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"Sam is back!"


It's been about a year between Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow but it finally came! Splinter Cell was an amazing game and had something we all was different! A lot of people compare SC to Metal Gear Solid and I personally find there is nothing the same about them. They are two completely different games with different systems. Pandora Tomorrow isn't a huge upgrade, the game play is still the same in many aspects and not a whole lot new. Of coarse a new story is introduced and there are much better graphics and a boat load of new levels and such. Although there is something just a tad special about this game, it has online play. Yes thats right folks you can jump online and battle in first or third person! But anyway, lets get back to the single player review shall we...?


Sam Fisher (your character) is once again off to save the world from insane terrorists trying to blow whatever they want to little pieces. Heh, the story is awesome and much more in depth than I am letting on but that is all I will reveal! I can say one thing for sure, the story is much more intense than SC.

Game Play

Okay, for those of you who are not familiar with the Splinter Cell series than I will slightly break it down for you. And the reason why I am doing this is because it really doesn't matter which game you get, they don't really tie into eachother. And not to mention that they are all fantastic. Splinter Cell plays like a stealth action game. You stick to the shadows to keep yourself from being detected. You have to use your environment wisely to your keen advantage. You have the fifth freedom to spy, steal information, destroy property, and sometimes...kill. This isn't a rush in a blow everyone to bits kind of game. If you are overwhelmed you will be destroyed since this game focuses on realism and realistic confrontation situations. And this is Splinter Cell. Now Pandora Tomorrow is an excellent addition to the series but in terms of new things you can do, it hasn't improved much. Not that this is a bad thing. You will probably be finding yourself doing a "few" new things and a few things have been added to make your infiltration a heck of a lot easier. For example you can now whistle to draw attention to your area. Your pistol is also now equiped with a laser to make aiming more precise but don't think that makes it easier. You can find Sam in totally new environments and getting his hands dirty with a totally new threat.


Splinter Cell is graphically beautiful in every way. This game focuses on the usage of going from light into the shadows and does a heck of a job. Your suit has a built in opsat on your wrist that can show you how much light is accumulating on you and how visible you are by an on screen meter. These shadow effects are somewhat dramatic in an eerie way, almost like you are the hunter and they are the prey. Light reflections look amazing and the shiny glass effects look to real to be on a game. I'd say over all the graphics fit this game like a comfortable shirt...just right.


What can I say...the music is perfect. It just suits this game to a T. It's really spy and stealthy like and for instrumental music you can sort of pick this out. Also the music heats up when you alert a guard or are spotted. Also the voice acting is superb!


The hardest thing to get when it comes to the controls is your weapons and scrolling. But I assure you it gets better with practice and once you get it down you won;t have to worry when times get crazy. Other than that the controls are very easy.

Replay Value/Play Time/Buy or Rent

This game isn't short and has it's challenging points, really challenging! The game itself should take you 10-15 hours to beat. And I recommend this a buy.

-Happy Gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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