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    DBZ Budokai 2 Extened combo FAQ by Evil Cap America
    Copywrite info
    I dont own this game or any of the character licensed to it but this is My FAQ
    and is only meant to be put on GameFAQs
    Thi FAQ is an attempt to clear up the many misconceptions about Budokais combat
    system and to dispell the illusion that the game is without depth of any
    kinda.While i wont pretend that the game is another MvsC2 KOF 98 or SS2T i will
    emphasize that it has its own respectable level of depth within its very unique
    system.Its far to easy for people to give up the second they see a Px4 E combo
    and think thats as far as the games combo system goes with its tiny pre-chewed
    mini combos into specials.Here we are going to list each of the different 5
    different combo types in this game with a focus on maximum effectivness and
    utilization of the each characters peak abilities.Remember that not all
    characters have equal combo platforms so while someone like Goku has several
    variations and combo starters someone like Reccome will have next to nothing
    Section 1
    Combo Type 1-String Combos-These combos are the easiest of them all since 95%
    pf them are listed in the characters movelists and most often this is where
    players stop.Easily enough its just a string of buttons that follow each other
    up and sometimes end in a Special Move.Its also important to remember that not
    all strings combo perfectly even ones that end in special moves.These strings
    each make up at least some components of the larger combos
    Combo Type 2-Juggle Combos-Im often amazed when people ask me "Whats a Juggle
    combo?"Is it really that hard to figure out?A Juggle is a combo where your
    opponent is bobbled helplessly in the air and bounched around by your hit
    string.Juggles are fairly consistant combos and most characters have some kind
    of launcher into them but take too much time and you risk letting a character
    fall close enough to the ground to breakfall and escape
    Combo Type 3-Stun Combos-Stun Combos are good ol' Street Figher style combos
    that may or may not have been by design.Sometimes certain moves or String
    combos recover faster than the opponents hit stun and allow you to land another
    combo right after it if your fast enough.Make note that most Stun combos when
    used twice in a row will make the character automatically go into a juggled
    state where they can fall out quickly nullifing infinte possbilities
    Combo Type 4-Cancel Combos-This is where things tend to get intresting and this
    is the combo type that inspired the FAQ.In Budokai there are certain
    moves,either in combo strings or Multi-button pressing moves,that can be
    charged by holding the button and they will become unblockable plus they can be
    "Canceled" by hitting the block button.By taking advantage of the ability to
    cancel early enough however it is possible to cancel quickly and  land a
    completely different combo thanks to the instant recovery of the canceled move
    Combo Type 5-Side-Step Cancel-Side-step cancels are like an addition to part 4
    and a response to certain String combos that dont combo together
    normally.Side-stepping you should know is done with Up/Down and the Guard
    button.Because of the use of the Guard button in the equation you can take
    advantage of the above Cancel Combos and instead of just stopping a move and
    starting a new combo you can both cancel the move AND side-step at the same
    time and go behind a character to continue the combo.This becomes essential for
    certain moves since they simply will not combo from up front and being behind
    an opponent will give you move time to use the slow usually non-comboing
    strings and Special moves[Spirit Bomb Death Ball and Final Flash are prime
    P / Punch
    K / Kick
    E / Energy
    < / Back
    > / Forward
    - / Cancel
    * / Stun
    ^ / Juggle Starter
    {] / Combo String
    P+K / Punch and Kick
    P+G / Punch and Giard
    K+G / Kick and Guard
    P+K+G / Punch Guard and Kick
    This Frieza combo demonstrates all the different combo types in action
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,K,K-}*[<K}*[<P,P]^[P,P,P,P,E] Death Beam
    1 The "[K,K,K,K-}*Side-step" portion is a side-step cancel where the 4th kick
    in the combo is charged then cancled into a sidestep
    2 Once behind them the "{>P,P,P,K,K-]*" chain is a normal cancel combo where
    the last cancled kick stuns them longer than your last move
    3 Next the "[<K]" is a single attack but this move leaves the opponent in hit
    stun longer than it takes you to recover
    4  Next the [<P,P}^ is a backfist into an uppercut that bounches the enemy in
    the air and enables you to follow up while they air floating helplessly
    5 Finally the combo ends with a Special move as they are juggled this being
    [P,P,P,P,E] into Freizas Death Beam
    Now onwards to examples of individual combos for most of the characters.This is
    by no means a complete list but it should give you an idea of what each
    character can do and allow you to build from there.More will be discovered and
    added as need in future updates
    Supreme Kai/Kaioshin
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,K,K-]*[>K,K,K,E] Majestic Rush
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,K,K-]*[>K,P,P,P,E] Shockwave
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step]>P,P,P,K,K-]*[>K]*[K,K,>K,K,E] Holiness Break
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,K,K-]*[>K]*[<P,P]^[P,P,P,P,E] Shockwave
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>K[*[>P,P,P,K,K-]*[P,P,P,P,E] Shockwave
    Trunks You can switch any [>K] with [>K,K,K,E-]
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[K,K,>K,>K,P,E] Blast Attack
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[K,K,>K,K,E] Blast Attack
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[K,<K]*Side-step[>P,P,P,K,E] Burning Attack
    [K,<K-]*[<K,K-[*Side-step[>K,K,P,P,E] Finish Buster
    [K,<K-]*[<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[>P,P,P,P,E] Energy Burst
    {K,<K-]*[<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[<P,P]^]P,P,P,P,E]  Buster Cannon
    [K,<K-[*[<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[<P,P]^[P,>P,P,E] Finish Buster
    [K,<K-]*[<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[<P,P]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Energy Burst
    [K,<K-]*Side-step[>K,K,K,E-]*[<K,K]*[P,<P]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Burning Attack
    [K,<K]*Side-step[>K,K,K,E-[<K,K]*[P,<P]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Big Bang Attack
    [<K,K]*Side-step[K,K,<K]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Big Bang Attack
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*[>,K,K,K,E-]*[>P,P,P,K]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Big Bang Attack
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*Side-step[P,P,K,K,E] Final Flash
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*Side-step]>P,P,K,K,E] Final Flash
    [<K,K]*Side-step[K,K,>K,>K,P]^{>P,P,P,K,E] Big Bang Attack
    {<K,K]*Side-step[>P,P,P,P,E] Meteor Flash
    [>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,K,K-]*[>K,K,K,K]^{>P,>P,P,K,E] Spirit Bomb
    [>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[P,P,>P,P,P,E] Energy Field
    [<K]*[K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,P]*[>K]*[P,P,>P,P]*[P,P,K,E] Ultimate Attack
    [>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,K,K-]Side-step[P,P,>P,P]*[<P,P]^[>P,>P,P,P,E] Spirit Bomb
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[P,P,>P,P]*[>K]*[>P,>P,P,P]^{>P,>P,P,P,E] Spirit Bomb
    [>P,P,P,P]*{K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[P,P,>P,P]*[>K]*[K,K,K,>K,E] Negative Energy Rain
    {>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[P,P,>P,P]*[>K,P,P,<P,E] Kamahamaha
    [<K]*[K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,P]*[P,P,>P,P]*[>,K,K,K,K]^[>P,>P,P,K,E] Hell
    Blade Rush
    {>P,P,P,P]*[K.K.K.K-]*[>K,K,K,K[^[>P,>P,P,K,E] Hell Blade Rush
    [>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,K,>K,E] Hate Ray Cannon
    [>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,K,K-]*[>K,K,K,K]^[P,P,P,P,E] Hell Blitz
    [>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,K,K-]*[>K,K,K,K]^[P,P,K,E] Hell Blow Shoot
    Goku/Gohan [The same just Gohan has no P,P,K,K,E move replace with his Super
    Kamahamaha when applicable]
    [>P,K,K-]*[K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[<P,P]^[P+K+G]^[P] {P.P.K.K.E] Warp Kamahamaha
    [>P,K,K-]*[K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[<P,P]^[P,P,P,P,E] Kamahamaha
    [>P,K,K-]*[K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[<P,P]^[P,P,P,>P] No Special
    {>P,K,K-]*[K,K,K,K-]*Sode-step[<P,P]^[P,P,K,K,E] Warp Kamahamaha
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,K,K-]*[<K]*[>K]*[P,P,P,P,E] Kamahamaha
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,K,E]  Super Spirit Bomb
    [<K,K]*Side-step[>K]*[K,<K-]*[P,>P,P E,E,E.....] Wolf Fang Fist
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*Side-step]>K]*[P,P,K>K]^[>K,P,P,P,E] Kamahamaha
    {K,<K[*[<K,K]*Side-step[>K]*[P,P,K,>K]^[P,P,P,P,E] Kamahamaha
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*Side-step[>K]*{P,P,K,>K]^[>P,P,P,P,E] Wolf Fang Blast
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*Side-step[>K]*[P,P,K,>K]^[P,>P,P,E,E,E....] Wolf Fang Fist
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*Side-step[>K]*[P,P,K,>K]^[P,P,P,>P] No Special
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*Side-step[>K]*[P,P,K,>K]*[P,>P,P,K] No Special
    [K,<K]*[>P,K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[<P,P]^[P,P,P,P,E] Death Beam
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>P,K,K-]*Side-step[>K,K,K,E] Evil Dance
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step]>K]*[>P,P,P,K,K-]*[<K]*[<P,P]^[P,P,P,P,E] Death Beam
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>K[*[>P,P,P,K,K-]*[<K]*[P,>P,P,E] Death Wave
    [K,K,K,K-]*Side-step[>K[*[>P,P,P,K,E] Death Ball
    [<K,K]*Side-step[K,K,K,K-]*[>K]*[>P,P,P,K,E] Death Ball
    [K+G]*[<K,K-]*Side-step[>K]*[>P,P,P,P,E] Domination Blast
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>k]*[K,<K-]*[>P,P,P,K]^[>K,P,P,P,E] Dodonpa
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>K,K,K,E-]*[K,<K-]*[>P,P,P,K,E] Vollyball fist
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>K,K,K,E-]*[K,<K-]*[P,P,P,P,E] Dodonpa
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>K,K,K,E-]*[K,<K-]*[>P,P,P,K]^[P,P,P,P,E] Dodonpa
    {<K,K-]*[>K,K,K,E-]*[K,K,>K,>K,P,E] Ki Blast Cannon
    [<K,K-]*[>K,K,K,E-]^[K,K,>K,K,E] Jack Hammer Fist Flash
    [K,<K-]*[<K,K-]*[P+K]^[P+K]^[P,>P,P,E] Ki Blast Cannon
    [K,<K-]*[<K,K]*[>P,P,P,K,E] Vollball Fist
    [K+G]*[P,P,K>K]^[P,>P,P,E] Ki Blast Cannon
    [<K,K]*Side-step[>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,>K,>K,P,E]  Super Ghost Kamekaze attack
    Great Saiyaman
    [K,<K]*[<K,K]*[>K,K,K,E-]*Side-step[>P,P,P,K,E] Justice Pose
    [K,<K-]*[<K,K-]*Side-step[<P,P]^[<P,P]^[P,P,P,P,E] Justice Punch
    Android 16
    [<K]*[<P,<K]*[K,K,K,K-]*[>P,>P,P]*[>P,>P,P,E] Hell Flash
    [<K]*[>P,P,P,P]*[K,K,>K]^[>P,P,P>P,E] Special Beam Canon
    [K,<K-]*Side-step[>K]*[P,>P,P]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Videls Close Call
    [<K,K-]*[K,<K]*[>K,P,P,P]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Videls Close Call
    [K,<K-]8Side-step[>K]*[P,>P,P]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Hercule Special
    Teen Gohan
    [>K+G]*[>P,P,K]*[K,K>K,K,E] Super Kamahamaha
    Captain Ginyu
    [>P,K,K-]*Side-step[K,<K]*Move in close[<p]*Move in close [>P,P,P,K,E] Body
    Android 18
    [<K,K-]*Side-step[>k]*[K,K,<K]^[>K,P,P,P,E] Destruco-Disc
    [<K,K-[*[<K,<K]^[>P,P,P,K,E] Energy Field
    [K,<K-]*[K,K,<K]^[P,>P,P,E] Energy Field
    [K+G]*[K,<K]*[<K,K]*[>K,K,K,E]*[P,P,K>K]^[>K,K,K,E-] [>P,P,P,P,E] Wolf Fang
    Jackhammer Fist
    Note only possible because of Infinite Ki in Fusion
    Kid Buu
    [>P,P,P,P]*[<K,>K-]*[>P+K]*[>P,K]*[>P,K,[^[P,K]*[>P,P,<P,P<P] No Special
    [>P,P,P,P]*[<K,>K-]*Side-step[>P+K]*[>P,K]*[P,P,K,K,E] Warp Kamahamaha
    [>P,P,P,P]*[<K,>K-]*Side-step[>P+K]*[>P,K]*[P,K]^[P,K]^[P,K]^[P,K,K] No Special
    Many more to come in future updates Including
    More Combos for other characters
    Damage Ratings
    Character types and combo platform explanations
    Special Thanks too
    NeoExodus Elgmpo Mystic Fog Goryu and everyone else on the Cancel Combo thread
    that contributed to this FAQ being made
    Atari and Dimps for makeing this game
    CjayC and GameFAQs for making the troll filled forums that we love
    All the OSMBV which kept me from beign a scrub

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