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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Neo Ra

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/01/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This guide was written by Tomos Ashworth.
    This FAQ is not official by any means, however I would like you to refrain
    from copying (and claiming) this FAQ as your own.
    I will not accept it to be published on any websites other than 
    Thank you.
    Version History
    1.00 (30/11/03)- Updated the character section. Finished the Dragon World
                     walkthrough. Added "Babidi's Ship", "Breakthrough", 
                     "Majin Vegeta", "Tournaments" and "Special Thanks" sections.
    0.70 (26/11/03)- I made this because I really love the game and the anime.
                     If I get a positive response, I'll finish the guide.
                     At the moment, I haven't discovered all the unlockable
    This guide will show you how to pass each and every stage in the 
    phenominal game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.
    I will show you all the possible routes, and how to obtain the different 
    I am speaking as a huge fan of DBZ (not DB GT though; its so bad!), and I
    hope you all spot the strangeness of the story.
    Enough with the intro, lets get started on the main thing :P. 
    <Note> This guide is not complete yet, so please email me 
    (tomos_ashworth@hotmail.com) with hints and suggestions. 
    Now, at first it may seem pretty weird, but Budokai 2 is really a simple, 
    ingeniouse game.
    At the beggining of each Stage (level), you are given a number of 
    characters to choose from.
    This is only ever 1 or 2 allies.
    The ally/allies you choose may unlock different capsules or characters, 
    but you don't need to worry about that as I will have covered most of 
    that in this guide.
    There will be a map loaded (it looks just like a board game). On this 
    "map" you will see waypoints (dots with tracks leading to them).
    Usually, you will only be able to move from on dot to the other, however,
    by searching the ground (hitting square with a character selected),
    you may find an item that looks like a white bun. This will give you 1 
    extra turn, per round.
    Now, you select a character, and then you select somewhere to move to. 
    On the dot, you may notice an item, or an enemy.
    If you tell your character to land on the same dot where an enemy is, 
    then, obviousely, a fight will occur.
    If the dot has an item on (sword, armour, dragonball or capsule), then the 
    character will automatically pic it up.
    There are also two other types of spaces, these are the Dende Healing spaces 
    (its Dende with his arms outstretched).
    This will heal your character 1 point of health.
    There is also a Mr. Popo Translocation space. This will teleport you to a 
    fixed location on the map.
    The one thing that got me, while I was playing for my first time, was the 
    fact that I couldn't find any DragonBalls.
    Had I gone through the training (who does?), I might have found out a little.
    Once you have the Dragon Radar (this is required to obtain the dragon balls) 
    and land on the exact spot of a dragon ball,
    then you must select your character and press square. This will make your 
    character search the area for the dragon ball.
    You can also search normal areas and discover items.
    Hopefully, you now understand how to play.
    If you have any queries, then email me at: tomos_ashworth@hotmail.com
    There is a total of 29 characters to unlock in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. 
    Unfortunatly, I haven't found them all :s.
    Here are the ones I do know (in stage order):
    Raditz          : Defeat Raditz as Goku. Stage 1.
    Yamcha          : Defeat Nappa as Tien. Stage 1.
    Nappa           : Defeat Nappa as Vegeta. Stage 1.
    Recoome         : Defeat Recoome as Goku. Stage 2.
    Vegeta          : Defeat Vegeta as Goku. Stage 3.
    Future Trunks   : Defeat Vegeta as Kid Trunks. Stage 3.
    Captain Ginyu   : Defeat Captain Ginyu as Vegeta. Stage 3.
    Frieza          : Defeat Frieza as Goku. Stage 3.
    Gero            : Defeat Dr. Gero as Goku. Stage 4.
    Android 16      : Defeat Android 16 as Goku. Stage 4.
    Android 17      : Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo. Stage 4.
    Android 18      : Defeat Android 18 as Krillin. Stage 4.
    Cell            : Defeat Cell as Goku. Stage 4.
    Great Saiyaman  : Defeat Cell as Gohan (Adult). Stage 5.
    Supreme Kai     : Defeat Supreme Kai as Goku. Stage 5.
    Hercule         : Defeat Fat Buu as Great Saiyaman. Stage 6.
    Videl           : Defeat Super Buu (After Gohan is absorbed) with Hercule. 
                      Stage 8.
    Teen Gohan      : Defeat Cell with Gohan (Adult). Stage 9.
    Dabura          : Gain over 100 Kili on Babidi's Ship.
    Majin Buu       : Gain over 1200 Kili on Babidi's Ship.
    Super Buu       : Gain over 2400 Kili on Babidi's Ship.
    Kid Buu	        : Gain over 3600 Kili on Babidi's Ship.
    Gotenks*        : Automatically obtained. Stage 7.
    Vegito*         : Get Vegeta and Goku on the same spot after obtaining the 
                      Potaro from Supreme Kai. Stage 8.
    Majin Vegeta**  : Defeat Majin Vegeta/Cell/Frieza as Goku. Stage 5.	
    Gokule          : Get Goku and Hercule's breackthroughs.
    Tiensha         : Get Tien and Yamcha's breakthroughs
    If anybody has any contributions they would like to make, please email me. 
    I will make sure that you will receive credit for your work.
    * These two aren't actually characters; they are merely fusion 
    (lol, merely...). You can only use fusion in training and duel modes.
    Other than in the story mode, and this happens only once throughout the 
    story mode.
    For your information (as if you didn't know from playing the game or 
    watching the anime), Gotenks is Goten and Kid Trunks fused.
    Vegito is Goku and Vegeta fused. Vegito is by far the most powerful 
    character I know, defeating Super Buu easily. Truely, a thing to behold.
    ** Majin Vegeta isn't exactly a character either. You obtain a capsule 
    (takes 3 spaces).
    "Babidi's Mind Control" - this is the capsule. Once Vegeta's health is on 
    1 bar he automatically transforms to Majin Vegeta.
    Babidi's Ship
    To unlock Babidi's Ship, you must complete Dragon World with all 7 dragon 
    balls, and (apparently) you can buy the capsule, after getting a silver
    membership card.
        On Babidi's ship you have a choice of 8 games (4 single player games
    and 4 two player games). In the single player games you can earn a currency 
    called "kili", when you obtain a certain amount of kili then you will unlock
    different characters and moves. You do not earn anything in two player mode.
        The easiest way to earn kili is to do the "ki tennis" game (the last one)
    I managed to get 120 hits, but doubtless people have got past that.
    One problem with the tennis, is that its amazingly borin :s, you'll want to
    turn the volume off also.
    So I prefer to do the first game. Killin as many enemies as you can.
    Great to let out anger on a hater character :P.
    I've shown the characters unlockable above (Dabura and the 3 Buus).
    There is also a special capsule you can get once you obtain 10,000 kili.
    The capsule is absorbtion for Super Buu.
    It allows Super Buu to absorb any of the following characters:
    Tien and Yamcha.
    SuperSaiyan 3 Gotenks.
    Mystic Gohan.
    The character he absobrs depends on who you are fighting and chance.
    There are also different power increases, but I haven't searched through them
    yet, I'll update at a later time.
    If you have collected all 7 dragon balls on Budokai 1, then I'm sure you know
    what breakthroughs are :D.
    Breakthroughs will teach a specific character ALL of his available moves.
    This is great for Goku, as he has a lot of transformations, which would 
    normally take up a lot of your capsule spaces :P.
    Unfortunately, this doesn't include "Babidi's Mind Control" or fusion :(.
    To get a breakthrough, you need to complete the game with all 7 dragonballs.
    When this happens, you will be given a random 3 (or 2 if you haven't unlocked
    Babidi's Ship). Obviousely, seen as though there are a lot of characters, it
    is going to be a pain trying to get the breakthrough you want. I do not have 
    any tips for this, just luck I guess.
    Majin Vegeta
    Seen as though I have had so many people asking me how to get Majin Vegeta,
    I decided to make a small section just for him. First off, you need to know
    what level you get him at. The level is the one that starts off as
    "Defeat the Supreme Kai??" or Stage 5 as its known.
    Now then, this is the level where you
    are first introduced to the Majin Characters, Majin Cell, Majin Frieza and
    Majin Vegeta. All you have to do to get the capsule of "Babidi's Mind Control"
    is defeat anyone of them. Simple as that. If you want to defeat them without
    reviving Buu, then you need to lure one of them to attack you in their turn,
    then you can finish them off in your turn. Hope everyone is now satisfied :P.
    Some people have trouble unlocking the different tournaments.
    It really isn't all that difficult.
    To unlock "Adept" version of the tournament, you need to have unlocked 16
    characters (not including fusion).
    Easiest way around it is going through Dragon World with the specific 
    characters, don't worry I've put all you need to unlock them.
    Stage 1
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    <Note> These are the available characters you can have if its your first 
    time round.
           You can also have other characters, but you have to unlock them 
    through the game.
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Raditz ---> Defeat Raditz with Goku
    Yamcha ---> Defeat Nappa with Tien
    Nappa --->  Defeat Nappa with Vegeta*
    * This is only possible once you have unlocked Vegeta ( Stage 3).    	
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Get to the Dragon Ball before Nappa.
    2 : Defeat both, Nappa, and Raditz.
    The first stage is set on earth (its quite strange really, in comparisson 
    to the story of the anime :s).
    You see two Saiyan spacecraft land and Nappa and Raditz emerge (see what 
    I mean?).
    On this level, you get to chose 1 ally.
    Of course, you can choose any of the available characters, but if you 
    would like to unlock the hidden characters,
    then you will have to chose Tien as your companion (unless you have 
    already unlocked Vegeta, in which case, you can choose him and unlock Nappa).
    In order to unlock Yamcha, you must defeat Nappa with Tien.
    Lets get started. Move Goku across the bottom path. This should lead you to 
    a Saibamen.
    Saibamen are pretty simple things to kill, so I won't offer any help. Just 
    get a feel for the game.
    After you killed the saibamen, move your ally down to the right. This should 
    place him on the space above - left of Nappa.
    In the oppenent's turn they will move Raditz on to the other side of Nappa 
    and end their turn.
    Now, if you are going for unlocking characters, you should move your ally 
    (Tien, if its your first time) to fight Nappa.
    This fight might be a bit tricky if you are inexperienced, but you should be 
    able to handle it.
    All you need to do is get the feeling for the dodge technique. That is 
    X + Up or Down. 
    Dodge whenever Nappa attacks and then hit him with Tien's Dodonpa ray 
    ( the combo : PPPPE)
    Keep on doing this and you should be fine.
    After defeating Nappa, he should be hit to the space that your ally was on 
    previousely. You will notice that he is dazed.
    In your turn with Goku, move him one space up and you will have another 
    Saibamen fight.
    No problems there I hope.
    Your apponent will now get both Nappa and Raditz to attack your ally.
    Just use the same technique as before and wipe the floor with them.
    In your next turn, make sure that your don't attack Raditz (as this will 
    kill him).
    Instead attack Nappa (he will be dazed with 1 health block left).
    Once you defeat him, you will unlock Yamcha.
    Move your Goku one space to the right (you will end up on a space with a 
    saibamen and a capsule).
    Beat the Saibamen (no worries :)) and pick up the random capsule.
    All you need to do now is make sure that you don't kill Raditz and move Goku 
    one space up and collect the Dragon Ball.
    Any difficulties? No? Good. Lets move on. 
    Stage 2
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    *Provided you unlocked him in stage 1.
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Recoome ---> Defeat Recoome as Goku
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Defeat Frieza
    You now get the pleasure of choosing any ally that you want :). Once again 
    it is set on Earth, messing with the story again :D.
    OK, to start move your ally one space to the right, obtaining the Dragon 
    Move Goku down one space.
    Your opponent will now move Recoome to fight Goku.
    There is a short interaction, showing the Recoome Pose for the Ginyu 
    force (oh, those crazy fools...)
    This fight shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem.
    Just fight as comes natural, dodging hits. Watch out for the Recoome Kick 
    though; its a bit delayed so immediately dodging doesn't work.
    One problem about this fight is the fact that you are on a half health 
    block (both fighters have half the hp).
    But all the same, you should be fine.
    After beating Recoome once, its your turn again.
    If you want to unlock Recomme, don't attack him with your ally, because he 
    has to be beaten by Goku in order to unlock him.
    Move your ally back to his previouse space and get Goku to search the ground 
    When Recoome attacks this time, you should kill him off completely. 
    Unlocking him.
    Don't forget to check the dragon radar to see where the Dragon Ball is. 
    Move to get it, then continue along the guide.
    Once its your go again, move Goku onto the intersection 
    (there is some zenie on it, armour to the right and more zenie below).
    Ginyu will move one space down, taking the armour.
    You have three smart choices now : 
    1. Send Goku to attack Ginyu.
    2. Get Goku to search the ground.
    3. Move Goku down.
    I suggest you take the second choice. This way, you can move your ally 
    closer and Ginuy will attack you.
    If you do take choice 2. and defeat Ginyu, he will be knocked back to his 
    space, and become dazed.
    You can now move your Goku to go and defeat him, or move Goku down.
    If you move Goku down, you can move your ally closer. Frieza will now make 
    his first move of the game.
    Frieza will move one space diagonally to the left.
    You can choose now to go down and obtain the Capsule, go right to a healing 
    point, or go down to some zenie.
    Any way is fine.
    At this point, depending on what you've chosen, your ally might fight Ginyu 
    (he should have 2 health left).
    After that fight, it'll be your opponent's turn. You may fight Frieza now 
    (depending on what you chose to do).
    Your ally can defeat Ginyu now, also.
    Now that you don't have to worry about interuptions, you should be free to
    take on Frieza without bother.
    Boss - Frieza
    I didn't do this for Nappa as I thought it was too simple, but Frieza is a 
    bit tricky.
    The first thing you should notice is that Frieza, has an extra bar of 
    health (blue).
    Its a bit worrying at first, but you'll be fine.
    Frieza has two powerful Ki attacks : 
    Death Beam
    Death Wave
    And both are pretty easy to dodge, so long as you have good timing.
    To get hurting Frieza, the best thing to do is go up to him and do the 
    Kamehameha combo (ppppe)
    If he blocks all of these attacks, then quickly double tap backwards and 
    hop away from his counter.
    Then you rush forward (double tap forward and hold) and attack preferabke 
    R1, but kick or punch is fine.
    He will be on the ground now so start a kick combo (KKKKK) and you'll hit 
    him again.
    If you are playing as a character with a transformation (e.g. Goku ---> 
    King Kai Fist x20),
    then use it to your advantage. Get close to Frieza and quickly hit R1+X 
    to transform, this will stop his attack and leave him vulnerable.
    Just keep on the offensive and you should win.
    Job done.
    If you are very lucky you might get a good capsule 
    (don't expect an SSJ though ;)).
    After you beat Frieza, he escapes in his ship and the stage is over.
    Stage 3
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    *Provided you unlocked him in stage 1.
    ** Provided you defeat him as Goku in this stage.
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Vegeta ---> Defeat Vegeta as Goku.
    Trunks ---> Defeat Vegeta as Kid Trunks
    Ginyu  ---> Defeat Ginyu as Vegeta.
    Frieza ---> Degeat Frieza as Goku.
    <Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Defeat Frieza
    This level is pretty basic. It is set on the planet Namek.
    If you want to unlock Trunks (the future version), then you must defeat 
    Vegeta as Kid Trunks.
    However, I suggest that you come back for Trunks, as in my opinion, 
    Vegeta is one of the best fighters in the whole game.
    To unlock Vegeta, you must defeat him as Goku (thus removing the chance of 
    obtaining Trunks).
    This fight could prove to be tricky, so remain focused and don't forget the 
    transform ability (Keioken (King Kai Fist for those who don't know)).
    Now, you get a small intro to the level with Frieza and Vegeta.
    Goku will appear just two spaces to the right of Vegeta. Your ally will 
    appear two spaces down from Vegeta.
    Move Goku to the left. Move your ally upwards to obtain the Dragon Radar.
    Your opponent will move Vegeta to fight Goku. 
    Ginyu will be moved one space to the right of his current position, and 
    Recoome will move likewise.
    In your next turn, move Goku to defeat Vegeta, this will in turn unlock 
    him, and activate him as a playable character for the level.
    Don't forget to equip Vegeta with some capsules.
    Vegeta will start on an effect space with some armour on it.
    Select Vegeta and hit circle.
    Vegeta will pick up the armour, now move your ally down to the left, 
    initiating a battle with Recoome.
    No problems I hope.
    Your opponent will send Ginyu to fight Vegeta, with a small transaction.
    The fight shouldn't prove too difficult, even if you've never used Vegeta.
    Recoome should now move to attack your ally.
    Once your opponent's turn is over, move Vegeta to the left, taking out 
    Ginyu (and therefore unlocking him).
    Move Goku down one space.
    Move your ally to finish off Recoome.
    Now that all your obstacles have been removed, you must first search for 
    the Dragon Ball.
    Once you have found it, move Goku, either above or below Frieza.
    This will provoke Frieza into attacking your Goku.
    Use the same technique as shown for the previous level, but otherwise I 
    can't help you (it's down to your skill, not mine :p).
    One thing you can do (if your really in need of help, is to attack with 
    all your characters, then return to the Dende Healing space (far right of 
    the map).
    Once you defeat Frieza, he will be unlocked (provided you beat him with 
    The level ends with Frieza destroying Namek.
    Stage 4
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    *Depending on who beat Vegeta in the previous stage.
    <Note> I will no longer draw attention to the previousely unlocked characters.
           You can always refer to the list at the start of the guide.
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Dr. Gero       ---> Defeat Dr.Gero as Goku.
    Android 16     ---> Defeat Android 16 as Goku.
    Android 17     ---> Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo.
    Android 18     ---> Defeat Android 18 as Krillin.
    Cell           ---> Defeat Cell as Goku.
    Great Saiyaman ---> Defeat Cell as Gohan.
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Defeat Cell
    This is one long level (well, in comparrisant to the others so far).
    You may chose two allies for this level.
    There are a lot of characters to be unlocked here, so its impossible to get 
    them all the first time round.
    Just sort out who you want to unlock first, then get ready to do the level.
    To start off, get all your characters to search the ground (you should know 
    how by now).
    Goku should find the useful rice - bun thing (gives you an extra turn each 
    round for the character that picks it up).
    Don't ask me what the others pick up, some attack bonus or defense bonus.
    Now, in order to get to Dr.Gero, you must defeat a few Saiba Rangers.
    I personnaly like to kill all the Saiba Rangers, but you don't have to.
    Once you reach Gero, make sure you have your allies in a good position.
    I will now give you the layout that you should put your allies in, for each 
    16, 17, 18, Gero, Cell
    Have Goku and Piccolo on the space to the left of Gero.
    Have Krillin above them. Wait a turn so that everybody can move 1 space 
    before Goku attacks Gero.
    Have Goku attack Gero.
    Once you beat him the three androids appear (16,17 and 18).
    Seen as though you can move your allies once, have Piccolo moved to the 
    same space as Goku.
    Move Krillin down onto the space that Piccolo was on.
    Your opponent will move 16 first. Causing a fight with Piccolo.
    Watch out, as 16 has a lot of health, but otherwise he's quite easy.
    After 16, 17 will attack.
    This will cause a small transaction between Piccolo and 17.
    Win this fight and 18 will move up to attack Krillin.
    Once again, a transaction is made.
    Win this fight and it will be your go.
    Move Krillin down to finish off 18.
    Move Piccolo down to the right to finish off 17.
    Finally, move Goku up to the right and finish off 16.
    You will have unlocked all the androids (apart from Cell).
    All you need to do now is catch Cell and finish him with Goku.
    Gt.Saiyaman, 16, 17/18, Gero
    Basically, all you have to do is change either Krillin or Piccolo with Gohan.
    Kill Cell with Gohan and you will unlock the Great Saiyaman.
    I will do this guide for catching Cell (as I have explained what to do 
    This is a lot easier than it looks.
    Almost whenever Goku moves, Cell will also move (not to Goku's spot, but a 
    set position).
    The easiest way to counter this is to get Goku to move from the spot where 
    you faught Gero, diagonally to up to the right onto the translocation mat.
    This will cause Cell to move onto the spot next to you.
    Just a simple case of defeating Cell (with Gohan, if you want to get 
    Great Saiyaman).
    Don't worry about the Kid Cells; they are pretty easy and only have 1 
    health point.
    If you are lucky, you might have unlocked a Super Saiyan capsule for Goku.
    Boss - Cell
    This boss is pretty easy, but I thought I would give you a basic sketch 
    of his abilities.
    He has the Kamehameha ability. Not something to worry too much about, 
    but all the same...
    Basically attack him with combos (perhaps the super dragon fist?) and if 
    he blocks, double tap back and charge in with an elbow.
    You should have perfected your dodge (or at least got good at it) by now, 
    trust me it comes in handy.
    As soon as the screen darkens (meaning Cell will use a kamehameha, or
     other technique) then dodge up or down, and rush in for the kill.
    Stage 5
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    Great Saiyaman
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Supreme Kai ---> Defeat Supreme Kai as Goku.
    Majin Vegeta* ---> Defeat any of the Majin enemies (Majin Cell/Frieza/Vegeta)
    * This is not a character, only a capsule.
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Get to Buu's cacoon before he is released ( 3 fights with either 
    Majin Vegeta/Frieza/Cell)
    You are allowed 2 allies on this level. Once again, you can chose any 
    two you would like.
    The first thing you do is beat Supreme Kai.
    Make sure you have all your characters in this set position:
    Goku   : Beneath Supreme Kai.
    Allies : To the right of Supreme Kai.
    One all your players are set, attack Supreme Kai as Goku.
    The fight isn't too hard, but the Kai has a lot of health.
    Once you have defeated him, then you will unlock him as a playable character.
    After you have received the capsules, Babidi the Magician will appear, 
    brining his right-hand man, Dabura and also, Vegeta.
    All you need to do is move Goku one space to the left, and your allies 
    Your opponent won't move.
    This time, Move Goku upwards (Vegeta might be just one space to the right
    of you now).
    Move your allies to the left again.
    Vegeta might come and attack Goku now.
    All you need to do is fight him off and thats it.
    Move Goku to the right (NOT LEFT!! MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MOVE LEFT!).
    You may or may not destroy Vegeta now.
    Move your allies up a space.
    On your next turn, move Goku up to the left.
    Leave your allies where they are.
    This time, you should move Goku to the top left corner of this square 
    (it has a status area and an item on it).
    Again, leave your Allies.
    Now, have Goku search the ground (you should find a bun, giving you an 
    extra turn).
    I'm not sure if the allies stop you from moving down, if they do, move 
    one ally of the space and move Goku onto it.
    After your opponent's turn, move Goku to the left, activating the revival 
    of Vegeta's evil side, and the rebirth of Cell and Frieza (strange, huh?).
    Whenever you fight one of these, then you will give energy to the Buu cacoon.
    3 fights is all it takes.
    Now, move one ally onto Goku's space and make sure the other is next to them.
    Move Goku onto  the space above Majin Cell, and Dabura. Have Goku wait here.
    If I am right, then Dabura will move up to attack Goku. No trouble, I hope.
    Cell will move a space to the right.
    In your turn, have Goku move down and finish off Dabura and then search 
    the gound.
    Move your closest ally on the space where Goku was and keep the other 
    ally close.
    Now, Majin Cell will move to fight Goku.
    Majin Cell is a hell of a lot more difficult than the normal Cell, so 
    watch yourself.
    After the fight, some of the energy in the gauge in the top right corner 
    of the screen will fill.
    Don't worry about it though.
    In your turn now, Move Goku to finish off Majin Cell, obtaining the 
    "Babidi's Mind Control",
    or the Majin Vegeta capsule, to put it simply.
    The gauge will fill some more.
    You don't have anything to fear anymore.
    Majin Vegeta will be hopping about somewhere out of harms way.
    Majin Frieza will seem lost in the bottom right of the map.
    You can collect the capsule if you want, and then move Goku onto the 
    space where Buu's cacoon is.
    Stage 6
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    Great Saiyaman
    Supreme Kai
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Hercule ---> Defeat Majin Buu as Great Saiyaman.
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Defeat Majin Buu.
    This level is pretty annoying in its self :(.
    You are allowed 1 ally on this level.
    If you want to unlock Hercule, then you must chose Great Saiyaman as your ally
    (Provided you unlocked him on stage 4).
    Now, you will notcie that once again, Majin Vegeta, Cell and Frieza are here
    to annoy you.
    Move your ally left onto the healing Pad.
    Move Goku right.
    Majin Vegeta will now move right.
    Majin Cell will move down.
    Babidi will move up.
    Your go again.
    Move your ally diagonally left.  
    Move Goku up to the right.
    Majin Vegeta will attack Goku now, no trouble I hope.
    Majin Frieza will attack you after Vegeta.
    Majin Cell will move another space closer. (Ending up to the left of the arc).
    Move your ally to fight Majin Cell.
    Move Goku to finish off either Vegeta or Frieza. (Frieza might already be
    Majin Cell will attack your ally.
    Move Goku to the space where Majin Frieza was.
    Babidi will now revive Majin Buu.
    Buu will kill Babidi (w00t).
    Majin Vegeta, Cell and Frieza are now reborn.
    They are no longer in Majin status, but they still want to kill you ;).
    Move Goku left.
    Move your ally to Goku.
    Buu might or might not move (he moves randomly right now).
    Cell will move a space down.
    Frieza won't move.
    Move Goku and your ally up to the right.
    Frieza will attack whoever is dominant in the space (which character is 
    Majin Buu might attack, depending on his situation.
    Defeat Frieza with Goku, attack Majin Buu with Gt Saiyaman
    (if you want to unlock Hercule).
    Boss - Majin Buu
    Now the, some might argue that the fat boy doesn't need any tactics. Well, 
    they are right. I just thought I'd help those out who aren't as good as some
    people. The most annoying thing that Majin Buu does, is hit you in the air
    and volley you several times. Make sure he doesn't get a chance to.
    As with most bosses, he has a crap load of health (purple).
    Dash forward and elbow him (punch) this will either send him flying,
    or brake his guard, giving you a chance to pummel him.
    If he is always blocking your moves, dodge backwards and charge in after an
    unsuccessful combo. You should defeat him quite easily though.
    <Note> If you defeat Majin Buu as Gt. Saiyaman, you unlock Hercule.
    Stage 7
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    Great Saiyaman
    Supreme Kai
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Gotenks ---> Automatic.
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Defeat Majin Buu.
    This level is pretty fun as you get to use your (presumably) first fusion.
    And its Gotenks (*sighs of dissapointment* - sorry to you Gotenks fans).
    All the same, Gotenks is a good character to play as.
    There is no stric regime to go by here, just beat Buu.
    Of course you might want to get the Dragon Ball, never forget that.
    You get to chose one ally (although you don't need one).
    The Hyper Bolic Time Chamber, is a strange place, whith many Popo Mats.
    You can search the ground where your chosen ally is for a rice bun.
    You also have Gotenks and Piccolo with you (more than enough to beat this 
    All I can say for here is just move diagonally up to the right with Gotenks
    untill you reach Buu.
    You might see an amusing absorbtion of either Cell or Frieza ;).
    Boss - Buu
    This battle shouldn't prove to be difficult, as long as you chose Gotenks.
    Well, you can win with anyone, but as Gotenks, its a breeze.
    You never separate and you can go SSJ3 without any bother.
    Just try out Galactic Doughnut and Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.
    They are pretty damn kool :P.
    Well, there is no help needed here really, just have fun.
    After you defeat Buu, he absorbs Gotenks and becomes Super Buu!
    Then the level ends :(.
    Stage 8
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    Great Saiyaman
    Supreme Kai
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Vegito ---> Lose to Super Buu with Gohan. Get Goku and Vegeta on the same spot
                once you have got the potaro rings from Supreme Kai.
    Videl  ---> Defeat Super Buu as Hercule (:s).
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Defeat Super Buu.
    This level can be great. But it can be very annoying.
    You get to chose 1 ally. If you want to unlock Videl, then make it Hercule.
    You have already got Gohan and Supreme Kai, and later you will/will not 
    (depending on what you do) have Vegeta.
    Of course the best thing about this level is the fact that you get control 
    over the most powerful character in the game - Vegito!.
    The annoying thing being it is difficult (sometimes) to pull it off.
    Move Goku to the left.
    Keep your ally close.
    Move Gohan up to the left. Obtaining a capsule.
    Move Supreme Kai up.
    Super Buu will move two spaces towards Gohan.
    Move Goku down to the Dende Healing space.
    Keep your ally close.
    Have Gohan search the floor.
    Move Supreme Kai to the space next to Goku. 
    Now, Super Buu will fight Gohan, there is a small conversation.
    This fight is going to be difficult, even as Mystic Gohan.
    You may well defeat Super Buu as Gohan, but that would spoil your chances
    for better things (e.g. Vegito!).
    I suggest you try and win the first fight you have with Super Buu.
    Move Goku onto the Space with Supreme Kai, and you get the Potaro.
    Vegeta will be revived all the way down at the bottom.
    Move Supreme Kai onto the healing space.
    Move Gohan up to the right.
    Move your ally onto the same space as Supreme Kai.
    Move Vegeta up.
    Once again, Super Buu will fight Gohan, if you are lucky (or good ;)) then
    you will defeat Super Buu again.
    If not, then Super Buu will absorb Gohan (becoming even stronger).
    Move Goku and Vegeta onto the same space and BAMB! you now have Vegito.
    Move your ally close again.
    Put Supreme Kai anywhere.
    Allow Super Buu to come and fight Vegito.
    Boss - Super Buu
    Now then, depending on who you are using, this fight will either be 
    easy or hard.
    Vegito : Easy
    Anyone else : Hard/ Easy (if you're good)
    All the same, don't forget the transformation trick (to break their guard).
    Just have fun with Vegito :P. It shoudln't be too hard :D. 
    If you aren't using Vegito, then you need to watch out for his attacks.
    The main problem being that he has a lot of health.
    His attacks are powerfull, so you need to be patient and dodge his attacks,
    getting in combos when you can.
    Unlocking Videl
    There is a smooth little sneaky thing you can do here.
    Hercule taking on Super Buu (after absorbing Gohan??)?
    Not likely.
    The trick is, you get Vegito to beat the crap into Super Buu (bring him 
    down to his last bar of health).
    Then lose.
    When you fight him as Hercule, Super Buu will only have 1 bar of health.
    So go and attack him :P. Great, innit?
    After Buu is defeated, he transforms (yes, again) into Kid Buu!
    Then its onto the next level! The Final level! And it takes ages :-/.
    Stage 9
    <<Available Characters>>
    Gohan (Adult)
    Kid Trunks
    Great Saiyaman
    Supreme Kai
    <<Unlockable Characters>>
    Teen Gohan ---> Defeat Cell as Gohan.
    <<Conditions for Victory>>
    1 : Defeat Buu once and for all.
    Now this level is really long, so I won't go into the details.
    If you want Teen Gohan, chose Gohan as one of your two allies.
    I like having Vegeta and Gohan as my allies, its so great :P.
    Anyway. Move Goku down having a fight with a Saibamen.
    Move your allies up to the right.
    Nothing happens.
    Move Goku down again.
    Move your allies up to the right, more fights.
    Cell and Frieza appear, brining a lot of Cell Jnr.s.
    Move your allies across to the right, a fight.
    Move Goku down to the left.
    The Cell Jnr.s move.
    Move your allies down to fight Cell, use Gohan if you can - unlock Teen Gohan.
    Cell Jnr.s move.
    Frieza moves close to Goku.
    Fight Frieza as Goku.
    Finish off Cell as you ally (Gohan!!).
    Cell Jnrs move.
    Once you have defeated all the baby opponents (leaving only kid buu).
    Then put all your characters onto healing places and heal them fully.
    Now, move them all onto the area with Kid Buu (try the popo mats).
    The secret is to knock his health down with all the characters, and heal when
    Boss - Kid Buu
    This guy really is tough :(. What I do is have all my characters with full
    health and attack him, maybe draining 3 bars of his health before being 
    defeated (I have beat him fair and square as Vegeta though).
    Then going with the next character maybe finishing him.
    Then heal if I need to.
    Hopefully you picked up a few Rice Buns on the way.
    The annoying thing about Kid Buu is that he blocks your attack that starts
    finishes a combo. So you can only hit the crap into him.
    Don't forget to use the transformation trick, its the most useful thing
    to do in battle.
    Hopefully, if you use the technique of draining him, then you should be ok.
    Once he has been defeated you will have the credits and then finally your 
    wish. Good luck!!
    Special Thanks
    Thanks to SAndersonHighto@aol.com for the information on Gokule.
    All suggestions are welcome. If you would like me to make an in-depth
    guide to any particular aspect of the guide, all you need to do is email me.
    here is my email address (once again :-/) :
    Thanks all.

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