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    Spirit List by Nagare Ryouma

    Version: Final | Updated: 02/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-FATAL FRAME II: Crimson Butterfly-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(Zero ~Akai Chou~)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    (c) Playstation 2 is a trademark of Sony Corporation Entertainment.
    (c) Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is a trademark of Tecmo Inc.
    (c) This FAQ/Walkthrough is by Nagare Ryouma (Shin-Getter) 2004
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    Version 1: Spirit List 97% + beginning of the FAQ/Walkthrough (29/12/03)
    Version 2: Did a few corrections, added a few more people to the credit 
               sections (7/01/04)
    Version 3: Finished on the missing sections, did a major upate on Chapter 8,
               completed the Sprit List 100% (12/01/04)
    Version 4: Did some minor corrections, added a few more tips, confirmed and 
               added 1 of the missing spirits on Chapter 7 (15/01/04)
    Version 5: Almost done with the FAQ, added some stuffs and a few corrections
    Version 6: Added a 'note' about spirit 'Unrest in Peace' in the Important
               Notice section, did some minor corrections, confirmed and 
               added the final missing spirit on Chapter 5 'Pulled Shadow' and 
               added a 'note' regarding about it in the Important Section,        
               finalized and completed the FAQ/Walkthrough (29/02/04)
    1>>>Important Notice
    2>>>Spirit List
    3>>>Chapter 1: The Lost Village
    4>>>Chapter 2: Twin Shrine Maidens	
    5>>>Chapter 3: The Repentance
    6>>>Chapter 4: The Forbidden Ritual
    7>>>Chapter 5: The Sacrifice
    8>>>Chapter 6: The Remaining
    9>>>Chapter 7: Sae
    10>>Chapter 8: Half Moon
    11>>Final Chapter: Crimson Butterfly 
    12>>Chapter Zero: Hellish Abyss
    ~Ok, this is the first time for me to write an FAQ/Walkthrough, so I'll do my
    best here to explain on things. Basically what you'll get out of this
    FAQ/Walkthrough is a guide on completing the Spirit List. So it's finally 
    here! (*Hears fans screaming the great name from all over the place) You'll 
    get a certain something after you unlock the listing, which is quite an 
    incentive. Since those ghosts had a lot of good time scaring the living hell 
    out of us, why don't we give them something in return eh? >=) So shall we 
    begin by reading the Important Notice first?~ -Nagare Ryouma (Shin-Getter)-
    So the entire game where going to clash with the paranormal. No zombies no
    monsters, no gun's n swords no rocket launchers; but ghosts (spirits) and a
    so-called weapon we possess known as the 'Camera Obscura' which plays a huge
    factor throughout the entire game. The FAQ/Walkthrough does contain some game
    walkthrough, but it's 'heavily' based on guiding you to complete the Spirit 
    List. So don't expect any major guides on unlocking puzzles, directions etc.
    Kindly refrain yourself from sending me mails asking me questions about them 
    because I will simply not reply to any of them. If there is any corrections or
    things that I'm missing, your always welcome to send me an e-mail. I've 
    split up the FAQ/Walkthrough into chapters for a better understanding. Some 
    spirits appear in 'order' and some of them will 'only' appear during 2nd 
    attempt gameplay. So let me clarify a few things here:
    -If you see (2nd) besides a particular heading, that means you have to play 
    the game the 2nd time to get that particular spirit.-
    -There is a spirit that 'only' shows up during 'Hard' mode called 'Pulled 
    Shadow'. It's not any major spolier to let you in about the spirits name since
    I assume your going to play the game the second time, so don't worry about it. 
    After you completed the game once, Hard mode get's unlocked and remember to 
    take that chance to get it then.-
    -I suggest you to read the 'Take Note' or 'Alert!!' reference first, that is 
    below in some headings because some of them gives you suggestions on where and 
    how to capture that particular spirit or it's proper location etc.-
    -I also included the names of the designated areas where you'll encounter 
    those spirits on the Spirit List. So remember to check on the map by pressing 
    the select button to confirm the names of the location you are at etc.-
    -Some ghost's pic's will appear after you defeat them. So don't get surprise 
    if you get a few more pics on your listing. I won't be including much about 
    them since you get them automatically after their defeat.- 
    -There is a mini-game which you could trigger in the game by collecting
    notes called 'Surveyor Notes'. There are a few spirits that only appear when 
    you get those notes which I have decided to include as well.-
    -Also, I notice how a lot of people keep asking about a particular spirit 
    called 'Unrest in Peace'. You get it automatically after you collected all the
    Surveyor Notes and triggered the mini-game. Once you defeat the particular 
    spirit, you get it.- 
    -Lastly, there is a extra chapter known as 'Chapter Zero' which could be 
    playable only if your playing the game in Hard/Nightmare mode. So if any of 
    you reading this doesn't fall into that particular category and takes a huge 
    upset over spoilers, then I recommend you to stay away from that particular 
    section until 2nd attempt gameplay in Hard/Nightmare mode.-
    [SPIRIT LIST 100%]
    [Wanderer/Study]---[Seeker/Misono Hill]---[Sickle Bearer/Misono Hill]---
    [Pole Bearer/Misono Hill]---[Sunken Woman/Whisper Bridge]---
    [Veiled Priest/Kurosawa-Altar]---[Man in Dark/Fireplace Rm]---
    [Woman in Dark/Kiryu-Hallway]---[Bloody Kimono/Hellish Abyss]---
    [Unrest in Peace/Back Rm]---[Rope Man/Sacrificial Altar]---
    [Crimson Kimono/Tachibana-Staircase Corridor]---[Fallen Woman/Hall with Clock]
    [Twin's Doll/Kiryu-Hallway]---[Twin's Spirit/Kiryu-Hallway]---
    [Woman in Box/Osaka-Storeroom]---[Broken Neck Woman/All God's Cemetery]---
    [Doll Maker/Hanging Doll Rm]---[Girl Playing Tag/Fireplace Rm]---
    [Boy Playing Tag/Fireplace Rm]---[Boy Playing Tag/Fireplace Rm]---
    [The Mourner/A Passageway]---[Limbo Man/Bloodstained Rm]---
    [Limbo Woman/Bloodstained Rm]---[Mr. Kurosawa/Rope Temple]---
    [Waiting Woman/Osaka-Entrance]---[Walks Inside/Dirt Hallway]---
    [Vanishes at Altar/Dirt Hallway]---[Atrium Woman/Big Tatami Rm]---
    [Vanishes at Door/Fireplace Rm]---[Man On Deck/Back Rm]---
    [Woman Behind Net/Big Tatami Rm]---[Stair Climber/Fireplace Rm]---
    [Standing Woman/Fireplace Rm]---[Beckoner/Servant's Rm]---
    [Stands Behind/Study]---[Butterfly Chaser/Osaka-Tachibana]---
    [Trapped Boy/Behind Storehouse]---[Bloody Kimono/Shrine Grounds]---
    [Floating Woman/Whisper Bridge]---[Priest Behind/Kurosawa-Entrance]---
    [Terrified Man/Hall of Contrast]---[2nd Floor Mayu/Courtyard Stairs]---
    [Dragger/Dirt Passage]---[Dragee/Dirt Passage]---
    [Fleeing Villager/Dirt Passage]---[Turns Head/Kurosawa-Guest Rm]---
    [Talking Man/Guest Rm Hallway]---[Calling Man/Courtyard Stairs]---
    [Behind Cloth/Kurosawa-Entrance]---[Clinging Shadow/Warehouse Hallway]---
    [Hopes for Ritual/Kurosawa-Entrance]---[Curtain Shadow/Kurosawa-Entrance]---
    [Child at Door/Storage Rm]---[Fading Child/Cloth Hallway]---
    [Cut-in Child/Cloth Hallway]---[Peeking Child/Partition Rm]---
    [Captive Man/Cell]---[Ritual Researcher/Cell]---[Ritual Pusher/Cloth Hallway]-
    [Speaking Man/Master's Rm]---[Warehouse Checker/Warehouse]---
    [Waiting Priest/Lattice Rm]---[Hanging Hand/Kurosawa-Guest Rm]---
    [No Escape/Kurosawa-Guest Rm]---[Confined Mayu/Warehouse]---
    [Corridor Woman/Kiryu-Tachibana]---[Lured Woman/Osaka-Tachibana]---
    [Weeping Woman/Tsuchihara-Front]---[Pulled Shadow/Dirt Hallway]---
    [Staring Woman/Big Tatami Rm]---[Searching Below/Osaka-A Passageway]---
    [Man Facing Wall/Osaka-Altar Rm]---[Crying Girl/Osaka Hse-Front]---
    [Entering Man/Kiryu Hse-Front]---[Man in Study/Kiryu-Screen Rm]---
    [Lattice Arm/Back Rm]---[Grave Girl/All God's Cemetery]---
    [Storehouse Bound/Osaka-Front]---[Peeking Kid/Osaka-Guest Rm]---
    [Dazed Girl/Kiryu-Entrance]---[Dazed Doll/Kiryu-Entrance]---
    [Fleeing Twin/Hanging Doll Rm]---[Fleeing Doll/Hanging Doll Rm]---
    [Vanishing Twin/Kiryu-Tatami Corridor]--[Vanishing Doll/Kiryu-Tatami Corridor]
    [Sitting Twin/Kiryu-Twin's Rm]---[Sitting Doll/Kiryu-Twin's Rm]---
    [Hidden Man/Kiryu Altar]---[Doomed Girl/Sealed Rm]---
    [Peeping Child/Kiryu-Hallway]---[Crimson Kimono/Tachibana-Hall]---
    [Crying Mayu/Tachibana-Hall]---[Fleeing Girl/Kiryu-Tatami Corridor]---
    [Evil Arm/Tachibana-Screen Rm]---[Fallen Mayu/The Old Tree]---
    [Storehouse Bound/Osaka-Tachibana]---[Imprisoned Boy/Storehouse]---
    [Running Child/Fireplace Rm]---[Running Child/Fireplace Rm]---
    [Running Child/Fireplace Rm]---[Hiding Child/Osaka-Guest Rm]---
    [Hiding Child/Deluxe Tatami Rm]---[Hiding Child/Back Rm]---
    [Roaming Doll/Osaka-Front]---[Prisoner/Cell]--[White Kimono/Kurosawa-Corridor]
    [Eternal Ritual/Sacrificial Altar]---[Eternal Ritual/Sacrificial Altar]---
    [Hellish Abyss Mayu/Hellish Abyss]---[Gate Checker/Misono Hill]---
    [Woman on Deck/Back Rm]---[Statue Checker/Three-sided Lot]---
    [Well Checker/Tsuchihara-Front]---[Man at Shrine/Kuerha Shrine]---
    [Exhausted Man/Kurosawa-Store Rm]---[Girl in Hiding/Osaka-Guest Rm]---
    [Frozen Woman/Big Tatami Rm]---[Frozen Man/Osaka Hse-Front]---
    [Shrine Shadow/Kureha Shrine Path]---[Drowned Woman/Whisper Bridge]---
    [Looking Down/Kurosawa-Entrance]---[Doll Stand Shadow/Doll Stand Rm]---
    [Garden Woman/Courtyard Stairs]---[Man in Shadows/Kiryu-Back]---
    [Woman in Box/Osaka-Store Rm]---[Miyako Sudo/Back Rm]---
    [Shivering Woman/Raised Tatami Rm]---[Masumi Makimura/Kurosawa-Store Rm]---
    [Free Fall/Hall with Clock]---[Pinned Down/Kiryu-Staircase Corridor]---
    [Corner Woman/Kiryu-Hallway]---[Crushed Men/Kiryu-A Passageway]---
    [Photo Woman/Kiryu-Altar]---[Male Twin/Tachibana-Twin Rm]---
    [Window Woman/Osaka-Front]---[Jumping Woman/Kiryu-Tachibana]---
    [Yoshitatsu Kiryu/Sealed Rm]---[Seijiro Makabe/Rope Temple]---
    [Ryokan Kurosawa/Kurosawa-Altar]---[Sae Kurosawa/Doll Stand Rm]---
    [Failed Kusabi/A Passageway]---[Yae Kurosawa/Misono Hill]---
    [Trapped Girl/Storehouse]---[The Repentance/Great Hall]---
    [Swallowed by Dark/Hellish Abyss]---[James Mielke/Storeroom with Window]---
    [Joe Rybicki/Whisper Bridge]---[Dave Halverson/Kiryu-Screen Rm]---
    [Bill Donohue/All God's Cemetery]---[Cleanser/Tachibana-Twin Rm]---
    [Unrequited/Courtyard Stairs]---
    (Total of 152 spirits)
    (2nd) The moment you enter the Osaka Hse Entrance, behind the lattice on your 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Waiting Woman']~~~ 
    (*Take Note* - You can only get her during 2nd attempt gameplay)
    (2nd) As your walking along the Dirt-floor Hallway towards the Back Rm 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Walks Inside']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get her during 2nd attempt gameplay)
    (2nd) After getting out of the Back Rm, as you proceed to the corner of the 
    Dirt-floor Hallway......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Vanishes at Altar']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get her during 2nd attempt gameplay)
    (2nd) Now head to the Big Tatami Rm..... (I suggest you to save first)
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Atrium Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get her during 2nd attempt gameplay. You must get 
    in a good view and snap a pic of her fast! Since she disappears really fast... 
    Also if your 'not' on your 2nd attempt, you can go straight to the Family 
    Altar Rm and disregard about this section for now. Saves time...)
    Head to the Family Altar Rm. A event kicks in and then......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Door Woman']~~~
    As you go and check on the Osaka Hse Entrance door...... (The entrance where 
    you came from)
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Vanishes at Door']~~~
    Now go to the Back Rm........
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Man on Deck']~~~
    (*Take Note* - As soon as you take the pic of the brazier, he appears straight 
    away. So I'll advise you to have equipped a fast loading film.... A Film 14 
    would do)
    Head your way to the Big Tatami Rm and check the closet.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Woman Behind Net']~~~
    Exit the Big Tatami Rm and walk along the stairs and......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Stair Climber']~~~
    As you reach the 2/F...... (I suggest you to save before going up to the 2/F)
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Standing Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Go to camera mode while you walk up the stairs. On the way up, 
    try to face your camera at the door on the 2/F)
    The moment you step into the Guest Rm.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Beckoner']~~~
    Your in the other half of the Guest Rm and as your about to lay your foot to 
    the Study Rm.......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Stands Behind']~~~
    (*Take Note* - She appears right at your back. (Entrance) Be careful when 
    taking a shot since Mayu tends to be at your back and she may cover the view. 
    Just for the reference, when you take a shot of that particular spirit, Mayu's 
    face will be in it so don't worry)
    As you leave the Study Rm and onto the Guest Rm, there's a big kimono.......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Girl in Hiding']~~~
    Go to the Big Tatami Rm, and as you go by the net....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Frozen Woman']~~~
    Go to the Back Rm, and as you go near the Brazier....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Woman on Deck']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Please do take note here!! A lot of people have been asking the 
    same old question over and over again on how to trigger the Surveyor Note 
    mini-game. This is the crucial part in order to make the mini-game take place.
    As your standing next to the Brazier, go to camera mode. You'll notice 
    'something' on the deck. After taking a pic of that particular spirit, go to 
    where she was standing, you'll pick up something to 'trigger a mini-game')
    After all that is done, exist the Osaka Hse and pursue Mayu. As you reach to
    the part where you last saw her.... (Read below first!)
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Butterfly Chaser']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Ok, this is the hardest pic you can get in the whole game. Ask
    any FF 2 fans and they'll agree to it! (*bow's down to the great Mayu for 
    making herself hard to catch) First of all, while your heading your way where 
    Mayu went, stick to the left. As soon as you see an open road that has a long
    alley, disregard it for the moment and keep going straight (still sticking to
    the left) and eventually you'll see a save. The reason for staying on the left 
    is simply because if your walking on the right, she show's up automatically.  
    I highly recommend you to save first, just in case. Now remember the alley we 
    just went by? Well, She appears right at the bottom but one problem; she 
    disappears 'real' fast without waiting for you to get halfway! There's a few 
    things you need to notice to get this one. One, there's a huge door on the 
    right. Two, there are 2 pieces of wood at the beginning of the alley. From the 
    save point keep walking till you get at the beginning (top) of the alley. Once 
    your at the beginning spot, go to camera mode (viewfinder) and make sure your 
    camera has a clear view of the middle area. Start from the middle, and 'run' 
    down the alley. She eventually shows up, and as soon as you get to the point 
    of the second wood on the ground and the middle of the huge door, go to camera 
    mode and just take a shot right in the middle! Of course part of her has to be 
    in it and don't worry about moving your view towards here. You should be able 
    to get her in time. I got her most of the time with this method, but there is 
    a chance of missing once or twice. So do remember to save before you hunt her
    After the event, follow those crimson butterflies heading towards the Osaka 
    Hse direction. As you pass by the Osaka Hse and a little further to the 
    abandoned hse on the right, you'll notice your camera's filament glowing 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Frozen Man']~~~
    (*Take Note* - He's in the abandoned Hse on your right)
    Go and check the well...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Well Checker']~~~
    (*Take Note* - After picking up Village Report 2, walk away from the well 
    and he show's up)
    Head to the back of the Storehouse (Small hse right next to the well)....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Trapped Boy']~~~
    (*Take Note* - After speaking with Itsuki, you can take a pic of him)
    Now go to Misono Hill (The place where you start off) and check the Shinto
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Gate Checker']~~~
    (*Take Note* - After picking up Village Report 4, walk away from the gate and 
    he show's up)
    Head your way back down to the Osaka Hse and turn left to keep walking till 
    you reach Kiryu Hse. (There's a save point there; you can save if you want) Go 
    around the corner to the back of the Hse and you'll reach Fork in Rd. Keep 
    going till you reach an entrance that has a long stairway.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Statue Checker']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Notice how there are rows of statues on each side of the 
    entrance? On the left side of the entrance, there is a row that has a red 
    pin-wheel. Check between that and the 3rd statue to pick up Village Report 1.
    Walk away from the place and he show's up)
    Go up those stairs and you'll reach the Kureha Shrine. As you are heading 
    towards the entrance...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Shrine Shadow']~~~
    Check the Kureha Shrine entrance and....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Man at Shrine']~~~
    (*Take Note* - After picking up Village Report 3, don't go into the shrine 
    yet. Turn your back and walk towards the stairs. He show's up then)
    Now, pursue Mayu and head to the Whisper Bridge. As your walking on the 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Floating Woman']~~~
    Check on the 2nd hole on the bridge and get the item.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Drowned Woman']~~~
    As you enter the main entrance to the Kurosawa Hse....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Bloody Kimono']~~~
    The moment you enter the hse and a little forward towards the big cloth.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Priest Behind']~~~
    (2nd) As your about to head to the hallway, a piece of wood falls down from 
    above the cloth....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Looking Down']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get him during 2nd attempt gameplay. Go to camera 
    mode and face up where the piece of wood dropped from)
    The moment you open the door to the Antechamber Rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Terrified Man']~~~
    Go to the Courtyard Staircase and as you reach the stairs....
    ~~~[Take a pic of '2nd Floor Mayu']~~~
    (*Take Note* - The moment you walk next to the stairs, she appears above you)
    (2nd) As you approach the save point on the 2/F of the Courtyard Staircase...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Unrequited']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get him during 2nd attempt gameplay. There is an 
    opening at the save point area, and there are 2 lights hanging above. He's 
    right there)
    As soon as you go around the corner of the Dirt-floor Hallway....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Fleeing Villager']~~~
    (*Take Note* - The moment you go around the corner he appears and disappears
    fast. So make sure to snap him fast!)
    While walking through the Dirt-floor Hallway you come to the middle and....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Dragger']~~~
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Dragee']~~~
    (*Take Note* - As soon as you reach the middle of the hallway a sudden 
    mini-event kicks in.... You'll be able to move very soon, and then quickly go 
    to a good position and snap a pic of both of them. There is 2 spirits you can
    take, the one dragging the corpse and the corpse itself. I recommend using a 
    quick loading film like a Film-90 for this one or which ever you desire)
    As you enter the Guest Rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Turns Head']~~~ 
    (2nd) After you obtain the Twin Dolls Head item, go to the Guest Rm first. 
    Check the circle partition...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Hanging Hand']~~~
    After taking the shot, stay in camera mode and slowly walk forward to the
    circle partition....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'No Escape']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get them during 2nd attempt gameplay)
    After the doll puzzle in the Doll Stand Rm, on the right of the stand....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Doll Stand Shadow']~~~
    As your walking along the Guest Rm Hallway....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Talking Man']~~~
    As your walking down the stairs in the Courtyard Staircase....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Calling Man']~~~
    Once your at the bottom of the Courtyard Staircase....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Garden Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Try checking at the side of the stairs)
    Enter the Great Hall and after the event.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Exhausted Man']~~~
    (*Take Note* - He only appears if you have triggered the Surveyor mini-game by
    collecting all the notes. So if you had been following the walkthrough, then
    you'll get him for sure. Check the Store Rm in the Great Hall. Remember to get 
    something behind him at the end)
    Go to the Entrance hallway of the Kurosawa Hse...(Where you came from)
    (*Take Note* - Ok, there is 2 spirits (1st Option and 2nd Option) in which 
    you can 'only' get either one of them in one gameplay. It won't be possible to 
    get them both at the same gameplay no matter which game difficulty your 
    playing with. So your only chance to collect both of them in your Spirit List 
    is by playing the game twice. Just for the reference, if you want to get 2nd
    Option, then don't check the door opposite Antechamber Rm)
    (1st Option) Check the door opposite the Antechamber Rm...(The door on the 
    right at the end of the hallway)
    ~~~[Take pic of 'Hopes for Ritual']~~~
    As your walking towards the main entrance of the Kurosawa Hse......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Curtain Shadow']~~~
    (*Take Note* - While walking the hallway the screen will turn slightly grey 
    and check the big cloth in front of you)
    (2nd Option) Check the main entrance (door) of the Kurosawa Hse and you'll see
    a lot of bloody handprints....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Behind Cloth']~~~
    (*Take Note* - He appears behind you really fast and disappears really fast. 
    So do snap him fast as well!)
    As you enter the Storage Rm, walk towards the other door on that floor....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Child at Door']~~~
    Go upstairs of the Storage Rm and you'll come to the Partition Screen Rm.
    As your heading towards the door on that floor....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Peeking Child']~~~
    Head your way to the Cloth Hallway.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Fading Child']~~~
    (*Take Note* - I highly recommend you to 'walk' then 'run' into the hallway. 
    As soon as you approach the first cloth hanging in the hallway he appears 
    super fast, so make sure to get ready to take a super fast shot!)
    While walking through the Cloth Hallway you pass by a big entrance in the 
    middle of the hallway and....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Cut-in Child']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Speaking about ultra fast! The above spirit is no where near 
    this one's standard alright. As soon as you reach the middle of the hallway 
    where the big entrance is, keep yourself on the right and keep 'walking' ahead
    and he runs right by behind you. You got to act fast while your in camera mode 
    and capturing the view of this spirit before snapping it. Remember to 
    accelerate the camera while in camera mode by pressing the square button to 
    get to him. To keep it simple, go to camera mode, accelerate, aim for the wall 
    where he runs into and you should make it in time to take a pic of him)
    As you enter the Warehouse.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Warehouse Checker']~~~
    Go to check the Cell and the moment you enter that area....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Captive Man']~~~
    Walk along the Warehouse Hallway to the end and....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Clinging Shadow']~~~
    The moment your just about to get to the middle of the Cloth Hallway near the 
    big entrance.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Ritual Pusher']~~~
    Head to the Family Altar Rm and up the stairs to the Meditation Rm. Go through
    the small door and....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Speaking Man']~~~
    (*Take Note* - The secret passageway is actually connected to the Master Rm. 
    As you enter 'walk' forward to the end of the passageway and it appears)
    Go to the Connecting Bridge, and as you enter the Lattice Rm and......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Waiting Priest']~~~
    Use the 2 keys to open the gate to the Cell. As you go in, walk towards 
    the opening right across the desk....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Ritual Researcher']~~~
    After the event, check on Mayu behind the door...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Confined Mayu']~~~
    After leaving the Whispering Bridge and arriving at All God's Village; while
    approaching the first sets of stairs (There is a bridge above it), the screen
    turns grey and....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Corridor Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - She appears on the bridge. So I would suggest you to run on
    those stairs all the way to the top and a little further and quickly get a 
    clear view of the bridge and take a pic of her. By the time you are ready to 
    take a pic of her, she'll be near the end of the bridge just in time for a 
    As you go around the corner towards the Osaka Hse direction...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Lured Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - The moment she appears, make sure to get to camera mode and 
    have a good view of her. You can follow her a bit for a better view)
    Head to the back of the Kiryu Hse right before the Fork in Rd. As your heading 
    towards the statue guardian deities at the far end.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Man in Shadows']~~~
    Now head your direction towards the Osaka Hse. While your on your way....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Storehouse Bound']~~~
    Now reach to the Storehouse and outside....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Weeping Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Don't talk to Itsuki just yet.)
    Now head your way to the Osaka Hse. As you enter the Sunken-fire Place move a 
    little on towards the Dirt-floor Hallway you'll notice that the bottom closet 
    at the hallway...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Pulled Shadow']~~~
    (*Take Note* Ok, this spirit is a real picky one. It will 'only' and I repeat, 
    'only' appear during 'Hard' mode. So don't expect it to show up during other 
    game mode. If your not playing on Hard mode, disregard this part for now and 
    go directly to the Family Altar Rm) 
    Head to the Family Altar Rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Man Facing Wall']~~~ 
    (*Take Note* - Notice why I told you not to talk to Itsuki? That's because by
    doing so this spirit will not show up. However, after capturing this spirit 
    there is a puzzle that needs to be unveiled by Itsuki in order to make it
    take place. So once you capture this spirit, head over to Itsuki and talk to 
    him then come back to Osaka Hse)
    (2nd) As you return to Osaka Hse, head your way to the Kimono Rm's Storeroom 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Woman in Box']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get her during 2nd attempt of gameplay)
    Go to the Big Tatami Rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Staring Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Once you enter, head yourself towards the net and walk towards 
    the window but not reaching it. Repeat the action back and fourth and she 
    shows up)
    Go to the 2/F and enter the Guest Rm. Go check out the clock that's hanging on
    the wall in the rm.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Peeking Kid']~~~
    (2nd) Head to the Back Rm and.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Miyako Sudo']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get her during 2nd attempt of gameplay. If you 
    had been following the guide and triggered the Surveyor Note mini-game by 
    collecting all the notes, only then will you be able to get this spirit.
    She's at the center of the deck, you can either get her during the fight or
    afterwards. Also, you'll get a picture 'Unrest in Peace' after you defeat 
    Masumi which I decided to add since a lot of people were asking)
    After the puzzle and opening the Passageway, head down to it....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Searching Below']~~~
    After leaving the Osaka Hse and while your walking the direction towards the 
    Kiryu Hse....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Crying Girl']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Walking halfway through that particular direction, check out 
    on the right where there is an hse that has broken screens)
    (2nd) Go to the Great Hall in Kurosawa Hse, and check out the Storeroom....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Masumi Makimura']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get him during 2nd attempt of gameplay. If you 
    had been following the guide and triggered the Surveyor Note mini-game by 
    collecting all the notes, only then will you be able to get this spirit)
    Once your out of the Whisper Bridge pursuing Mayu, an event kicks in and...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Corridor Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - After the event, go to camera mode and face up to the bridge. 
    She's still there, so snap a pic of her)
    Go through the side door of Kiryu Hse (The door next to the stairs with the 
    bridge above it). Go up and check the Connecting Bridge (Where you saw Mayu 
    just minutes ago). Then back to Sliding Screen Rm go right near the end of the 
    hallway and.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Man at Study']~~~
    (*Take Note* - To make this spirit appear, you have to do a few things in 
    order. First, go to the Connecting Bridge and check on the other side of the 
    door. Second, defeat a certain evil spirit. Lastly, head back to the Sliding 
    Screen Rm and walk all the way near the end of the hallway. It appears through 
    the broken screens, so make sure to at least make him partly visible for you
    to take a pic of him)
    Head to the main front entrance of the Kiryu Hse and... (There is a save point
    right opposite of the hse)
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Entering Man']~~~
    As you go into the Kiryu Hse Entrance....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Dazed Doll' & 'Dazed Girl']~~~
    (*Take Note* - There is 2 of them, you can either take a pic of them each 
    alone or both at once, just for the reference. I do recommend you to take them 
    all at once, saves time. While your at camera mode, make sure the view 
    (circle) has both of them in it so that you can get both of them at the same 
    Head to the Hanging Doll Rm. As your heading to the door....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Fleeing Doll' & 'Fleeing Twin']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Again, there is 2 of them so you can either take a pic of 
    them each alone or both at once)
    You arrive at the Tatami Rm-Hallway. As you walking forward....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Vanishing Doll' & 'Vanishing Twin']~~~
    (*Take Note* - There is 2 of them so you can either take a pic of 
    them each alone or both at once)
    Go to the Twins Rm (Rm to the very far end on the right). You checked the rm 
    and as your about to leave the rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Sitting Doll' & 'Sitting Twin']~~~
    (*Take Note* - There is 2 of them so you can either take a pic of 
    them each alone or both at once)
    Onto the Hallway of Contrast you go. After the event, head your way to the 
    left far end of the hallway where there is an open rm that has blue cloths
    hanging from above. Go inside and go to camera mode....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Peeping Child' (>=( this brat...)]~~~
    After the Doll Rm, head to the Family Altar Rm. As you walk close to the altar 
    you notice a crack on the wall.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Hidden Man']~~~
    Head to the Sealed Rm (Rm beyond the crack). There's an item on the large desk
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Doomed Girl']~~~
    (*Take Note* - I've decided to include this part because after you checked out 
    the Sealed Rm, you'll have to go and find the doll parts. Since the parts are 
    all over the Hse, it's possible to find them randomly. What I had learnt is 
    that it's much wiser to get them in an order so that you don't have to go 
    back and fourth along the way. That's what you'll get from me =) Oh and, 
    when you find those parts there is always a spirit that you can take a pic of; 
    that's the main reason for this reference)
    From the Sealed Rm, go to the Staircase Hallway and go upstairs to the 2/F. As 
    your walking through the hallway, you notice there is a dead end in one of the 
    paths that has the ceiling crushed down....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Pinned Down']~~~
    Head to the Raised Tatami Rm and you see a sitting figure. (A doll?) 
    As you approach it....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Shivering Woman']~~~
    There's a Storeroom in the Stairway Rm. Go there and...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Azami Kiryu']~~~
    There is an empty room that has a broken door in the Stairway Rm. You check 
    through the lattice and see the corner of the rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Corner Woman']~~~
    Below the Stairway Rm, there is a Clock Hall. Go down there and check the 
    place out.
    (2nd) After you defeated her, head back up to the 2/F where the save point is.
    Check on the broken handrail.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Free Fall' (Fallen Woman)]~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get her during 2nd attempt gameplay. Just for the 
    reference, you can also get her at Chapter 8 if you choose not to take a pic 
    of her now. Face your Camera Obscura right below the broken handrail to catch 
    the pic)
    Head to the Sliding Screen Rm using the door at the Stairway Rm. Once your 
    there head to the 1/F Storeroom......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Azami Kiryu']~~~
    Go to the Hallway of Contrast and check out the Storeroom with Window....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Azami Kiryu']~~~
    [CHAPTER 7: SAE]
    After retrieving your camera, as your walking along the Passageway you notice 
    some crumbled rocks on the left, right before the ladder....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Crushed Men']~~~
    (2nd) Out of the Large Store Rm to the Hallway of Contrasts, you notice there 
    is a door that is held by some powerful force next to the Large Store Rm. 
    After opening the door, you come to the Projector Rm. The moment you enter the 
    Sliding Screen Rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Evil Arm']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get it during 2nd attempt gameplay. Also, you must 
    first get this spirit before proceeding the game since it doesn't show up 
    afterwards. The moment you enter the Sliding Screen Rm, you'll notice there is 
    a door and a Storeroom. Stand between them and go to camera mode, facing the 
    front (opposite the door) you'll notice a well. (If it doesn't show then while 
    in camera mode try walking a little forward) If your not on your 2nd attempt 
    gameplay, then head to the Twin's Rm and disregard this part for now)
    Head to the Twin's Rm (Rm opposite Large Store Rm) and check the rm's far 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Male Twin']~~~
    (2nd) There's a mummy looking figure sitting on the chest of drawers in the 
    rm. As you go and check on it....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Cleanser']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get it during 2nd attempt gameplay)
    Head to the Clock Hall, and go up the stairs and you'll reach the Stairway Rm.
    After locating where Mayu is.... 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Crying Mayu']~~~
    Then check on the door of that particular rm and....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Crimson Kimono']~~~
    (*Take Note* - The moment you check on the door of that rm, Crimson Kimono 
    Head your way to the Tatami Room-Hallway. The moment you approach the long 
    corridor opposite the Deluxe Tatami Rm....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Fleeing Girl']~~~
    (*Take Note* - When you reach the Kureha Shrine, the screen turns grey and you
    can again take another pic of 'Man at Shrine' which you had gotten earlier in 
    Chapter 2. It's basically the same pic, just for your reference)
    After you reach The Old Tree an event kicks in, Mayu will be exhausted and 
    she'll rest herself by the side.... 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Fallen Mayu']~~~
    Once you get the Octagon Key, head towards the Storehouse. (Itsuki's location, 
    and remember to exist from the entrance where you came in from) On your way to 
    the Storehouse, you'll pass a save point outside the Kiryu Hse. As you walk on 
    towards the Storehouse.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Storehouse Bound' (Sae)]~~~
    Before entering the Storehouse, head to the Osaka Hse. There is a statue of 
    guardian deities opposite (right) outside of the Osaka Hse.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Window Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Stand behind the statue, go to camera mode and get a clear view 
    of the back of the Storehouse)
    Along the way to the Storehouse, you pass by an abandoned hse on the right and 
    your screen suddenly turns slightly grey...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Roaming Doll']~~~
    (*Take Note* - It's the hse opposite the Osaka Hse. While walking along 
    towards the Storehouse direction, there is an opening of a broken door on the 
    right side. When the screen turns slightly grey go to camera mode and face you 
    camera to that direction)
    The moment you enter the Storehouse....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Imprisoned Boy' (Itsuki Tachibana)]~~~
    After that, you'll have to go and collect 3 crest for the pin-wheel shrine. 
    Head to the Cemetery first. Once you reached inside of the cemetery, notice 
    how there are 2 slightly long paths in there, left & right? (The Tsuchihara 
    Tombstone is on and facing the left side) Walk on the left side and eventually 
    the screen will turn grey. Opposite the Tsuchihara Tombstone.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Grave Girl']~~~
    After that has been done, head to Kiryu Hse. 
    (*Take Note* - It would be best for you to enter from the main entrance of 
    Kiryu Hse, since it's more straight forward to get all the spirits along the 
    way and exist at the end, not needing to go back and fourth)
    Go to the Seal Rm (Where the doll maker was) and check out the big desk....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Yoshitatsu Kiryu']~~~
    The Family Altar Rm is in the next rm, so head yourself over there. As soon as 
    you enter the rm, go to the rm's far end (opposite of the door) and use your 
    Camera Obscura to look up at one of the ancestor pictures, the one in rows of 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Photo Woman']~~~
    Head to the Hallway of Contrast and check out the window at the Storeroom with
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'James Mielke']~~~
    Now go to Sliding Screen Rm. (Corridor above the first Projector Rm at Kiryu 
    Hse) After the Azami Doll event, approach the entrance towards the Connecting 
    Bridge and your filament glows blue. Check one of the broken screens near the 
    entrance and.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Dave Halverson' (I-It's a Western Goldfish! 0_o;)]~~~
    Now make your exist on the 1/F's entrance and head towards the Whisper Bridge. 
    On your way you walk down some stairs in between the Kiryu Hse and Tachibana 
    Hse. Above is a bridge, and you notice your filament glowing blue.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Jumping Woman']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Walk down a little further just passing the bridge above and go
    to camera mode and look up to the bridge)
    At the entrance of the bridge (on your left) go to the far end where you first 
    got an item there....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Joe Rybiki']~~~ 
    (*Take Note* - The location of this spirit is pretty much close to the bottom 
    left of the bridge. Just face your Camera Obscura down once you reach the 
    desired location and face yourself towards the bottom left in camera mode)
    Head towards Osaka Hse. After getting the crest (remember to save first) and 
    when you head out to the Sunken Fire Place.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Running Child' x3]~~~
    (*Take Note* - Yup, you heard me, 3 kids playing tag for you to catch! Beware! 
    They run so damn fast, your going to have to equip a fast loading film to be 
    able to capture all of them at once. Yes, it is possible to get all of them in 
    one go. First, start off with the girl on the left (runs toward the far left 
    wall). Then quickly (hold on to the square button to accelerate the view of 
    your Camera Obscura) and capture the kid running in the center. 
    Lastly, the slowest one slightly to the right who run's towards the broken 
    partition, run's failry slow) 
    (*Option 2* - There is also another alternative to catch the 2 boys 
    (the one in the middle and the one in the far right) together in one shot if 
    your having trouble getting them one by one. You'll need the 'Zoom' ability 
    for you camera, and remember to have it set on zoomed out. First as mentioned 
    above, take the pic of the girl on the left, then in cameramode (viewfinder) 
    get a perfect view of the duo and snap it! All credits go to f3rd1 frome 
    Once you get them, you trigger a so-called mini-game where you get to put an 
    end to their forever lasting tag game by catching all 3 of them in the Osaka 
    Hse. First go to the Family Altar Rm. Once you enter it, go through to the 
    next rm which is the Deluxe Tatami Rm...
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Hiding Child']~~~ 
    (*Take Note* - As you enter that rm, remember to face yourself near the 
    partition where there's a picture scroll hanging on the wall. That's where he 
    Next go to the Back Rm. As you head out to onto the deck.......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Hiding Child']~~~
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Lattice Hands']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can catch 2 spirit's on the deck at the same time. I would 
    suggest you to get the kid first, since he disappears faster then the hands. 
    He'll be on the left side of the deck. After that quickly move slightly to the 
    right where the window of the Big Tatami Rm is visible, you'll see something 
    there. Don't hesitate and just snap a shot of it!)
    So 2 kids and 1 more to go. Where could she be? Head your way to the 2/F and 
    go into the Guest Rm. (I would suggest you to save before you go to the Guest 
    Rm...) As you enter the 2nd section of the Guest Rm....... 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Hiding Child']~~~
    (*Take Note* - She's right behind the huge Kimono) 
    So you caught them all and added them to your spirit list. "Hmph! The end of 
    the tag game!" you say to yourself; you gracefully head yourself out of the 
    Guest Rm and to the 1/F Sunken Fire Place....
    ~~~[Alert!!]~~~ You will meet them up again once you reach the Sunken Fire 
    Place. Only this time you'll have to fight the 3 of them to really put an end 
    to their tag game. Notice now why I told you to save before you enter the 
    Guest Rm earlier on?
    After the event where you get separated from Mayu (again..), head yourself 
    to the Storehouse. Once your there, go to the 2/F........
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Trapped Girl']~~~
    Now head towards Misono Hill and look at the Shinto Gate (the gate where you 
    came through at the beginning of the game)......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Yae Kurosawa' (Hah! Yae was here! Take that Sae!)]~~~
    Then go to the Cemetery. When your inside, go to the far end where there's an 
    opening without a Tombstone there....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Bill Donohue' (He looks like Bill Clinton... 0_o;)]~~~
    Once that's all done, you'll have to pursue Mayu. Since we can't let the 
    darkness take her away! Onto Kurosawa Hse we go! 
    (*Take Note* - Again it will be best for you to enter from the main entrance 
    of the Kurosawa Hse and not the side door; since it's much more forward to get 
    all the spirits along the way and to head on towards the game without having 
    to go back and fourth)
    The first place to head to is the Great Hall. As you enter the hall.....
    ~~~[Alert!!]~~~ I've decided to include this section because you'll be 
    encountering 4 spirits attacking you at the same time the moment you step into 
    the hall. 3 Limbo man, and 1 Limbo Woman. It's really a horror having to hear 
    so many voices by them at the same time "My Arms~!"....... >=( You can choose 
    to defeat them to get the spirit pic or getting it while their chasing you. 
    The pic you'll get at the sunken fire place in the Great Hall is....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'The Repentance']~~~
    Head to the entrance on the far end of the hall towards the Courtyard 
    Staircase.... Up the stairs you go and through the door towards the Doll 
    Stand Rm. (There's a save right before you go into the door, so save if you 
    want) As you enter the Doll Stand Rm, go check the partition......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Sae Kurosawa' (She's cute when she's sane ya?)]~~~
    Exist Doll Stand Rm, and head your way to the corridor that connects to the 
    Master Rm. Go through the Master Rm and from there on head towards the Cell 
    (Where Seijiro Makabe was held captive). As you enter the first door outside 
    the Cell......
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Prisoner' (Seijiro Makabe)]~~~
    (*Take Note* - He appears inside the Cell. Since your outside of the cell 
    thinking it's easy to take a shot of him, think twice. Don't forget the cell 
    has all those woods (obstacles) that prevents you from taking a clear pic. 
    Not to mention how he disappears quite fast, so you have to find yourself in a 
    good position to take a good snap of him and fast!)
    (2nd) Now head to the the Family Altar Rm. Inside there's a huge altar fixed 
    in the center of the rm. As you go towards the front of it.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Ryokan Kurosawa']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get him during 2nd attempt of gameplay)
    Now onto the Connecting Bridge. While following the crimson butterflies on the 
    left side, walking along.....
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'White Kimono' (Sae)]
    (*Take Note* - She show's up on the right side)  
    (2nd) After you defeat Ryokan Kurosawa or in the middle of fighting him at the 
    Rope Temple, use your Camera Obscura and look up towards the altar.... 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Seijiro Makabe']~~~
    (*Take Note* - You can only get him during 2nd attempt gameplay)
    While walking down the village Passageway, and just after getting by all those 
    Mounrers >=( There's a part where you cross between an opening of groundwater 
    and a single fireplace. A bit more forward you see a crack on the right of the 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Failed Kusabi']~~~
    (*Take Note* - There is a crack on the right hand side of the cave that looks 
    like a 'V' after a little further on passing the groundwater. Use your Camera 
    Obscura to peek inside the crack)
    Once you reach the Sacrificial Altar......  
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Eternal Ritual']~~~
    After you defeat the Kusabi (Rope Man), head down to the Hellish Abyss and...
    ~~~[Take a final pic of 'Hellish Abyss Mayu']~~~
    (*Take Note* - Don't get past the final gate yet... After the talk, just snap 
    a pic of her) <-You won't get this pic during Hard/Nightmare mode
    (*Take Note* - This chapter can only be opened when you play either in Hard or 
    Nightmare mode)
    While fighting Sae, there will be some moments when she'll stop attacking you.
    When that time comes, head to the south side of the Abyss and go to camera 
    mode following by facing your camera down the Abyss.... 
    ~~~[Take a pic of 'Swallowed by Dark']~~~
    (*Take Note* - The circle in your viewer will be glowing green when your in 
    camera mode and whilst facing the Abyss) 
    *Sony Computer Entertainment - For making the PS2-
    *Tecmo - Although I hate Tomonobu Itagaki (Head of Team Ninja), but I'm glad 
    Tecmo has got other cool producers who I sincerely thank for making the Fatal 
    Frame series. Yes that's you Keisuke Kikuchi-san!- 
    *GameFAQs - Thanks to GameFAQs for it's existence!- 
    *Neoseeker - Thanks for giving my FAQ an oppurtunity to be posted on their
    respective site!-
    *mvallas at GameFaq - For letting in about the missing surveyor's note and 
    how to trigger the mini-game event, thanks a lot! =)-   
    *Chozo Abigaba at GameFaq - For letting me in about 'Joe Mielke' and 
    'Swallowed by Dark' and the method on getting it. Thanks a lot! Keep up with 
    the great FAQ/Walkthrough of yours!-
    *alcardv at GameFaq - For letting in about the Mayu pic in Chapter 2 
    'Butterfly Chaser' and the pic 'Draggee'. Thanks a lot!-
    *Harujisora at GameFaq - For giving me suggestions on creating a FAQ, 
    keep up the good work with the PA too!-
    *Kenneth Derda* *Zelly* *f3rd1* and *lilrox* - 
    The 4 lovely person above I have to thank with everything I have for not only 
    suggesting, but helping out to confirm the one and only 'Pulled Shadow' after   
    all those confusion for it not showing up. Arigatou Min-nai!- 
    *Won-Bo (My Bulldog) - For fighting by my side against evil spirits! He has a 
    certain dislike towards Sae and the peeping kid... You should check out the 
    way how he aggressively jumps onto the TV :-p- 
    *Nagare Ryouma (Shin-Getter) - Me, for presenting an FAQ/Walkthrough to all 
    you hardcore FF 2 fans =) It's really an honor =)-
    *And finally..... To all you people who dropped by and read my FAQ/Walkthrough 
    thank you all and hope it helped out!-

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