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    Kid Buu by SSJGoten

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kid Buu FAQ
    Author: Joel (SSJGoten)
    Game:DragonballZ Budokai 2
    Copyright 2003-2004
    Version 1.0
         this is my personal work, it is not to be used on
         any other site besides www.Gamefaqs.com unless
         said otherwise by me, if you email me, i may let you
         use it on your site, but if it is for profit, thats a
         big NO! glad you took the time to read this...now
         on with the FAQ
    Table Of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Bio on Kid Buu
    III. Control's
    IV. Combo's
    V. Kid Buu's Capsules
    VI. Strategies
    VII. Outro
       !------------------------I. Introduction----------------------!
    Hello all, this is my second FAQ ever created...so it's not the best
    thing ever written...or maybe. anyways, this FAQ is made to let you all
    know a bit more about one of my fav chars in one of my fav games, Kid Buu
    in this guide you will find the capsules kid buu can use, my strategies
    and his combo's. 
           !----------------------II. Kid Buu Bio----------------------!
    now...if your a dbz newb, your probobly wondering...who is this evil
    pink villian? well, his real name is Majin Buu, a being created by Bibidi
    who was an evil sorcerer. the Supreme kai (aka Shin) defeated bibidi and sealed
    majin buu away on earth, but bibidi had a son, named babidi, whose sole goal
    was to revive Majin buu and destroy the universe. that's the basis of it,
    now here comes the part i'm not 100% sure on. Majin buu's original form is
    Kid Buu, the small little pink devil who cannot speak...and only thinks 
    of killing and destruction. but one of the elder kai's, who was fat and
    jolly (santa claus comes to mind O.o) back in bibidi's time, was eaten by
    buu, which made buu fatter (the first form of majin buu you see in the series, and 
    fat buu in this game) and lost alot of the hate inside of him, making him MUCH
    weaker than his original state (kid Buu) and this helped supreme kai
    seal him away on earth for a centuries.now, onto what happened in the series.
    Babidi came to earth with his faithfull servent Dabura (also a character in the game)
    they tried to revive majin buu, and eventually succeded despite Goku and co's
    valiant attempt. Fat buu killed babidi and eventually became good, but the evil
    inside of him eventually erupted and made it's own seperate form, which then
    beat fat buu, turning them into super buu (also a char in this game) who 
    then destroyed all life on earth and started absorbing goku's friends.
    goku then used the potara earrings givin to him by shin to fuse with vegeta
    to make Vegito, who wouldve beaten super buu, if he had not absorbed them.
    while inside buu, they seperated the good in him and freed there pals. but unfortunetly
    this made buu turn into Kid Buu, who destroyed earth..and wouldve killed goku and everyone else
    except for the fact that goku wished earth and its inhabitants back then he created
    a super spirit bomb which he then used to killed kid buu...thus ending DBZ.
           ---------------------III. Controls---------------------
    Here's the Standard Setup:
    Circle=Ki Blast
    R1=P+K(unblockable attack)
    R2=P+G(throw technique)
    Here's my Controller Setup
    Circle=Ki Blast
    L2=P+K+G (causes character to transform)
    I customised this to suit my style of play, i suggest you do the same.
        !------------------------IV. Combo's------------------------!
    Punch Combos:
    >P+P+P+P= Decent combo that smacks your opponent into the air
    P+P+P+>P= a combo that sends your opponent flying backwards
    <P+>P= a 2 hit combo that knocks back opponents
    <P+<P= a decent combo thats knocks down the opponent
    P+K= a chargeable attack that sends your opponent flying
    >R1= Same as P+K but it knocks your opponent Horizontally
    <R1= an attack that makes it easy to launch almost ANY Death move or
    Ultimate Move
    Kick Combos:
    K+>K= a good combo that can knock your opponent outta the ring
    K+K+>K+K= a good combo, but your open for a counter if the last kick misses
    >K+K+K+K+K= a powerful combo that knocks your opponent across the ring
    Also, you can link Punches and kicks to make more combo's.
      !------------------------V. Kid Buu's Capsules------------------------!
    Kamehameha: Dats right, he stole the turtle school's technique.
    this is pretty usefull, a bit easier to hit enemies with than Vanishing Ball
    but does less damage. Takes 1 slot
    Vanishing Ball: The stronger of his 2 Death moves, but a bit slower.
    it's up to you which to use, this or kamehameha...i find this one
    better. takes 1 slot
    Warp Kamehameha: His only death move, pretty damn powerful. 
    i have to nit pick tho...he doesn't exactly warp o.o
    takes 1 slot
    Vanishing Drop: Kid Buu's throw...nothing more, nothing less.
    takes 1 slot
    Crazy Smash: haven't checked this one out yet, i'll update it in later 
    Mad Kill Spike: Just like the Continous Kamehameha, rotate analog sticks
    to get a 10th hit of damage. takes 1 slot
    Savage Rush: a decent flurry of attacks, takes 1 slot
    Demon Realm Guard: Increases Def.
    Mage guard: increases Def.
    Babidi's Guard: Increases Def.
    Bibidi's Guard: Increases Def.
    1/3 sensu bean: Revives you when you die with 1 health gauge and 1 ki gauge
    senzu bean: revives you with full life and ki.
    Viral Heart Disease: Drains yours and Opponents Health.
    Vaccine: the effects of Viral Heart Disease won't effect you
    Super Holy Water: decreases damage done to you
    Majin Buu's Regeneration: reduces damage done by using set amount of Ki
    Rage!:Increases attack for the first 10 secs of battle (don't touch this)
    Rage!!: increases attack for the first 15 secs of battle, also not reccomended
    Rage!!!: Increases attack for the first 20 secs of battle, still sucks
    Serious!: when health drops below 1/3, attack % increase
    Serious!!: When health drops below 1/2 attack % increases
    Serious!!!: When health drops below 2/3 attack % increases
    Dabura cookie: When health drops below 1/6, attack increases
    Potential: Def. and Attack increase at regular intervals. (i reccomend it)
    Toxic Chocolate: same effect as potential, only better (i reccomend it)
    Super Kami Water: Attack increases while health drains
    Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D: ki remains at max, no transformations allowed tho (good for kid buu)
    Babidi's Barrier: Nullifies Ki Blast waves
    Gero's Deflection R&D: auto reflects ki blasts
    Gero's Deflect-back R&D: Auto reflects-back ki blasts
    Babidi's Scope: reduce amount of ki used.
    Yakon: when in transformed state, it trains your ki even faster (counts for you and opponent)
    Human Candy: Ki keeps going up through entire battle
     ok, this section contains my capsule setup's and some tip's.
    First up, my capsule setup's
    Ultimate Custom: 
    Vanishing Ball
    Human Candy
    Warp Kamehameha
    Toxic Candy
    Pal Vs. Pal (one of my friends charges up then shoots normal ki blasts, so it's set up for that)
    Babidi's Barrier
    Toxic Candy (3 slots)
    Vanishing Ball X2
    Warp Kamehameha
    (thats all of them, as of yet, still experimenting)
    now, here's some tips with any char...not just kid buu.
    1. The bounce back
    this is very usefull, especcialy if you are in transformed state
    and have less than the needed amount of Ki to sustain it
    or want to avoid cheap shots from CPU or friends. when you knocked down
    press guard (default: X) really fast, and your char will jump back up
    lickity split.
    (all i have right now, still coming up with more)
        !------------------------VII. Outro------------------------!
    first off, my thanks:
    my parents
    my pals
    the Gamefaq's staff
    and the creater of Dragonball, Mr. Toriyama
    and finnaly, to Sony, for making the ps2.
    any questions,suggestions or corrections should be mailed to my email
    Joelpd666@hotmail.com (label it KidbuuFAQ or something)
    cea all lata folks...i got some more faq's comin up.

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