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    Hidden Combo List by Slateman

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Details:           Hidden Combo FAQ
    Game:              Tony Hawk's Underground
    Developer:         Neversoft
    Publisher:         Activision
    Platform:          PS2, GameCube, Xbox
    Revision Date:     20th January, 2004
    Revision #:        1.2
    Author:            Slateman (slateman@planettonyhawk.com)
    From:              Planet Tony Hawk
    Continuing the combo system created in THPS3 and tweaked for THPS4,
    you can string together an unlimited amount of moves using the
    information below.
    Version Notes:
    1.2     Pogo to Hair Flip
    1.1     Additional Grind Combos (courtesy of the PTH Forum members)
    Grind Combos
    One you initiate a grind, you can switch into several other grinds by
    pressing the button combinations below.
        INPUT                GRIND
    Flip, Flip            Smith
    Flip, Grind           Tailslide
    Flip, Grab            5-0
    Grab, Grab            Crooked
    Grab, Flip            Bluntslide
    Grab, Grind           Nosebluntslide
    Grind, Grind          50-50
    Grind, Flip           Noseslide
    Grind, Grab           Nosegrind
    Up                    Nosegrind to Pivot
    Down                  5-0 Overturn
    Left                  Hurricane
    Right                 Salad
    Up-Left               Hang Ten Nosegrind
    Up-Right              Crail Slide
    Down-Left             Double Blunt Slide
    Down-Right            Darkslide
    These additional combos are performed by pressing the direction listed
    + grind, grind.
    Freestyle Combos
    By initiating a manual, a special manual move or any other flatland trick, you
    can combo into the following freestyle (flatland) tricks. Use the input on the
    left to intiate the move in the 2nd column. Each trick has it's own sub-trick
    that is performed by pressing Flip, Flip. All the moves in the 3rd column are
    performed by pressing Flip, Flip while executing a move in the middle column.
    You can perform Pivots and Nose Pivots by pressing the spin buttons while
    performing freestyle tricks.
       INPUT                    TRICK                   SUB-TRICK
    Flip, Flip            Half Cab Impossible        360 Fingerflip
    Flip, Grab            Anti Casper                Anti Casper Flip
    Flip, Grind           Casper                     Casper Flip
    Grab, Grab            Handstand                  Handflip
    Grab, Flip            To Rail                    Rail Flip
    Grab, Grind           One Foot Manual            Half Cab Impossible
    Grind, Grind          Pogo                       Wrap Around
    Grind, Grab           Switch Foot Pogo           Half Wrap Tuck Transfer
    Grind, Flip           Truckstand                 Truckstand Flip
                                                     Pogo to Hair Flip (*)
    Left, Right, Flip     Spacewalk                  360 Finger Flip
    * The Pogo to Hair Flip can only be done by pressing Grab, Grab while doing a
    Inverts & Stalls
    Inverts and stalls are done on halfpipe or quarterpipe lips and are executed
    by pressing the grind button as you reach the lip.
    Starting with any Invert or Stall, you can combo into another invert/stall by
    pressing a combination of 2 buttons.  You cannot combo into the same move.
    If you do an invert, tapping Grind, Grind won't produce another invert.  You
    can only combo into these moves from a separate move.
       INPUT                INVERT                       STALL
    Flip, Flip            Disaster                    One Foot Invert
    Flip, Grab            Rock to Fakie               Eggplant
    Flip, Grind           n/a                         n/a
    Grab, Grab            Axle Stall                  Gymnast Plant
    Grab, Flip            BS Boneless                 Varial Invert to Fakie
    Grab, Grind           n/a                         n/a
    Grind, Grind          FS Noseblunt                Invert
    Grind, Flip           FS Nosepick                 n/a
    Grind, Grab           Blunt to Fakie              Andrecht Invert
    Legal Stuff--
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2003-2004, Trevor Esposito
    Tony Hawk's Underground is copyright (c) 2003, Neversoft, Activision
    You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the contents
    herein without the permission of the author.
    For now, the only site allowed to post this FAQ is:
    This FAQ and much more can be found at Planet Tony Hawk:
    Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.
    Good luck and have fun!

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