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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IAMCARL

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    Tony Hawk's Underground
    Version 2.00
    FAQ/ Walkthrough
    Jared Therriault
    1. Background
    2. Moves
    3. Advanced Maneuvers
    4. Modes
    5. Characters
    6. Stat Raisin'
    7. Story Mode
    8. Cool Stuff
    9. Tips
    10. Glitches/ Errors
    11. Question and Answer
    12. Cheats
    13. Legal
    14. Thanks
    SORRY!: Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. When your console is broken, it's
    hard to play your games. But now that it's fixed, I'll update when I can
    until I'm sick of WordPad. I'll try to get in some updating everyday after
    school from now on, but I make no guarantees.
    Note: This FAQ covers only the Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation 2, and PC versions
    of the game. I have also omitted the PC controls but only because I don't
    know them. My condolences for any inconveniences this may cause.
    Note #2: When I list the buttons for tricks, I will list them in this format-
    Xbox/Gamecube/Playstation 2. If the buttons are the same between systems
    (i.e. Grind is "Y" on both Xbox and Gamecube), I will only list the button
    NOTE #3: You can use your Browser's "Find" tool(Found under "Edit" in your
    toolbar or by pressing Cntrl+F) at any time to jump directly to a goal or
    heading. Just type in the name and it will take you to it(though you may have
    to click "Find Next" a few times as the browser only goes to the closest word
    set like it. For example, there is a goal titled "BROKEN" and you want to find
    it. I may have somewhere else in the FAQ where it says, "...fix your broken
    skateboard...", so when you type it in it may bring you there instead of the
    goal. Sorry, I have no control over this, just click "Find Next" till you find
    the right one.
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater- The first great 3D skateboarding game. It had actual
    legitimacy with real skaters, labels, decks, parks, and sponsors. This
    kicked off the whole THPS series. Released in 1999 for Dreamcast,
    Playstation, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Colour.
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2- The killer sequel. It added the new manual move,
    allowing gamers to link street tricks together. I more than tripled my
    score thanks to the move. Bigger parks, more two-player modes, a
    create-a-skater mode, a park creation mode, and more customization in the
    tricks and stats department made this a must-have for fans of the series.
    Released in 2000 for Dremcast, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Colour,
    Game Boy Advance, Xbox (as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x in 2001), and PC.
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3- The Next Gen jump for the series. The addition
    of the revert move, which allowed for linking of vert and street tricks.
    This amped up the graphics and added more customization than ever. You could
    now fully change every stat of the Pro and created skaters, as well as their
    tricks (And thank god, they got rid of the idiotic concept of BUYING tricks
    and stats. What the f was that?). Playstation 2 owners could now play online,
    showing off their skills. Because of a deal Activision inked with Sony,
    online play is exclusive to the Playstation 2, so many condolences to Xbox
    and Gamecube owners (while you could play online on Xbox still with the
    System Link trick through Gamespy. Try Gamespy.com to find out how.). THPS3
    was released for Playstation 2, Playstation, Xbox, Gamecube, Nintendo 64,
    Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, and PC in 2001 (well actually it was
    released for Xbox in 2002, but whatever.).
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4- Saved TONY from staleness. Time limits lifted,
    gamers were now allowed to go anywhere they wanted and complete goals at their
     own pace. The spine transfer was also added, letting gamers jump from one
    quarter pipe to another if they were positioned correctly. Online play
    returned with some new tricks, but again it was only on the Playstation 2.
    Released in 2002 for Playstation 2, Playstation, Xbox, Gamecube,
    Game Boy Advance, and PC.
    Tony Hawk's Underground- There's so much new stuff here I filled my pants in
    anticipation of the game. You can now GET OFF of your board in this one and
    actually walk around on foot. This allows you to get off mid-combo and jump to
    an area that's inaccessible by skateboard and jump down into continuance of the
    combo. You can also drive vehicles for some goals (but alas, you can't jack
    vehicles a la Grand Theft Auto). If you're a Playstation 2 owner, lucky you,
    because you can send a picture to Activision via e-mail and download it to the
    game as your very own personal skater. Activision nor Neversoft will screen
    these pictures so feel free to send in whatever you want, a watermelon,
    Spiderman, a Storm Trooper, Dr. Evil, Nelly, Eminem, or even "special" parts on
    your *ahem* lower body. Online play is also here with rankings and a "Homies List".
    One of my personal favourite new features is time of day and weather. You can make
    your own decks and customize your skater any way you want. New to the
    "create-a-insert-something-here" is the create-a-trick. You can finally make your
    own trick animations for your very own special tricks. The skatepark editor is
    beefed up also, with the ability to add buildings, goals, and pedestrians to your
    parks. Nice. Released in 2003 for Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance
    and PC.
    2. MOVES:
    The Ollie: The most basic of all moves and the most used. Tap the A/X button to
    execute. No points are awarded for just an ollie alone. You must go from an ollie
    to a trick or spin while in the air to gain points.
    Spinning: Hold the d-pad in the corresponding direction or hold L/L1 or R/R1 to
    spin the skater while in the air.
    Kick tricks: These tricks flip the board and carry the least points, but are easy
    and fast to perform. Use the X/B/Square button in conjunction with a direction on
    the d-pad to execute a kick tick. Double-tapping (and triple-tapping in some cases)
    will result in a bigger, better version of the move you are executing.
    List- NOTE: The double- or triple-tap tricks will be placed directly after the base
    tricks and will be noted with a 2 or 3, depending on how many taps were executed.
    180 Varial					700			840
    2. 360 Varial				900			1080
    Back Foot Heelflip			150			180
    2. Double Back Foot Heelflip		550			660
    Back Foot Kickflip			150			180
    2. Double Back Foot Kickflip		550			660
    Back Foot Shove-it			150			180
    2. 360 Back Foot Shove-it		500			600
    Bigspin Flip				500			600
    FS Bigspin					500			600
    BS Flip					500			600
    Front Foot Impossible			525			630
    2. Double Front Foot Impossible	1075			1290
    Fingerflip					700			840
    2. Double Fingerflip			1000			1200
    BS Bigspin					500			600
    FS Flip					500			600
    FS Shove-it					100			120
    2. 360 FS Shove-it			500			600
    3. 540 FS Shove-it			1000			1200
    Hardflip					300			360
    2. 360 Hardflip				500			600
    Heelflip					100			120
    2. Double Heelflip			500			600
    3. Triple Heelflip			1000			1200
    Heelflip Varial Lien			800			960
    Impossible					100			120
    2. Double Impossible			500			600
    3. Triple Impossible			1000			1200
    Inward Heelflip				350			420
    2. 360 Inward Heelflip			500			600
    Kickflip					100			120
    2. Double Kickflip 			500			600
    3. Triple Kickflip			1000			1200
    Old Skool Kickflip			300			360
    Ollie Airwalk 				500			600
    2. Ollie Airwalk Late Shove-it	1050			1260
    Ollie North					169			202
    2. Ollie North Back Foot Flip		1050			1260
    Pop Shove-it				100			120
    360 Shove-it				500			600
    540 Shove-it				1000			1200	
    Sal Flip					900			1080
    2. 360 Sal Flip				1150			1380
    Varial Heelflip				300			360
    2. 360 Varial Heelflip			500			600
    Varial Kickflip				300			360
    2. 360 Flip					500			600
    Grab tricks: These tricks take slightly longer to perform, so aren't ideal for
    going in and out of grinds. However, on the halfpipes they are perfect. Each grab
    trick has a base score but can be held longer for variable point values. Tap/hold
    the B/X/Circle button in conjunction with a direction on the d-pad to execute a
    grab trick. Double-tapping will result in a stretched version of the move you are
    List-NOTE: The double-tap tricks will be placed directly after the base tricks and
    will be noted with a 2.
    NOTE 2: Every grab trick has a "base score" which is the score gotten from just
    tapping the button, but the trick can be held longer for more points. I will list
    the base scores here.
    Airwalk					450			540
    2. Christ Air				550			660
    Benihana					300			360
    2. Sacktap					1500			1800
    Cannonball					250			300
    2. Cannonball Fingerflip		500			600
    Crail Grab					350			420
    2. TuckKnee					400			480
    Crossbone					425			510
    2. Crookedcop				550			660
    FS Shifty					500			600
    2. BS Shifty				800			960
    Indy						300			360
    2. Stiffy					500			600
    Indy Nosebone				350			420
    2. Del Mar Indy				400			480
    Japan						350			420
    2. One Foot Japan				800			960
    Madonna 					750			900
    2. Judo					1150			1380
    Melon						300			360
    2. Method					400			480
    Mute						350			420
    2. Seatbelt Air				500			600
    Nosegrab					300			360
    2. Rocket Air				400			480
    Wrap Around					450			540
    2. Body Wrap				600			720
    Stalefish					350			420
    2. Stalefish Tweak			400			480
    Tailgrab					300			360
    2. One Foot Tailgrab			500			600
    Lip Tricks: When going perpendicular up the lip of a half pipe you can press the
    Y/Triangle button in conjuntion with a directional to execute a lip trick. These
    can be held for variable point values. If you don't use a directional, you will
    execute a nose stall, which is worth 300 in natural stance ind 360 in switchstance.
    List-NOTE: Each trick has a "base score" which is earned after executing the trick
    and immediately jumping out of it. All of the tricks can be held longer for more points.
    Andrecht Invert				550			660
    Axle Stall					400			480
    Blunt to Fakie				500			600
    Boneless					550			660
    Disaster					600			720
    Eggplant					550			660
    Gymnast Plant				575			690
    Varial Invert to Fakie			450			540
    Invert					500			600
    Noseblunt					550			660
    Nosepick					550			660
    One Foot Invert				500			600
    Rock to Fakie(Rock'n'Roll)		500			600
    The Switcheroo				600			720
    You can also transition from one lip trick to another by double-tapping the X/B/Square,
    Y/Triangle, or B/X/Circle buttons or any combination of the three. The trick will
    change differently, depending on which trick you are currently executing. For example,
    while in a Nose Stall, pressing X+X/B+B/Square+square will transition to a Disaster,
    but with The Switcheroo you will transition to a One Foot Invert.
    Grinds: These moves can only be executed on a rail or ledge. They have variable point
    values and depend on how long you stay on the rail. Tap the Y/Triangle button to
    perform a grind trick.
    List-NOTE: There is no such thing as a "base score" for grinds. All of them are
    variable, dependent upon how long you stay on the rail.
    NOTE 2: Some of these tricks require a diagnol button press, which I will represent
    with the two directions and a colon(:). For example, if I said "Up:Left", I mean the
    upper-left directional.
    NOTE 3: All of the tricks listed here are done with the Y/Triangle button, so I will
    just list the directional and the trick, as it is implied that you must press that
    button in conjunction with the directional.
    NOTE 4: Most of the tricks can be double-tapped, making a different trick. For
    example, pressing up and Y/Triangle will execute a Nosegrind, but pressing up and
    Y/Triangle twice will execute a Nosegrind to Pivot. These tricks will be noted with a 2.
    NOTE 5: Some tricks do not require a directional, but for you to approach the rail
    differently. If this is needed, I will describe the approach necessary.
    NOTE 6: Tricks that are slashed(i.e.: Smith/Feeble) change depending on whether you
    approach the rail from the left ot the right side.
    Jump staright(parallel) onto the rail.			50-50
    Rotate the board perpendicular to the rail.		Boardslide
    Rotate the board perpendicular to the rail
    but a little more than with the Boardslide. 		Lipslide
    Up									Nosegrind
    2. Up									Nosegrind to Pivot
    Up:Left								Crooked/Overcrook
    2. Up:Left								Hang Ten Nosegrind
    Left									Noseslide/Tailslide
    2. Left								Hurricane
    Down:Left								Smith/Feeble
    2. Down:Left							Double Bluntslide
    Down									5-0
    2. Down								5-0 Overturn
    Down:Right								Smith/Feeble
    2. Down:Right							Darkslide
    Right									Noseslide/Tailslide
    2. Right								Salad
    Up:Right								Crooked/Overcrook
    2. Up:Right								Crail Slide
    You can also transition from one grind to another by double-tapping the X/B/Square,
    Y/Triangle, or B/X/Circle buttons or any combination of the three.
    List-NOTE: Instead of listing the X/B/Square, Y/Triangle, and B/X/Circle buttons
    each time, I will list them as flip, grind, and grab, respectively. For example,
    instead of X+X/B+B/Square+Square, I will say Flip+Flip.
    Flip+Flip= Smith		Flip+Grind= Tailslide		Flip+Grab= 5-0
    Grind+Grind= 50-50	Grind+Flip= Noseslide		Grind+Grab= Nosegrind
    Grab+Grab= Crooked	Grab+Flip= Bluntslide		Grab+Grind= Nosebluntslide
    Special Tricks: When you do tricks, your special meter fills up (the special meter
    is that bar that says "special" in the top left corner of your screen below the
    score). When your special meter fills up, you can execute special tricks. Neversoft
    has created several special tricks for you right out of the box, but you can
    create your own special tricks using the create-a-trick feature. The special
    tricks are the highest scoring tricks of all so use them in the competitions to
    get the highest scores. You can gain more special trick slots by playing Story
    List-NOTE: The special tricks that invovle grabs and lips, much like the regular grab
    and lip tricks, have a "base score", in addition to being holdable. I will list the
    base scores only.
    NOTE 2: I will not list the grind or manual special tricks as you can set them to
    any button combination you want and their scores are completely variable.
    NOTE 3: I will divide the tricks into sections just as they are divided in the game.
    NOTE 4: Some special tricks like "Swimmer" and "Boot Burst" require you to unlock a
    specific secret character before they become available.
    NOTE 5: Special Lip, Grind, and Manual Tricks can be transitioned to regular lip,
    grind, and manual tricks by double-tapping X/B/Square, Y/Triangle, B/X/Circle, or
    any combination of the three.
    				AIR TRICKS
    1-2-3-4					1600			1920
    360 Varial McTwist			5750			6900
    540 Flip					1450			1740
    540 Tailwhip				2500			3000
    360 Varial Heelflip Lien		1500			1800
    Barrel Roll					5000			6000
    Back Spin Air				3000			3600
    Double Kickflip Varial Indy		1200			1440
    Fingerflip Airwalk			1500			1800
    Rodeo Wrap					1600			1920
    FS 540					5500			6600
    Gazelle Underflip				3500			4200
    360 Ghetto Bird				3500			4200
    Hardflip Late Flip			1500			1800
    Indy 900					11000			13200
    The Jackass					1600			1920
    Kickflip Backflip				3000			3600
    Kickflip Underflip			1000			1200
    McTwist					5000			6000
    Nollie Flip Underflip			1150			1380
    Quad Heelflip				1400			1680
    Semi Flip					1150			1380
    The 900					9000			10800
    				GRAB TRICKS	
    Double Kickflip Madonna			2250			2700
    Swimmer					1500			1800
    Casper Flip 360 Flip			2500			3000
    Assume the Position II			1000			1200
    Bam Bend Air				1300			1560
    Bigspin Shifty				1650			1980
    Boot Burst					2000			2400
    Chomp On This				1000			1200
    Flamingo					1500			1800
    Flying Squirrel				1500			1800
    360 Flip Tail Grab			1600			1920
    Lick It Up					1500			1800
    Samba Flip					1600			1920
    Shifty Shifty				2000			2400
    Sit Down Air				1200			1440
    				LIP TRICKS
    1990 Invert					3500 			4200
    Heelflip FS Invert			3200			3840
    Ho Ho Sad Plant				3500			4200
    Russian Boneless				3000			3600
    The Manual: The skater presses down on the tail to ride on the two back wheels. Used
    to link tricks together. Press up then down to execute. Worth is variable.
    The Nose Manual: The skater presses down on the nose to ride on the two front wheels.
    Used to link tricks together. Press down then up to execute. Worth is variable.
    Changing Manuals: While manualing, double-tapping the X/B/Square, Y/Triangle, or
    B/X/Circle buttons or any combination of the three will make you change your manual.
    Just double-tapping X/B/Square while manualing will execute a "flip" expansion on
    manual. Also, you can do a "spin" variation on that manual by tapping R/R2.
    List-NOTE:Instead of listing the X/B/Square, Y/Triangle, and B/X/Circle buttons
    each time, I will list them as flip, grind, and grab, respectively. For example,
    instead of X+X/B+B/Square+Square, I will say Flip+Flip.
    NOTE 2: First I will note the input needed for the trick, then the trick name,
    then the Flip+Flip variation, then the "Spin" variation.
    NOTE 3: These all have variable scores, so I will not be listing scores for them.
    NOTE 4: At any time while manualing, pres Left+Right+Flip to do a Spacewalk. It will
    help build momentum if you've stopped or slowed down. It's Flip+Flip and "Spin"
    Variations are the same as a Manual and will result in a Nose Manual.
    Up+Down		Manual			360 Fingerflip		Pivot
    Down+Up		Nose Manual			Half Cab Impossible	Nose Pivot
    Flip+Grind		Casper			Casper Flip			Casper Spin
    Flip+Grab		Anti Casper			Anti Casper Flip		Anti Casper Spin
    Grind+Grind		Pogo				Wrap Around			Pogo Spin
    Grind+Flip		Truckstand			Truckstand Flip		Truckspin
    Grind+Grab		Switch Foot Pogo		Half Wrap Truck Trans.	S.F.P. Spin
    Grab+Grab		Handstand			Handflip			NONE
    Grab+Flip		To Rail			Rail Flip			NONE
    NOTE: These next to can change depending on what manual you are currently executing.
    The first is with a manual or any other kind of flatland trick, and the second is
    with the Nose Manual ONLY. Also, when you do the Flip+Flip or "Spin" Variation of
    one of these, it will go back into a manual or nose manual, depending on what you're
    currently executing.
    1. Grab+Grind	One Foot Manual		360 Fingerflip		Pivot
    2. Grab+Grind	One Foot Nose Manual	Half Cab Impossible	Nose Pivot	
    The Revert: The skater shifts the board 180 degrees to a switchstance. If used when
    coming down from a halfpipe, it links vert tricks to street tricks, as it can go
    into a manual. Tap R/R2 to revert. Worth 100 points in natural stance and 120 in
    The Spine Transfer: This makes the skater transfer from one quarter pipe to another
    while in the air. Tap L & R/L2 to spine transfer. Worth 250 in natural stance and
    300 in switchstance.
    Straighten: When coming down from a half pipe, you can straighten yourself out by
    pressing L & R/L2. Has no point value, but is useful for preventing bails and setting
    yourself up for grinds on the halfpipe's lip.
    Wallpush: When running into a wall perpendicularly, press the Y/Triangle button to go
    in the other direction and keep up your combo. Worth 10 points in natural stance and
    12 in switchstance.
    Wallride: Approach a wall at a 45 degree angle, ollie, and press the Y/Triangle button
    to wallride. Worth is variable.
    Wallie: While wallriding, jump off of the wall to perform a wallie.
    Skitching: To skitch is to hold on to the back of a moving vehiclewhile on a skateboard
    or rollerblades. Follow behind a vehicle and press up to skitch. Use left and right to
    balance your skitch. Let go of the skitch by pressing down or by ollieing out.
    Pressure Flips: The skater positions his or her feet in a stressed manner to flip the
    board semifuriously. When in either stance tap L/L1 once to go into pressure flip
    stance, then ollie and do a kick trick in any of the four primary directions(up, right,
    down, left). A pressure ollie alone is worth 200 in natural stance and 240 in
    switchstance. This can also be done during a manual.
    List-NOTE: First I will make the notation to which direction is needed in parentheses().
    Then I will put the name of the trick and values.
    NOTE 2: It makes no difference which trick set you have, if you're in natural or
    switchstance, or if you double- or triple-tap the button. The are only four(4) pressure
    (UP) BS 360 Flip				200			240
    (RIGHT) BS 180 Flip			100			120
    (DOWN) FS 360 Flip 			200			240
    (LEFT) BS Toe Flip			100			120
    Nollie: The skater performs an ollie on the nose of the board, rather than the tail.
    This also means more points. When in your natural stance, press L/L1 twice to go into
    nollie  stance, then tap the ollie button. Worth 200 points. This can also be done
    during a manual
    Fakie: The skater performs an ollie while facing backwards, or in theory a switch
    nollie. Go into switchstance and tap L/L1 twice to go into fakie stance, then tap the
    ollie button. Worth 240 points. This can also be done during a manual.
    No Comply: The skater takes his/her dominant foot off of the board to scoop and gain
    a little extra height. Tap up once then tap the ollie button to execute. This results
    in more points. Worth 100 in natural stance and 120 in switchstance.
    Boneless/Fastplant/Beanplant: The skater stretches the leg even more and grabs the
    nose of the board to gain even more height than with a no comply. Tap up twice then
    tap the ollie button. This also results in more points. The type of trick performed
    depends on the skater you are using. Worth 250 in natural stance and 300 in
    Getting off the board: Your skater will, well, get off the board. Tap Black or
    white/Z/L1 & R1 to get off the board. Jump with A/X and grab onto a ledge with R/R2.
    While hanging off a ledge, press up to pull yourself up onto the ledge(or wire) and
    press down to let go. While on foot, you can run by using the control stick or
    d-pad(although when using the d-pad you must hold down A/X or you will just walk).
    When in the middle of a combo, you will perform a "combo Run Out", worth 50 points
    in natural stance and 60 in switchstance. When you get back on the board, you do a
    caveman, which is worth 750 in natural stance and 900 in switchstance.
    Cars: Some goals require you to drive around in vehicles. When not in a goal, some
    cars can be taken for a joyride. Press B/X/Circle to take a car if the game prompts
    you to do so. Press A/X to accelerate and X/B/Square to brake and reverse. R/R1 is
    the handbrake(used to maximize slides) and Y/Triangle will end the ride.
    4. MODES
    Story Mode: The fan favourite(besides the online modes). Here you can learn new moves,
    move up in the ranks, unlock new levels and skaters, new trick slots, cheats, and
    other stuff.
    High Score/ Free Skate: Here you can skate any level you want with no time
    limits(which could be done in story mode too...) and work on your lines. When you're
    ready you can start a session to try and rack up a high score or break a record.
    Create/ Play Goals: You can insert goals into Neversoft's levels, your friends', or
    your own. Then you can play them.
    2 Player: You and a friend can try out some of the game modes here, with or without
    competition. Here are the modes:
    Online/System Link Play: Take it online and show your stuff. You can choose your name
    and skill level and kill the competition. Note: Official online play is exclusive to
    Playstation 2, but you can play online with Gamespy on Xbox. All of the modes on Sony's
    online component are present in Microsoft's System Link and online components.
    Skateshop: Change your deck, griptape, and wheel colour at Peralta's. NOTE: This mode
    is only available if you've been sponsered by Stacy Peralta in Story Mode.
    Create-A-Trick: Make your own trick animations for use in the game. Make 'em as crazy
    as you want, just make sure to get enough air to land 'em.
    You can choose up to six tricks to put in here, along with rotaions. The only way I
    know of to change the point value is to turn of spin, but I don't think there's
    anything else you can do...
    Create-A-Park: Set up your own ghetto for skature. Multiplication in the hood!
    Insert Buildings, ramps, stairs, whatever. You can use the rail tool to make rails off
    the ground(FINALLY) and insert goals through the creator or through "Create/ Play Goals".
    Create-A-Skater: This is your canvas. Make the next new pro and kick ass wit 'em.
    Create-A-Deck: Make your own pro label as if you were a real pro.
    A deck consists of a base graphic, a tiled layer, and four picture layers. Of course,
    any of these can be skipped. This is only available after you have been sponsered by one
    of the major skateboarding labels(Birdhouse, Element, Zero, etc.).
    You: That's right, you. You're the main character of THUG. Create you own character and
    name him whatever.
    Tony Hawk: The granddaddy of modern skateboarding. The first man to spin the 900 and
    creator of over 500 tricks, this guy just doesn't stop. Residing in California, he
    teaches his legacy to his children, in hopes of them becoming the next Tony Hawk.
    Bob Burnquist: Brazilian crazyman and creator of the Burntwist. Nobody can beat him when
    it comes to the loop. He rules that venue.
    Steve Caballero: Two years older and wiser than Hawk, Steve Caballero basically invented
    skateboarding as we know it today.
    Kareem Campbell: An inspiration to inner city skaters everywhere, Campbell injects
    ghetto spirit into his career and all of skateboarding.
    Rune Glifberg: Hailing from Denmark, this vert genious has created hundreds of tricks
    and is currently tearing up Costa Mesa.
    Eric Koston: Ah, Koston. The Buddhist balance wonderchild. His switchstance techniques
    and rail balance make him an idol to many street punks everywhere.
    Bucky Lasek: With Hawk as his mentor, Lasek went on to conquer the curcuit. Kid's so
    crazy they don't let him in Ventura anymore.
    Bam Margera: Bam-Bam you might remember from CKY and Jackass. He doesn't give a damn
    what happens to him, making it possible for him to conquer huge gaps and rails without
    much problem.
    Rodney Mullen: All I can say is that this man inspires me. I'll never be able to do
    half the ish he does, but he makes me want to. He made technical street skating what
    it is today, and keeps on adding to his 400+ created tricks.
    Chad Muska: Skating and music are his two passions, and he seems to mix them
    seamlessly. Muska makes a new name for himself everyday, and does it with no problem.
    His music label is Muskabeats if you wanna check it out.
    Andrew Reynolds: Tutle Boy has so much style it's almost sickening. With east coast in
    his blood, he takes over the west coast.
    Paul Rodriguez: One of the youngest pros in the curcuit, Rodriguez kills with his
    switchstance skill and fearless gaps and rails.
    Geoff Rowley: He's kinda like the beatles, only he's one guy and he skates. He's been
    making crazy stair and ramp gaps for years and there's no sign of him slowing down.
    Arto Saari: This Finnish freak doesn't just stop at rails and stairs. He skates
    everything he can find: from road gaps, to car gaps, to wallriding McDonald's, this
    kids done everything there is to do.
    Elissa Steamer: Little girl in a male skater's world. Kicking ass while she's there,
    too. Dominating every all-girl competition and 27 coed competitions, Fort Myers'
    little girl is being the pro you wish you could be.
    Jamie Thomas: Rails and gaps hellchild Jamie Thomas does nothing but skate, eat, and
    pray. With the infamous Leap of Faith, Thomas is a household name.
    Mike Vallely: Also a CKY survivor. Known to lose his temper but channels the anger into
    sick tricks. He's also a Jersey native, like you, young grasshopper.
    Secret Skaters- Can only be accessed after completing Story mode on the varying
    Gene Simmons: Cult leader and KISS member Simmons straps on his skate shoes in order to
    dominate the world of professional skateboarding.
    Ironman: Marvel heroes always seem to make their way into HAWK games. Not very far
    removed from the EGM readers' joke about "Tony Stark's Pro Skater"(Tony Stark is
    Ironman's hired double).
    THUD: Y'know that little monster thingy that eats Eric in the Neversoft intro? Yeah
    that's THUD.
    Unlike other Tonys before it, where you would buy or find stats, this time there are
    actual RPG elements. When you complete a certain challenge, your stats go up. You can
    see what challenges must be met by pressing start and going down to view stats in
    Story mode. Or by looking here.
    The walkthrough. We'll cover everything. Or at least try to. I don't know if I can do
    gaps. I'm trying to find them all but I doubt I will. If I get enough requests, I may.
    I'll start with showing you where to find the secret tape, then go into the goals. The
    goals are put in the same order as they are in the "View Goals" Subscreen.
    Level 1: New Jersey-
    SECRET TAPE: Under the bridge on the south side of town, going into the train station.
    HELP ERIC: The wheel is on top of the roof directly in fron of where the goal places
    you. The trucks are in the building in front of the one you are on now. Another wheel
    is located on the house to the right of the one you're on now. The deck is straight in
    front of you, a few houses down. Then simply do what the game tells you to. It's pretty
    straightforward, so I won't bother explaining it.
    WALK CHARLES: Simple. Just skitch the dog(get behind it and press up) until the time
    runs out.
    ERIC'S CHALLENGE: I shouldn't really have to explain this one either. Just do what the
    man says.
    GET IN TIGHT WITH THE STREET WARRIORS: For this goal, you will be put into a car. It's
    pretty easy. Just follow the arrows to the cones. Take it slow, too. Just because
    there's a time limit doesn't mean you have to rush and miss all the cones.
    FLYER FOR THE MUSKA DEMO: There are big green floating fists running around these here
    streets of New Jersey. Just get to as many as you can before the time limit runs out.
    Just skating past a fist counts as "putting up a flyer".
    IMPRESS MUSKA: You get some time to do tricks for Muska to see. As you're tricking,
    he'll move to different locations. His current location is in white lettering at the
    top-right corner of the screen. Oh, there's also an arrow to point him out to you.
    IMPRESS SHAWN: Equipped with a new board, you must impress the staff or Peralta's
    Skateshop and get sponsored.He wants you to hop off your board once you're above the
    roof of the house directly in front of you. Use the quarter pipe to get up there. Then,
    he wants you to transfer over the alley across two houses. Haul ass from one side of
    the pipe to the other and ollie. Now just spine transfer from the top of the house to
    the quarter pipe at the bottom. Use the side Shawn is on.
    DEMO THE NEW PLAYGROUND SETUP: This is an easy one. May I suggest using the pool for
    this as it has some flat land to use, curved sides for vert tricks, and edges for
    IMPRESS JOEY: Another easy one. Just do as he says. Also, when tricking while doing a
    Spine Transfer, do the transfer first, then do the trick(but still while in the air).
    DO CHRIS'S BEST LINES: Easy one. Just trick off of the flashing terrain. You won't
    have to do it in a combo unless you're playing on Sick difficulty.
    GET THE STOLEN ITEMS BACK FROM THE DEALERS: To the right of where you start is a
    school. Get onto the second balcony and follow it all the way down to the houses.
    Keep following down the houses' roofs, over the first pit. At the second pit, jump
    down. Keep to your right and run onto the dealers' porch. Grab the deck.
    Gene Simmons. Ironman. The creepy thingy from the opening that eats Eric. Secret
    characters obtained by completing story mode on various difficulties.
    School II. Venice. Hangar. The old School levels. Want 'em? Check the FAQ in the
    respective level.
    Yeah there's definitely more crap. I just can't think of it. E-mail me with anything
    you find, and I'll prop you.
    9. TIPS
    1. Trick into and out of every grind. Also try spinning when in the air going between
    grinds and manuals.
    2. Watch the demos at the title screen. You can learn a lot about gameplay and linking
    tricks just by watching these.
    3. You CAN actually control the weather and time of day. Neversoft stupidly left out a
    menu to change these features, but you do have a say in it. Some goals and cutscenes,
    after completion, change the weather or time of day to go with the story. For example,
    completing "HELP ERIC" or watching "LOST FOOTAGE" in New Jersey will make it evening.
    So when you want to change the weather or time of day, just choose the right goal from
    the "View Goals" screen and complete it or the right cutscene from the "Watch Cutscene"
    screen under "Options" and watch it.
    4. When trying to net high scores, try using flat-bottomed pools. first grind the sides
    till you can't anymore, then revert into the pool, do vert tricks till the revert won't
    propel you anymore, then make use of the flat bottom for some manualing and flatground
    5. If you want to do more vert tricks after the revert has stopped giving momentum or
    you have stopped during a manual and want to get moving again but can't give up your
    combo, try either getting off your board and running out, then get back into your combo
    with a caveman, or pressing Left+Right+X/B/Square while in a manual to spacewalk. This
    build your momentum back up. Sorry if that was confusing to you. 'Twas to me.
    6. When playing the Xbox and Gamecube versions of the game, tricking while doing a
    Spine Transfer can be tricky, as it uses the same buttons/triggers as it does for
    rotation. Instead of tricking WHILE doing a Spine Transfer, press/pull the Spine
    Transfer buttons/triggers once and quickly, THEN worry about the trick. You won't get
    to pull any big air tricks, but at least your chances of landing will be greater.
    E-mail me any questions you may have about the game or the FAQ. Please no hate mail.
    Corrections, additions, and only legitimate questions will be considered. Reach me at
    The_brak_show@yahoo.com (those are underscores, not spaces) and please use the
    heading "Tony Hawk's Underground" or "THUG".
    12. CHEATS
    You cheaters. You can never play a game normally, can you? Fine. I won't stop you. I'll
    even feed your addiction. Here are some cheats for your illegitimacy:
    13. LEGAL
    This FAQ is copyrighted under my name and shall not be used elsewhere than GameFAQs
    without my consent. E-mail me to gain my permission. If you are caught using this FAQ
    without my consent, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This will
    result in a court order. Do not break this law!
    Tony Hawk(r) is a trademark of Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk(r)'s Underground(tm) is a trademark
    of Activision. Game by Neversoft, Inc.
    Xbox(tm) is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
    Playstation(r) 2 and Playstation(r) are registered trademarks of Sony Computer
    Entertainment Incorporated.
    Gamecube(tm), Game Boy(r) Color, and Game Boy(r) Advance are registered trademarks of
    Nintendo of America Incorporated.
    Dreamcast(tm) is a registered Trademark of Sega of America Incorporated.
    All other names and logos are trademarks and properties of their respective owners.
    (c) Jared Therriault, 2003
    14. THANKS
    Thanks to Neversoft and Activision, who keep up this great series with new stuff. You
    never let it get stale. Well except THPS3. That was kinda crap. But ok.
    Thanks to mom and dad for getting me the computer so I could write this FAQ.
    Domomorigato to Mr. Roboto.
    Thanks to my ass for letting me sit on it for so many years.

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