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    Gotenks by Orinosuke Tatsuo

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    +++++++++++  Dragonball Z Budokai 2: Gotenks Player Guide  +++++++++++
    |This FAQ was written and composed by Orinosuke Tatsuo, solely for   |
    |use on GameFAQs.com, or sites that have received my permission. Use |
    |on any other site, or sale of the guides content is not nice. Don't |
    |do it. That is all.                                                 |
    ****UPDATED 05/25/04****
    Contact me!
    Primary email: buraddorii_sama@hotmail.com
    MSN: Use that ^^^
    AIM: Orinosuke Tatsuo (Wow, didn't you know it?)
    Website: http://flatface.net/~zeromax/
    What?? That's not contact info? Yes..it..is.
    |                         Table of Contents                          |
    II.......................................................About Gotenks
    III.....................................................Physical Moves
    IV.......................................................Special Moves
    V.....................................................Support Capsules
                                **    ***
                                *    ***
                                  ***    *
                                 ***    **
    |                          1. Introduction                           |
    Well, here it is, my first guide. I wanted to contribute to the
    community from which I took so much, so I finally decided to give back
    to it. What better game to write my first guide about than one of my
    favourite games, based on one of my favourite shows? Well then. I was
    sitting at my computer (No, I don't sit at it ALL day), and I was
    looking at some of the guides that had been written for DBZ Budokai 2.
    I noticed, since I last checked for the Kili amounts, that many in-
    depth character guides had emerged. So, I say to myself, what person
    can I write about? Well, I noticed Gotenks wasn't there, so I picked
    Anyway, to be honest, that's not the only reason I picked him. I
    also really like playing as Gotenks. He's got...wait, I digress. Any-
    way, This IS my first guide, so I apologize for any crappiness, and I
    hope it helps you. By the way, sorry if my crappy ASCII art blinded
    you, I'm not so great with that, either.
    |                         II. About Gotenks                          |
    Gotenks is a very goofy character. As you should know, (If you don't
    then, well...yeah.) He is the combination of Goten and Trunks. He
    sports an arsenal of silly and deadly attacks alike. His attacks range
    from the simplest Kamehameha, to the devastating Super Ghost Kamikaze
    Acquiring Gotenks (Who isn't so much a character, but a Capsule) is
    not hard at all. Not in the least. Playing through Dragon Mode will
    inevitably give it to you, it's part of the story. Normally, once you
    have the capsule, to form Gotenks, you must equip the capsule on either
    Goten or Trunks. The capsule uses up all 7 of your slots. Don't worry
    too much, You'll have your "Normal" moveset in fights. To fuse, you
    must have 3 Ki Guages (Lookie lookie, every fight starts with that!)
    and must perform the command. (Which, by the way, is P P K K E.)
    At this point, the other character (If you're Goten, Trunks comes in,
    and vice versa.) flies in and start the dance. You must input a series
    of buttons to complete the fusion. Should you mess up any input, it
    will show something wrong with the pose, and a faceset of Piccolo will
    pop up in the corner.
    If you messed up the fusion, you will become the hilarious Fat Gotenks.
    He's not ENTIRELY useless, but pretty close. He has no actually moves,
    and gets winded after 4 or so punches or kicks, or if any form of energy
    attack is performed. Have fun, you stay this way until the ki guage
    runs out and you are knocked down.
    **NOTE: It has come to my attention that you can also turn into a Sickly
    Gotenks. Thanks to Superbud for pointing this out!
    ***NOTE: Due to overwhelming (yeah right) questions on how to get Sickly
    Gotenks, I note: I don't think it exists. That is all.
    If you did the fusion properly, you will form GOTENKS! Dum dum dum dum!
    The coolest part about Gotenks, is you have _unlimited_ ki. The ki guage
    turns into a timer, at which point when it runs out and you are knocked
    down, you un-fuse. (In Dragon Mode, you always stay fused.) So, basically,
    once you go Super Saiya-jin 3, you'll be like that "forever", unless you
    are knocked down with the timer empty. If you don't get knocked down, (or
    manage to recover each time you do,) you'll always stay Gotenks, and you
    can unleash an endless barrage of Victory Cannons! Right back at ya!
    |                       III. Physical Moves                          |
    [Cont. Die-Die Missiles]
    f+P, P, P, P, E:  
    This is Gotenks' Renzoku Energy Dan attack. (The fast shot one!). As
    with all the other ones if you can fill up the guage at the bottom
    by rotating the sticks (For an easy fill, rotate both sticks at the
    same time with your palm.), Gotenks will fire an extra shot. Not the
    super greates attack, but it is reliable, and is always handy.
    [Ultra Missile Parfait]
    K, K, f+K, K, E
    Umm...yeah. Cool move. I don't use it all that often myself, you can
    find me in the Victory Cannon barrage/Ultimate move aisle. It's still
    good nonetheless, especially if you just want to do some quick damage.
    [Hyper Plasma Shortcake]
    Well, this would be Gotenks' throw attack. Throws are always neat,
    because they can catch the opponent off guard, and there isn't a
    thing he can do once you've got him. The downside of throws is that
    they can be tricky to actually connect with, so basically, use them
    if you see an opening, otherwise, don't go out of your way to use
    them, they can get you in trouble.
    |                       III. Special Moves                           |
    [Super Saiya-Jin]
    What is there to be said? Golden hair, upped attack. This is required
    if you want to perform Galactica Donuts, or Super
    Ghost Kamikaze Attack.
    [Super Saiya-Jin 3]
    P+K+G (After Super Saiya-Jin)
    For some strange reason, you have to use this AFTER transforming into
    SSJ Gotenks. Oh well, you can do it right away, since you do have
    unlimited and MAX ki the whole way through. Nasty one this is, crazy
    attack, crazy hair, but an overall lack of Eyebrows. By the way, you
    need this for Victory Cannon.
    P, P, P, P, E | f+K, P, P, P, E | f+E
    Good old Kamehameha. Nice quick attack, and it's neat that you can
    now just do the attack, without the combo. However, I recommend that
    unless you get a HUGE opening, go with the combo. Aside from being
    blocked, this guarantees the hit (and even after blocking, it still
    damages) whereas the stand alone attack can be easily dodged.
    [Victory Cannon]
    P, f+P, P, E | f+K, K, P, P, E | b+E
    I love this attack! I don't know why, I just do. It might be the
    "Right back at ya!" That Gotenks yelled out, or the whole jumping
    shot concept, but it's cool! Easy to do, and a nice bit stronger
    than Kamehameha. (SSJ3 Gotenks can nuke about a bar of energy off
    of Buu in the Time Chamber with this sweet blast.)
    [Galactica Donuts]
    f+P, P, P, K, E
    This is a neato attack. Gotenks knocks the poor bastard getting hit
    around a bit then makes....A DONUT! He throws it around the victim and
    closes it, following with a nice huge Kamehameha to top it all off.
    I was a little disappointed that Gotenks didn't do the whole Volleyball
    thing he did with his desperation back in Hyper Dimension.
    [Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack]
    K, K, f+K, f+K, P, E
    That's right, the mark of a crazy strong attack. This trick can be, well..
    tricky. Since if you don't fill up the guage, Gotenks nukes himself.
    Filling up the guage will cause the ghost to fly at the victim, who
    stupidly smacks the ghost, setting it off. Should you NOT fill the guage,
    Gotenks will give the ghost a nice high five, setting it off. If you have
    a knack for filling the guage, go for it, otherwise, stick with the Donuts
    or Victory Cannon.
    |                       IV. Support Capsules                         |
    Well, this section is a little pointless now that I think of it.
    As Gotenks is a fusion character, his entire collection of attacks is
    available upon fusion (Like Breakthrough, sorta.) Since Gotenks is not
    a standalone character, you can't equip caps for him in the first
    place. There is one capsule I put here, because it is RELATED to Gotenks.
    P, P, K, K, E
    You'll get this cap if you go through Dragon Mode, no matter what.
    Equipping it takes all 7 of your slots, and it can be equipped on
    either Goten or Trunks. When in battle, a character armed with this
    capsule will retain the normal moveset (That is, the moves you'd have
    if you picked normal.)
    |                      V. Tips and Tidbits                           |
    1. Well, this one is obvious, but I'll put it anyway. As soon as you
       fuse, (Or, as soon as the battle starts when in the Time Chamber,)
       double tap whatever button you have P+K+G set to (If you're using
       the defaults, R1 and R2 simultaneously will work) to go right to
    2. If you're not the up close fighter, feel free to fall back and let
       loose a barrage of Victory Cannons or Kamehamehas. They may not all
       hit, but some will, and the ones dodged will slow the opponent down.
       Remember, Ki is unlimited, so you can go nuts.
    3. Don't forget, Gotenks is a kid, so he's got a low punch/kick range.
       Make sure you get in close to fight melee style, or you'll be hurting
       poor Mr. Air.
    4. You can't power up with Gotenks, so don't go running away to refill
       the timer. Fight furiously until it runs out, then start getting
       careful. If all's lost, don't worry, you can fuse again in the same
       fight. You'll just need to recharge the required 3 ki Guages for
       the fusion.
    |                           VI. Closing                              |
    That's it! I hope my guide helps you in your Gotenks fighting!
    Remember, fast and furious until the end. Don't worry about the ki
    and go nuts with donuts and ghosts. Have fun!
    By the way, you can feel free to e-mail me about anything to do with
    the guide, or other...stuff. I always appreciate feedback, but you suck
    e-mails hurt my feelings.
    A little credit here and there...:
    CJayC: For running this great site
    Atari: Making  the awesome Game
    Superbud: For pointing out the Sickly Gotenks thing.*
    *And maybe a sort of unthanks...at least until someone actually backs
    up his/her claim.
    |                 Finito, go home and play Budokai 2!                |

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