended Club MIX)      1/3/5/9    , 3/5/8
    Will I?                                   1/3/6/7    , 3/5/7
    BLUE SONGS - songs on previous US DDR mixes
    AM-3P                                     1/5/6/8    , 5/4/7
    CELEBRATE NITE                            1/4/6/7    , 4/4/7
    Do It Right                               1/4/5/7    , 4/5/8
    Groove                                    1/4/6/8    , 3/6/8
    HYSTERIA                                  2/4/6/8    , 3/5/7
    I Was The One                             1/3/5/7    , 3/5/6
    Jam&Marmalade                             1/3/5/8    , 4/6/7
    Kind Lady                                 1/4/6/7    , 4/5/8
    Secret Rendez-vous                        1/2/5/7    , 2/5/7
    Silent Hill                               1/2/6/7    , 4/5/7
    Spin the disc                             1/2/5/8    , 2/5/8
    SUPER STAR                                1/5/6/8    , 4/6/8
    THE SHINING POLARIS                       1/3/5/7    , 3/5/7
    YELLOW SONGS - unlockable songs
    AFRONOVA                                  2/5/7/9    , 6/7/9
    Bad Routine                               1/4/5/6    , 3/6/7
    Burning Heat!(3 Option Mix)               1/2/5/9    , 2/6/9
    CAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE                1/3/5/8    , 3/4/8
    DIVE(more deep & deeper style)            1/3/5/7    , 2/5/6
    Don't Stop!(AMD 2nd MIX)                  1/4/5/7    , 3/4/6
    END OF THE CENTURY                        1/4/7/9    , 5/6/9
    feeling of love                           1/4/5/7    , 4/5/7
    Forever Sunshine                          1/3/5/5    , 2/5/6
    I Need You                                1/3/4/5    , 3/5/6
    more deep (ver.2.1)                       1/3/5/6    , 2/5/6
    PARANOiA KCET(clean mix)                  2/5/7/9    , 5/7/9
    PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME                      1/3/4/6    , 4/5/6
    Radical Faith                             1/4/6/8    , 3/6/8
    SP-TRIP MACHINE(JUNGLE MIX)               1/6/7/8    , 7/8/8
    think ya better D                         1/3/4/5    , 3/4/7
    Tomorrow Perfume                          1/3/5/7    , 3/6/7
    Try 2 Luv. U                              1/3/4/5    , 2/4/6
    VANITY ANGEL                              1/3/6/8    , 3/5/8
    xenon                                     1/4/6/9    , 5/6/9
    PURPLE SONGS - unlockable, challange only
    AM-3P(AM EAST mix)                                 7 ,        7
    CELEBRATE NITE(EURO TRANCE STYLE)                  8 ,        8
    Do It Right(80's Electro Mix)                      7 ,        7
    HYSTERIA 2001                                      7 ,        7
    Kind Lady(interlude)                               8 ,        8
    Silent Hill(3rd christmas mix)                     7 ,        7
    SUPER STAR(FROM NONSTOP MEGAMIX)                   7 ,        7
    RED SONG - Extra stages
    KAKUMEI                                   1/4/6/9 /8 , 3/5/9 /8
    MAXX UNLIMITED                            3/6/8/10   , 6/8/10
    VI - Modifiers
    Speed: multiplies arrow by amount selected (x1 is default)
    Boost: When turned on, the arrows will start slow then speed up
      Hidden - Arrows disappear half-way down the screen
      Sudden - Arrows appear half-way down the screen
      Stealth - Arrows are not shown
      Mirror  - switches all arrows so the steps are as though you have your back
                turned to the screen (down arrows turn into up arrows, left turns
                into right, ect)
      Left    - switches all arrows so the steps are as though you have turned
                left (up arrows turn into left arrows, left turn into down, ect)
      Right   - See Left
      Shuffle - Switches rows randomly.  Arrows in the same row will remain in
                the same row (so a run of ups will become a run of another arrow,
                all the same)
      Little - Only steps on the beat will appear
      Flat   - All arrows are the same color
      Solo   - Arrows become distinct colors rather than changing
      Dark   - Guide Arrows are not present
    Scroll:  Reverse will make the arrows fall from top to bottom
    Freeze Arrows:  When turned off, Freeze Arrows will appear as standard steps.
                    (default is on)
    VII - Unlocks
    For every song you play, whether you clear or fail, you will receive one point.
    Furthermore, if you're playing in versus mode, you will gain a point for each
    player.  (Note, you have to do reasonable well to get the point.  If one player
    does nothing, you'll only get one point).
    UNLOCK 1    (5 POINTS): (yellow) Try 2 Luv. U
    UNLOCK 2   (10 POINTS): (yellow) PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME
    UNLOCK 3   (15 POINTS): (option) Background Dancer option
    UNLOCK 4   (20 POINTS): (yellow) think ya better D
    UNLOCK 5   (25 POINTS): (yellow) DIVE (more deep & deeper style)
    UNLOCK 7   (35 POINTS): (nonstop course 7) RMX of LOVE
    UNLOCK 8   (40 POINTS): (purple) Silent Hill (3rd christmas mix)
    UNLOCK 9   (45 POINTS): (yellow) Don't Stop! (AMD 2nd MIX)
    UNLOCK 10  (50 POINTS): (yellow) Tomorrow Perfume
    UNLOCK 11  (55 POINTS): (purple) Kind Lady(interlude)
    UNLOCK 12  (60 POINTS): (yellow) Burning Heat!
    UNLOCK 13  (65 POINTS): (purple) AM-3P(AM EAST mix)
    UNLOCK 14  (70 POINTS): (yellow) END OF THE CENTURY
    UNLOCK 15  (75 POINTS): (nonstop course 18) PLAYER'S BEST LONG
    UNLOCK 16  (80 POINTS): (yellow) more deep (ver.2.1)
    UNLOCK 17  (85 POINTS): (yellow) VANITY ANGEL
    UNLOCK 18  (90 POINTS): (purple) Do It Right(80's Electo Mix)
    UNLOCK 20 (100 POINTS): (yellow) I Need You
    UNLOCK 22 (116 POINTS): (nonstop course 9) RMX of TRUTH
    UNLOCK 23 (122 POINTS): (purple) SUPER STAR
    UNLOCK 24 (128 POINTS): (yellow) PARANOiA KCET (clean mix)
    UNLOCK 25 (134 POINTS): (yellow) Bad Routine
    UNLOCK 26 (141 POINTS): (yellow) Radical Faith
    UNLOCK 27 (148 POINTS): (yellow) HYSTERIA 2001
    UNLOCK 28 (155 POINTS): (yellow) AFRONOVA
    UNLOCK 29 (162 POINTS): (yellow) Forever Sunshine
    UNLOCK 30 (170 POINTS): (yellow) feeling of love
    UNLOCK 32 (187 POINTS): (nonstop course 12) Ultimate 12
    UNLOCK 33 (196 POINTS): (yellow) Xenon
    UNLOCK 34 (296 POINTS): (red) KAKUMEI
    UNLOCK 35 (306 POINTS): (game mode) Endless Mode
    VIII - Other Stuff
    - When playing, I strongly recommend taping down your pads.  I find packing
      tape to be the be the best as it holds but doesn't leave residue.
    - Edit steps can be transfered to and from DDRMAX and Konamix via edit mode.
    - Access extra stage by getting a AA on final stage on heavy mode.  This will
      allow you to play MAXX UNLIMITED (even if you haven't unlocked it).
      Modifiers will be Dark, x1.5, and Reverse on heavy mode.  Furthermore, you
      will start with a full dance meter, but it does not increase during the song
      after you've lost some.
    - By getting a AA on an extra stage, you will access one more stage.  This will
      be KAKUMEI, x3, Dark, Reverse.  Also, if you get a good or worse, or miss a
      freeze arrow, you will fail automatically.  It uses Challange Steps.
    - Hold X or O when you choose the song to set modifiers.
    - Go to www.ddrfreak.com too find an arcade machine near you
    IX - Credits
    Dance Dance Revolution a copyright of Konami.  Songs are copyrights to their
    respective artists/producers.
    Copyright 2003 Sheldon Zamora-Soon
    The only sites with permission to post this FAQ are:
    and of course, my personal website, www.isaent.com
    X - Contact Information
    If you feel that some of my information is incorrect, email me at
    Isa_FAQs@yahoo.com.  Also, if you need help in greater detail in a
    specific section, you may also feel free to email me.
    XI - Update History
    9/24/03, version 0.80 - Release date!  Purchased the game, set layout, added
             unlocks 1 - 24
    9/25/03, version 1.00 - All unlocks completed, as well as song list with
             difficulty settings.

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