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    Majin Buu by Mrbuu66

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/10/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Charecter FAQ
    Game Name: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
    Auther: Erik Heckler (A.K.A. ultimate dbz fan1)
    Copyright: 2004 Erik Heckler
    System: Playstation 2
    Genre: Action/Fighting/3D
    Percent Complete 100% (version 1.00)
    E-Mail: mrbuu666@hotmail.com
    AIM: mrbuu66
    1. Introduction-100% done
    2. Controls-100% done
    3. How to get Majin Buu-100% done
    4. Biography-100% done
    5. General Stratagy and Stats-100% done
    6. Moves/Attacks-100% done
    7. Dream Match (Who Wins)-100% done
    8. Copyright and Legal Stuff-100% done
    9. Thanks To...-100% done
    CAUTION: This Guide has minor spoilers on Majin Buu's moves.
    1. Introduction
    This guide I will have All of Majin Buu's skill Capsules including Physical, 
    Support, and Ability capsules. I will also post his stats, a biography, and a 
    general stratagy for Majin Buu.
    2. Controls
    Note: these controller configuration are the default settings and may be 
    altered in options mode.
    Analog/D-Pad:Movement=<, >, /\, or \/
    Circle:Ki Blast=E
    Start:Pause Menu
    Advanced Kick/Punch:D-Pad+P or K
    Gather Ki:Hold G and double-tap and hold < or >
    Deflect/Return: G just before Ki Blast Impact
    Dodge/Evade: G+/\ or \/
    Dash: Double-tap and hold < or /\
    Transform: P+K+G
    Recover: G as charecter lands
    3. How to get Majin Buu
    First of all you need to collect all 7 dragon balls in dragon world mode. Next 
    when you get to make a wish from shenron go and get the one that says Babidi's 
    Spaceship. Then go to the space ship and get up to 1,200 kili. After you do 
    that you can gain skill from dragon world, the skill shop, or go to BAbidi's 
    Spaceship and collect kili and get skills. You can also get the other 2 forms 
    of the Buus here.
    4. Biography
    	Majin Buu was created by the evil wizard Bibidi and was later sealed by 
    the Kai's, but he was recently realesed by Bibidi's son Babidi. Babidi let out 
    Majin Buu agian and making the z-hero's go to work. 
    	Buu's size makes him look only cudly and cute but his power makes him 
    an almost unstopable force and a horrible creature if used incorrectly. Majin 
    Buu was taken out of this state after Hercule tried to make an aliance with him 
    and became a good friend of hisso Buu decided to be good. But then some idoiot 
    came by and angered Buu by killing his dog which made him angered but with 
    confusion as what to do that wasn't bad. This is where Evil Buu came out (NPC) 
    and the two fought and soon Evil Buu became the victor. And used Majin Buu's 
    own Candy beam against him. After Majin Buu was eaten by Evil Buu he became 
    Super Buu.
    5. General Stratagy and Stats
    General Stratagy---------------------------------------------------------------
    First of all Majin Buu is one of the most powerful charecters in the game. But 
    he has a major down-side he is extreamly slow. So its best to use him as a 
    stricly power machine. And if your not yet used to the slow speed try out Nappa 
    or Recoome before you do. And with his immense power he can almost bulldoze any 
    charecter down with the proper moves and training.
    Height: N/A
    Weight: N/A
    Race: Alien
    Aliases: Super Buu, Kid Buu
    First Apperance: DBZ Episode 217 Buu is Hatched
    Voiced By: Josh Martin
    6. Attacks/Moves
    This is all of Majin Buu's Skill and they are directly copied from the so there 
    is no confusion. I will also have the rarity of each skill. The Key for the 
    raritey is 
    Just blue backround-not rare
    Blue backround with silver top-semi common
    Bule backround with gold top-rare
    Just gold backround-very rare
    Ability Capsules===============================================================
    Skill Name:Innocence Cannon
    Effect:Can Launch Death-Move Innocence Cannon
    Usage: PPPPE, P>+PPE (1 ki guage)
    Rarity:Not Rare
    Skill Name:Angry Explosion
    Effect:Can launch ultimate-move Angry Explosion
    Usage: >+PP>+PPE (3 ki guages)
    Phsical Capsules===============================================================
    Skill Name:Innocence Strike
    Effect:Can Attack while chasing an opponent
    Usage: PP>+KKE (1 ki guage)
    Rarity:Not Rare
    Skill Name:Enjoy Browning
    Effect:Can fire ki blast volley
    Usage: KK>+KKE (2 ki guage)
    Rarity:Not Rare
    Skill Name:Innocence Dance
    Effect:Can attack opponent with enhanced force
    Usage: >KPPPE (2 ki guages)
    Rarity:Not Rare
    Skill Name:Merry Swing
    Effect:Can grab and throw opponent
    Usage: P+G (no ki used)
    Rarity:Not Rare
    Support Capsules===============================================================
    Skill Name:Demon Realm Guard
    Skill Name:Mage Guard
    Skill Name:Babidi's Guard
    Skill Name:Bibidi's Guard
    Skill Name:Viral Heart Disease
    Skill Name:Vaccine
    Skill Name:Super Holy Water
    Skill Name:Majin Buu's Regeneration
    Skill Name:Rage!
    Skill Name:Rage!!
    Skill Name:Rage!!!
    Skill Name:Serious!
    Skill Name:Serious!!
    Skill Name:Serious!!!
    Skill Name:Super Kami Water
    Skill Name:Potential
    Skill Name:Dr.Gero Deflect-Back R&D
    Skill Name:Dr.Gero Deflection R&D
    Skill Name:Dr.Gero Energy R&D
    Skill Name:Yakon
    Skill Name:Toxic Chocolate
    Skill Name:Babidi's Barrier
    Skill Name:Babidi's Scope
    Skill Name:Dabura Cookie
    Skill Name:Dr. Gero Perpetual Energy R&D
    Skill Name:1/3 Senzu Bean
    Skill Name:Senzu Bean
    Skill Name:Human Candy
    7. Dream Match (Who Wins)
    In here I'm placing Buu against a worthy opponent of streangth and speed based 
    on the show. And by the way this is not a part of the game I just wrote this 
    part for fun.
    This match up will be Majin Buu vs. Super Buu
    I would be hoping that Majin Buu will win just because who want someone like 
    Super Buu killing you and Majin Buu is also cool. If you have any oppinions on 
    this subject i'll be shure to post it here. Most likley Super Buu would win 
    this fight only because he has the ability to fuse with almost anyone. He also 
    is a lot more powerful just by himself. For example SSJ3 Gotenks had trouble 
    with Super Buu, but Gotenks only had trouble when he was in his Saiyan form.
    8. Copyright and Legal Stuff
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
    of copyright.
    Copyright: 2004 Erik Heckler
    The only site I wish for this guide to be posted on is:
    9. Thanks to...
    -Thank you to Gamefaqs for posting my guide
    -Thank you parents for letting me play this game all i wanted
    -Thanks to me for buying this game :-)
    -Thanks to Akira Toriyama for creating Dragon Ball which hatched into DBZ
    -Thank you Atari for making this game
    -Thank you Sony for making PS2 so this game could be put on the system
    -And finally...thanks to Funimation for making this game

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