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    Videl by Nightmare 45

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    Videl FAQ 1.0
    by Kieran < Nightmare 45>
    Game: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
    System: Playstation 2
    Contents for Videl
    b.About Videl
    f.How to get
    h. Contact/End
    A. Copy write.
    This faqs is to be used by Gamefaqs, and those who need it.
    To others who wish to use this on there site, contact me, otherwise,
    lay off it. Seriously, I am taking time to make this FAQ for my best Character
    and if you steal my info, I will hunt you down.
    :)So, this is copy written by me. So please, please, I am not pick,
    but I beg you, just e-mail me, and you will most likely get the permission,
    B. About Videl
    Videl is the daughter of Hercule, ( Best. Male. DBZ. Fighter. EVER!) 
    she appears in the begining of the Buu Saga in the show, were she is one of
    Gohan's classmates. Thanks to her great martial arts abilities,
    she also fought crime on the side.While on duty,
    she noticed that Gohan was never in class when she was, and at the same time,
    the new "Hero" had risen to the city, the Great Saiyaman, and also,
     the "Gold" Fighter.She was starting to befriend Gohan, when the acts of one
    day changed her forever.
    A poucher was hunting the land when he came across a dinosaur egg,
    and stole it,the parent's went on a rampage, and she was called into help out,
    as did Gohan.During the scramble,( witch ended in Videl and co. winning)
    Gohan was cut on the Cheek. Back at school, Videl noted this,
    and the secret was out,(to her anyways)then, she demanded that he taught her
    how to fly, having no options,he agreed. So he taught her, while this, a bond
    was made between them, soon, they went to the world tournament. In the battle
    of Videl vs. (Bare with me now, I forgot his name) a Henchmen of Babidi,
    Spopovich. She had a bloody fight were she was Disqualified for breaking
    his neck,though it did not kill him, then he got up and kicked her ass.
    Then she is in the Tournament Hospital for a while,before getting a Senzu bean
    (At this point Hercule is mad at Gohan) and Soon is back to normal,
    in which she flies with Gohan a bit, before letting him depart on the search
    for Majin Buu. She is thentaken to Kami's look out to be kept safe, and is,
    until Super Buu comes to the place. Once there, he demands to fight Gotenks,
    but they try to give the boy's another hour,(They are in the Time Chamber)
    and because she is Hercules Daughter,(Yes I know, Hercule is mentioned again)
    He gives them about 40 minutes.
    Then after Buu escapes, he kill's basically everyone at the look out,
    Videl goes into the after life with the rest, if wished back, gives energy to
    the Spirit Bomb. ( One of the first) Then after about 7 or 8 years,
    she and Gohan Marry, have Pan ( An imortant character in GT) and she and Gohan
    are happy. Now, in this game, Videl plays alot like Hercule,
    her Eagle Kick is just like Dynamite Kick, and just like Hercule,
    she has No Ki powers, NO KI POWERS! That means she is a little more harder
    then say, Hercule, but is good.
    She is good at rushdowns, witch is a big part of a good character. She is fast
    and ok in power, but a good stick on character,meaning that you may have to
    keep close to actual dent the foe, but she does it well. Say you Eagle Kick,
    pushing them back,then wait for them to get up, the dash,
    right before them sidestep, then do a punch or kick combo, then block.
    then after that,lay low, only go for sure opening's, then wait, 
    try to get Falson Rush to do Damge. Her throw is a big part of her playing IMO
    ,since she is always rushing the character, it is good to add in her throw
    every now and then.It keeps the game up on her side, and since the foe lay's
    on the ground for a few seconds, it gives you a chance to regroup,
    then plan, I find planning with Vedil a great plan.
    Thanks to Donttouchmyshrew for the name of Spopovich, I forgot it.
    C. Moves
    -Videl's Close Call (Special/ Physical)
    Videl will charge at the foe in the air, were she punches at them, though they
    move above her, and knock her down. ( Sound like Hercule?) As she fall's to
    the ground, there is a glint of light, and she is in Gohan's arm's,( awwww)
    and places her on the ground, then say's some cheesey line about how could
     they hurt Videl, the her goes up, beats the crap out of the guy,
    elbow's the guy to the ground and Videl kicks them, then she thanks Gohan,
    he flies away, and your staring at the screen going" ......0_o?", the command
    for this one is ->K K K E.
    -Eagle Kick (Special/Physical)
    Videl kneel's down, a blue sark appears, then she proceeds to do a Dynamite
    kick like move, pretty usefall, though enemies useually block the kick's,
    though if you ARE able to get the foe, it is useful to give space between you
    and the enemy, and at world tournament, it is a good move to ring out your
    opponent. The Command for this is P P P P E, ->K P P P E, or just ->E
    The damage to the first one is 328, the second is 321, and the last is 240,
    it takes 1 Ki Bar. NOTE: This is not a beam attack, thus, it is not a beam
    so it doesn't go across the screen.
    -Bear Blowthrough (Physical)
    A pretty basic through, first off, Videl Knee's the person, leaps up and
    double kick's the person,then backflip kicks them,launching them up then back.
    The command for this is P+G, it takes No ki, and does 161 damage.
    -Falcon Rush (Phsical)
    Ok, In my opinion, this is Videl's best special, it's easy to do,
    does some good damage, and in World Tounament, can save you for it takes you
    to the middle of the ring. Videl goes insane in a combo, she punches left and
    right repeatedly,kicks up and down for a total of 34 hits.With a total of 548!
    and for Videl, that's good, and don't get the idea that she is bad because
    she isn't that powerful, the command for this one is ->K K K E.
    -Leapord shot
    Videl uppercuts the foe into the air, then does a standard kick/punch combo,
    then hammer' them into the ground, then does the usual flying down to hit
    the foe, were you press one of the four Buttons, if you get the same one as
    the opponent, then you miss, but if you don't, then you hit them for a bit
    more damage. To do this, you must press P ->P P E, it does 240 + 135 + 135.
    Unfortuantly, that is all her moves, but don't let that get you down,
    she is pretty good offensively, though not great, but she is speedy!!!!!!
    D. Combo's
    P P P P
    Damage: 249
    P P K ->P
    Damage: 339
    P P K K K
    Damage: 371
    P K
    Damage: 87, but knocks back
    K + G
    Damage: 124
    K K K K
    Damage: 347
    P ->P P
    Damage: 204
    K K K
    Damage: 213
    ->P P K
    Damage: 223
    ->K K K K
    Damage: 293
    ->K K K
    Damage: 223
    ->K P P
    Damage: 223
    If you have more combo's, then please contact me. (Contact in Contact info)
    E. Capsules
    T-Shirt: Raises denfense power, can only be used by Videl,
    takes up one capsule space.
    Black Belt Vest: Raises defense, can only be used by Videl,
    takes up two capsule spaces.
    Sparing Outfit: Raises defense, can only be used by Videl,
    takes up three capsule spaces.
    Viral Heart Disease: Everyone can use it, slowly drains health,
    stops when you have about 500 hp left.
    Vaccine: Everyone can use it, heals YOU of the disease,
    the foe is still getting life drained.
    Super Holy Water: Everyone can use it, reduces damage percent.
    Dende's Recovery: can be used by: Goku, all three Gohan's,
    Vegeta, Kid Trunks, Normal Trunks, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, Videl and Hercule,
    reduces damgae pefrcent when Ki is at a certain amount.
    Rage!: Everyone can use it, Attack power is increased at the first 10 seconds
    of the battle.
    Rage!!: Everyone can use it, Attack power is increased at the first 15 seconds
    of the battle.
    Rage!!!: Everyone can use it, Attack power is increased at the first
    20 seconds of the battle.
    Serious!: Everyone can use it, when health is at 1/3, Attack power increased.
    Serious!!: Everyone can use it, when health is at 1/2, Attack power increased.
    Serious!!!:Everyone can use it, when health is at 2/3, Attack power increased.
    Potential: Everyone can use it, Attack power increased for fixed time period.
    Super Kami Water: Everyone can use it, Attack power increses, 
    as Health decreases.
    Gero's Deflection R&D: Everyone can use it, Auto deflect Ki Blast wave
    Gero's Deflection Back R&D: Everyone can do it, Auto deflects back Ki
    blast waves.
    Ki Control: Can be used by: Goten, Kid Trunks, Tien, Yamcha, Gt. Saiyaman,
    Videl, Shin (Supreme Kai), and Cell. Reduces the amount of Ki used.
    Worlds Expectation's:: can be used by Hercule and Vedil, combat strenght
    (or Ki) keeps rising during battle.
    Saiyawoman Wordrobe: Vedil's best defense capsule, thought the amount of
    space it takes up is still being searched for.
    NOTE: Thanks to thegreatsaiyaman87 for the info on the Saiyawoman wordrobe,
    and another who has not given his GameFAQS name for The World's Expectation's,
    Coudn't of made this FAQ slightly better without you guys!
    F. How to Get?
    To get Videl, you must first get get the Gt. Saiyaman,
    (Defeat Cell with Gohan the first time you fight Cell)
    Then use the Gt. saiyaman to fight and kill, Majin Buu.(to get Hercule) 
    Then, on the stage where you fight Super Buu with Gotenks absorbed, 
    have Hercule on the feild, and let Gohan be absorbed, then you must kill Gohan
    Buu with Hercule, This is Not that easy.
    First off, if you want an easy battle, then get Vegitto on the feild, 
    and have him waste Super Buu, until he has one left, then have Hercule
    (He should be completely healed by Dende) attack Buu.Continuely weaken up
    Buu until he is weak enough for even Hercule to beat,defeat him,and you get
    H. Contact/End
    Ok, SORRY! I am really Sorry, I know this is a poor excuse for a FAQ,
    but I REALLY need you guys to help make this a good help, I will give credit 
    to you, seriously, I really need help if you guys want this to be a good Videl FAQ.
    My E-mail is we_do_that@hotmail.com, PLEASE HELP!
    So, with that out of the way, I say..It is only a first version,
    I will update as much as I can to get a better FAQ, So, I thank.... My Self
    you taking time out of my Winter Break to do this ( Joking),
    My Parents for supplying me with the money to buy this game, my Playstation,
    and ANYONE who will Help Update!
    So Thabnk you, goodbye and remember, this FAQ will get good!

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