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    FAQ by Juub005

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    DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution
    Playstation 2
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Ver. 1.0
    Last updated: January 18, 2004
    Copyright 2003-2004 Alex Berrian.
    (GameFAQs user Juub005)
    NOTE: This is NOT a guide/walkthrough that details how to beat every song. This 
    FAQ fits the acronym; it's a list of frequently asked questions. (In this FAQ I 
    will explain how to beat some songs, but nowhere near all of them.)
    WARNING: There are "SPOILERS" in this guide about secrets in this game, such as 
    song unlocks (See, my mentioning of song unlocks isn't a spoiler because it's 
    actually in the manual) or additional features. However, this being a game with 
    no plot or story, this issue really shouldn't matter to you. Also note that the 
    manual does mention secrets like Endless Mode.
    Also note that this Table of Contents is designed so that you can find sections 
    more easily. Using your browser's Find feature, just type in, for example,
    "<-1-> Gameplay-Related Questions" without the quotes.
    Most common questions:
    See <-1-> Q11 for GALLOPS.
    See <-1-> Q26a for foot difficulty and Groove Radar details.
    See <-5-> Q0 for a bit of information about the newest US DDR releases.
    See <-5-> Q1 for info on corrupted data.
    See <-5-> Q16 for info on other US DDR releases.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
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    [(---Table of Contents---)]
    <-1-> Gameplay-Related Questions
    <-2-> Songlist-Related Questions
    <-3-> Questions about New Features
    <-4-> In Comparison to the Arcade
    <-5-> Other Questions
    <-6-> Contact Me
    <-7-> Credits
    <-8-> Update Information
    <-1-> Gameplay-Related Questions
    Q1. How do I play DDR?
    A1. Well, the best way to learn is in Lesson Mode or in Beginner Mode. Here's a 
    basic explanation of DDR: You step on arrows to the rhythm of a song. When 
    should you step on the arrows? Well, you'll notice there are four arrows at the 
    top of the screen. At the time when a scrolling arrow hits an arrow at the 
    time, your foot should hit the corresponding arrow on the dance pad. Therefore, 
    your foot should have been in the air BEFORE that scrolling arrow has matched 
    the top arrow, so that your foot will hit at the same time as the two arrows 
    Q1a. This game looks pretty difficult. Is it too hard for beginners?
    A1a. Absolutely not. DDRMAX2 has Beginner Mode, in which people new to the game 
    can learn how to play more easily than before. Beginner Mode is probably more 
    effective than DDRMAX's Lesson Mode. It's the easiest level in the game, and 
    trust me; if you are new, you're NOT better than those supposedly cheesy-
    looking dancers in the Beginner Mode graphic. :P The best part about being on 
    this level is that you can play virtually any song you want at first without 
    that song overwhelming you.
    Q1b. Can I play this game with the controller?
    Q1b. Yes, you can, but it is, to be honest, boring and takes away all the 
    replay value. If you do have to use the controller at some point, remember that 
    the X, O, triangle, and square buttons can also be used for corresponding 
    directional arrows. It's a good alternative to using the Directional Pad on the 
    PS2 controller because you can't hit two directions at the same time on the D-
    Q2. I'm new and looking for some tips from vets. Etc. Yeah.
    A2. Well, here are a few:
    - At first, you can return to the center of the pad while playing without 
    having any problems. But when you get to play songs with difficulty ratings of 
    3 feet and 4 feet (which are not that high), you just can't keep on doing that. 
    So get used to this: Don't return to the center; instead, keep your feet on the 
    arrow on which you just stepped.
    - Beginner mode should definitely be the first thing you try if you have never 
    played DDR before. You really don't have to bother with Lesson Mode unless 
    you're really having trouble.
    - Do not jump for every step. You can't get away with that later on.
    - Say you have to hit a left arrow, but you jump and hit the left and right 
    arrows. Does this hurt you? No. You don't lose points for hitting arrows that 
    are not there; you lose points for NOT hitting arrows that appear on the 
    screen. If this is confusing, just play and you will understand. Another tip 
    dealing with this is that if you want to keep the beat you can do so more 
    easily by just continuing to hit arrows when there is a gap.
    - Just as in playing a musical instrument, the best way to get better is by 
    - Training Mode is always there to help you. Fool around with it. Also note 
    that you can set it up so that a clapping noise plays whenever an arrow is 
    supposed to be hit.
    - Try all the songs. If one song gives you trouble then you might be able to 
    find a song with similar but easier steps; you can use that song as practice.
    - See Question 26 for answers on the terms "feet" (in reference to difficulty) 
    and "Groove Radar."
    Q3. I can't read the step patterns on Heavy in songs like Twilight Zone, So 
    Deep (Perfect Sphere Mix), etc. Help???
    A3. I have three different ways to solve this problem:
    1) Play songs with similar step patterns that go at a slower speed.
    2) Play the songs using modifiers like 1.5x or 2x speed which will make them 
    faster and possibly easier to read.
    3) Training mode is your friend.
    Training mode can speed down the music, bring you each measure of a song to 
    show you the steps lying still... oh, it was wonderful in fixing the problem of 
    figuring out Stomp to My Beat on DDRMAX. But never mind that.
    Q4. How can I go about beating Maxx Unlimited (heavy)?
    A4. I like making lists, so let's make another one, lol lol etc.
    1) If your stamina is too low, you could try to get into better shape by 
    running or doing some efficient form of exercise.
    2) If you have DDRMAX, you might want to beat MAX300 first. Some say that it is 
    harder than Maxx Unlimited, but I disagree. How do you go about beating MAX300? 
    Well, if you have the stamina, try playing Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix) on 2x 
    your first stage then MAX300 (ON 1X) for your second stage. People have more 
    complex methods of going at this, but it worked for me. :P
    3) Know the song. The step patterns are very much integrated with the song 
    4) If the steps are too difficult to read (which is often the case with this 
    song), then use Training Mode and dissect the song.
    5) Many people used Training Mode to beat MAX300 (in DDRMAX of course). What 
    did they do? They adjusted the speed of the music and worked their way up to 
    faster speeds. Try doing the same.
    6) Get used to the length of the pause and be able to make a method of counting 
    how long it is. This tends to not be as important as it is in MAX300, but do 
    this anyway so you are ready.
    7) Get used to the very high speed of the song if necessary by playing songs on 
    2x or 3x. (Maxx Unlimited being 320 BPM, you shouldn't make it too hard for 
    yourself by setting the speed modifier to a point where the speed gets 
    multiplied to the equivalent of 480 BPM or something. For example, I wouldn't 
    recommend playing a 170 BPM song at 3x to get ready for Maxx Unlimited.)
    Q5. What are speed modifiers and do they make the music faster?
    No, speed modifiers do NOT make the music faster. They make the arrows scroll 
    faster. Does that mean that you can make a song so fast that it isn't possible 
    with human legs? No, that's not what I mean by having the arrows scroll faster. 
    As a result of your using the speed modifier, the arrows are distanced farther 
    apart to make it the basic equivalent of playing the song on its regular speed. 
    If you played a song on 1x and then on 8x, both times with your eyes closed, 
    and you hit the exact same steps at the exact same times in the song as you did 
    on 1x, you'd come up with the same result.
    Q6. How can I set up a bar at home, like the one at the arcade?
    A6. For safety reasons, I can't answer this question, sorry. >_> Try asking at 
    the forum. Some people might flame you for asking, though someone will probably 
    answer. Personally, I think you shouldn't even bother, even if you are trying 
    to AAA a song, since AAAs at home are generally disregarded, since people don't 
    know whether you are playing with a controller (and because it's easier to get 
    Perfect steps on home versions).
    Q7. What pad is best for playing?
    A7. If you have the ability to do it, a homemade metal pad is best. You can 
    find instructions on certain websites on how to construct your own versatile 
    metal pad. If you have trouble doing what is specified in such directions, ask 
    someone else to do it. Where would you find such a website? The GameFAQs 
    DDRMAX2 message board ^_^. LOOK BEFORE YOU ASK. Pad questions can annoy people 
    on the board, and sometimes people who would probably know what to say won't 
    answer after a bunch of these topics. I believe an Official Pad Topic has 
    already been created there.
    Now, what about the Cobalt Flux pad? Well, as far as I'm concerned, getting all 
    the materials to build your pad, although over 100 dollars, is probably a 
    better deal than the expensive price of the famous Cobalt Flux. Honestly, I 
    can't give too much of an opinion here since I haven't had to try so many pads. 
    ****Would the Konami pad that comes with the game be adequate? Well, for those 
    new to the series, it will do. (READ QUESTION 9 AND ITS ANSWER FOR MORE ON SOFT 
    PADS.) But soft pads tend to wear out fast. So, some people "mod" their pads. 
    NO, this has nothing to do with modchips or all of that. It's a way of using 
    simple hardware supplies (which you can probably buy at Home Depot or Lowe's or 
    True Value Hardware or any stores like that) to lengthen the life of your soft 
    pad. I would point you in the direction of the board, but I know that the site 
    www.ddrfreak.com (DDRFreak) has tips on how to use plywood or whatever to 
    prevent a soft pad disaster.
    Q8. Is the Konami pad good enough for playing?
    A8. See the above paragraph; the one marked by the four asterisks.
    Q9. Can I have some tips on how to treat my soft pad?
    A9. Well, you might want to "mod" it (see above). What you don't want to do is 
    fold the pad. That can cause the sensors to move around inside of it. This can 
    result in aggravation like "WHAT, the down arrow isn't working, I'll never beat 
    'Can't Stop Fallin' In Love'!" Also, if it has a little box at the top of the 
    pad, don't step on the box :). Avoid spilling anything on the pad, stomping 
    hard intentionally (also keep away from children :P), or eating the pad, etc. 
    Just don't fold it and use common sense.
    Q10. What are 4th/quarter arrows, 8th arrows, 12ths, 16ths, 24ths, 32nds etc.?
    A10. In music, in dealing with notes, these are how long the notes are held. In 
    DDR, it's very similar, but not quite the same. A 4th or QUARTER arrow is an 
    arrow that comes in on the song's MAIN beat. As it is logically, there are up 
    to 4 quarter arrows in one measure (There are only 2 songs that are exceptions; 
    see the end of this explanation.). In DDR, if you had four left arrows in a row 
    FROM THE VERY START OF THE MEASURE, and they didn't overlap but were touching 
    each other, you just saw four quarter arrows. That is simple. You see strings 
    of consecutive quarter arrows all the time in songs on Light difficulty. Eighth 
    arrows (Eighth = 8th for those who don't know English that well, or whoever) 
    are counted as halfway between two consecutive quarter BEATS. Sixteenth arrows 
    are counted as halfway between two consecutive eighth BEATS. And of course, 
    thirty-second arrows are counted as halfway between two consecutive sixteenth 
    BEATS. [Thirty-seconds are VERY rare; Tsugaru heavy is a song that has them.] 
    Now, the reason why I put "BEATS" in all CAPS is that it's different from using 
    the word "arrows." 
    What do I mean? Well, look at this step pattern, considering each character to 
    be a sixteenth arrow, and a hyphen (-) to indicate no step on that beat. Also, 
    the pattern starts at the beginning of a measure:
    Now, in this pattern (which, since it consists of 16 16th arrows, is a full 
    measure) every S is a sixteenth step, every E is an eighth, and every Q is a 
    quarter. See, if I said that a sixteenth had to be in between two consecutive 
    eighth arrows, then the above step pattern would not make sense. Therefore, I 
    used the word "beats" because that's what they are. This all begins to make 
    sense as you progress through Heavy (and maybe even as early as Standard) 
    Of course, that leaves the question: What are 12ths and 24ths? Well, 12ths are 
    commonly referred to as TRIPLETS and appear in GREEN in Edit/Training modes. In 
    a measure, there are 12 of them, fittingly. There are three 12ths per quarter 
    beat. Where are some songs in this game that have triplets? Well, right now I 
    can only think of "Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix)" and "Afronova." Most DDR songs 
    don't have these.
    As for 24ths, well, those are VERY uncommon, and the only example in ALL of DDR 
    I can think of is "bag" from DDR Extreme. 24 in one measure, 6 per quarter 
    (***Note on the 2 exceptions from having up to 4 quarter arrows per measure: 
    These are Cutie Chaser and Cutie Chaser -morning mix-, which are in Konamix and 
    DDRMAX, respectively. They are in the musical time signature of 3/4 time, which 
    means that there are only 3 quarter beats per measure. Most DDR songs are in 
    4/4 time.)
    Q11. What are gallops? OR How do I do gallops?
    A11. Gallops are step sequences like this (with UDLR standing for their 
    corresponding directions and with each character being a 16th, (-) indicating 
    no step on a beat):
    Case A: U--UR--RD--DU--UL OR U--RU--RU--RU--DL--DL--DL--DL--RU
    Case B: UR--RD--DU--UL--
    Case C: LU-UL-LR-RU-U-U-DL-LD-DU-UR-R-R-
    Case D: (with each character being a triplet/12th) U-UR-RD-DU-UL-LR-RL-LD-UR
    Case E: (back to 16th characters) L--LD--DR--RD--DL--LU--UR--RU--UL
    Well, gallops aren't ONLY associated into 5 cases (or normally called Case A, 
    Case B etc); I'm just putting them out that way for the sake of having 
    examples. Doing gallops a certain jumpy way will make you look like a horse 
    galloping. :P
    *Note that when I refer to songs having gallops I'm talking about their steps 
    on Heavy difficulty.
    <-Case A-> would be the most common type of gallop. Hit the quarter beat, then 
    a 16th that is immediately followed by the next quarter beat. You can find 
    these in In the Navy '99, Tsugaru, Take Me Away (into the night) (radio vocal), 
    and Kakumei [in which the gallops usually aren't even a measure long, but in 
    parts]. Songs not in this game that have Case A Gallops [ha, sounds like a 
    disease] are Matsuri Japan and My Generation (Fat Beat Mix).
    <-Case B-> is more of an annoying gallop to me. Here you hit the quarter beat 
    then follow it up immediately with a 16th, then repeat. Conga Feeling and 
    Lovin' You (Rob Searle Club Mix) have these. Outside of MAX2, Overblast!!, 
    Rhythm & Police (K.O.G. G3 Mix), Butterfly, and 5.1.1. are among these songs. 
    (Also, Drifting Away has this pattern, but it starts on the 8th beat rather 
    than the quarter beat.)
    <-Case C-> This is the step pattern that is just like the first part of the 
    melody from the popular So Deep (Perfect Sphere Mix). Twilight Zone (R-C 
    Extended Club Mix) and Rain of Sorrow also have these, with slight variations. 
    Outside of this game, Stomp to My Beat has *somewhat* similar gallops, as does 
    Sync ~Extreme version~. Also, Maxx Unlimited and Paranoia Survivor (not in this 
    game!) have these too, just with quarter notes and eighths. If a speed modifier 
    were to exist in DDR that cut the speed in half, these would show up as Case C 
    <-Case D-> These are the triplet gallops. They aren't as short/quick as your 
    traditional 16th gallops, but it's basically the same idea, just much harder to 
    read. Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) has these. Outside of DDRMAX2, DDR Extreme's 
    Heaven is a '57 Metallic Gray has them.
    <-Case E-> These look just like Case A gallops, but they are basically a 
    special group of them called crossover gallops, since you have to cross your 
    left foot past your right (or right past left) when you do them. Just alternate 
    your feet and you'll be fine. On that pattern, for example, you would use left, 
    left, right, right, left, left, right, right left and so on. Notice how your 
    left foot would end up on the right arrow this way. That's how you should do it 
    (Unless you're someone who has mastered a technique that allows you to do these 
    steps without crossing over, which is entirely possible), so get used to it. I 
    can't name a song in this game right now with these gallops, but in DDRMAX, 
    true... (trance sunrise mix) has them.
    How do you do these? Well, you could either think of a horse galloping (which 
    is generally Case A), or you could memorize the specific rhythms (not hard), 
    which I put at the top of this question. Get used to doing the rhythmical 
    pattern and these steps should become much easier. Just get comfortable with 
    them. If you can't get it down, either go into Training Mode or watch someone 
    do it. They're eventually easy and fun.
    Q12. <X fast song> is too fast. How do I do it?
    A12. Either practice on Game Mode again and again or go to Training Mode and 
    slow the music speed and work your way up.
    Q13. What are crossovers and how do I do them?
    A13. Well, consider this step pattern:
    RDLDRDLDRDLDR (With each letter corresponding to the appropriate directional 
    You'd probably get screwed up doing these for the first time.
    You should use one foot for the LEFT and RIGHT arrows, and the other for the 
    down arrow (or the up arrow, whichever one happens to be the step in the 
    middle). This is the method used by most everyone to execute these for the 
    reason that it's easier than anything else. The best song on which to practice 
    these (and for, well, any sort of practice, really) is Spin the disc. 
    Alternating feet (e.g. left foot right foot left foot right foot and so on) is 
    very important in pulling these off. And in Spin the disc, you should alternate 
    feet for almost every step.
    Q14. How do I do quick steps that go like Left Up Right Up Left?
    A14. See above question.
    Q15. Will my PS1 pad work on this game?
    A15. Yes. All PS1 pads (unless they're broken, of course) will work on PS2.
    Q16. Is Maxx Unlimited harder than MAX300?
    A16. --MOST-- people say that Maxx Unlimited is harder than MAX300, yes, 
    because of the freeze patterns, eighth steps followed by jumps, the higher 
    speed, and having to hold the freeze in the middle of the song down on heavy. 
    Some people believe that MAX300 takes more stamina, but I disagree. Also, Maxx 
    Unlimited on Light and Standard are certainly more difficult than MAX300's 
    Light and Standard.
    Q17. How do I unlock Oni Mode?
    A17. You don't. Oni is not on this game.
    Q18. Do you have any advice on passing the Random Nonstop course?
    A18. Yes. If you haven't used modifiers too much, ESPECIALLY Hidden and Sudden, 
    then start using them more on Game Mode. You can also keep trying to get a 
    bunch of songs that you can actually deal with.
    Q19. How do you get the Dance Master award?
    A19. You have to get an A or higher on all songs on one level (Light, Standard, 
    Heavy, and/or Challenge).
    Q20. Why can't I pass Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) on Heavy mode?
    A20. The song is mainly composed of triplets, which aren't found on too many 
    other DDR songs. Use Training Mode and get accustomed to them. Triplets are 
    difficult to distinguish, so you might want to turn on the ASSIST TICK option 
    while in Training Mode. It will tick for every step in the song. Also note that 
    you have to pull off a nasty 360/slide in the middle of the song in order to 
    hit all the arrows.
    Q21. How do I pull off the end of Afronova on Heavy mode (SINGLE)?
    A21. Well, this may make it a bit easier: When you have the LD and DR jumps, 
    use your right foot for both the L and R arrows. Also note that those are 
    triplets ahead of time, because you need to be punctual to combo this part. You 
    could also practice on Training Mode.
    Q22. How do I pull off that crossover pattern near the start of the song in 
    Afronova on Heavy mode (SINGLE)?
    A22. Ah, the classic LDLDRDRDLULURURULURLDRLURLDRLUR. What should you do here? 
    Alternate feet. Just keep doing LRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLR etc. with your feet. 
    When it repeats, flip around so that you can do the pattern the same way you 
    did it the first time.
    Q23. How do I play double?
    A23. Double is for one player with two pads. No, it's not meant to be for two 
    people, but if you want to play it that way, go on ahead :P. Double takes more 
    time to learn than Single, and for Heavy, you will definitely need a way to 
    keep your pads together.
    Q24. Getting perfects in this game is so much easier than in the arcade. How do 
    I decrease the perfect window?
    A24. You can't, but you can certainly change the difficulty level in the game 
    in the way that your bar will decrease faster if you get a Boo or an Almost.
    Q25. Are there "Marvelous" steps in Nonstop mode?
    A25. No.
    Q26a. What are the feet and the groove radar for?
    A26a. The feet make up the rating given by KONAMI to a certain song showing its 
    difficulty. Feet ratings are not as accurate as the groove radar, and some 
    songs are misrated. The groove radar measures each area of the song; the wider 
    an arm of the radar reaches out, the more difficult the song is in that certain 
    way. There are 5 parts to the radar: VOLTAGE, AIR, FREEZE, CHAOS, and STREAM.
    VOLTAGE is how complex the step patterns get. Konami isn't too specific in 
    defining this; what they mean by complexity is variety. That is, how often do 
    step patterns repeat? How many different patterns are there in the song? Are 
    there slowdowns or stops in the song? A good example is So Deep (Perfect Sphere 
    Mix) Heavy compared to Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) on the same difficulty. 
    Both are very hard, but if you pay attention in So Deep, you'll notice that the 
    step patterns do not vary altogether that much, especially compared to those of 
    Burning Heat!
    AIR measures how many jumps (Two steps at the same time) there are in the song. 
    Good example of an unusual AIR monstrosity: Maxx Unlimited Light.
    FREEZE measures the amount (and length, I'd think) of freeze arrows.
    CHAOS measures how many steps there are in the song that are not quarter or 
    eight steps. (In DDRMAX, the CHAOS meter would include fast 8th steps, e.g. on 
    speeds at 180+ BPM or so. I don't know whether that's true for DDRMAX2; I'll 
    have to check.)
    STREAM measures how long the step patterns go without letting up. Silent Hill 
    has somewhat of a higher stream rating than you would think because of those 
    two long eighth-arrow strings (or, as a lot of people refer to them, STREAMS) 
    in the middle of the song.
    Q26b. What is a "cata"?
    A26b. A 9-footer. In DDR 3rd Mix and back, the feet ratings had names for them, 
    CATASTROPHIC was the name for a 9-footer.
    Q26c. What is the name for a 10-footer, then?
    A26c. There isn't one; there were no 10-footers until DDRMAX (6th Mix).
    Q26d. What does it mean when people refer to Basic, Trick, Another, Maniac, and 
    A26d. They are older names for difficulty levels. Basic = Light, Trick/Another 
    = Standard, and Maniac/SSR = Heavy.
    Q27. Freezes give me trouble. What should I do?
    A27. Turn them off on the modifier screen, or just practice with them more.
    Q28. How do I get to the modifier screen?
    A28. Hold X or O after selecting a song.
    Q29. Is the screen supposed to stop on The Whistle Song/Bad Routine/etc. like 
    that, or is there something wrong with my game or my PS2?
    A29. Yes, the screen should do that. It's commonly known as a stop (I recommend 
    not calling it a freeze, because it can cause confusion, as GameFAQs user 
    Virtual Energies learned not too long ago ^_^).
    Q30. How do I switch difficulty when the songs are showing?
    A30. Press Up Up or Down Down on the pad. Up = easier level; Down = harder 
    Q31. What is Extra Stage and how do I get there?
    A31. Extra Stage is your reward for getting a AA or AAA grade on your Final 
    Stage song on Heavy. Extra Stage means playing Maxx Unlimited HEAVY with the 
    modifiers 1.5x, Dark, and Reverse, which means that the arrows will be moving 
    very fast, you won't have the static arrows on the screen, the arrows will move 
    down rather than up. You don't get life back on your bar, either. You can't be 
    on Event Mode if you want Extra Stage. See the next question for more...
    Q32. What is One More Extra Stage and how do I get there?
    A32. One More Extra Stage is the stage that you get after getting an AA or AAA 
    on Extra Stage. You have to play Kakumei CHALLENGE with the modifiers 3x, Dark, 
    Reverse, and Sudden Death. On Sudden Death, if you get a Good, Almost, Boo, or 
    even an N.G., then you instantly fail.
    Q33. How do I sort the songs differently?
    A33. Press START once and you get them sorted alphabetically, press START again 
    and they're sorted by BPM, press START another time and they're sorted in 
    "Player's Best" form (By how many times a song has been played), and press 
    START one last time and you're back to the original sorting.
    Q34. How do I achieve an AAA grade?
    A34. You must get all perfects on a song, and if there are freezes, you can't 
    get an N.G.
    Q35. I got an AA but I didn't get a full combo. Why?
    A35. You had enough perfects. There's a rule that if you get 90% perfects, you 
    get an AA.
    Q36. I HAD an AA on this song, but then I got an A on it and the game replaced 
    the AA with the A grade. Why?
    A36. On this game, contrary to the arcade version of DDRMAX2, you can get an AA 
    with just a full combo, even if you got all greats on the song. Well, if you 
    got an A on the song and the score was higher than the time you got an AA, the 
    A replaces the AA on the song menu.
    Q37. I'm a beginner and the "How to Play" screen annoys me. How do I get rid of 
    A37. On the level difficulty selection screen, just select Light Mode and when 
    you get to the song menu, press Up Up to switch back to Beginner.
    Q38. What is the BPM of MaXX Unlimited?
    A38. It's 320 BPM for most of the song; it goes to half that tempo and slows 
    down to a stop during the song too.
    Q39. What is the BPM of Kakumei?
    A39. It's 148 BPM for most of the song, with a slight BPM slowdown in the 
    Q40. How is the PLAYER'S BEST list determined?
    A40. It is not determined by how well you score on songs; it's determined by 
    the number of times a song has been played (regardless of whether you pass, 
    fail, or even hold SELECT + START to restart the game). Note that this rule 
    includes Extra Stage, so if Maxx Unlimited won't budge from the top of your 
    list, you know why.
    Q41. I've beaten all the songs on Standard except for Xenon and Maxx Unlimited. 
    A41. Xenon is unusually difficult for a Standard song and Maxx Unlimited is 
    twice as difficult. You don't need to pass all the songs on one level before 
    going to the next; in fact, I wouldn't bother with Maxx Unlimited until you 
    start playing the Heavy level. Maxx Unlimited STANDARD is harder than a lot of 
    Heavy songs on the game. Xenon Standard can be done by a Standard player; if 
    you're having trouble getting used to the timing for the jumps and the 
    consecutive arrow hits, go into Training Mode and look at it. As for Maxx 
    Unlimited, well... it stands on its own. The jumps go right with the song, but 
    you have to be able to read steps and move that fast. 
    Q42. Tsugaru (HEAVY) is complex. Please help.
    A42. Tsugaru has a LOT of different rhythms. First of all, gallops are all over 
    the song (Case A; see question 11 in this section). Second, some of those 
    gallops involve 32nd steps. Third, there are 12th steps (that go along with the 
    music). Fourth, there's one place in the song that used to screw me up, until I 
    looked in Training Mode. When that happens, the steps go like this:
    LR (jump)
    LRL (16ths)
    LR (jump)
    Fifth, crossovers come into the situation. Sixth, you have jumps scattered 
    around. Seventh, you have an ending that goes right with the music but involves 
    a 12th step or two, freezes, and a slowdown. Though complex, Tsugaru is one of 
    the easier 9-footers. It just takes a little getting used to (and maybe a 
    little Training Mode).
    Q43. I can't beat So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix) (HEAVY). Please help.
    A43. Well, if you don't have the stamina to do it, that will build. Give it 
    time. At first, the steps go exactly with the song's melody. Then things start 
    going more crazy. You get this pattern (with each character being a 16th, S 
    meaning a step, J meaning a jump, - meaning no step, etc):
    And then this:
    And then this:
    And then this:
    And then this:
    And then the ending:
    These patterns can be seen in Training Mode anyway. Try not to work too hard; 
    try to limit the amount of effort it takes to hit the gallops.
    Q44. Maxx Unlimited is the craziest thing I've ever seen. How do I do it?
    A44. The level of stamina it takes to do Maxx Unlimited (and most 10-footers) 
    is pretty high. The steps are also the hardest in DDRMAX2 to read. In Training 
    Mode (This must be the 1000th time I've referred to it), you can slow down the 
    song and look more closely at the arrows that ordinarily would just flash by 
    with no time at all to hit them. Hiroyuki Sakai said, "The only way to practice 
    for MaxX Unlimited is to play MaxX Unlimited," which is basically true, unless 
    you've passed MAX300 or Paranoia Survivor. Those two can be good practice, 
    MAX300 being better practice. Just go at it and remember that it's possible and 
    that JSB has AAAed it :).
    <-2-> Songlist-Related Questions
    Q1. What is the DEFAULT songlist for this game?
    A1. [Note that, starting with "AM-3P," the songs are repeats from previous US 
    DDR games.]
    1. A Little Bit of Ecstasy - Jocelyn Enriquez
    2. BRE\-/K DOWN! - BeForU
    3. Busy Child - The Crystal Method
    4. Conga Feeling - VIVIAN
    5. D2R - NAOKI
    6. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
    10. Get Down Tonight - K.C. & The Sunshine Band
    12. Heaven - DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. DO
    13. i feel ... - AKIRA YAMAOKA
    14. IN THE NAVY '99 (XXL Disaster Remix) - CAPTAIN JACK
    15. Keep on Liftin' - dj nagureo
    18. Love at First Sight - Kylie Minogue
    20. rain of sorrow - NM feat. Ebony Fay
    23. Take Me Away (into the night) (radio vocal) - 4 STRINGS
    25. TSUGARU - RevenG vs DE-SIRE
    26. TWILIGHT ZONE (R-C Extended Club MIX) - 2 UNLIMITED
    27. Will I? - Ian Van Dahl
    28. AM-3P - KTz
    30. Do It Right - SOTA feat. Ebony Fay
    31. Groove - Sho-T feat. Brenda
    32. HYSTERIA - NAOKI 190
    33. I Was The One - good-cool
    34. Jam & Marmalade - Final Offset
    35. Kind Lady - OKUYATOS
    36. Secret Rendez-vous - DIVAS
    37. Silent Hill - THOMAS HOWARD
    38. Spin the disc - good-cool
    39. SUPER STAR - D.J.RICH feat. Tailbros.
    40. THE SHINING POLARIS - L.E.D. feat. Sana
    Q2. What are the unlocks and what do I have to do to get them?
    A2. I give all credit to MissToy of DDRFreak for these; I believe she was the 
    very first to have the unlocks up after the game was released. I'm just adding 
    a few artist names she left out and maybe a couple of explanations. To unlock, 
    you have to get a certain amount of points, and you get 1 point for every song 
    played, including Extra Stages. Songs are listed in the format of Title, 
    Artist, number of points. Note that you can unlock songs, new features, and 
    nonstop courses. Also note that some songs make their DDR debut in this mix.
    1. Try 2 Luv U - S.F.M.P. - 5
    2. Put Your Faith in Me - UZI-LAY - 10
    3. [Dancers - In the options menu, you can select your own background dancers, 
    similar to the way it was in the old-school mixes.] - 15
    4. think ya better D - sAmi - 20
    5. DIVE (more deep & deeper style) - Be For U - 25
    6. Can't Stop Fallin' In Love - NAOKI - 30
    7. [Nonstop Course #7 - RMX of LOVE] - 35
    8. Silent Hill (3rd Christmas Mix) - THOMAS HOWARD - 40
    9. Don't Stop! (AMD 2nd Mix) - Dr.VIBE feat. JP miles - 45
    10. tomorrow perfume - dj TAKA - 50
    11. Kind Lady (interlude) - OKUYATOS - 55
    12. Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix) - Mr.T with Motoaki F. - 60
    13. AM-3P (AM East Mix) - KTz - 65
    14. End of the Century - NO.9 - 70
    15. [Nonstop Course #18 - Player's Best Long] - 75
    16. more deep (ver.2.1) - Togo Project feat. Sana - 80
    17. VANITY ANGEL - FIXX - 85
    18. Do It Right (80's Electro Mix) - SOTA feat. Ebony Fay - 90
    19. SP-Trip Machine (Jungle Mix) - DE-SIRE - 95
    20. I Need You - Supa Fova feat. Jenny F. - 100
    21. MAXX UNLIMITED - Z - 110
    22. [Nonstop Course #9 - RMX of TRUTH] - 120
    23. Super Star (from Nonstop Megamix) - D.J.Rich feat. Tailbros. - 130
    24. PARANOiA KCET (Clean Mix) - 2MB - 140
    25. Bad Routine - D.J. Spugna - 150
    26. Radical Faith - TaQ - 160
    27. HYSTERIA 2001 - NM - 170
    28. AFRONOVA - RE-VENGE - 180
    29. Forever Sunshine - Chel Y. - 190
    30. feeling of love - youhei shimizu - 200
    31. Celebrate Nite (Euro Trance Style) - N.M.R - 210
    32. [Nonstop Course #15 - Ultimate 12] - 220
    33. xenon - Mr.T - 230
    34. KAKUMEI - dj TAKA with NAOKI - 240
    35. [ENDLESS MODE] - 250
    Q3. Why isn't Butterfly/Dam Dariram/I Like To Move It/Sandstorm/Waka 
    Laka/www.blondegirl (Momo Mix)/Rhythm and Police (K.O.G. G3 Mix)/etc. on this 
    A3. All of the above songs I mentioned and more are LICENSED. What this means 
    is that Konami has to get permission from a record company to put the song into 
    the game, which may cost too much money, be too much trouble, or just be a 
    matter of the company not letting them.
    Q4. Why can't we get a song by E-Rotic onto a USA mix???
    A4. Well, E-Rotic, is, obviously, erotic, and Konami wants to hold onto that 
    ESRB rating of E (Everyone). Yeah, I know, The Whistle Song made it into this 
    mix, yes. But do note two things: First of all, "After the Game of Love" had 
    ALL the vocals taken out of it in Konamix (and was renamed "After the Game"). 
    Second, E-Rotic has not appeared in DDR at all since DDR 5th Mix. Why? I don't 
    know, but it's probably with all the problems of keeping the group together, 
    since I do believe it has split twice. Just listen to "Oh Nick Please Not So 
    Quick" and then "Temple of Love"; you can hear the difference.
    Q5. Can I play that Midnite Blaze mix in the Information menu? OR Why is the 
    mix of Midnite Blaze featured in the Information menu unplayable?
    A5. A. No.
    B. Well, it was the same for that Look to the Sky mix in the same menu in 
    Q6. Why are there so few Oni remixes?
    A6. Note that each Oni remix has its original mix in the game along with it. 
    Konami probably wanted to limit the songlist. Hopefully that's so they can 
    spring 200 songs on us for DDR Extreme ;) (which is almost certainly going to 
    be released eventually in the US. I DIDN'T SAY THAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO SO, 
    Q7. How many songs are in this game?
    A7. 69.
    Q8. Is <x song> on this game?
    A8. Please check the songlist FAQ on this site.
    Q9. Is this songlist better than that of DDRMAX (US)?
    A9. That's a matter of preference. Two subjective things you can take into 
    consideration are the amount of repeats from past US DDR games and that Konami 
    geared this mix towards the American audience. (Also, DDRMAX has a slightly 
    longer songlist.)
    Q10. Why aren't Matsuri Japan or Holic on this game?
    A10. They were both on Konamix and DDRMAX. Although there were a bunch of 
    repeats, Konami probably decided that putting a song on 3 straight home US 
    mixes was a bad idea.
    Q11. Does the song "Silent Hill" have anything to do with the Konami game with 
    the same title?
    A11. No. In fact, it has basically the complete opposite mood/tone... it's a 
    Christmas song.
    Q12. Is Long Train Runnin' the same song as the one by the Doobie Brothers?
    A12. No, but it is a cover that, in my opinion, is better than the original.
    Q13. What does D2R stand for?
    A13. Probably Dance Dance Revolution.
    Q14. Who is behind the alias "S.F.M.P." credited to the song "Try 2 Luv U"?
    A14. It's rumored to be Sota Fujimori, the man behind the names System SF and 
    SOTA. This is because of the SF in SFMP.
    Q15. Do "Burning Heat! (3 Option Mix)" and "Xenon" come from old games?
    A15. The first song is derived from one in the old Konami game "Gradius II." 
    The second is from the game of the same name.
    <-3-> Questions about New Features
    Q1. How do you unlock Endless Mode?
    A1. Endless Mode is the 35th unlock. It takes 306 points to unlock. (You get 
    points from playing songs.)
    Q2. How is Endless Mode played?
    A2. Well, you can choose your level of difficulty (Random, Beginner, Light, 
    Standard, Heavy), whether to play under "REGULATION," and you play until you 
    can't handle any more. Do you get breaks? Yes. You can choose how many songs 
    until you get a break period. The default is 5 songs before a break. The break 
    period is infinite and you just press START when you're ready to go again. If 
    you don't play under "REGULATION," then you can turn on modifiers and such. The 
    game keeps the high scores and combos for these.
    Q3. How is Nonstop Mode played?
    A3. Well, most people would think nonstop and endless are equivalent, but 
    they're not in DDR. In Nonstop, you choose from a nice selection of courses of 
    songs and play without breaks in between. The game proceeds immediately to the 
    next song. High scores are saved for each course. To switch difficulty, press 
    Up Up or Down Down.
    Q4. Is Nonstop the same as Oni Mode?
    A4. No. In Oni, you can only have at most 4 steps in a song that are not 
    Perfect or Great. (Or, in the case of DDR Extreme, Marvelous.) Oni mode was not 
    included in DDRMAX2.
    Q5. How do I get the dancing characters and how do I choose my character?
    A5. You have to unlock them first by getting 15 points, which doesn't take 
    long. You'll notice the little "NEW!" icon near the Options menu, which means 
    you should go into the menu. Here, you can choose what character each player 
    will have and whether you will have a third dancing character. There is a 
    setting for choosing a random character.
    Q6. For which songs are there music videos?
    A6. Dream a Dream, Conga Feeling, In the Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix), Days Go 
    By, Love at First Sight, Take Me Away (Into the Night) -Radio Vocal-, and The 
    Whistle Song. Also, I Need You has its own intro that corresponds exactly with 
    the song, but that doesn't count :P
    Q7. What exactly are the features between DDRMAX and Konamix?
    A7. Well, you can transfer workout mode stats, and you can transfer edits for 
    songs between games (As long as the songs are on both games). That's it.
    Q8. Why on earth would Captain Jack have music videos???
    A8. He's a professional recording artist in Germany. He was in the United 
    States before living there.
    <-4-> In Comparison to the Arcade
    Q1. I can't find Heaven (etc) at the arcade. HELP???
    A1. Understand that the licensed songs that made their DDR debut in this mix 
    are quite unlikely to appear on a Japanese mix. This was basically the same 
    question asked by all the newbies when DDRMAX came out and they couldn't find 
    Sandstorm. As well as Heaven, you won't be seeing Will I?, A Little Bit of 
    Ecstacy (although this one is a future possibility for a Japanese mix, seeing 
    as how another Jocelyn Enriquez song has appeared there before), Busy Child, 
    Take Me Away, Get Down Tonight, or Days Go By there. Conga Feeling isn't on DDR 
    Extreme but can be found on DDR 4th Mix Plus. (***Note: Captain Jack songs, The 
    Whistle Song, Long Train Runnin, and the other licensed songs I didn't mention 
    are on a Japanese mix.)
    Q2. Why do I do so much worse at the arcade?
    A2. Well, it could be any one of these things:
    1) You have difficulty getting adjusted to the arrows because the ones on your 
    home pad have a larger area than those at the arcade. (Common)
    2) The arrows are slippery.
    3) Getting Perfects at the arcade is more difficult because you have to be even 
    more precise to do so. (You have to be more on the beat. Vets call this 
    difference in the difficulty of getting perfects the "Perfect Window". The 
    perfect window is noticeably bigger in the US games.)
    4) Annoying people make fun of you or "shadow" you (which means that they get 
    on the other pad while you're playing on SINGLE and try to play along and hit 
    the same steps on the screen), or little kids get in your way constantly.
    5) The volume of the machine is too low.
    6) You get nervous.
    7) You're not used to looking at a screen of that size while playing.
    There could be more odd reasons, but this list sums up a handful of them.
    Q3. Is DDRMAX2 the same as the arcade DDRMAX2?
    A3. NO. There are huge differences between the two, especially in the songlists 
    and the nonstop modes.
    Q4. Why do people put coins on the side of the machine?
    A4. That's what's known as a coin line. You put a coin on the screen and when 
    it's your turn, you take your quarter off of it. (There's a small ledge on the 
    screen just big enough for it.) The thing I don't like about coin lines is that 
    people tend to think that putting coins on both sides of the screen is a good 
    idea. Also, do what I do and put up something less than a quarter. Coins are 
    stolen sometimes.
    Q5. What is the standard price for DDR, so that I don't get ripped off?
    A5. Usually, it's one dollar for 3 songs. Lucky California players, who have 
    tons of machines spread across the state, usually get better prices. If you 
    want to check prices of machines in your area, go click the "Machine Locations" 
    link on http://www.ddrfreak.com.
    Q6. Where can I find machines near me?
    A6. http://www.ddrfreak.com has a very comprehensive machine list. Click 
    "Machine Locations" when you get there. Be sure to check for hours and prices.
    Q7. Do they have freeze arrows at the arcade?
    A7. Yes. Freeze arrows are on DDRMAX (6th Mix), DDRMAX2 (7th Mix), and DDR 
    Extreme (8th Mix).
    most popular at the arcade, so people don't hate me for making them hear 
    something they've heard 100000000 times before?
    A8. Well, you don't HAVE to avoid these songs. Just don't ever play one of them 
    twice in a row (which you shouldn't do with any song anyway, unless you're 
    trying to AAA it), and don't play them too often. Play all the songs that the 
    mix has to offer before you decide which one's your favorite. That way, you'll 
    discover the magic of songs like 20, November, Ordinary World, The Reflex, Get 
    Up (Before the Night Is Over), Music, 5.1.1., Leading Cyber, and other 
    underplayed songs.
    These are some of the most popular DDR songs of all time: Butterfly, B4U, Dam 
    Dariram, Rhythm & Police, Holic, A, Sakura, Dynamite Rave, End of the Century, 
    Era (nostalmix), Matsuri Japan, MAX300, Drop Out, and Paranoia Survivor. Now, 
    you may be thinking to yourself right now, "Hey, you just named all my favorite 
    songs!" Well, I understand. I mean, they're popular for one reason or the 
    other. But you have to get yourself playing some of these other songs. You 
    don't want that poor arcade worker to be hearing Dynamite Rave all the time now 
    do you? :)
    Q9. Where can I find both Oni and Nonstop mode on one mix?
    A9. DDR Extreme (8th Mix)
    Q10. Can I play Endless Mode at the arcade?
    A10. No.
    Q11. I want to play longer songs than this. Where can I do that?
    A11. DDR 5th Mix has long versions, but that's it. There are only a few long 
    songs, too.
    Q12. Will I be able to read the text in the Japanese arcade games?
    A12. Yes. Almost everything in the games, believe it or not, is in English, 
    because most Japanese who are at the age where they can play this game know 
    enough English to understand most of it.
    Q13. I saw this game where there are four diagonal arrows and one in the 
    middle. What is it?
    A13. You're talking about Pump It Up, a series (not created by Konami) that is 
    very popular in Korea. It's often more difficult than DDR because you 
    occasionally have to drop a knee or a hand or something on an arrow to hit it, 
    there being the possibility of having more than 2 arrows at the same time. A 
    lot of people prefer PIU for freestyle (when you make your own dance to a song 
    while playing on a low enough level to be able to do so) over DDR.
    Q14. Are the steps different from the home versions when you go to the arcade?
    A14. No, or at least usually not. It's VERY rare to see complete changes of 
    steps from a home version. Paranoia Eternal (which we've yet to see on a US 
    mix) and Cutie Chaser -morning mix- were completely changed. In the case of 
    Cutie Chaser -morning mix-, the steps were too easy on DDRMAX US. [Hold on... 
    Is this true or not? Contact me if it isn't, since I haven't been able to 
    check.] (In actuality, the steps you find in DDRMAX were taken from a 
    thankfully difficult-to-find arcade DDR called DDR Kids Station- DDR Oha Sta!) 
    Celebrate and 5.1.1.'s Double Maniac steps changed too, as there wasn't much 
    effort put into those of DDRMAX US, and DDR Club Mix, from which Celebrate and 
    5.1.1. originate (in DDR), had no Double Maniac steps. Another minor change is 
    the removal of certain freezes in Kind Lady that were only an 8th beat long and 
    therefore pointless.
    Q15. Can you find Workout Mode at the arcade?
    A15. No.
    <-5-> Other Questions
    Q0. Has another US DDR game yet been announced?
    A0. Now we know that DDR Extreme is due for a US PS2 release in the fall, 
    according to Konami itself. DDR Ultramix has been released for Xbox and, 
    apparently, there is a new DDR game due for PC...
    Q1. How did my file/data get corrupted?
    A1. You most likely had autosave on and turned the PS2 off or removed the 
    memory card while the game was saving. A LOT of people have done that, so 
    you're not the only one. Be more careful next time (and make sure that other 
    people don't do it either).
    Q2. How do I create my own steps to a song?
    A2. Use Edit Mode.
    Q3. How do I put triplet steps in an edit?
    A3. Hit SELECT and then switch the triplets on.
    Q4. <<Insert question about pads here>>
    A4. Please look at the section entitled "<-1-> Gameplay-Related Questions" for 
    that. Also, I haven't had as many experiences with pads as other GameFAQs users 
    have. Ask questions on the message board.
    Q5. Where can I find a soundtrack to this game?
    A5. DDRMAX2 US has no soundtrack, but you can find a lot of soundtracks for the 
    Japanese games. You'll probably have to import those unless you can find it at 
    some sort of game store that sells import soundtracks.
    Q6. On one of those screens before you see the menu it says something about 
    BEMANI being Konami's group of music games. Exactly what are the names of those 
    A6. Among them are Pop'n Music, Beatmania, KeyboardMania, DrumMania, Guitar 
    Freaks, Dance Maniax, ParaParaParadise, Dancing Stage, Mambo a Go Go, and Dance 
    Freaks. You can look around GameFAQs for info on these games.
    Q7. I live in Europe. Will this game be released here?
    A7. No; you get the Dancing Stage games, which are the European equivalent of 
    DDR. Why Konami changed the name, I don't know. I do know that Dancing Stage 
    was the name of two Japanese DDR home games a while back.
    Q8. What are ALL the DDR titles?
    A8. There are too many to list. If you search for "Dance Dance Revolution" on 
    GameFAQs or go to DDRFreak.com, you can find them there.
    Q9. Are there DDR games for Dreamcast?
    A9. Yes, but none released in the US. The two are DDR 2nd Mix and DDR Club Mix. 
    However, there is a DDR-like game called "Feet of Fury" that sells for a cheap 
    price made by an independent game studio. It's one of the few (maybe the 
    first?) independent Dreamcast games to be sold.
    Q10. What is the song in the second section of Lesson Mode?
    A10. Now we know the answer: it's "A Stupid Barber" by Sho-T, a song that can 
    be found in the Japanese PS2 version of DDR Extreme and that will be in DDR 
    Extreme US when it is released.
    Q11. What is the song that plays during credits?
    A11. That's "Kind Lady (Future Trance Mix)" by OKUYATOS featuring System S.F. 
    It is unplayable in the game.
    Q12. Off of what song is Kakumei based?
    A12. Kakumei is based on a classical piece for piano written during the 
    Romantic period by Frederic Chopin. It is "Etude in C Minor, Opus 10 No. 12," 
    or, as commonly nicknamed, the "Revolutionary Etude." Chopin's Etudes are some 
    of the most challenging pieces to play on the piano, and they have the 
    corresponding name because they really are "Studies," which is the English 
    translation. Each Etude is a piece designed to challenge the player in one 
    difficult area of playing the piano, so they are really exercises. The detail 
    that separates the Etudes from other complex piano exercises is that they can 
    be performed. This particular one gets its nickname because there was a rumor 
    that Chopin wrote it in response to the Russian Revolution. In reality, there 
    was no evidence that this was his motivation. 
    ***NOTE: The description that Konami gives about Chopin's piece in the 
    Information menu isn't very precise... you'll notice how I said "Revolutionary 
    Etude," not "Revolutionary" as Konami did. There's a difference...
    Q13. What does BPM stand for?
    A13. BPM stands for Beats per Minute, which is basically the measurement of the 
    tempo/speed of the song. The higher the number, the faster the song goes.
    Q14. People keep talking about these odd terms like "SDG" and "S4R". What do 
    they mean?
    A14. For a good explanation of these terms, visit this URL: 
    DDRFreak doesn't say what SDG is. SDG stands for "Single-Digit Greats". It's 
    when you get a full combo on a song and you get less than 10 greats, therefore 
    the single digit.
    Q15. Who is Naoki Maeda and what aliases does he have?
    A15. Naoki Maeda is the man responsible for a great amount of DDR songs, 
    including Dynamite Rave, Tsugaru, D2R, MAX300, Maxx Unlimited, Still in My 
    Heart, Exotic Ethnic, Afronova, Paranoia, and many, many others. He goes under 
    a LOT of aliases, including Re-Venge, De-Sire, NM, NW260, Z, ZZ, Omega, KTz, 
    No. 9, N.M.R., 180, 190, 200, 270, 290, and .3K.
    Q16. What are the other US home releases for the DDR series?
    A16. Those are Dance Dance Revolution (PS1), Dance Dance Revolution (PC; only 
    available from Fry's Electronics and Outpost.com), Dance Dance Revolution 
    Konamix (PS1), Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix (PS1), DDRMAX: Dance Dance 
    Revolution (PS2), and Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix (XBOX). Yes, the titles 
    are repetitive, but they are exact.
    Q17. What, Juub005, are your favorite steps and songs on this game?
    A17. My favorite song is Long Train Runnin'. My favorite steps are Conga 
    Feeling, Groove, In the Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix), Kakumei, Xenon, and 
    tomorrow perfume [all on Heavy].
    <-6-> Contact Me
    -you have any questions that WERE NOT ANSWERED ON THIS FAQ
    -you have a correction
    -you feel there is a question missing that I should put in here
    Please contact me at general_shanghai@hotmail.com. If you're not sure whether a 
    question is on this FAQ, I recommend using that "Find" function that your 
    browser has to try to locate it. Type in a keyword (e.g. Afronova) and let your 
    browser scan for words.
    Do I have an AIM screenname? Yes, but I prefer not to give it out.
    <-7-> Credits
    A) God
    B) MissToy, message board user of DDRFreak, for the unlocks.
    C) Konami, for creating a series that keeps many arcades alive and keeps me 
    interested in video games.
    D) To all the Konami artists who revived my interest in music.
    E) To CyricZ and whiz kid, the two big DDR message board moderators, for doing 
    their job
    F) To Junon Harbor NAVY, Hiroyuki Sakai, rageandemi/Kool Mr Bassman, 
    zcrazyfly/LostinDepression/DDR Patches, Virtual Energies, CodeRedAddict770, 
    silenthillish, Seifer Almasy, TheTrueAshton (<3 maxx mwerp), Thunderbird8, 
    ShalashaskaTheGreat, iceman0736, Jill Redfield, Yahiko, Earthshaker, Janus5000 
    (Crash is still bad) and all those other awesome GameFAQs board users
    G) To CJayC, for making the best site on the internet period, and for 
    information on how to create an FAQ.
    H) To Slake and JP miles for the third best DDR song ever
    I) To U1 for the second best DDR song ever
    J) To BUS STOP and the Doobie Brothers for the best DDR song ever
    K) To all those people whom I can't remember for the information in this FAQ.
    L) DDRFreak, for machine locations.
    M) The manuals of the games "DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution" and "DDRMAX2: 
    Dance Dance Revolution", for tips for new players, information on BEMANI 
    musicians, and information on special features in this game.
    N) Andrew Tanase, for sending in corrections.
    O) You---for reading this FAQ.
    <-8-> Update Information
    A. October 4, 2003. Version 0.9: This is the first version of this guide, 0.9. 
    Why 0.9? Well, I haven't put up the songlists yet. I don't know how I'm going 
    to format them yet, and this game being so popular right now, I feel that these 
    questions need to have some answers right now.
    B. January 18, 2004. Version 1.0: An update long overdue. The songlists are 
    here, Andrew Tanase sent in some corrections, I added a few more questions, and 
    I moved some around. Yeah, I modified a few explanations too. 
    Thanks for reading :)

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