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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FatalMaster

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 01/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                      FATAL FRAME 2
                                    CRIMSON BUTTERFLY
     Name Of Author: FatalMaster
     Version: 0.75
     Format: PlayStation 2 only
     Type Of Guide: Walkthrough
     E-mail: e_denver71@hotmail.com
     Table Of Contents
     1) Legal Disclaimer
     2) Introduction
     3) Characters
     4) Controls
     5) Camera Functions/Items
       - Camera Aim/Background
       - Spirit Points/Orb
       - Spirit Stone Radio
       - Excorcismal Films
       - Camera Upgrades
       - Camera Special Shots
       - Camera/Game Hints And Strategies
       - Disposable Items Guide
     6) Fatal Frame 2 Walkthrough
     7) Unlockables
     8) Spirit Guide
     9) Overall Review
     1.Legal Disclaimer
     Reproduction of this guide is strictly forbidden without permission. Gamefaqs.com is the
     only current website allowed to display this guide, but requests to display this guide in
     other websites are also allowed. Please e-mail me if you have any extra tips or hints,
     suggestions and errors to improve this guide. Modification of this guide is still not
     Copyright 2004 by FatalMaster
     Many fans have been waiting for this game for a long time, so hopes were definitely high
     for the next installment of the Fatal Frame series. Survival horror games like these do not
     come along often, and I'm definitely satisfied with the quality of this game. Be warned
     though, do not play this game at night, unless you have someone watching you play. But even
     so, this game will make you feel as though something else is tailing you.
     Like the original Fatal Frame, this game features the Camera Obscura, in which you steal your
     foe's soul energy by zapping them with the camera, and dark, creepy settings as well as hot
     Japanese girls. What more could a survival horror fan ask for? Still, this game
     should impress anyone in an instant.
     The graphics have been improved quite impressively since Fatal Frame 1 and the combat is still
     as engaging and fun as ever. You get to upgrade your camera to make it a better soul-stealer
     device by adding 'Spirit Orbs' and enchance it further. Don't let that distract you, however.
     This is an awesome game overall, which is why I am writing this guide to aid all of you in
     your terrifying journey through your worst nightmare. Read on below if you dare.
     Crimson Sacrifice Ritual:
      A mysterious ritual in which one twin kills the other one by stangling to calm the Hellish
     Abyss. The force created when the one strangled becomes one with the Remaining twin after
     transforming into a Crimson Butterfly is believed to provide enough energy to seal the Abyss.
     This ritual is performed from time to time with different pairs of twins, although boy twins
     can also be used. (see Itsuki/Mutsuki Tachibana section)
     Hidden Ceremony/Cutting Ritual
      Villagers sacrifice a human by slashing him/her repeatedly and then thrown into the pit to
     calm the Abyss temporarily before the Crimson Sacrifice. The villagers now use unwary
     outsiders as the sacrifice. The one sacrificed for the Hidden Ceremony are called Kusabis.
     The villagers believed that the more pain the sacrificed feels, the more better it would be
     to calm the Abyss. Seijiro Makabe, a failed Kusabi, appeared on the day of the Repentance and
     murdered the village along with Sae.
     a) Mio Amakura
      The younger twin of Mayu, who acts as the main character you will control in the game. She
     wields the feared Camera Obscura and battles hostile spirits out to get her with it. Mio has
     a weaker psychic ability than Mayu, but she is physically the stronger of the two. Mio feels
     responsible for the accident that left her sister limping when they were kids and vows to take
     care of her. She is mistaken for Yae by Itsuki, the ghost boy locked in the storehouse. Not
     much is known about the Amakura family, except for having two hot Japanese teenagers.
     b) Mayu Amakura
      Has a stronger psychic gift that Mio, although weaker in physical condition. She limps when
     she walks due to an accident in which she slipped down a steep slope. Mayu seems attracted to
     the Crimson Butterflies and is more susceptible to spirit possesion and attack. Mio, the
     younger twin, takes care of her. Mayu is the elder twin, but actually the younger one in terms
     of Japanese belief, so she is the supposed to be sacrificed during the ritual.
     a) Yae Kurosawa
      The younger twin in birth, Yae was supposed to strangle Sae but refused as she loved her twin
     too much. Due to this, Yae fled the village on the day of the ceremony with a reluctant Sae
     with the help of Itsuki, who was locked up in the storehouse soon after. He commited suicide
     after fulfilling his promise to Mutsuki. Sae slipped down a slope during their escape and was
     soon caught by the villagers. Sae had been sacrificed, Hell had broke loose and the entire
     village enveloped in darkness. Yae realized she had been too late and broke down weeping. Ryozo
     Munakata, Seijiro Makabe's student, found her near the village's entrance crying. He comforted
     her and Yae soon lost her memories of the event. They both soon got married, had a child named
     Mikoto (Fatal Frame heroine Miku's grandmother) and they moved in at the Himuro Mansion. Yae
     died there at the Cherry Atrium after hanging herself in Himuro Mansion of Fatal Frame One.
     b) Sae Kurosawa
      The elder twin in birth, Sae has a deep connection with Yae. Both promised never to leave each
     other no matter what came in between them. Due to this deep bond, both were very reluctant to
     perform the Crimson Sacrifice, so they escaped on the day of the ritual. Sae is physically
     weaker than Yae (much like Mayu is weaker than Mio physically, maybe there is a connection?) so
     she is not capable of running too well and slipped down a slope before she was caught by the
     villagers. Sae hoped Yae would return for her, but she never showed. The villagers could not
     locate Yae, so they were forced to perform the ritual with one twin. Sae was thrown into the pit
     and the ritual failed. Hell was unsealed, and Sae appeared possesed by Malice before the people
     along with Kusabis who had failed their purpose and massacred the entire village. As a spirit,
     Sae is still waiting for Yae, their eternal promise still etched in her soul.
     c) Ryokan Kurosawa
      Father to Sae and Yae and also Ceremoy Master and head of the village. He was killed when
     the Crimson Sacrifice failed and died in shame. He is the spirit you will battle as the Ceremony
     Master near the end of the game.
     Seijiro Makabe
      Teacher of Ryozo Munakata. He was a folklorist on a mission to investigate the rituals that
     were practiced in the village. He was also a friend of Dr Kunihiko Aso and borrowed Aso's
     Camera Obscura to aid him in his investigation. Makabe visited All God's Village with his
     student Ryozo before the Repentance. He was captured and planned to be made into a Kusabi by
     the villagers. Makabe felt happy to be sacrificed as he got to see Hell with his own eyes, so
     the ritual failed to calm the Abyss properly. He appeared together with Sae on the day of
     the Repentance and helped murder the surviving villagers.
     Ryozo Munakata
      Student of Seijiro Makabe. Came to the village with his teacher. Ryozo left before the day of
     the ceremony due to his teacher's warnings but returned on the day of the ceremony to help
     Itsuki. He returned only to find Yae weeping near the entrance and comforted her. Soon, they
     both married, had a child named Mikoto and went to the Himuro Mansion to further his work as
     a folklorist. Ryozo died in the Mansion in Fatal Frame One after opening the door to Demon
     Mouth and returned as a hostile spirit for Miku to battle with.
     Kunihiko Aso
      Creator of the Camera Obscura. He was interested in the supernatural and soon built the Camera
     Obscura and Spirit Radio to further his investigations. No one appreciated his inventions, so
     he lent his camera and radio to Seijiro Makabe, a folklorist investigating rituals in All Gods
     Village. Aso's death is shrouded in mystery although a Fatal Frame 3 would be a good excuse to
     explain his tragic tale to the world.
     a) Chitose Tachibana
      Younger sister of Itsuki/Mitsuki Tacibana. She was deeply saddened when her twin brothers had
     to perform the ritual, so Itsuki (the Remaining twin) gave her a cute bell. Chitose developed
     a hatred for Yae as she thought it was her fault her brothers had to do the ritual. In the
     game, Chitose mistakes Mio for Yae so she attacks her. Chitose has a habit of hiding in the
     closet so she hid there when the Repentance ocurred and died in there. You know when she is
     around when you hear the sweet tinkling of a bell.
     b) Itsuki/Mutsuki Tachibana
      Twin brothers of Chitose Tachibana who performed the ritual. Itsuki had to strangle Mutsuki,
     but due to their deep attachment to one another, the Crimson Sacrifice failed so Yae and Sae had
     to do it. After the ritual, Itsuki became silent and his hair changed into white soon. He had
     made a promise with Mutsuki to help Yae and Sae escape but was soon found out and he was
     imprisoned in the storehouse. Itsuki commited suicide by hanging himself. Mayu seems to know
     Itsuki somehow......
     a) Akane Kiryu
      Her situation is similar to Itsuki in which she did not want to kill her twin, Azami Kiryu
     but her ritual was a sucess. Akane found that she could not kill her beloved twin, so the
     priests aided her and changed Azami into a crimson butterfly. Akane was silent after the ritual
     so her father made her a doll that looked like Azami. Akane began whisperong to the doll,
     and eventually it possesed her entirely. Her father had suspected the doll contained an evil
     spirit of Azami and tried to destroy it, but he fell victim to Akane and she murdered him.
     Akane died soon after the doll had drained her energy.
     b) Azami Kiryu
      Azami was sacrificed and turned into a butterfly after the ritual ended. She appeared as a
     good spirit in front of her father to warn him that the doll that he had created for Akane
     had a part of Azami's evil spirit within it.
     c) Yoshitastsu Kiryu
      Father of Akane and Azami Kiryu. He was a dollmaker and made an Azami-lookalike doll for
     Akane in hopes of cheering her up. He soon figured out the doll was evil after a spirit of
     Azami appeared to warn him and tried to destroy it permanently. Akane thought her father wanted
     to kill Azami and defended the doll, but it soon took control of her and made her murder her
     own father. Yoshitatsu died in his daughter's hands.
     Masumi Makimura
      According to the notes, he is a surveyor on a mission to find out more about the Lost Village
     before the dam construction begins. Like Mio and Mayu, he ended up at the wrong place at the
     wrong time and was stuck there, unable to escape. His ghost is in the Osaka House although no
     one is really sure to how he died. His girlfriend came looking after him after a search party
     Miyako Sudo
      What a tragic tale.....Miyako came looking for her boyfriend and all the sick guy did was send
     her to Hell. Or maybe not. Whatever. She arrived at the village a while after Masumi vanished,
     and she, like Mio and Mayu, was trapped there. She died in the Osaka House after Masumi's
     spirit murdered her. She became a lost soul, searching for someone to help her.
     Running button: Square button
     Action button: X button
     Camera View button: O button
      - X or R1 button to snap pics
      - Triangle button to use Power-Up Lens
      - O button to exit camera view
      - Right Analog stick to move while in camera view
     (Note: All the above points can be done after entering Camera View)
     Both Analog Sticks: Walk slowly
     Start button: Pause
     Select button: Enter map mode
     Enter Game Options section: Triangle button
      - X button to accept
      - Triangle button to go back to the previous
     (Game Options Section)
     Map Mode
      - Shows you your location; you are the small yellow dot on it
      - Analog Sticks: To identify each room; its room name and name of family it belongs to
      - R1 and L1: To switch to different floors
      - R2 and L2: To switch to different maps
      - X button: To zoom in; make it larger
      - Triangle button: Return to game/Options section
      - Butterfly symbols: Save points
      - Blue line in front of door: Can enter room
      - Red line in front of door: Acess denied; either blocked, broken or needs a key
      - Lets you view all your pictures
      - Tells you the subject of picture eg. Man In Dark, Fallen Woman
      - Informs you the Spirit Points obtained from it
      - Allows you to erase them or keep them safely
      - X button to select
      - Triangle button to go back to the previous
      - Gives you the chance to view all your written pieces you have discovered so far
       eg. Notebooks, photos, scraps
      - X button to select
      - Triangle button to go back to the previous
      - R1 or L1 allows you to change its pages
     The camera section is below. Read on:
     5.Camera Functions/Items
     a) The Camera's Aim (and background)
      The Camera Obscura is the real mystery in the Fatal Frame games. It acts as the only weapon
     we will(hopefully) ever use in these games. Actually, I'm not really sure whether the Camera
     Obscuras in FF1 AND FF2 are the same ones. *Spoiler Alert* The Normal ending for FF2 did not
     show Mio carrying the camera when she hurried outside to follow the Crimson Butterflies. Also,
     it did not show whether Yae had escaped the village with or without the camera. If she had not,
     where did the camera she had for FF1 come from? If she had, then Mio and Mayu, who arrived
     later after Yae left the forest with Ryozo, would not have found the camera so it leads me to
     think there are more than one Camera Obscura in the world. What the heck? Give us Fatal Frame 3,
      Ahem...back to the camera's uses. You battle hostile ghosts with the camera by entering the
     Camera View and pressing respective buttons at the right time to inflict damage on those
     stubborn spirits. The filament on the bottom-right hand corner will turn red if any hostile
     ghosts are lurking nearby. You get Spirit Points by snapping them ghosts. You can also use the
     camera to snap passing or helpful ghosts to earn more Spirit Points. The filament glows a blue
     to alert you of harmless or immobile ghosts to snap at.
     b) Spirit Points/Spirit Orb
      Spirit Points are your main tool to upgrade your camera. Get Spirit Points by either battling
     ghosts or taking pics of passing spirits. Use them wisely. My advice is to upgrade the three
     basic functions which are Range, Sensitivity and Accumulation to Level 3. Be patient, though
     to upgrade theses functions as soon as possible, try to score special shots such as Zero shot,
     Fatal Frame combo shot, Core shot as well as Double and Triple shots. Save your high speed
     film; use Type 7 or 14 for easy ghosts.
      Unlike FF1, you are required to equip Spirit Orbs to your Basic Functions and Power-Up Lens
     before upgrading them. This way, all those big spenders are prevented from overusing the
     precious Spirit Points. Spirit Orbs are scattered throughout the village, use 'em well.
     c) Spirit Stone Radio
      This is an additional function to let you enjoy what the spirits are hiding. Collect so-called
     Spirit Stones eg. Green Crystal, Agonite and try them on your radio. Each Stone tells different
     stories by different spirits. You find them scattered across the house, mostly after a spirit
     battle or fight. Below are the different Stones you will find.
     1)  Aragonite - Servant's Room
     2)  Mayu's Charm - Entrance Of Osaka residence
     3)  Moonstone - The Kimono Room
     4)  Glowing Blue Crystal - All Gods Cemetery
     5)  Green Crystal - Whisper Bridge
     6)  Chrysoberyl - Earth Bridge
     7)  Glowing Green Crystal - Dirt-Floor Passageway
     8)  Fluorite (1) - Great Hall
     9)  Faintly Glowing Crystal - Bloodstained Room
     10) Glowing Red Crystal - Family Altar Of Kurosawa residence
     11) Fluorite (2) - Front Of StoreHouse
     12) Prehnite - Below Osaka
     13) Lazulite - Sliding Screen Room of Kiryu residence
     14) Spodumene - Clock Hall of Kiryu residence (hidden at the clock)
     15) Blue Crystal - Twins Room of Kiryu residence
     16) Dolomite - Sealed Room
     17) Red Speckled Crystal - After battling Chitose Tachibana at Tachibana(duh!) residence
     18) Crystal Ore - Inside StoreHouse
     19) Chrysocolla - Rope Temple
     P.S: Not complete; any missing stone please inform ASAP!
     d) Excorcismal Films
      - Type 7 Film
      Unlimited film. Use it to snap pics of passing ghosts and save all those precious limited
     films. And if you do, thank me for that. Type 7 may be low on damage, but in my game, I used
     Type 7 for about, like, 85% of the game. You might just be surprised by the damage Type 7
     might inflict by just a few Zero shots and Fatal Frame combos. Save all those precious limited
     film for the Noghtmare mode, you'll need it. Speed: Low
      - Type 14 Film
       Limited film. You may use it to snap pics of passing ghosts, although recommendation to this
     is low, maybe not low, never do that. Has a higher speed and damage amount than Type 7 film, but
     still weak. Try a few Core and Zero shots to defeat the more powerful ones. Speed: Still Low
      - Type 61 Film
       Limited film. You might occassionally find these on the floor or in cleverly hidden drawers.
     Still, if you are playing on Easy/Normal mode, stick to Type 7, the best option, or Type 14.
     Type 61 deals quite a good chunk of damage, use it against the more tougher ghosts. If you are
     low on Spirit Points, using this film may be a good idea if you are facing multilple ghosts.
     Speed: Fast
      - Type 90 Film
       Limited, and rare film. Never use this film when on the Easy/Normal mode, except for defeating
     the Kusabi at the end. Very difficult to find in the game and very precious. It deals a much
     bigger damage amount than any of the above but still weaker than Type Zero film. It accumulates
     quite fast, making Fatal Frame and Zero shots deadly. Use this ONLY if you are in a hurry but
     even so, that is not recommended. Speed: Fast
      - Type Zero Film
       Limited film, and the most deadly film overall in this game. It is very difficult to find this
     film, so do not lose your head and use this against normal spirits, not even the tough ones. Use
     this only on the FINAL boss, Sae/Mayu, in Hard/Nightmare mode. Never, ever waste this film.
     You won't get more than ten of this film on your first try. Save it for the harder modes. Type
     Zero deals a humongous amount of damage, sometimes scoring one-hit KO in certain situations.
     e) Camera Upgrades
      - Basic functions
        . Range (Level 1-3)
           Increases the circle in Camera View and enlarges it with every upgrade. Gives the player
        a better opportunity to shoot the ghost(s). In my opinion, this is the least important of the
        three basic functions. If you feel you are rather inexperienced, go ahead and upgrade it,
        but it is recommended to upgrade this the last of the three basic functions.
       . Accumulation (Level 1-3)
           Camera will be able to gather power much faster, able to score critical hits. Upgrade this
       function first. You will be able to knock out ghosts quicker, making this a useful advantage
       when surrounded by multiple ghosts. Easy to score Zero shots and Fatal Frame shots if you
       upgrade it well.
       . Sensitivity (Level 1-3)
           This function also enables you to knock your opponents much faster. Increases your damage
       amount. Very useful when facing multiple spirits. Upgrade this next after Accumulation.
      - Power-Up Lens
       . See (Level 1-3)
           Extends the duration of the visibility of spirits. Useful against the Ceremony Master's
         spirit and other irritating ghosts who love to teleport here and there. Don't think it is
         helpful however, I depend on the filament on the bottom-right to tell me locations of the
         ghosts. Upgrade this if you desperately need glasses. Overall: Unimportant
       . Blast (Level 1-3)
           Pushes back any spirits with one shot, and increases the damage. You may take extra shots
        to inflict more damage. Very, very useful against the Mourners and other speedy spirits.
        Upgrade this first after finishing the Basic Functions part. Overall: Excellent
       . Stun (Level 1-3)
           Stuns the spirit for a moment, but Blast also has the same effect in different ways.
        You will not be able to snap shots when enemy is stunned, so this is a no-go. I've never
        used this in the game, very useless. Overall: Useless
       . Slow (Level 1-3)
           Don't waste those valuable Spirit Orbs, this is a useless power-up. So what if you slow
        down the spirit? Speedy ghosts just teleport and escape the effect. Blast is better. Don't
        ever upgrade this, this power-up blows. Overall: Don't bother
       . Zero (Level 1-3)
           Increases the damage and very, very useful. Similar to Blast, but better. After upgrading
        Blast, do this one. Overall: Why not?
       . Track (Level 1-3)
           Shows you the location of the spirit in Camera View, instead of searching aimlessly for
        the spirit to appear. Use this against ghosts who vanish a lot and also against quick ghosts.
        Overall: Mediocore
       . Stop (Level 1-3)
           Freezes spirits for a short moment. Useful on the Floating Woman and priests, and to
        avoid attacks. Not that good, in my opinion, I've used it once against Seekers but it
       wasn't of much help. Overall: If you have extra Spirit Points to spare
      - Other functions
       . Alarm Function
           Very useful. Gives out a sound to tell you of an available Fatal Frame shot. Use this
       wisely, keep your eyes on the screen and score all those combo shots. Overall: Great
      . Measure Function
           Displays the opponent's HP in Camera View at the top-left corner. During multiple battles,
       shows you the HP of the closest spirit. Very useful to help you to decide which shot and film
       you need to defeat it. Overall: ALWAYS equip this
      . Zoom Function
           It can enlarge and shrink the image. Lets you get a better view of stuff. You'll probably
       die during battles when using this function. Overall: Zoom? What's that?
      . Switch Function
           When in Camera View, allows you to switch Power-Up Lens by pressing the L1 button. Very
       useful to experiment different types of lens on different ghosts. Overall: Its OK, I guess
     f) Camera Special Shots
      - Zero Shot
           This is what happens if you attack the ghost when near. The capture circle will turn red
       for a split second, and you have to act fast in order to score extra Spirit Points and damage
       to your foes.
      - Fatal Frame Shot
           This is the most crucial shot to defeat Sae and the Kusabi, Zero Shots are merely weak
       compared to this rare and difficult shot. Take a very, very close shot, most probably when
       the ghost is ABOUT TO ATTACK and take the shot when the circle is red. Wait for the Fatal
       Frame words to spread across the screen and the capture circle will turn red again and snap.
       The capture circle will keep turning red until you miss the shot so this combo is very fatal
       to most enemies battling you.
      - Double/Triple Shot
           Only available when two or more ghosts are in the capture circle. Quite useful against the
      pack of Mourners and priests near the end of the game. This shot gives you extra points.
     g) Camera/Game Hints and Strategies
      - Try to aim for the ghost's head and know when is the right moment to snap
      - You can use Mayu as a shield when you are low on health. Try to run around her, which may
       distract the ghost and attack Mayu instead. A dirty trick, but Mayu can hold on a little
       longer than Mio.
      - Low on health/film? Keep visiting different parts of the houses; sometimes extra item are
       there at specific times. Check any suspicious-looking drawer or closet for extra items. Don't
       hesitate to revisit the houses, if there are any random ghosts, you can flee instead.
      - Keep using Type 7, that is my advice. It may not be powerful in terms of overall damage, but
       still, I kept using it and had lots of limited film left over for the harder modes.
      - Upgrade the basic functions first, then concentrate on the power-up lens after that.
      - Sometimes it is better to run when in a random ghost battle, especially when your health is
      in jeopardy. You may not get Spirit Points, but it is better than Game Over.
      - When on Easy/Normal mode, try using Type 90 on the Kusabi (last boss) and save your Type
      Zero. It works for me.
      - Save often. This is the safest way to ensure you won't be frustrated when you lose in a
      battle. Find convenient Save Points by referring to the map. The Save Points are Crimson
      Butterfly symbols on the map.
      - Tap X when a ghost attacks you AT THE RIGHT MOMENT, you will evade the attack and prevent
      further damage. Good strategy for multiple ghost battles.
      - Memorize the locations of Stone Mirrors. If you used one, you can return to the specific
      locations and get a new Stone Mirror. An example is the bottom floor of the Courtyard Staircase
      in the Kurosawa mansion.
      - Immobile spirits do not tell you their locations, so rely on your filament to find these
      pictures. Immobile spirits do not disappear unless an event occurs. They also reward you with
      a decent amount of Spirit Points so don't pass by them.
     (This tips section is a little short, so if any of you know other hints/strategies that might
      contribute to this short list, don't hesitate to e-mail.)
     h) Disposable Items Guide
      - Sacred Water
          Restores your health fully, unlike the Herbal Medicine. Do not waste this cause these are
       not common in the game.
      - Herbal Medicine
          Restores around 1/2 or more of your overall health. These are in abundance in the game.
       Feel free to use it whenever you wish too.
      - Stone Mirror
          Your health is restored to the maximum if your health is empty, always after a ghost
       attacks you. Gives you one more chance to the game. Unfortunately, you can only carry one of
     6.Fatal Frame 2 Walkthrough
     Legend: I will be using this legend to inform all of you of different things. Please use it
     properly. Each word means different things so don't mix them up.
     H.G! - Hostile Ghost: Spirits who want to harm you
     P.G! - Passing Ghost: Harmless spirits; take their pic for points
     I.G! - Immobile Ghost: Also harmless and they do not move; some are hidden, others are not
      Chapter One: The Lost Village
      Once you begin the game, expect a cutscene explaining how you and your twin sis, Mayu, got
     trapped in the Lost Village. This game lets you control Mio, the main character, 95% of the time
     in which she wields the Camera Obscura. When you play as Mayu, all you have to do is follow
     the predetermined path or simply follow the Crimson Butterflies. No ghost batttles for her, too.
     Anyway, after the cutscene you will control as Mio, in pursuit of her twin sister.
      Ok, that darn sis of yours left you alone, so what choice do you have but to follow her path?
     Don't be afraid of the forest, no ghost will jump out and scare you. Just follow the path ahead
     of you. You will eventually see a faint glow over a hill, keep going and another cutscene rolls.
      Misono Hill
      Well, that was creepy....anyway, after the cutscene, you find Mayu and yourself on Misono
     Hill. The fire is lit, someone had definitely been here. Or something. This hill overlooks the
     whole village, which makes for a great view and a great photo....but you're not here for
     sightseeing are you? Your goal at this moment is to find a way to escape the village. Well, ok
     maybe their motive was to find someone alive and explain what was happening but I would turn
     back and never step a foot onto the village. Those darn Japanese girls. Anyway, turn right and
     follow the path to the village. Pick up the Black Bag. Continue. Another cutscene takes place.
      Objective: Find out where the girls are and anyone nearby to help them.
      The Osaka House - Entrance
      Once in this house, walk straight to the other door at the end. Make sure Mayu is behind you.
     Open the door at the end. Another cutscene appears. Oh, and did I mention a ghost will appear
     on Mio's left as you are walking to the door? I didn't? How silly of me. If you have played the
     game and completed it at least once, use your camera and take its picture.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      After the cutscene in which it shows you how Miyako Sudo (see Characters section) got murdered
     in this very house, you will resume as Mio. Scared yet? I hope so. Anyway, this is the main
     room that connects to some of the rooms and a stairs. Remember this as the Sunken Fireplace
     Room. Use your map. Walk to the middle of this room, grab the Woman's Notebook 1. Turn left,
     and enter the room, if you want to save. The map shows a red butterfly symbol, which are the
     locations of the Save Points. Remember that.
      The Kimono Room
      Go to the right of the Save Point and there is a kind of back room there. Search for a precious
     Sacred Water there in the boxes. You can't really see anything cause its too dark. There's the
     Woman's Notebook 2 on the table. Anyway, don't miss what Mayu has to say. Creepy? You bet. Now
     exit this room. You can enter this room at anytime, so make good use of it and save often.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room - P.G!
      Remember the hallway in which Miyako went before her doom? If you didn't, just walk straight of
     the door you came into before the cutscene showing Miyako. Walk straight and you will pass a
     junction in which you can go left or right. Don't. Walk straight to the end. A woman ghost will
     pass by, scaring the jeezus out of you. Follow her direction, turn at the corner and head to the
     door at the end. Enter.
      Grab the Woman's Notebook 3 and read it. Seems she's also freaked out by this place. Take note
     of a brazier in the middle and remember that. Exit.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      Remember the junction that you were not supposed to go yet? Go back there. Turn right and
     remember do not go up the stairs on the left yet. There's a candle at the corner and a hidden
     door near it. It may look like a wall, but just press X and open the door. Enter.
      Family Altar - P.G!
      Grab the blue orb thingy on the table. Drums roll please.....another cutscene takes place.
     After it, read the Camera Controls carefully. You may also refer to the Controls section for
     Camera Controls if you don't wanna read the confusing instructions on the screen. Grab the
     darned woman's notebook part 5 and turn right to another room. No, don't open the door yet.
     Just go into the room and grab the Herbal Medicine. Now, open the door that you feared might be
     a ghost's location. A woman's face will surface at the other end. Quickly press O and take its
     picture. Another short cutscene occurs. Congrats on your first pic of the Door Woman. Aren't
     you proud? Now exit this room.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room - P.G!
      Exit the door where you first came into this fireplace room. A cutscene takes place. Quickly
     snap the pic of the Vanishes At Door. As expected, the door you are trying to open is locked,
     so follow the ghost's direction and try to enter the door it appeared in front of. You'll
     find it's locked. The filament at the bottom-right corner of the screen will glow blue to help
     prompt you of an available picture. Snap a pic of the locked door when the circle turns green.
     You'll get a pic of the brazier in the BackRoom. Now go there.
      BackRoom - P.G!
      Your filament is glows blue again, so head to the brazier and take its pic. You'll receive a
     gruesome pic of the Slashed Man. Now be alert, cause a spirit will appear in front of you.
     Quickly take the pic of the Man On Deck.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      Enter the now accessible door. The strange presence, as Mio narrates, is gone.
      Large Tatami Room - P.G!
      Take the Woman's Notebook 4 on the lump thingy at the other side. As you are crossing to the
     other side, a spirit appears behind the bars. Explore, then try to exit. A secret opening will
     reveal itself, go to it, and grab the Ginger Key. Then turn around and notice a spirit walking
     out. Exit this room.
      Second Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      Go to the stairs on your right. You'll come across a door. Try opening it with the Ginger Key.
      Servant's Room - H.G!
      Grab the Herbal Medicine and Woman's Notebook 6 and 7. Take the blue orb at the end of room and
     prepare for a Boss Battle. A Cutscene will take place. The ghost of Masumi will
     breathe behind your neck and attempt to frighten you.
      H.G! Wanderer: Easy
       Your first battle with a real ghost. This fight is pretty easy, just banish 'em with Type 7
     films. A few Type 14 might help too. This ghost is REALLY easy, so DO NOT SHOOT when the circle
     is still yellow. Don't waste your films. When it tries to attack, quickly avoid it. Its attack
     is basic and very predictable, so when it is still recovering, grab the chance to aim for a
     Zero Shot or even Fatal Frame Shots. This battle will not last for five minutes, and it will
     be over before you realize it.
      Chapter Two: The Twin Shrine Maidens
      Servant's Room
      You wake up only to find your sister missing...again. Well, pick up the Spirit Stone Radio and
     also some other goodies; the Agonite, a camera upgrade and tips to the radio. You can try to
     listen to the Agonite stone; I suspect that was Miyako. Any suggetions? For now, exit this
      Objective: Find Mayu and team up with her again.
      Second Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      A short cutscene briefs you on the location of Mayu. Take note of the place she is heading to,
     in this case, she is leaving the Osaka House. After the cutscene, you will control as Mayu.
      Somewhere Outside The Village
      Playing as Mayu is simple, just follow the Crimson Butterflies but don't head the wrong way.
     Anyway, after you follow the flying insects to some place, you will resume as Mio.
      Second Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      Go down the stairs to your right.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      You now have the option to Save at the Kimonon Room if you wish to. I recommend this.
      The Kimono Room - H.G!
      A Save Point here. Grab the Herbal Medicine there and you may have to prepare for a battle.
     A disgusting spirit in a box, named the Woman In The Box, will attack you.
      H.G! Woman In The Box: Easy
       No, this is not Miyako Sudo. Just some poor woman killed in the box while hiding during the
     Repentance. She does not teleport, so use Type 7 to win. This location is pretty tight, so don't
     let her close. Keep shooting those unlimited films. She's VERY easy and has low HP.
      After that battle, grab the Spirit Orb and Moonstone. Do not use the Orb yet, save it for the
     Blast ability, which is not available now. Hear what the Moonstone holds, then exit this room.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room - I.G!
      Exit this room. The door is at Mio's right. (If you want some goodies, head to the BackRoom
     for the Village Report 1-4. A hidden spirit is here. Find it, and you will be richly rewarded.)
     Anyway, like I said, exit to the Entrance.
      Take Mayu's Charm, and listen to it. Mio to the rescue! Exit this house.
      The Village
      Remeber the path the Mayu had taken? Follow her lead. If you want some goodies, enter the door
     on the top of the stairs.
      (Optional) The Kiryu House - Entrance
      Before going up the stairs (do not enter the room on Mio's left, but this is the Projector
     Room) grab the Herbal Medicine on the floor. Now go up the stairs
      Second Floor Sliding Screen Room
     Grab the Film Reel and Camera Equipment. You may watch the Film Reel in the Projector Room.
     Head down and exit the Kiryu House.
      Kiryu-Tachibana - H.G! and I.G!
      Keep following the path Mayu went. A cutscene will take place. The door is locked and take the
     picture of the door. It will show the picture of the Crimson Butterfly. You need two keys to
     open this door. Walk a few steps away from the door and some spirts will appear.
      H.G! Ghost Thingys With Torches: Easy
       There are around three of these spirits, so you may wanna use Type 14 Films to hurry up the
     battle. Try to get Double/Triple Shots for more points. Make sure you can see them in the
     Camera View. DO NOT let them out of your sight. Run around if they are closing in. This is
     pretty simple and easy despite multiple spirits.
      After the battle, grab the Herbal Medicine at the one lantern. Now follow the Butterflies
     and it will lead you to the StoreHouse. As you are going there, look for the pic of the
     Frozen Man and the Village Report at the well beside the storehouse.
      StoreHouse - I.G!
      There is Save Point so save here. Enter the small door at the right of the locked door. Expect
     a cutscene to explain you that the ghost boy trapped there is a kind soul. You may go here
     anytime you want for tips from the boy if you are lost. Anyway, the ghost boy mistakes you for
     Yae so get used to it. Talk to him again for more info and aim your camera at him for an
     optional pic of the Trapped Boy. Exit again, and save. Open your map. Find the Kiryu House-Back
     and go there.
      Kiryu House - Back - H.G!
     You might notice a Save Point in front of the Kiryu House. You can save there if you want to.
     You will notice some Butterflies fluttering over a twin statue. Click the X button and you will
     get one piece of the Twin Keys. Turn around and expect three Man In The Dark to attack you. You
     can choose to fight them, or flee. Fight is better.
      H.G! Man In The Dark(s?): Easy
       Meh. This battle is similar to the Torch ghosts so try to score Triple/Double Shots and
     defeat them quickly. Since the space is quite small, stun all of them with a shot and run
     through them. Fight at the Save Point, there is much more space. Get Zero Shots by closing in
      Go back to the place where you got your first Twin Key and go left. Cross the bridge and you
     will have to walk through a path. Follow it and you will come across a junction in which you
     can go straight or right.
      Fork In Road
      DON'T GO STRAIGHT YET. Go right and up the stairs. There will be a cutscene that shows you the
     priests going up. Follow them up.
      Shrine Stairs
      Grab the Village Report 1 at the big gate thingy.
      In Front Of The Shrine - I.G!
      Take the Sacred Water. Then take the pic of the Shrine Shadow somewhere right. Go in the shrine
     and don't be afraid.
      Kureha Shrine
      Walk straight and grab Spirit Orb at the left of the room, Herbal Medicine on the shelves and
     Sacred Water at the back of the room. Exit.
      In Front Of The Shrine - H.G!
      Spirits will attack you. I will not explain it, I'm sure they are pretty easy. Take 'em out
     with Type 7 film. Now do you remember Misono Hill in Chapter One? Go there by referring to your
      Misono Hill - H.G!
      There is a Twin Statue at the left of the hill. Grab the other Twin Key and prepare for *sigh*
     another battle.
      H.G! Sickle Bearer, Pole Bearer and Seeker: Medium
       The really difficult part is their weapons. They can reach far so don't let them close. Avoid
     close contact. Shoot from far with Type 7 or 14 and try a few Zero Shots but make sure the other
     ghosts can be seen, don't let them out of your sight. Keep running around, the place is big
     and just keep in mind never to let them close to you.
      After the battle, pick up Spirit Orb and head back to the double gates where Mayu went into.
      Enter the big door with your two keys.
      Whisper Bridge - H.G!
      A foggy place. Be careful. Walk across the bridge. Suddenly, your filament will glow blue.
     Take the pic of the Floating Woman on Mio's left. Expect a cutscene.
      H.G! Floating Woman
       Wasn't that sacry? Anyway, Floating Woman is one of the easiest ghosts cause she has low HP.
     For me, I used 2 Type 14 in Zero Shots mode and it killed her. Her main attack is to lunge
     forward and grab you. Do not move. Just aim at her head and when she attacks, the circle will
     glow red and snap her pic! Her other method is to teleport right after she attacks, so be very
     aware of her location.
      Grab the Spirit Orb and Green Crystal after the fight. Then, look for a crack in the bridge
     and take the pic of the Drowned Woman. Enter Kurosawa House at the end of the bridge.
      Kurosawa Grounds - P.G!
      Aim your camera when you enter. The Bloody Kimono picture will be yours. Save Point to Mio's
     left. Then walk straight and enter the Kurosawa House.
      Chapter Three: The Repentance
      The Kurosawa House - Entrance - P.G!
       The next chapter already? Well, never mind. Expect the ghosts to be more harder. Once in,
     a cutscene shows that the flashlight is off. Creepy. Now don't be afraid, boys and girls, just
     walk straight. Expect a ghost to appear behind you after you are midway. Snap its pic and get
     the Priest Behind. Go to the end and enter the door to your left.
      Antechamber - I.G!
      Grab the Instant Additional Function. Take the pic of the Terrified Man behind the kimono.
     Now enter the other door at the end. You will control as Mayu. Just follow the butterflies.
     Enter the Great Hall and walk to the middle. After that, you will be Mio again. Exit the
     Antechamber to the Dirt-Floor Passageway.
      Dirt-Floor Passageway - H.G!
      If you refer to your map, there is another door that leads to a different room if you take a
     left turn. Don't go there. Just follow Mayu's lead to the Great Hall. Expect to fight some
      H.G! Limbo Man and Limbo Woman : Easy and Medium respectively
       Most probably both will fight at different locations in the passageway. Limbo Man acts like
     any other weak spirit you may find, although you may need to use Type 14 to rid his HP. The
     other one, Limbo Woman, loves to teleport right after she attacks and lunges at you...the See
     ability might be useful, although try to depend on your filament's sensory ability. Use Type
     14 to defeat her. Be careful, the space is small, and Limbo Woman just loves to hide in the
     walls. Be wary of your surroundings. Before you enter the Great Hall, take the Spirit Orb.
      Great Hall - H.G!
      Grab the Sacred Water and Fluorite, then DO NOT MOVE. Now, refer the map. The next door you
     are supposed to enter next is the door that is FURTHEST FROM THE DOOR YOU ENTERED FROM THE DIRT
     FLOOR PASSAGEWAY. Remember that and go in that door's direction. A cutscene takes place then.
      Don't worry, the cutscene is jut a vision. Don't be too freaked out. Right after the cutscene,
     an ugly he-ghost starts chasing you. One touch and GAME OVER. So by now, you should know the
     direction of the door you must go next. Run as fast as you can, and enter that door.
      Courtyard Staircase - I.G!
      Wasn't that a good workout? Don't worry, the ghost won't follow you. At Mio's right there is a
     Stone Mirror so take it. On her right there is a staircase so go up it. You will see Mayu also
     going up. Once top, walk straight. There is a Save Point to the right of an accessible door, so
     save there. Ok, now turn right and aim your camera at the sky. Take the pic of Unrequited. I
     dunno what that is, but never mind. Enter the availabe door for now.
      Guest Room Hallway
      Walk to the other door at the north-east; ignore the locked door on the left.
      Guest Room
      At the bookshelf, grab the Folklorist Notes 3 and Type 61 film. Then enter the other door on
     the right.
      Flickering Room
      Go to the door at the end. Take its picture and it will show you the pic of some bloody hands
     on a wall. Remember the other passageway you are not supposed to go in the Dirt Floor
     Passageway? Go there. Exit the house to the Courtyard Staircase.
      Courtyard Staircase
      Save, then go down. Enter the door with the One-Hit KO ghost.
      Great Hall - H.G!
      Yes, the ghost is still here. Refer to your map and find the correct door to the Dirt-Floor
     Passageway, not the StoreRoom. Go there, don't ever stop running or look behind.
      Dirt-Floor Passageway - P.G!
      As you turn your first corner, quickly take the pic of the Fleeing Villager. This is a fast
     ghost, so shoot well. Once you turn the corner, turn right to the BloodStained Room. As you go
     there, Dragger appears. Take its pic and enter the door to the BloodStained Room.
      BloodStained Room - H.G!
      Yikes, what a scary room. Anyway, take the Blast Function. Upgrade and equip it right away!
     Then search the drawers for the Herbal Medicine. Now go to the door at the end of the room.
     Take its pic. Then the Limbo family strikes again.
      H.G! Limbo Man and Limbo Woman : Medium Overall
       Easy, but the space is limited. Fight well. Use Type 14 now and try to score the Double Shots.
     After that battle, pick up the Diamond Stack Key, Spirit Orb and Faintly Glowing Crystal. Now
     head back to the Flickering Room.
      Guest Room - P.G!
      As you enter, the ghost Makabe appears. Take his picture fpr Turns Behind. Then pick up the
     glowing thingy on the floor. Cutscene shows you the arrival of a boy Ryozo Munakata and Seijiro
     Makabe. After the scene, read the Folklorist Notes 4. Enter Flickering Room.
      Flickering Room
      As you cross the room, a woman's body appears. Don't be afraid, it won't attack. Just use the
     Diamond Stack Key on the door and enter the Doll Stand Room.
      Doll Stand Room
      Cutscene shows Mayu again. You team up with her again. Yay!
      Chapter Four: The Forbidden Ritual
      Objective: Find a way to exit the Kurosawa House.
      Doll Stand Room
      Now after the cutscene, take the Butterfly Diary and photo of the Warped Twins on the floor.
     Then take the pic of the doll table. It shows you a relatively similar image on the photo but
     with two yellow twin dolls on the top. So your mission is to find the doll's heads and arrange
     them in a way that the yellow dolls are on the top. Exit the room.
      Flickering Room - H.G!
      Walk to the middle of the room. The body of the woman appears again, this time to attack you.
     Get ready your camera and keep in mind not to let them hurt Mayu.
      H.G! Woman In Box: Easy
       Very slow and weak. Use Type 7. Let her get close to you, then the opportunity for a Zero Shot
     appears and take that chance. Hit her continuosly to defeat her. After the battle, pick up the
     Twin Doll Heads. Head back to the Doll Stand Room.
      Doll Stand Room - I.G!
      Use the Twin Doll Heads on the dolls. Prepare for a puzzle. Your goal is to put the yellow
     or orange coloured dolls on the top stands but you will have only one space in between two
     different dolls. Ok, I'm not sure how to explain, so I will accept any solutions to this puzzle
     and I will credit you. In the meantime, refer to 'merciless's guide. Anyway, after the puzzle,
     you will receive the Butterfly Key. Turn right and take the hidden pic of the Doll Stand Shadow.
     Go out of this room.
      Flickering Room
      Grab the hidden Herbal Medicine in some kind of jars on the floor somewhere. Go inside the
     Guest Room.
      Guest Room
      On the table, there is the Kurosawa House Map and also the Folklorist Notes 6.
      Guest Room Hallway - P.G!
      As you turn the corner, take the pic of the Talking Man. Now head out of the house.
      Courtyard Staircase - P.G! AND I.G!
      Save NOW! After that, go down the stairs. As you are going down, Calling Man appears behind
     Mayu so nake a quick turn and take its pic. Then continue down the stairs and take the pic
     of the immoble ghost Garden Woman near the stairs bottom. Then grab the Type 14 Film and the
     Evade ability. Then enter the Great Hall.
      Great Hall
      Cutscene. Its a cool one, so I won't spill the beans. Right, after that, enter the Dirt-Floor
      Dirt-Floor Passageway - H.G!
      Limbo Man appears to joke with you again. As explained before, he's very easy and keep using
     the Type 7. DON'T WASTE YOUR TYPE 14, 61 AND 90 ON HIM. After that, take the Spirit Orb and
     enter the Antechamber.
      Nothing here. Exit to Entrance.
      Entrance - P.G!
      Take pic of Behind Cloth. If you are playing the game for a second time, Hopes For Ritual may
     appear. Take this rare pic. After that, open the door in front of the door you entered. Use the
     Butterfly Key and go inside.
      Storage Room
      Take the Sacred Water at the clock and the Herbal Medicine in the drawers. Go up stairs.
      Partition Screen Room - P.G!
      Go to the middle-west part and you will see a crack and a blue orb. Walk away, and the Peeking
     Child appears looking for something. Search the drawers here for some med and Ceremony Master's
     Note 3. Now go down and do not go the door you find in this room.
      Storage Room - P.G!
      A ball will fall from the ceiling. Pick up the Crimson Ball and put the ball in the crack
     upstairs. After that, go down and grab the Diamond Link Key. Walk towards the door at the other
     end of the room and Peeking Child appears, so snap its picture. Continue.
      Cloth Hallway - P.G!
      Fading Child appears. Also take the Type 14. Walk again and Cut-In Child appears. Child pics
     are fast, so be ready. Enter door at end.
      WareHouse  P.G!
      Warehouse Checker leads you to the room on the right. Before following, grab the Type 61 Film
     in the jars. Then go in the direction of the ghost.
      Mysterious Cell - P.G!
      I suspect this cell was made to hold Seijiro Makabe. Anyway, Captive Man appears here. Take the
     Folklorist Note 8 and Cave Note. Go back to the other room.
      Go to the other room on the entrance door's left.
      WareHouse Hallway - P.G!
      Walk. Around midway, a Clinging Shadow grabs Mayu. Banish it by taking its picture. Continue
     and enter the door at the end.
      Underground Cellar - H.G!
      A ghost attacks here. There is a Save Point here, but finish the battle before saving.
      H.G! Veiled Priest: Medium
       Not easy at all. Use Type 61 and defeat him. He loves to teleport and attacks you sometimes
     unexpectedly. He also casts flying skull things to you so run around to avoid him. Be quick,
     rely on your filament's glowing ability and snap him fast. He rewards you with the Spirit Orb.
      The door at the end is locked, you need a Hammer Key. Save before continuing. Now go back to
     the Cloth Hallway.
      Cloth Hallway - P.G!
      The Ritual Pusher appears. Take its pic and enter the other door you did not open here on Mio's
     right. Go in.
      First Floor Family Altar Room - H.G!
      The priest attacks you again. He uses the same abilities as the one before, so defeat 'em with
     Type 14 or 61. Don't let it hurt Mayu too much. Explore the room for the Ceremony Master's Note
     4 and Herbal Medicine. Go UP the stairs that is on the right.
      Meditation Room - P.G!
      Grab the Type 14 Film, See Power-Up Lens and also the Butterfly Diary. Step on the switch, then
     Mayu will come and do it for you. Enter the unlocked door. When you are in, Speaking Man will
     appear. Go out, then go down the stairs back again.
      First Floor Family Altar Room
      Grab the Sacred Water and go to the stairs that leads DOWN now.
      Basement Of Connecting Corridors
      Follow the path and take the stairs up.
      Connecting Corridors
      Ah...the outdoors. Take any two paths you wish and walk to the end. Step on the switch and then
     Mayu will step on the other one. Go inside.
      Lattice - P.G!
      Snap the pic of the Waiting Priest behind. Save here. Pick up the blue orb for the Shadow Key.
     You may enter the other door for notes but after that, exit the whole house. Go back to the
     First Floor Family Altar Room.
      First Floor Family Altar Room
      Take the crystal and Orb here. Then exit.
      Cloth Hallway
      Head to the Storage Room.
      Storage Room
      Go up the stairs.
      Partition Screen Room
      Go in the door you did not earlier.
      The Master's Room - H.G!
      This is the same ghost you faced earlier. Use Type 14 or 61 and after the battle, grab the
     Spirit Orb. Make sure your Blast Function is in Level 3 and equiped. After battle, take the
     Ceremony Master's Notes 2. Notice the bookcase in the middle of the room? Walk around it and
     take the books there one by one. They are: Ritual, Disaster, Crimson, Taboo and Twin Tomes. Now
     go to the statue thing in the bookcase and then press X. Here is another puzzle.
      Solution: Notice the engravings. Ponder what it says and arrange the books in order of the
     words appearing in the engraving. The correct order is:
     1)Crimson Wing Tome
     2)Taboo Tome
     3)Twin Tome
     4)Disaster Tome
     5)Ritual Tome
      Get the Light Key. Remember the cell in which the Captive Man appeared? Go there.
      Mysterious Cell - P.G!
      Go in by using the two keys. Ritual Researcher appears. Then grab the Hammer Key and Osaka
     Map. In the bookshelf, take the Folklorist Notes 9 and 10. On the way out, grab the Type 90 film
     and keep it. When you try to exit, a cutscene rolls. Mayu is trapped in the Cell, so its up to
     you to get the key to get 'em out.
      Chapter Five: The Sacrifice
      Take the pic of Confined Mayu. Then go to the Underground Cellar.
      Objective: Find a way to exit the Kurosawa House and also to find the correct key in the Osaka
     House to unlock the door imprisoning Mayu.
      Underground Cellar - H.G!
      Woman In The Box appears. After that use the Hammer Key at the door on top of the stairs and
     and exit the Kurosawa House.
      Kurosawa Grounds
      Exit to Whisper Bridege. You may save here.
      Whisper Bridge - H.G!
      Some spirits appear. Use the same strategy as before, and defeat them fast. Exit to the
     Kiryu-Tachibana place.
      Kiryu-Tachibana - P.G!
      The Corridor Woman appears for a short moment. This is a tricky pic to get, so walk slowly
     under the bridge. Then she appears suddenly so you must be fast and take her pic. You may save
     at the Kurosawa Grounds if you are determined to catch her picture even if you keep failing.
     She's worth quite a lot of Spirit Points, so don't pass it up. Now head to the StoreHouse.
      Osaka-Tachibana - P.G!
      Be careful when you turn the corner, Lured Woman suddenly appears. Aim at the center, and take
     her pic. Continue to the StoreHouse.
      StoreHouse - P.G!
      As you are approaching the StoreHouse, Weeping Woman appears. When you get close, she will
     disappear, so leave a good distance between you and her and snap her pic. Now save and grab the
     Butterfly Diary and a crystal before entering the StoreHouse.
      In there, talk to the ghost boy, Itsuki, and he will tell you some things about the Cell Key
     so listen carefully. Keep the subtitles on for better understanding if your sound system is a
     little unclear. He will tell you the Cell Key is somewhere underneath Osaka House so head to the
     Osaka House quickly.
      Osaka House
      Enter the door.
      Enter door at end to Fireplace Room.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      For some goodies, enter The Kimono Room for the Herbal Medicine. After that, you may enter the
     Large Tatami Room.
      Large Tatami Room - P.G! AND I.G!
      For the picture of the Frozen Woman, aim at the net thing situated at the middle of the room.
     When you try to exit, Staring Woman appears to um....stare at you or something. Snap 'em real
     quick and exit. You don't wanna another hostile spirit to appear.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      Random spirits may appear if you hang around too long, so try to avoid it as much as you can.
     You may grab a Spirit Orb available upstairs at the Servant's Room, but spirits might attack
     you, so that is optional. After that, head to the BackRoom.
      BackRoom - H.G!
      Grab the Type 14 and Alarm Function after the cutscene. You may have to fight two ghosts so be
     very ready.
      H.G! Wanderer and another spirit: Medium
       Since the space is small, get used to it fast. To win, keep scoring Zero Shots on them. Be
     careful of Wanderer, she is fast to attack. Avoid it, then snap her for a Zero Shot. I don't
     know the other ghost's name cause I forgot to check. Please e-mail the name if you know it. Use
     Type 61 or 14 to end this. After that, exit and enter the Family Altar.
      Family Altar
      Important! Grab the Type Zero Film available in here. Search for it, before investigating the
     family altar near the table. This is another confusing puzzle.
      Solution: There are four movable pinwheels and you must match the colours of the pinwheel
     with the one in the middle.
                              ( Pinwheel One )       ( Pinwheel Two )
                                   (Unmovable Middle Pinwheel )
                              ( Pinwheel Three )     ( Pinwheel Four )
      Match them. The correct solution is:
     1) Move Pinwheel One
     2) Move Pinwheel Three
     3) Move Pinwheel Two
     4) Move Pinwheel Two again
     5) The secret door unlocks. Congrats!
      The door is open now so enter.
      Underground Passageway - H.G!
      Enter a big cave. Grab the Type 14 Film, Fluorite and a Stone Mirror. To get the Type 14, press
     X near the box and check the doll paintings for Fluorite. Explore further and get the Film Reel
     7 and press X at the chest. A cutscene takes place. This is your first fight with a Mourner, I
      H.G! Mourner: Medium
       He is very irritating and has a combo attack. He will slash at you continuosly for around four
     or three times, so fight him from far. It is rather dangerous to try and score Zero or Fatal
     Frame Shots, so keep shooting those Type 7. Yes, you heard me, Type 7. Snap 'em when the circle
     is still yellow, and occassionally try to go nearer. His attack is pretty high and unpredictable
     so be quick. When you meet Mourners as a random spirit, choose flee. It is very troublesome to
     fight them, but you may if you wish to. After that battle, grab the Rusty Key and head back to
     the Kurosawa House where Mayu is trapped in.
      Mysterios Cell - P.G!
      Mayu is *gasp* missing again! That darn girl! Teens nowadays never learn to sit still! Anyway,
     take Mayu's Note and the photo of the White-Haired Boy. A cutscene rolls.
      You control as Mayu again. Just follow the procedure and tail the Crimson Butterflies. You will
     soon reach the Kiryu-Tachibana place with the bridge.
      Then you are Mio again. Follow what Mayu did, get out of the house, cross the bridge and enter
     the Kiryu House, the one with the projector, remember? When you approach the bridge, a spirit
     will hover behind Mayu. Take its pic fast. Then enter Kiryu House.
      Kiryu House - Entrance
      Random ghosts may make their appearance. You may watch the Film Reel you have or you can grab
     the Herbal Medicine under the stairs and then going up it.
      Second Floor Sliding Room
      Enter the door to the bridge near the top of the stairs.
      Earth Bridge - H.G!
      I'm not sure what to call this bridge, but I have read something about Heaven and Earth related
     to this bridge, so Earth Bridge it is. Anyway, try to open the door at the end, but it cannot
     be opened. Turn behind and a spirit will appear to fight you.
      H.G! Corridor Woman: Easy
       Space is small, ghost is angry, no big deal. Just shoot her with powerful Type 14 Film and
     she's gone. When she's too near you, stun her for a moment and run through her for better
     distance between you and her. After that, enter the Kiryu House again.
      Second Floor Sliding Room - P.G!
      Man In Study appears behind the screens when you approach the window. Take its picture, then
     go to where it appeared and grab the Folklorist Notes 5 and a crystal. Then go down and exit.
      Check your map for the Kiryu House's real entrance near a Save Point. When you turn the corner,
     Entering Man appears. Turn the corner quick, and snap this pic. You will find that the Kiryu's
     House Entrance is locked, by a Guardian Spirit. Take its pic for another pic of the well. Head
     to the StoreHouse.
      StoreHouse - I.G!
      Don't go and talk to Itsuki. You can if you want to, but that is entirely optional. Take the
     pic of the well next to the StoreHouse. The door to Kiryu is now open. Go there.
      Chapter Six: The Remaining
      Kiryu House - Entrance - P.G!
      Walk to the middle. There's a ghost on your right so be in Camera View when walking, aiming
     to your right. Dazed Girl appears there. There are some goodies in here, check drawers for
     some more health ammo and films. Then enter the two Tatami Rooms for some more films and more
     medicine. Then enter the door that you have not before.
      Twins Room - P.G!
      Great room. Lotsa goodies. Grab the Type 90 film and Herbal Medicine in the drawers then exit
     to the other door. When you are at the door, twin spirits will appear sitting down behind you.
     QUICKLY turn and snap 'em! You won't get another opportunity! Exit.
      Hallway Of Contrasts - H.G!
      Enter the Hallway Of Contrasts where a cutscene inteferes again. Twin ghosts appear to have a
     serious battle. I hate them!
      H.G! Twin Spirits: Hard
       Actually, their health is pretty easy to minus, just zap 'em with Type 61 films. Type 7 will
     take FOREVER to win them because of their way of attack. There are two spirits, but only one is
     the REAL ghost which you can really damage. The other is an illusion but both can attack and
     look EXACTLY THE SAME. That is the hard part. My strategy is to score Double Shots, with Type
     61, and try to lure them out and get them together. If anyone knows how to tell them apart, let
     me know as soon as possible. Use Stun, then lure the other spirit out. Anyway, as for telling
     those two twins apart, the one you can damage is the one in which you can see more of its face,
     eg nose chin, and you can only see the chin for the fake one...so there you go. The main thing
     is, you need to be at close range. Good luck!
     P.S: Thanks to SexyShelly42DD for the great tip on telling them apart! Keep it up!
      If you manage to defeat them, good for you. Enter the Doll Room at the eastern part of the hall
     and snap the pic of the doll with some body parts missing. The other is fine, so don't worry.
     Grab the DollMaker's Notes 3 and exit this room.
      Objective: Find the remaining doll parts around the house.
      Hallway Of Contrasts - P.G!
      The door at the left of the Doll Room's door is the Projector's Room to watch films if you want
     to. Your goal is to retrieve the doll's body parts. When you exit, the filament will glow blue
     so check your map and search for the StoreRoom. Open it, but DO NOT ENTER. Aim your camera at
     the middle and the ghost of a girl, maybe it was Azami Kiryu? , and take her pic to get back
     some parts for the dool. Walk to the end where you can see a curtain and a window. The filament
     will glow blue and aim your camera at the window. Peeping Child will suddenly pop out, and then
     take its pic fast. Then check your map for a door you have not entered that has a Save Point.
     Enter that place.
      Staircase Hallway
      Save here. Then go up the stairs.
      Raised Tatami Room
      Grab the Sacred Water at the raised room. Take the Spirit Orb at the creepy-looking object with
     the cloth over it. Then enter the other door at the end.
      Clock Hall - H.G! and I.G!
      Save here. Walk down the stairs near the Save Point and a cutscene again takes place. This is
     a VERY DISTURBING CUTSCENE, it scared the hell out of me when the woman jumped. Anyway, walk
     down the stairs after it, and the ghost will appear.
      H.G! Fallen Woman: Very Easy
       Creepy, but easy. She is very slow as she crawls on the floor to grab you and the space is
     quite big, so shoot 'em with Type 7. Her primary attack is to crawl and grab you and her other
     attack is very surprising. She will teleport when she has crawled for some time and will fall
     down on you, maybe damaging you in the process. This ghost has NEVER damaged me, it is too
     easy to defeat it. After the fight, take the Spodumene crystal at the clock and a nearby Film
     Reel 3.
      Go up the stairs and turn right once top. There is a StoreRoom nearby. Open it, take pic of the
     girl and take the doll parts. Now go down and enter the door at the end.
      Tatami Room Hallway
      Check your map for the Family Altar Room. Go in.
      Family Altar - P.G!
      Take the Herbal Medicine at a box. Then your filament will glow blue. Take the picture of the
     ghost through the crack at the wall. Exit and enter the room next door.
      Sealed Room
      Pick up the Dolomite and Notes 4 at the table and Type 14 at the shelves. Nothing here. Exit
     and go back up the stairs in the Clock Room.
      Second Floor Clock Hall
      Check your map for the door that leads to the Second Floor Sliding Room. Enter there.
      Second Floor Sliding Room
      Go down stairs.
      Entrance - I.G!
      Check the StoreRoom opposite the projector room. Take pic of girl, take the last body parts and
     enter the Projector Room.
      Projector Room
      Enter the other door and enter the Hallway Of Contrasts. Enter the Doll Room.
      Doll Room
      Put the doll parts toghether. But the machine does not work. You need some plans first. Go to
     the Sealed Room.
      Sealed Room
      At the north-east side, take the pic of the burned corner. You will get the plans and notes.
     Exit and enter the Hanging Dool Room.
      Hanging Doll Room - H.G!
      Fight the spirit of the creator's dolls.
     H.G! Yoshitastsu Kiryu: Medium
      He's easy to beat, however. Use Type 61. He mainly will grab you like any other common ghost,
     but his secondary attack really is irritaing. He will make the dolls in the room float, and they
     will chase you, hurting you if you come into contact. To rid them, simply run around the room,
     or risk it by taking a shot of the dollmaker, which will paralyze him and deactivate the dolls.
     Easy. Done. Grab the Glass Eyes and return to the Doll Room.
      Doll Room - H.G!
      Put in the items. There is another puzzle.
      Solution: Left Right Left Left Left Right
      The dolls attack you. Use the same strategy. Defeat them to get the Pale Purple Crystal and
     enter the passage.
      Creepy Passage
      Walk down and take the Dimly Glowing Crystal. Walk again and a cutscene occurs. Sae appears to
     send you to Hell, and for some reason, Mio drops the camera and flashlight. Great. I would have
     screamed my head off and threw the camera at Sae but that's beside the point. Anyway, Mio runs
     away and ends up in an unknown location and you can't turn back.
      Chapter Seven: Sae
      This chapter explains things VERY briefly as Sae is after you. Not much time to elaborate on
     small things.
      Objective: Try to get out of the Tachibana House and find your camera and flashlight.
      Large StoreRoom
      *Groan* You have to get the camera back again, but at the moment, you cannot turn back. Lucky
     you. Anyway, save here and exit.
      Hallway Of Contrasts - H.G!
      Sae appears. Run left as soon as you enter the hallway! Sae takes a moment to make her grand
     appearance so run! One attack and you will die. Run down the hall and enter the door.
      Staircase Hallway
      Save and grab the Herbal Medicine at the big boxes. Then go up the stairs.
      Second Floor Staircase Hallway - H.G!
      A cutscene. Sae appears but do not rush after her. Turn around, and let Mio enter the other
      Row Of Tatami Rooms East - H.G!
      One door is locked, so enter the other beside it, so open it, and enter.
      Row Of Tatami Rooms North - H.G!
      Enter door at Mio's right.
      Row Of Tatami Rooms South - H.G!
      Another cutscene. Be fast, and enter the storeroom at the south. Check the map.
      StoreRoom - H.G!
      Quickly grab the Paulownia key near the altar there. Exit fast.
      Row Of Tatami Rooms South - H.G!
      Go to the door at the north to open the door, that you had never gone before. Enter.
      Row Of Tatami Rooms West - H.G!
      Cutscene in which Mio hides in the closet. After that, exit and QUICKLY examine the doll things
     at the northern door. Now QUICKLY run back to the StoreRoom.
      StoreRoom - H.G!
      Grab the doll here and run back to the Row Of Tatami Rooms West again.
      Row Of Tatami Rooms West - H.G!
      Put the doll at the machine. Another confusing puzzle to solve.
     Solution: Left Right Left Right Left Right
      Be fast, as you have a time limit. After that, the door unlocks. Enter!
      Earth Bridge
      Finally! No more Sae! Now enter Kiryu House.
      Second Floor Sliding Room
      Here, go down the stairs.
      Enter the Projector Room. From there, exit and enter the Doll Room. You know the procedure.
      Doll Room
      Enter the passageway.
      Creepy Passageway - I.G!
      Grab the camera and flashlight and aim your camera at the rocks. Go nearer and take the pic of
     the Crushed Men. Then exit to Tachibana House.
      Large StoreRoom
      Save here. Then exit.
      Hallway Of Contrasts
      On your right, there is another Guardian Spirit so banish 'em with the camera. Enter.
      Projector Room
      Watch any Film Reels that you have not. Then exit to the Entrance.
      Entrance - I.G? OR P.G?
      Similar to Kiryu's House Entrance, but this is Tachibana's. Now aim your camera at the well
     beneath the crack. Evil Arms will reach out to grab you, but you need Sense to take its pic.
     Then you may go up the stairs for the Zero Lens Power-up and the Sacred Water at the closet.
     Examine the bookshelf for a Green Diary and go down and exit to Hallway Of Contrasts.
      Hallway Of Contrasts
      Check the map for the Twin's Room. That is the side door you did not go in when Sae was there.
     Use your camera to rid the Guardian Spirit and enter.
      Twin's Room - I.G!
      Grab the Crimson Diary 3. Then search the room for a pic of the Male Twin near the kimonos
     and snap. There is another door at the end. Enter it.
      Clock Hall
      Objective: Find the Bell Key by defeating Chitose Tachibana at different locations.
      Go up the stairs. Check all the rooms, one of them has Mayu in it. Darn, you need a key. Wait,
     wasn't that a red kimono girl that just appeared before? Snap the pic of the Crimson Kimono.
     Now, all you have to do is find and defeat her five times in different locations to earn the
     key and enter the room with Mayu in it. Before you go, snap the pic of Mayu through the bars
     for Crying Mayu. Anyway, the kimono girl's locations are as follows:
     1) Follow the direction the girl went. Enter the door. Check sliding door there. Battle her.
     2) In the East Tatami Room 4, in the closet
     3) In the Deluxe Tatami Room, in the closet
     4) At the Entrance, right of the door at closet
     5) At the Raised Tatami Room at the small sliding closet below
      H.G! Chitose Tachibana: Easy
       She moves medium, so zap her with the Type 14 film. When she gets close, aim for a Zero Shot.
     Her attack is quite fast so avoid. Her most annoying attack is when she cries and the screen
     turns black. I suggest running around till the screen turns normal. Your best bet is to save
     your film and use Type 7. She is just a little girl, so she's not lethal. Sometimes she just
     sits there and does not do anything, so snap a picture. When she nears you and tries to attack,
     hit her continuosly with Zero Shots.
      After five times, she drops the key. Take it and go back to the locked door Mayu was in before.
     Use the key and pick up all the notes, diaires, Tachibana Crest and the Fluorite. A cutscene
     brings Mayu back. Great!
      Chapter 8: Half Moon
      You will begin outside. Check the map for the Old Tree and go there. SAVE first before doing
      Old Tree
      Take the pic of the tree. Shows you the pic of the altar at the shrine.
      Outside Kureha Shrine - P.G!
      Man At Shrine appears for you to take his picture. After that, grab the Sacred Water and enter
     the shrine.
      Kureha Shrine - H.G!
      Get Herbal Medicine here. Take a snapshot at the altar, and you will get the pic
     of the Escaping Twins. Then Veiled Priest will return. Arrrr.......
      H.G! Veiled Priest: Medium
       He has MUCH more HP than before, so be very careful. Veiled Priest is an agressive ghost,
     always cheating by teleporting and sending those skull things at you. Avoid by running around.
     Veiled Priest loves to play hide-and-seek and sometimes he may surprise you by appearing and
     startling you from behind the walls and screens. Use See or Zero to overcome this. Do not waste
     the Type 90, use Type 61. When he is gone, grab the Spirit Orb and Glowing Yellow Crystal.
      After that fight, return back to the Old Tree.
      Kureha Shrine Path - H.G!
      Veiled Priest appears again. Groan......but don't blame him.
      H.G! Veiled Priest: Medium
       Much tougher. Considering the small space, this is gonna be one annoying battle. Not much
     space to run around to escape his skull missiles or whatever that is, but hit him hard and
     agressively using Type 90 if you wanna save your health for later. Good luck. After that, return
     back to the Old Tree.
      Objective: Find the other three family crests to activate the pinwheel puzzle.
      Old Tree
      Enter. Mayu will lie down. Notice the machine at the end? You need the crests; but you only
     have the Tachibana one. Mayu will mumble the other crests's locations. if you want to, snap
     Mayu's pic. Dosen't she look cute? Now, on to finding the crests. Oh, before you go, don't
     forget to grab the Octagon Key at the Pinwheel. This gains acess to Itsuki's storehouse.
     You may take a pic of the pinwheel for the after-pic of what it should look like after you have
     solved the puzzle. Then you may disturb Mayu's beauty sleep for a cutscene and a pic. Then you
     may find the crests. Exit to the Osaka House.
      Front Of Osaka House - P.G!
      When you approach the Osaka House, StoreHouse Bound appears so use your camera. Continue to the
      StoreHouse - P.G!
      As you are approaching the StoreHouse, Roaming Doll appears at the empty building beside you.
     Search quickly there for a bodiless pair of legs and snap. Wasn't that creepy? Continue down
     to the StoreHouse. Use the Octagon Key to unlock the StoreHouse door. Enter and a sad cutscene
     will unfold. Now don't cry.....*sniff* I feel it too. Go in.
      StoreHouse Cell - P.G!
      Take the pic of the Imprisoned Boy when you enter. Do not move, just stay motionless and snap
      this picture. Then GRAB THE TYPE ZERO FILM ON THE FLOOR! After that, enter the door to the cell
     and grab the Crystal Ore and Bound Diary 4. Open the closet for the Bound Diary 3 and 5 there.
     Get the All God's Village Map available there too. That tells you the locations of the crests,
     at the cemetery, Osaka House and Kiryu House. Exit to Osaka House.
      Go to the Fireplace Room.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room
      Enter The Kimono Room.
      The Kimono Room - H.G!
      SAVE! Then pick up the Type 14 Film and check the kimono box. Arrggghhhh!!!! Not her again!
      H.G! Woman In Box: Easy
       A prime candidate for the most disgusting of all spirits, this woman is not only weak, but
     crazy. I mean, would hiding in a box save you from eternal darkness? Go figure. Use Type 7,
     never waste your film on this atrocious disgrace. Snap her continuosly, and carefully. Get
     Zero Shots. Done.
      Pick up the Osaka Crest. Then save before exiting.
      First Floor Sunken Fireplace Room - P.G!
      Running Child/s appear. There are three of them. One is rushing up the stairs, while the others
     are heading towards the hall. Snap them quick. They are one of the most difficult ghosts to
     capture, so better be prepared. You can track them down and receive some cool bonuses, but I
     have to check it out first. For now, leave the Osaka territory and enter the door to the
     Kiryu House near the Save Point.
      Kiryu House - Entrance
      Go to the Hallway Of Contrasts. You may search the other rooms for hidden ghosts, but that is
     really optional. Anyway, go there.
      Hallway Of Contrasts - I.G!
      Open the door to the storeroom. Then get ready to take the pic of James Mielke. Maybe he's
     the producer or something for FF2? Never mind, just exit and get to the Second Floor Sliding
      Second Floor Sliding Room - H.G!
      When you enter, you notice Azami's spirit standing as an immoble ghost. Enter the sliding
     screens, search for a hidden closet, and enter for a cutscene. The twin ghosts appear after
     the scene, so exit the closet and fight them outside. Then you will get the Kiryu Crest.
     For now, head to the cemetery.
      Nah, don't be afraid, just a couple of dead bodies lying around in here. Search for the
     Tsuchihara Altar by using the filament. Take the pic of the tombs for the GraveStone. The
     filament will glow to prompt you for the pic of the Grave Shadow. Then find the Altar for a
     cutscene, where another ghost will attack. She's easy, so just run around snapping her with the
     Type 14 or so. Then grab the Tsuchihara Crest after the battle. Return back to your darling
     sister at the Old Tree.
      Old Tree
      Mayu is still sleeping. Anyway, insert the crests and another puzzle will again begin.
      Solution: The same one as the Osaka House's one.
                            ( Pinwheel One )            ( Pinwheel Two )
                                   ( Unmovable Middle Pinwheel )
                            ( Pinwheel Three )          ( Pinwheel Four )
      1) Move Pinwheel One.
      2) Move Pinwheel Two.
      3) Move Pinwheel Four.
      4) Move Pinwheel Four again.
      5) Move Pinwheel Four for the final time.
      6) Move Pinwheel Two.
      Great! You finally opened up the escape route at the Kureha Shrine. Cutscene again.....and
     end of chapter!!!!!!!!!!! Exit the Old Tree.
      Final Chapter: Crimson Butterfly
      Objective: Escape the village WITH Mayu safely.
      When you reach the shrine steps, a cutscene will again appear. The villagers chase after you
     two, why they can't run faster I have no idea. Sheeesh. Girls. Anyway, the villagers capture
     Mayu. Hip-Hip Hurray! Now we'll have to save her don't we?
      Objective: Rescue Mayu from the spirits.
      Kureha Shrine Path - H.G!
      The Three Muskeeters appear again.
      H.G! Pole Bearer, Seeker and Sickle Bearer: Easy
       Equip Type 14. As usual, try and score Double/Triple Shots. Get them close and aim for a Fatal
     Frame combo. Be aware of thir long-ranged weapons. They do not teleport, so whew. Just keep
     hitting them. No mercy. Easy as pie.
      After this, Mio is alone again! You have two options:
     1) Escape the village through the secret route without Mayu or
     2) Find Mayu and rescue her.
      If you choose option One:
     Enter the shrine and escape. A cutscene will play. You will receive a Game Over.
      If you choose option Two:
       Go to Misono Hill.
      Misono Hill - I.G!
      Yae will appear near the exit gates. You may now go to the cemetery.
      Cemetery - I.G!
      Take the pic of Bill Donohue at the gravestones. Now go to Whisper Bridge.
      Whisper Bridge
      Grab the Butterfly Diary and enter the door.
      Kurosawa Grounds
      Save, then enter the mansion.
      Kurosawa Mansion - Entrance
      Grab the S.Water near the plants. Now find your way to the Connecting Corridors. On the way,
     ghosts may appear to battle or snap a pic, so be ready for the unknown.
      Connecting Corridors - P.G!
      White Kimono appears as you are walking towards the door at the end. Take the pic, then you can
     continue. Sae will appear to help you enter, so go in.
      Save! That's vital. Then take the Type 61 Film. Now enter the Rope Temple.
      Rope Temple - H.G!
      A cutscene will play. Ryokan Kurosawa, the Ceremony Master, will attack
      H.G! Ryokan Kurosawa: Medium
       Use Type 61. Sometimes he floats around the room, then closes in for a grabbing attack. You
     must avoid this, then click for a Zero Shot opportunity. He can also disappear for a while and
     summon Veiled Priests to you, so defeat them fast. Sometimes he can throw the homing fireballs
     at you, but you know the tactic. After the battle, EXIT TO THE LATTICE ROOM AND SAVE after
     picking up the Chrysocolla and Master's Key. Then enter the door using the key. Walk through
     the passageway. Enter the door at the end.
      Underground Passageway - H.G! and I.G!
      Mourners make their appearance. There are A LOT of them, so you can battle or flee. I have
     explained the Mourner's tactics before, so the same applies. Anyway, as you are going through
     the passage, grab the Stone Mirror, snap the pic of Failed Kusabi and Type 90 films before
     going into the sacrificial place.
      Sacrificial Altar - I.G! and H.G!
      Two twins appear in the middle of the room. Take their pic, the continue down the steps for
     the cutscene and boss battle/s, depending on what mode you have chosen.
      After the scene, the Kusabi appears.
      H.G! Kusabi: Medium
       Equip Type 90 or Zero Film. Also equip the Zero Function, Blast and Stun Function, and prepare
     for a tough fight. This boss is pretty straightforward, he teleports occassionally and reaches
     out to grab you. Make sure you station yourself in front of him, and aim the camera AT HIS HEAD
     and wait for the correct moment. Now, the circle will not glow when you are not that close, but
     you have to be an alert and cautious palyer to defeat this ghost. He is not that difficult, only
     that he is rather tricky and has a ONE-HIT KO attack. Note: if you miss a Zero Shot, all is not
     lost. Try to use the analog sticks when still in camera view and move backwards. You have to
     know instantly whether you have missed or not; do not hesitate. Walk backwards if you miss and
     remember, do not exit camera view whatever happens if you miss a shot. I you are not fast
     enough, one grab, GAME OVER. I have a Stone Mirror, but I still had GAME OVER; is that a game
     bug or something? He keeps teleporting after he attacks, usually behind you. But he is rather
     slow, so don't worry. The main problem is that he regenarates every time he teleports, so you
     HAVE TO be fast and attack him without fear. His health increases if you dally, wasting your
     high-speed films. With some luck aand good Fatal Frame skille, you might just be on the winning
      After this, go down the steps, and another cutscene plays. For the Easy/Normal mode, a sad
     ending will appear and ends the game......but if you are on the harder modes, there is one more
     spirit to exorcise.
      Chapter Zero: Hellish Abyss
      Hellish Abyss - H.G! and I.G!
      A cutscene will interrupt again, so after it, walk slowly towards Mayu. Enter Camera View and
     walk further. When you are near enough, she will approach you and grab you. There is a brief
     Fatal Frame moment, so if you miss this, you miss the finishing line. GAME OVER. But if you did
     not, good for you. There is this battle you must overcome first if you wanna escape this horror.
      H.G! Sae/Mayu Kurosawa/Amakura: Medium
       Man, this is a nightmare. Sae will be surrounded by a mist most of the time, so the camera
     cannot damage her. She will laugh horribly at you, then suddenly try to grab you. Use Evade or
     simply knowing when ahe will strike. Just get out of the way! Anyway, after three times she
     does this, the mist will disappear. Now, wait for the right Zero Shot or Fatal Frame moment. If
     you have been playing hard, the combo chains will take her out. If not, keep shooting her with
     the Type Zero and 90 film. Equip the Zero Lens and fight a real battle. Earthquakes will
     sometimes obscure your fight, but don't worry. Keep up those FF shots and you might just win!
     After the battle, Sae will still be there. Take another shot and send her to Hell.
     P.S: Take a shot of Swallowed By Dark at the Hell Pit during the battle. Search for the blue
     filament, and aim below and shoot before Sae can grab hold of you. Take the pic when Sae is
     laughing her head off, but you will most likely miss one of the opportunities to shoot her.
     Unless you are fast, you will have to let Sae start the whole mad cycle again to get another
     opportunity to hurt her.
      Done. Now just relax and enjoy the cutscene you deserved. I won't spoil it, see it with your
     own eyes! After the credits, it will show you your rank. Then SAVE! Yay! FINALLY, I HAVE
      You know, the stuff you get for your hard work, like in school.
     a) Easy Mode
       - Unlocks the Crimson Butterfly ending.
       - Image Art containing ten pics at the Gallery.
       - Promotional Images with three pics at the Gallery.
       - Unlocks Mission Mode.
     b) Normal Mode
       - Unlcoks the Crimson Butterfly ending.
       - Image Art containing ten pics at the Gallery.
       - Promotional Images with three pics at the Gallery.
       - Unlocks Mission Mode.
       - Unlocks great costumes for Mayu and Mio
         . Type A: Unlocks a pink and blue kimono for Mio and Mayu respectively.
         . Type B: Unlocks a blue kimono with a white sash and a black kimono with butterflies and a
           red sash for Mio and Mayu respectively.
       - Unlocks glasses for the twins.
     c) Hard/Nightmare Mode
       - Unlocks all of the above.
       - Unlocks Type C: Plain white kimono and plain white kimono but with a bloody stain for Mio
         and Mayu respectively.
       - Unlocks Type D: Short pale greenish yellow kimono with dangling sleeves and bow, and a short
         pale pink kimono with dangling sleeves and bow for Mio and Mayu respectively
       - Unlocks the other types costumes......any info anyone?
       - Unlocks second ending.
      P.S: Very, very special thanks to April Bostwick for providing info on Type A to D costumes!
     8.Spirit List
      I will complete this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
     9. Overall Review
      Story: 7/10
     Interesting plot, but not creative enough like FF1. Things are predictable, twins kill angry
     ghosts, get out of the place and fight the boss blah blah blah. I've seen it before. I hope
     FF3 is much better. The Crimson Butterflies should have a bigger role in the game and they
     should reveal some background info about the mysterious Camera Obscura.
      Controls: 7/10
     The girls are still slow! For god's sake, they should really need some running lessons. The
     combat is a little clumsy, but overall they are rather tolerable.
      Graphics: 8/10
     This is the department that shines out. Mio and Mayu never looked so beautiful. And the spirits
     have real expressions on their hideous face and the environments are well-crafted and gives
     off a creepy feeling and atmosphere. Truly amazing.
      Sound: 9/10
     Creepy. You will be able to hear ghosts whisperings and that is what a survival horror game
     needs. It really creeps anyone watching and playing. Great work.
     Thank Tecmo for this game, make more of these. Great job ya all.

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