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    Game Script by babigurl94

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    Tony Hawk's Underground
    The Game Script
    Written by Babigurl94
    Table Of Contents
    	A- Intro
    	B- Legal Info
    	C- Scene Listings
    	D- Game Script
    	E- Uhh... Outro?
    A- Intro
    Yeah... well, I liked the game, and... yeah. Enjoy.
    B-Legal Info
    Don't put this anywhere without asking my permission. And, since there will 
    be no way for you to reach me, you can't ask for my permission. So don't
    put it anywhere. It's not that important anyway. Thank you.
    C- Scene Listings
            New Jersey- Opening Scene 
                        NJ Level Overview
                        Muska Demo
                        Props from Muska
                        Meet Peralta- Eric in Trouble
                        Hop on the Train
             Manhattan- NY Level Overview
                        NY Skaters
                        Getting the bus from Peralta
                 Tampa- Tampa Cops
                        Spot Rejection
                        Meet Tony Hawk
                        Win Spot
       San Diego- Todd- Team Manager
                        Party for your Ad
                        Eric is on the Team
                Hawaii- Airplane to Hawaii
                        HI Level Overview
                        Eric's Footage
                        On Roof of Hotel
                        After Footage Shot
             Vancouver- VC Level Overview
         Slam City Jam- Premier
                        Win Slam City Jam
                Moscow- RU Level Overview
                        Pros on Ramp
                        Drive Tank
    Back To New Jersey- Eric Confrontation
                        Plan to start Team
                        Lost Footage
                        Beat Eric
                        Lost Footage 2
                Hawaii- Final (Hawaii Gap Footage)
    D- Game Script
    Yay. The script is written as though you were playing as a guy, but trust
    me, there isn't much difference than if you were playing as a girl.
    New Jersey
    Opening Scene
    *Your character, who will be called You since they don't have an official
    name, is shown fixing up their board in their room. Your friend Eric bangs
    on the window and presses a Muska flyer against it*
    Eric- Check it, man! Muska is actually coming to this dump for a skate
    demo! Get dressed and let's go!
    *After you get dressed, you slam your draw shut and head for your board*
    You- Well, I just got my ride all set up... sort of.
    Eric- Looks like that thing is held together with duct tape. Let's go
    *You shake your head, grab your board, and leave*
    NJ Level Overview
    You- Home sweet home. What a dump... at least it has some killer spots. The
    old pool down by the highschool, scab land, the drainage ditch on the
    south side of town, and Elm Street, our own little strip of paradise.
    Complete with drug dealers who hate skateboarders.
    Muska Demo
    *There's a short clip of the actual demo. Then it shows Muska and some
    other people standing around a car*
    Muska- Yo, check this out.
    *He shows off the hydraulics and stereo*
    Muska- It's louder than a Metallica concert in there! I also had bullet
    proof siding put in, and seven screens for my DVD player!
    *His phone rings and he turns off the stereo to answer it*
    Muska- Muska. Chillin' chillin'. Where? Australia?!
    Eric- THAT'S how you hook it up! I mean, what's he done? Popped down a few
    rails, and he's traveling the world living like a king!
    Props from Muska
    *After stalking Muska in his SUV to show off some tricks, he pulls up to
    talk to you*
    Muska- Hey what's up man? That was a sick line you had back there.
    You- Whoa, Chad Muska? I'm a huge fan!
    *Chad pulls down his shades and gets a look at your board*
    Muska- Dang man. That's some ghetto ride you got rollin' though.
    You- Yeah, but I'm pretty broke. I gotta make it last.
    Muska- I hear you man. Back in Vegas, I had no money, no place to stay,
    nothing man. Until my first shop sponsor hooked me up. So why don't you
    head down to your shop, check out their riders, and try to get hooked up?
    And yo...
    *He pulls out his board and tosses it to you*
    Muska- Merry Christmas.
    You- Thanks!
    Meet Peralta- Eric in Trouble
    Note- Remember those dealers on Elm Street? Eric had the brilliant idea to
    torch the dealer's car to get revenge since they stole some gear from the
    skate shop. You will see now how this will completely screw him over.
    *You skate up to a guy doing yoga on a mailbox in front of Peralta's
    skate shop*
    You- Uhh... I'm looking for the owner, Mr. Peralta?... Wait, are you THE
    Stacy Peralta?
    Stacy- That's me. You the guy my skaters have been talking about?
    You- Well I hope so. I'd like to be sponsored by your shop.
    Stacy- Yeah, so would everybody else. I'll tell you what... make me a
    sponsor-me video. Show me what makes you different from Bobby V. down the
    street. And please don't hand me anything from the same old spots in Jersey
    dude, cause I've seen them all.
    You- Done! No local spots and different tricks.
    *You find Eric near Headstone Harry's place*
    You- Dude, I just talked to Stacy Peralta.
    Eric- They know. T-those gangsters know it was me.
    You- What are you talking about?
    Eric- When I got back to my house last night, they were parked outside
    waiting for me. I-I gotta get the hell outta here. My cousin's got a place
    in New York. You gotta help me get to the train station across the river!
    *The dealers pull up in a shiny new car, so you and Eric take off*
    Hop on the Train
    *For some reason the bridge leading to the train station was blocked by the
    cops, so you had to jump it. The dealers are STILL chasing you, and your
    train is about to leave. Eric runs ahead and gets on the train*
    Eric- COME ON!!
    *You run for a bit and hop on the train, leaving the dealers at the
    platform. You're off to Manhattan*
    NY Level Overview
    You- Big bad New York! Peralta will be pumped if we can get some footie 
    from the Brooklyn Banks, Veteran's Memorial, the Pyramid Legends, and 78
    water street.
    NY Skaters
    *You and Eric find some skaters down at the Brooklyn Banks*
    You- Those guys have a camera! Maybe they'll let us use it to make our
    sponsor-me video for Peralta!
    Skater #1- Why you beamin'? You want a date or somthin'?
    Eric- Pssh... I stopped dating dwarfs last week.
    Skater #2- Take your soggy mop flips back to Jersey tweekers.
    You- Hey! Let's just go skate! If we tear up some of your favorite spots,
    would you help film us?
    After you send Peralta your tape...
    Peralta- Hey man! I got the video that you sent me. Wow! You got style! You
    are on the team, dude, you are definately on the team. We gotta find a way
    to get you down to the Tampa Am.
    You- Tampa! That would be insane! But I have like 3 bucks to my name...
    Peralta- It don't matter man. I'll tell you what, you run some errands for
    me in New York and I'll lend you my vintage bus for the trip. Now tell me
    what you wanna ride and I'll send you all the free gear for the trip dude.
    Tampa Cop
    *While driving to Tampa in Peralta's bus, you get busted by the man. Eric
    is handcuffed while you lie on the ground with the cop's boot pressing into
    your neck*
    Cop- One busted tail light. Violation. One bad bumper sticker...
    *The bumper sticker says "Cops Push Mongo." The cop spits on the ground*
    Cop- Big mistake ya punks.
    You- It's not our car man. We borrowed it! We like cops!!
    Eric- Aren't you white-meats supposed to be out fighting real crime? Like
    figuring out where that missing sprinkled doughnut went?
    Cop- Oh that's real funny smartass! Kiss your little roller-skating contest
    good-bye! That is, unless your buddy here wants to do us a favor.
    Spot Rejection
    *Hooray, Eric is out of jail. The both of you make your way to the Tampa Am
    contest, where Eric will screw YOU over for the first of many times. You
    both walk up to the gate, but you get stopped by some guy... Let's call him
    Dude- Park's closed to the public.
    Eric- Oh no, check the list. Eric Sparrow, a.k.a the guy whose gonna win
    best trick tomorrow.
    Dude- A.k.a cocky knuckle head... ok you're in.
    *You both start walking in, but the Dude stops you this time*
    Dude- Whoa easy there chief. The list is all check off.
    You- What? You signed us both up right?
    Eric- Well, uh, I-I mean I sent MY form in, you know...
    You- Dude! Look, I'll sign up now!
    Dude- I TOLD you the list is full! Feel free to watch from the bleachers
    though. Yo! Tomas man! What's up street dog?! You been shralping any ten
    story rails with the ol' magic stunt wood? Ahehe... (It was kinda hard to
    figure out what he was saying in some parts. Sorry.)
    Eric- Uh, look, I- yeah I'm sorry about this. Uh... but anyway, I-I-I gotta
    go skate, I mean this could be my big break. And who knows? Maybe you could
    uh, impress a pro or something and get in too!
    *He leaves you with the Dude and you throw your board down in frustration*
    Meet Tony Hawk
    *After beating Tony Hawk, he comes up to talk to you*
    Tony- Whoa! Not bad! Where are you from?
    You- I cam all the way down from Jersey for the Tampa Am.
    Tony- Talk about a surprise attack. You stay on your board tomorrow, you'll
    walk away with the contest.
    You- I can't! It's full. I worked so hard to get a sponsorship from Stacy
    Tony- Stacy Peralta? I know that dude. He was my first sponsor too, back in
    the 80's. He still into yoga? That is one weird dude. Cool as they come.
    Look, I can't make any guarantees, but I'll talk to the guys at the contest.
    Just show up tomorrow.
    *BAM! You're in the Tampa Am. Ooo, I rhymed...*
    Win Spot
    *You win the Tampa Am and someone starts filming you. Some guys are giving
    you high fives and stuff. The Dude even tries to get friendly, but you shut
    him down. Eric throws his board down since he's pissed. Then the pros talk
    to you*
    Bucky Lasek- Good skating man! That was insane! Gotta give me a call! I 
    wanna hook you up with Birdhouse!
    Geoff Rowley- Hey ease off! You gotta ride for Flip, man.
    Andrew Reynolds- Hey, come here.
    Bam Margera- Would everyone just shut up for five seconds and let me talk
    to the damn kid?! I gotta give it to you that run was bullllllshit. No, in
    a good way though. I'm gonna have to put you on Element, bottom line.
    San Diego
    Todd- Team Manager
    *So you've picked a team, and now it's time to meet your team manager. You
    walk up to Todd while he's eating*
    Todd- Mmm... mmm... heyyyyyyy! What's up? You get in from the airport ok?
    You- Yeah. Are you Todd, the team manager?
    Todd- *Burp* Hey, look, I gotta finish this meal before I go out to eat, so
    here's my skateboarding 101 for you. The more coverage you get, the more
    crazy tricks you land, the more tours and free gear for you. Just push
    yourself, show us your skittles, and everything is cool.
    You- Skittles?
    Todd- Skills! Skittles means skills! What are you from Idaho? Hey look, the
    filmer's here to shoot some other guys. Go piggy back with them and get
    some coverage alright?
    *Todd waves you off*
    Party For Your Ad
    *You and some of the other skaters are sitting down when Todd hands you a
    Todd- Heyyyy check out the Ad for the Idaho kid. This demands a partyyyy!
    You- Yeah?
    Todd- Tell ya what. You're the fresh heat, you're in charge of the party
    *You sit there for a moment looking over your Ad when you realize what Todd
    You- What?!
    Eric on the team
    *You're passed out on a fountain after your party when Todd comes up to
    Todd- There you are! Hey!
    *He claps his hands to get your attention. You roll over and wave him off*
    Todd- Come on! It's two in the afternoon and you're still asleep?! You
    gotta skate the demo at 3!
    You- Man... what demo!
    Todd- THE TEAM DEMO! Come on! I want you to get the new guy hooked up.
    *And look who it is. Eric walks up to you*
    Eric- Sup fool?
    You- Eric? You're on the team? But how'd you-
    Eric- With no help from you, but that's cool. I can see how busy you've 
    Todd- Oh, you guys know each other. Hehe... Anyway, why don't you find the
    rest of the team? They scattered after the party. I'll see you guys at the
    demo after I chow down.
    *You skate the demo, you do great, and you score tickets to Hawaii*
    Airplane to Hawaii
    *The guy you're sitting next to (Jordan) is looking at some drawings*
    Jordan- Can you believe it? Hawaii! You must be stoked. The team doesn't
    usually bring Am's on a trip this big.
    You- Man, those sketches are awesome. Did you draw them?
    Jordan- Nah, some artist dude. They're the graphics for my new pro model.
    You- Hey, how long were you on the team before you turned pro?
    Jordan- About a year. I just threw down a couple hammers for the last video
    and the response was so crazy, they gave me a pro board. Who knows? Do the
    same, maybe they'll turn you pro in a couple years.
    HI Level Overview
    Todd- Alright you rats. Here's the deal. We paid for your trip to Hawaii,
    getting sick footage is your job. Bum around and find some interesting
    spots. Then we're gonna premiere our video in Vancouver at the Slam City
    Jam. SO DON'T HALF-ASS IT! We hook up in three days.
    Eric's Footage
    *Eric comes up to you with his camera*
    Eric- So, check out this clip from Wallows.
    You- Whoa, that's some heavy footage.
    Eric- What you got going?
    You- Uhhh... I have some secret spot I just found. It's pretty gnarly. I'm
    gonna shoot it later today.
    *Eric gets this suspicious look on his face and gets up to leave*
    Eric- That's cool. Give me a ring if you need help shooting it. It'll be
    like the old day.
    On Roof of Hotel
    *After getting to the tope of the Big Surf Hotel, you call up Eric*
    You- Eric, I found it. Get up here and bring the camera.
    *Eric has the camera turned on while in the elevator. He listens to some
    lovely musak. The doors open showing you sitting down waiting*
    You- Can you believe this spot?
    *Eric looks around with the camera, then walks to the edge of the roof and
    looks down. He spits over the edge*
    Eric_ You serious? You miss your ollie, we'll be sending you back to Jersey
    in a coffee can.
    You- Todd said he wanted something big. This is it.
    After Footage Shot
    *After skating on the roof for a while, the cops come up in a helicopter.
    So you run, right? Wrong. You jump off the roof over the helicopter, and
    pull a McTwist on the way. When you land, Eric shakes his head in disbelief,
    then runs to the elevator to go down stairs and meet you. He was recording
    you, by the way*
    You- *out of breath* Dude! Tell me you got that!
    Eric- Hell yeah I got it!
    You- I can't believe I just did that! That's the best thing I've ever
    Eric- That's the best thing ANYBODY'S ever filmed!
    Cop from helicopter- STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!
    *You and Eric run form the cops... again*
    VC Level Overview
    Todd- Here's the 411 on Vancouver. We got our video premiere alllll set up.
    One problem- WE DON'T HAVE A FREAKIN' VIDEO!! If your footage ain't done,
    get it! And if it is done, help set up for the big event. GOT IT?
    Slam City Jam
    *You arrive late to the premiere and run to your seat. Eric is about to
    screw you over again...*
    You- Did I miss my part?
    Jordan- Part? You weren't even in it! But Eric's part ruled! He had the
    sickest rooftop gap I've ever seen. Roof to roof in Hawaii! 40 stories up!
    You- What the? That was MY trick and MY spot!
    *Eric, Todd, and some other skaters are on a platform below*
    Todd- Time to introduce our newest pro, ERIC SPARROWWWW!!
    *And the crowd goes wild*
    Todd- Eric's on his way to the Moscow Invitational, and his first pro board
    will be coming out in 2 months!
    *You wait for Eric after the premiere*
    You- You poached my shot! Where's my footage?!
    Eric- Oh, man I-I couldn't bring myself to tell you... see, there was this
    thing at customs-
    You- Lying sack of... uhh!
    *You shove him*
    Eric- Hey! We go way back, so I'm gonna forget you just did that. Now
    listen, I got three parties to hit, but uh, you better go rest up for the
    AMATEUR contest tomorrow... hehehe.
    *The next day you go to sign up for the contest*
    Registration Guy- Just need some basic information from you.
    *You look at the list and see Eric's name listed under pro. You're about to
    sign under the amateur column, but you change your mind and sign up as a pro*
    Registration guy- You're a pro? The entered you as an amateur.
    You- Someone made a mistake.
    Win Slam City Jam
    *After you win, everyone cheering. Tony Hawk pats you and the back and Todd
    pushes his way through the crowd*
    Todd- Hey hey hey! You don't just decide to enter yourself as a pro! I
    should kick you off the team!
    You- I just won! What are you talking about?
    Todd- Eh, you got balls as big as boulders, but you pulled it off, so
    congratulations. Listen, you better start thinking about your board
    You- You guys are taking me pro?
    Todd- You just won a pro contest. You are a pro!
    RU Level Overview
    *You score the trip to Moscow. In your face Eric*
    Todd- Mother Russia. Home of borscht, potatoes, and the world's biggest
    skate demo. All the press will be here looking for this year's best new pro.
    Now the demo doesn't start for a few days, ok? So stay the hell out of
    Pros On Ramp
    *Bam watches some army tanks drive by*
    Bam- Mmmmm... tanks. Oh tan- look at these tanks. DAMN look at these tanks!
    Tony- What's up? Aren't you stoked about getting best new pro?
    You- Well, it's not a done deal yet. It's pretty close between me and Eric.
    *And Eric comes rolling up*
    Eric- Sup guys? Listen, I been thinking, we can't keep this up. Remember
    how I used to torch action figures with you? I-I acted like a dork. I'm
    sorry. I got carried away.
    *You shake hands*
    Todd- Awww, I'm touched, really. *dreamy sigh* Now get out in front of those
    cameras and earn your keep!
    Bam- This is soooo good. We can't go skating right now. Look at these tanks!
    Drive Tank
    *And here it is folks. Eric will REALLY screw you over now. You find him
    holding a bottle and sitting next to a passed out guard in front of a tank*
    Eric- Wasssssup? Me and Vladamir here are feeling good tonight! He... hey
    hey, your license good in Moscow?
    *Eric takes the gaurd's keys*
    Eric- Ol' Vlad told me it was ok if we take a test spin.
    *He climbs into the tank*
    You- You can't be serious!
    *You join him inside*
    Eric- Oh man! Bam's gonna be so jealous when he finds out about this!
    You- Dude, stop it!
    *He starts up the tank and you both fly backwards. You get up and crawl
    into the drivers seat to try and stop the tank while Eric climbs onto the
    roof and keeps drinking*
    Eric- WHOOOOOO! Yeah, come one, under the bridge!
    *He sings a terrible version of a cavalry charge*
    Eric- Do a smith grind man! Whoo!
    *At this point he realizes that you're about to crash into the pillars of
    a large building. He drops his bottle and bails. You crash into the pillars
    and a large piece falls onto the exit hatch, so you're locked inside. Eric
    helps you by... running away. You try to open the door*
    You- Dude, come on Eric! Eric!! Come on man, open this thing! Let me out!
    Man come on!! ERIIIIIICCCCCC!!!
    *A guard appears and a few minutes later you're in jail*
    Eric- When I saw him steal the guards keys, I knew he was up to something
    stupid. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen!
    *Later Eric and Todd talk to a guard outside*
    Guard- That's $700,000 in damages you're responsible for, no?
    Todd- NO! A-absolutely not! I mean not me. Eh, this kid doesn't even skate
    for us anymore! Get the check from the parents. The kid's off the team!
    Back to New Jersey
    Eric Confrontation
    *You finally get out of Russia and return home. You run into Eric by the
    subway. He's talking on his cell phone*
    Eric- We just raised my demo rate to 5 g's. I need 5 in my hand or I won't
    skate... I don't care how many kids are waiting!
    *He closes the phone and walks to his limo when you approach*
    Eric- Well, look who's here. I was hoping to see you. I never got to thank
    you for handing me best new pro back in Russia.
    You- You still don't get it!
    Eric- No hommie, I got it all. My own company, six cars in my garage, a
    record deal in the works, and what do you got, huh? Food stamps??
    You- You go ahead and keep telling yourself you're happy. But it ain't
    about the money.
    Eric- I can't believe I'm wasting my time on this jackass! He probably
    skates for minimum wage. See ya!
    *His bodyguard shoves you back*
    You- You'll see. I'm not going anywhere. I still got a few real friends
    *Later you're talking to Stacy in front of the skate shop. He will bestow
    some valuable knowledge on you. It's the yoga, man*
    You- It gives me a stomach ache. I can't believe kids will look at Eric and
    think that's what skating is about.
    Stacy- Look, you gotta deal if you wanna make it as a pro.
    You- Man, I just want to skate like the old days. It used to relax me, not
    stress me out.
    Stacy- That's your deal, man. Skating is whatever you make it. It didn't
    change. You're the one that changed. Now go skate. You'll remember why you
    started in the first place.
    Plan to Start Team
    *You walk up to Stacy while he's doing yoga (of course) on the roof of the
    skate shop*
    You- I've got an idea. I wanna do it right this time. Show the kids what
    skating's really about.
    Stacy- Now you're finally making some sense. What's the plan?
    You- We start our own team.
    Stacy- I like it. Now let's find some guys who share our same philosophy.
    You- I'm on it. I'll track down the best pros and sign them up.
    Stacy- Perfect. Then all we need to do is find a great name for our team.
    The Video To End All
    *After you get your team together, you and Stacy discuss how to spread the
    word. You're sitting on a counter while is Stacy is doing yoga... again*
    You- Ok, we got a killer team. Now to spread the word.
    Stacy- We're gonna make a skate video. But we're not gonna make some cookie
    cutter film where everybody is skating the same stuff. We're gonna make
    something bigger, better, totally unexpected. Check this dude. I've had
    this for years.
    *He hurls a notepad at you*
    Stacy- I've been saving this list of secret spots since animal chin.
    [I don't know if that's what he really says, I couldn't hear it right.]
    Lost Footage
    *You and Stacy are locking up the skate shop*
    Stacy- Jeez man. I think we broke the piƱata with that video! We can't
    even keep up with orders!
    Eric- Awwwww. How cute. Two little skaters and their ghetto shop. Heard
    your video went over pretty good. I guess kids dig that goofy soul-skating
    crap. I tell you what. I'll buy you out for half a mil, right now. I got my
    check book.
    You- I told you! It was never about the money.
    Eric- Hehe, right, right, I forgot. "Mr. Pure"! I shoulda fixed you back in
    You- Tell it to your posse! We're through. I got everything I need.
    Eric- Not this. Remember? Hawaii? Building jump? Helicopter? That was some
    sick footage. Too bad no one ever saw it...
    You- You backstabbing, mop flippin' cockroach!!
    Eric- He-hey! What do you say? On last trip around the neighborhood. Winner
    takes the tape.
    Beat Eric
    *After you tear up Eric best line, you take your tape and start walking
    Eric- I'm still better than you! You got lucky you little punk!! Slam City
    Jam and Tampa were nothing but luck, you little bitch!!! Get back here! YOU
    Lost Footage 2
    When you beat the game once, you unlock an alternate ending every time you
    beat the game afterwards. It's exactly the same as Lost Footage, except 
    instead of tearing up Eric's line, you knock him out and take your tape
    *It's the amazing Hawaii gap footage! Eric looks over the edge of the hotel
    roof and spits*
    Eric- You serious? You miss your ollie, we'll be sending you back to Jersey
    in a coffee can.
    You- Todd said he wanted something big. This is it...
    *Some fancy animation shows you pulling a McTwist over the helicopter.
    Eric then focuses on you waving from the roof top that you landed on across
    the street. Everything goes blank for a while. Then the filming starts
    again. Eric zooms in on some girls in bikinis. Todd walks by and stops when
    he notices the girls.
    Todd- Da de da deh dah- ohhhh!! Get a look at that! Or should I say those.
    Hehe... time to kick into Toddy smooth boy. What about, uh, hey! You know,
    for a fat guy I don't sweat that much! Ahehe... No, no, that's not true, I
    sweat a lot... Strong. More confident. Oh, we'll go funny! We'll go funny.
    Hehe, sure, it's a needle, but, eh, moves like a sewing machine! Hehe...
    hey yeah. Little tweak on that one, it'll work. That's good, that is good.
    Breath check, pits *sniff* sweat stains? Minimal. Wipe down the mustache...
    Hello ladies!!
    *The camera goes blank but you still hear Todd talking*
    Todd- Nice legs! What time do they open?
    And that's it. So... bye.

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