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    Yamcha by Sjs1718

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
    Yamcha FAQ version 1.2
    Copyright(c) 2003 Shane Simmons(Sjs1718)
    Email: sjs17182k@aol.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates
    3. Character Bio
    4. Moves
     A. Basic Commands
     B. Properties
     C. Move Lists
         - Special
         - Basic
         - Other
    5. Recommended Moves
     A. Quick and Easy Combos
     B. Juggle Starters
     C. "b+p" Series
     D. Counter Moves
     E. Stun Cancels
     F. Other Moves
    6. Combos
     A. About Cancel Combos
     B. Combo List
    7. Ending
    Part 1. Updates
    - 2/01/04: Submitted my First FAQ.        -v1.0
    - 2/02/04: Corrected a few minor errors.  -v1.1
               Small Combo List Update.
               Small Movelist Revision
    - 2/06/04: Combo List Update.             -v1.2
    Part 2. Introduction
    - Hello everyone and welcome to my Yamcha FAQ. Well, my reason for writing this
      FAQ is because Yamcha, due to his reputation is probably the most underestimated
      character in the DBZ world. This may or may not detract many people from realizing
      his full potential. Yamcha is IMO, one of the better characters in this game and
      I'm hoping that this FAQ will show many fans what a great fighter he can be.
      Also, this is my first FAQ ever so, I hope you find everything informative and
      easy to understand.
    - If you have any Comments, Complaints, Questions, etc. please feel free to send
      me an e-mail at sjs17182k@aol.com
    Part 3. Character Bio
    -Yamcha is a longtime friend and ally of Goku's, though he was once a notorious
     bandit. He is sometimes accompanied by Paur, his devoted cat companion. He is
     anxious and willing to be trained by Kami and to join the upcoming battle against
     the Saiyans even though he understands that the odds will be against them. In
     the heat of battle, Yamcha volunteers to fight the Saibamen instead of Krillin
     because Krillin has already been brought back to life by the Dragon Balls. He and
     Bulma were once together, and often illicit sparks fly for each other. Eventually
     Bulma moves on to Vegeta. Yamcha is defeated during battle with the Saibamen, and
     trains in the "Next Dimension" under King Kai.
     Source: www.dragonballz.com (I hope it's okay!)
    Signature Attacks:
    Kamehameha -
    Rouga Fufu Ken      "Wolf Fang Fist"
    Shin Rouga FufuKen  "New Wolf Fang Fist"
    Soukidan            "Spirit Bomb"(Yup, it's only Spirit Ball Attack in the game)
    Obtaining Yamcha(Budokai 2):
    In Stage 1 of Dragon World, defeat Nappa Using Tien.
    Part 4. Moves
    - In this section I will list everything that has to do with Yamchas attacks.
      You'll find the Commands, Damage, and Properties for every Yamcha move known
      to me.
    A. Basic Commands
    p   = Punch
    P   = Hold(Charge) Punch
    k   = Kick
    g   = Hold(Charge) Kick
    e   = Energy
    E   = Hold(Charge) Energy
    g   = Guard
    f   = Forward
    b   = Back
    +   = Simultaneous Input
    -   = Denotes Followup
    ~   = Denotes Cancel
    [!] = Press 'e' for Spec.
    (air) = Perform Attack in Air
    (Chg) = Chargeable Attack
    B. Properties and Definitions
    Jgl = Juggle Starter/Launcher
    GB  = Guardbreak/Block Stun
    St  = Stun
    UB  = Unblockable
    Na  = Nullifying Attribute
    Ab  = Sends opp. Airborne
    KnD = Knockdown
    ch  = Counterhit
    -Moves that will knock the opponent into the air. Once the opponent has been
     launched, they will be open to any impending damaging.
    -The series of attacks following an initial Launcher. Juggles are at all times
    -A stun that is mostly the result of being hit by a certain move while Guarding.
     Once your guard has been broken, you will be left open for a short period of
    -Immobility resulting from being hit by a certain attack. While stunned, you
     will be defenseless to most any attack.
    Charge Attacks
    -In the Budokai series, certain attacks have the ability to be Charged. To
     Charge an attack you must hold that specific command for a fixed period of
     time. Once fully charged, that attack will be unblockable.
    -To cut off an attack before it is executed. The ability to cancel an attack is
     specific to all Charge Attacks. To cancel a move, tap the Guard button while
     charging. An attack can be cancelled at any point during the charge whether
     it's at the very beginning or very end. Perfect for Mind Games.
    -The result of hitting an opponent while he/she is attempting an attack. Certain
     moves will require a Counterhit for it's property to take effect.
    -I think this property might speak for itself. One thing that is special about
     moves with the Knockdown Ability is the fact that those moves cannot be techrolled
     by any means.
    Nullifying Attribute
    -An attacks ability to negate other attacks. Nullifying attacks can be a great
     defensive tool as you'll be cancelling their attacks while gaining the attack
     advantage. Nullifying Attacks are great to use against a rushing opponent as
     you'll be stopping them in their tracks. NA attacks will negate all normal
     physical attacks. When faced against other attacks of this nature, Burst Zone
     will start.
    C. Move Lists
    Technique        |Command         |Damage    |Comments
                     |                |(Base/Max)|
    Wolf Fang Fist 1 |p,f+p,p,e...    |466/590   |-Can push e up to eight times.
    Wolf Fang Fist 2 |f+k,k,k,e...    |499/632   |-First e can be Charged.
    Wolf Fang Fist 3 |k,k,f+k,f+k,p,e |657/790   |-2nd & 7th hits Stuns standing
                     |                |          | opponents, allowing followups.
                     |                |          |-Push Guard while charging to
                     |                |          | cancel attack.
                     |                |          |-Uses 1 Ki bar
    Kamehameha 1     |f+e             |250/375   |-Uses 1 Ki Bar
    Kamehameha 2     |p,p,p,p,e       |504/629   |
    Kamehameha 3     |f+k,p,p,p,e     |576/701   |
    Wolf Slice Fist  |k,k,f+k,k,e     |642/811*  |-Can input extra command to add
                     |                |          | extra damage.
                     |                |          |-Opponent can avoid damage by
                     |                |          | inputting different command.
                     |                |          |-Uses 1 Ki Bar.
    Wolf Fang Blast  |f+p,p,p,p,e     |782/1035* |-Damage given can be increased by
                     |                |          | filling the power meter. To do
                     |                |          | so, you rotate the analog sticks
                     |                |          | and/or rapidly push the buttons.
                     |                |          |-Failure to fill the power meter
                     |                |          | results in no additional damage
                     |                |          | given.
                     |                |          |-Uses 2 ki Bars
    Spirit Ball Att. |f+p,p,p,k,e     |921/1314  |-Yamcha's Ultimate Technique.
                     |                |          |-To successfully complete this
                     |                |          | technique, you will be required
                     |                |          | to input a random button sequence
                     |                |          | within a set time limit.
                     |                |          |-Inputting an incorrect command or
                     |                |          | failure to complete the sequence
                     |                |          | results in a failed attack.
                     |                |          |-Failing this move will result in
                     |                |          | Yamcha taking damage!*
                     |                |          |-Uses 3 Ki Bars.
    Note: The damage Given for Wolf Slice Fist and Wolf Fang Blast are under the
          condition that both attacks are successful. To calculate the damage under
          the condition that the additional damage fails, simply subtract 150 from
          the Base Damage Total and 225 from the Max Damage Total.
    Note 2: Failing the Spirit Ball Attack will cost Yamcha 350 points of damage.
    Command        |Properties   |Damage     |Comments
    p+g            |             |276(180)   |-Throw(Tiger Jackhammer)
    e              |Jgl(ch)      |80         |-Launches on Counterhit only.
    p              |             |68         |
     -f+p,p[!]     |             | -128      |-Wolf Fang Fist!
     -f+p,p,k      |Ab           | -256      |-Combos on Counterhit.(See Note 1)
     -f+p,k(air)   |             | -233      |
     -f+p,p,e~     |Jgl          | -128      |-p/f+k possible after fastest cancel.
    p,p,p          |             |199        |
     -f+p          |Na; KnD      | -88       |
    p,p,p,p[!]     |             |254        |-Kamehameha!
    p,p,k,f+k      |Jgl          |284        |
    p,p,k,k,k      |             |380        |
    p,p,k,k,k(air) |             |397        |
    f+p,p,p,p[!]   |             |287        |-Wolf Fang Blast!
    f+p,p,p,p,p    |             |338        |
    f+p,p,p,k[!]   |Jgl          |271        |-Spirit Ball Attack!
     -k(Chg)       |Na           | -66       |
     -K            |Na; UB*      | -88       |-See Note 4
    f+p,k          |Jgl          |155        |
     -k            |Ab           | -77       |
    b+p            |Na           |114        |
     -p            |             | -64       |
     -f+p          |Na; KnD      | -88       |-Combos if performed at Air level.
     -b+p(Chg)     |Ab           | -88       |
     -B+P          |Ab; UB       | -88       |
     -k            |Na           | -88       |
     -K            |Na; UB       | -88       |
     -f+k          |             | -127      |
     -b+k          |Jgl          | -93       |-See Note 2
    p+k(Chg)       |Na; Ab       |98         |
    p+k(air)(Chg)  |Na           |98         |
    P+K            |Na; Ab; UB   |98         |
    P+K(air)       |Na; UB       |98         |
    f+p+k(Chg)     |Na           |93         |
    f+P+K          |Na; UB       |93         |
    b+p+k(Chg)     |Jgl          |83         |
    b+P+K          |Jgl; UB      |83         |
    f,f+p          |GB           |88         |
    f,f+p(air)     |GB           |83         |
    f,f+p+k        |Na           |78         |
    f,f+k+g        |Na           |78         |
    k,f+k          |             |160        |
    k,b+k(Chg)     |Na; KnD      |228        |
    k,b+K          |Na; UB; KnD  |228        |
    k,b+K~         |St           |151        |
    k,k,k,k        |Ab           |338        |
    k,k,k,k(air)   |             |341        |
    k,k,f+k,k[!]   |             |304        |-Wolf Slice Fist!
    k,k,f+k,f+k    |             |304        |
     -p[!](Chg)    |Jgl          | -83       |-Wolf Fang Fist!(See Note 3)
     -P[!]         |Jgl; UB      | -83       |-Wolf Fang Fist!
     -p,e~         |Jgl          | -83       |
    k,k,b+k        |Jgl          |232        |
    f+k            |             |88         |-Stuns Backturned opponents only.
     -p,p,p[!]     |             | -238      |-Kamehameha!
    f+k,k,k[!]     |             |229        |-Wolf Fang Fist!
    f+k,k,k,k,k    |             |397        |
    b+k            |St(ch)       |83         |-Stuns on Counterhit only
     -p,p          |             | -128      |
     -f+k          |Ab           | -82       |
     -b+k          |Jgl          | -87       |
    b+k,k(Chg)     |Na; KnD      |233        |
    b+k,K          |Na; UB; KnD  |233        |
    b+k,K~         |St           |156        |
    k+g            |St           |127        |-Stuns Ground level opponents only.
    f,f+k          |             |88         |
    f,f+e          |Na; KnD      |98         |
    Note 1: All "p,f+p,p" strings become True Combos on Counterhit. Also the Combo
            is guaranteed if connected during opponents move recovery.
    Note 2: At Air level, "b+p,b+k" is a True Combo. On Ground Level, "b+p,b+k"
            becomes a True Combo if "b+p" hits from it's maximun range.
    Note 3: Can followup the Cancelled Wolf Fang Fist with a Juggle if the Cancel
            is fast enough. Also, the uppercut will become a True Launcher if the
            opponents back is against a wall when this move connects.
    Note 4: All Unblockable attacks are Fully Charged.
    Name    |Command     |Function           |Comments
    Taunt   |p+k+g+e     |Lower opponents Ki |-Opponents Ki Drops 1 level.
    Fusion  |p,p,k,k,e   |Fuse with Tien*    |-Must have Fusion Capsule equipped.
    Tag     |p+k+g       |Tag Tien           |-Must have Fusion Capsule equipped.
    Note: Fusion with Tien results in "Tiencha".
    Part 5. Recommended Moves
    -In this section, you'll find that I don't have all of Yamcha's moves listed.
     That's because this section will explain the moves which I feel are the most
     important to use in order to play Yamcha effectively.
    A. Quick and easy Combos
    - p,p,k,k,k  |-These Combos are fairly easy to do and are fairly damaging. All
    - k,k,k,k    | of these are true combos so the only way to defend against any
    - f+k,k,k,k,k| of these Combos is to not get hit by the 1st hit. These are good
    - f+p,p,p,k,k| for quick damage and gathering some Ki.
    B. Juggle Starters
    - p,p,k,f+k  |-These are by far the most important moves to master for any Yamcha
    - f+p,p,p,k  | player. As seen above, Yamcha isn't the type to rely on one hit
    - b+p+k      | wonders or heavy damaging strings. Instead, he is more proficient
    - k,k,b+k    | in Juggle usage with his multitude of Launchers. These are among
    - b+k,b+k    | his best moves, as Juggles = Inescapable damage for your opponent.
    - b+p,b+k    | Try to implement these attacks into your strategy by all means.
    C. "b+p" Series
    - b+p,p      |-These small strings are my favorite moves and with good reason.
    - b+p,f+p    | First of all, the initial b+p cuts through(nullifies) any normal
    - b+p,b+k    | attack meaning that it's a great defense against an aggressive
                 | opponent. Next, it's prime followup "b+k" launches your opponent
                 | so you can quickly capitalize with a Juggle after a "b+p" Counter
                 | Attack. Be careful though, because launching the "b+k" after a
                 | blocked "b+p" can have serious consequences.
                 |-The "f+p" followup will prove to be the move to use for it's power
                 | to regain the offensive advantage after a blocked "b+p". Chances
                 | are, your opponent will notice your missed "b+p" and quickly try
                 | to take advantage. In that case, instead of going for the launch,
                 | use the "f+p" Palm Strike as your opponent makes his/her move. The
                 | Palm Strike, like the "b+p" has the power to nullify attacks so
                 | your opponents offensive strategy will backfire on them even if
                 | you failed the initial "b+p" attack. Do not overlook these attacks.
    D. Counter Moves(Nullifiers)
    - p+k       |-With Budokai being the Combo Friendly game it is, there are bound
    - f+p+k     | to be those overly aggressive opponents who will constantly try to
    - f,f+e     | overwhelm you with numerous series of attacks. Instead of blocking
                | the whole time which will get you nowhere, Counter Attacking is the
                | the way to go. Along with their nullifying abilities, the "p+k" and
                | "f+p+k" can also be charged which increases their usefulness. The
                | "f,f+e" Spinning Sweep cannot be charged but it is stronger than the
                | two previous attacks and it Knocks the opponent down as well. Not
                | to mention that it's the most stylish looking move in this game.
    E. Stun Cancels
    - k,b+K~     |-Stun Cancels are also moves of great importance in Yamcha's arsenal.
    - b+k,K~     | To initiate any of Yamcha's Stun Cancels, start any of the 2 combos
                 | and Cancel the 2nd Kick during it's charge(remember, charge attacks
                 | can be cancelled as quickly as they can be started). With that,
                 | your opponent will be left stunned and you will be free to follow-
                 | up with a move of your choice. The act of attacking an opponent
                 | who's been Stunned by a Stun Cancel are commonly refered to as
                 | "Cancel Combos". Be sure to master the use of these moves and you'll
                 | be whipping up tons of combos. Refer to the section below for more
                 | information on Cancel Combos.
    F. Wolf Fang Fist
    p,f+p,p,e,e... |-Without this Move, Yamcha wouldn't be anywhere near as effective
    f+k,k,k,e,e... | as he is. Regardless of what anyone says, the Wolf Fang Fist is,
    k,k,f+k,f+k,p,e| by far, Yamcha's best Technique. It's not his strongest but it's
                   | strength isn't what makes this move shine. It's the multitude of
       ------------  uses that this move possess.
      | -The Wolf Fang Fist can be used as follows:
      | 1. 1st and foremost, the Wolf Fang Fist is a manual Combo. Meaning that you'll
      |    have to press the Energy Button for each successive hit. So, you have to
      |    press Energy Eight times for a total of Nine hits. That's right, the Wolf
      |    Fang Fist isn't just one weak hit. I'm actually surprised that some people
      |    didn't realize this but, since this isn't explained in-game or in the
      |    instruction manual, it's understandable somewhat.
      | 2. Since the Wolf Fang Fist is a manual combo, it raises Ki just any combo so
      |    you'll be gaining plenty of it. A full "p,f+p,p,e" Wolf Fang Fist restores
      |    2 Whole Bars of Ki. Nice, since it's always good to have a Full 7 Bars of Ki.
      | 3. The First hit of the Wolf Fang Fist can be Charged and Cancelled. So, it's a
      |    GREAT Mind Game tool and Many things can be used from a Cancelled WFF
      |    depending on your situation.
      |    Against Blocking Opponents(Can Apply to all Charges):
      |     - You can Charge the First hit to Break Through an Enemies Defense.
      |     - You can Cancel to your Throw(recommended) or Charge Attack.
      |     - You can Cancel to a Guardbreak Move(preferably, f,f+k).
      |    As Attack Bait:
      |     - Wait for opp. to make a move, sidestep-cancel and continue your attacks.
      |     - If the opponent takes the bait, you can cancel to a Nullifying Attack.
      |    If Opponent Sidesteps:
      |     - You can Cancel the Wolf Fang Fist completely so you don't lose advantage.
      |     - QUICKLY Cancel the Wolf Fang Fist to the Tiger Jackhammer(Throw).
      |    Basically:
      |     - The Possibilities for the Wolf Fang Fist are almost limitless.
      | 4. On Standing opponents, stopping the Wolf Fang Fist at the 2nd or 7th hits
      |    will leave the opponent with a Stun similar to the Stun left by the Stun
      |    Cancels. Unfortunately, since he has a bit of lag time, the fastest
      |    followup possible is the Basic Punch(p). Don't look at that as a weakness
      |    though since p,p,k,f+k is Yamchas best Juggle Starter anyway.
    G. Wolf Fang Blast
    f+p,p,p,p,e|- The Wolf Fang Blast is Yamchas Second Strongest Technique and unlike
               |  many other "Renzoku Energy Dan" attacks, this move serves as an
               |  outstanding Juggle ender. You really shouldn't neglect this move.
    H. Other Moves
    Kamehameha |-The Kamehameha is one of Yamcha's best Combo Enders. Also, the f+e
               | version can be a great Counter to a Sidestepped Death Move.
    Wolf Slice |-The Wolf Slice Fist is a Moderately Powerful Technique. It Combos
       Fist    | on any hit and it can be used in some Juggles.
    Spirit Ball|-This is Yamchas Strongest Move. The Opening Combo is also Inescapable
      Attack   | so this is ideal for Input within a Cancel Combo. The only downfall
               | for this move is that it can't be Juggled.
      Tiger    |-This move does decent damage. This Move is also the "Anti-Sidestep"
    Jackhammer | since Grabs track Sidesteppers well. This is a good move to use.
    Part 6. Combos
    -Here, every Yamcha Combo known to me, created by me. Every Combo has been tested
     on Goku so, they may not work on other characters outside of his size group.
     In this section, I'll be using the Combo Format commonly used on the GameFAQs
     Budokai 2 board.
     () = Combo Sections  *Example: (<p+k)=Section 1 (p,p,p,p,e)=Section 2*
     *  = Denotes Stun
     ~  = Denotes Cancel
     ^  = Denotes Juggle/Launcher
     <  = Back
     >  = Forward
    A. About Cancel Combos
    - To followup a Stun created the Stun Cancel are what Cancel Combos are all
      about. Cancel Combos are, for the most part extentions to any normal combo
      that you may have done in the past. Adding the Cancels to the Combos is a
      very effective strategy as you'll be adding a substantial amount of extra
      damage to you combos. Also, Cancelling to a Sidestep will, at all times,
      leave you behind your opponent enabling you to perhaps add even more Fillers
      to your Combo that you normally wouldn't be able to do.
    (k, <k~)= Start the k,<k combo but charge cancel the final kick. Hold the
              Second Kick then tap the Guard button once Yamcha's leg is fully
              extended. You'll know you perfected once you can cancel the kick
              before seeing the Charge Animation(Blue Sparks) or hearing the
              Charge Tone.
              DEMO: Kick, Back+Kick *While holding 2nd Kick* Guard
    (k,<k~)*sidestep= Same as the above but, instead of just tapping the Guard
                      Button, tap Up/Down + Guard just as you would with an
                      ordinary sidestep. Sidestepping during a Cancel will, at
                      all times, leave you behind your opponent.
              DEMO: Kick, Back+kick *While holding 2nd Kick* Up/Down+Guard
    B. Combo List
    Note 1: "k+g" can be added at the beginning of any Cancel Combo.
    Note 2: The Combos I have listed aren't the only Combos Yamcha is Capable of.
            You can put any Combo ender to Most Launchers and add Less Stuns or
            add a sidestep to Cancels. There are tons of Variations you can use
            for combos. Use your imagination!:)
    (>p,k)^(p,p,k,k,k) *Air Only*
    --> (k,<k~)*(<k,k~)*sidestep(>k)*(p,p,k,>k)^(>p,p,p,p,p)^(>k,p,p,p,e)
    --> (k,<k~)*(<k,k~)*sidestep(>k)*(p,p,k,>k)^(>p,p,p,p,p)^(>p,p,p,p,e)
    --> (k+g)*(<k,k~)*sidestep(>k)(k,k,<k)^(>p,p,p,p,p)^(>k,p,p,p,e)
    Note: To successfully complete the Three Combos proceeding the "-->", the
          final punch of (>p,p,p,p,p) must knock the opponent over the Yamchas
          Head. Only then will the finishers connect. Against Nappa, Recoome and
          Android #16, the Combo should connect almost effortlessly. Against
          other characters, you may need to alter the timing of (>p,p,p,p,p) a bit
          in order to Knock them over your head. The effect will still be the
    Remember, there are plenty of more Combos where this came from. Also, I will
    be constantly updating this section with more Combos.
    Part 7. Ending/Thanks
    -Well, first I'd like to thank Bandai/Atari/Dimps for the creation of a new
     DBZ Game. It may not be the best but, they will only get better in the future,
    -Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ
    -Thanks to all fans who found the information found in this FAQ useful.

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