Where i can find the bell design key?The key to the room mayu..

  1. Chapter6:Repentance episodes.. Where i can find the bell design key to get to the room were mayu is.?

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    ibe_chedz - 5 years ago
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    Were stock on that part of the game help us.thanks

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    ibe_chedz - 5 years ago

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  1. I believe I am having trouble with this too.

    To better phrase the question, how do you get those ghosts to appear in those locations?

    (Stairway Room 2F, Entrance 1F, and Deluxe Tatami Room 1F).

    And are we talking about Ch. 6 The Remaining, or another chapter?

    User Info: SoulCalibur007

    SoulCalibur007 - 4 years ago 1 0


  1. When you first checked on Mayu, there's a girl's spirit (wearing red kimono) that appeared then ran away, right? You need to find her hiding locations and defeat her 3 times out of 5. Anything more is optional.

    To begin, you'll need to go to the
    1) Stairway Room (2F) and open one of the closets underneath the room.
    2) Entrance (1F) and open another closet -- don't examine the double doors if you don't want troubles.
    3) Deluxe Tatami Room (1F). As usual, open the closet -- it won't. Try exiting the room...

    The ghost will give you the Bell-shaped Key, along with a spirit stone.

    NOTE: All of these are in the FAQs section... (- _- ')

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  2. @SoulCalibur007

    Forgive me for not clarifying this before: It's not six, but Chapter 7: Sae. You only encounter Mayu in a prison ("Crying Mayu" photo) in Ch. 7.

    Here's a video (of a playlist) showing the trigger event of this "hunting game". Also, I really recommend you (and anyone else) watch his videos on this game. They're just TOO funny! LOL!


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