Future Trunks VAEric Vale
Goku, Gohan, (Teen and adult) Great Saiyaman and GotenMasako Nozawa
Original AuthorAkira Toriyama
Voice DirectorChris Sabat
voice of Android 16Jeremy Inman
voice of Android 17, KibitoChuck Huber
Voice of Android 18Meredith McCoy
Voice of Android 18(Japanese Version)Miki Ito
voice of BabidiDunkan Brannan
voice of Captain GinyuBrice Armstrong
Voice of Captain Ginyu(Japanese Version)Hideyuki Hori
voice of CellDameon Clarke
Voice of Cell(Japanese Version)Norio Wakamato
voice of DaburaRick Robertson
Voice of Dr. Gero(Japanese Version)Koji Yada
voice of Frieza, Mecha FriezaLinda Young
voice of Gohan, Great SaiyamanKyle Hebert
voice of Goku, Gokule, and VegitoSean Schemmel
voice of Hercule and GokuleChris Bager
voice of Kid Trunks, GotenksLaura Bailey
voice of KrillinSonny Strait
voice of Majin Buu, Kid BuuJosh Martin
voice of NappaPhil Parsons
Voice of Piccolo(Japanese Version)Toshio Furukawa
voice of Raditz, Cell Jr, and Super BuuJusting Cook
Voice of Raditz(Japanese Version)Shigeru Chiba
voice of Teen GohanStephanie Nadonly
voice of Tien, Tiencha, SaibamenJohn Burgmeier
Voice of Trunks, Gotenks(Japanese Version)Takeshi Kusao
voice of Vegeta, Piccolo, Recoome, Yamcha, Tiencha, Vegito, ShenronChris Sabat
Voice of Vegeta(Japanese Version)Ryo Horikawa
voice of Videl, Goten, GotenksKara Edwards

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