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"Sam is back in action and brought his trademark stealthy action with him"

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is one of the best stealth game out there I have played. Its innovative gameplay, original story and refreshing feel made it a truly rewarding experience for the spy-wannabe. Yet, like any other game, there are some flaws that keep the game from being the best of the best. Well, that doesn't matter though, the sequel, Pandora Tomorrow is here and it fixes all that and become the truly good follow-up.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics in Pandora Tomorrow are not a whole lot different than they were in the first game. That doesn't matter though, as the first game present us a simply ground breaking, mind blowing and jaw-dropping graphics. The cool lighting and shadows are not just for show; Sam must utilize every bit of it so the enemy won't see him easily. The framerate is ultra-smooth without any lagging at all. It is awesome that the way it just equals itself with the superb gameplay. Sam creeps every corner with supercool animation; either old or new. It is - like the first game – graphics equals gameplay- undisputed masterpiece.

Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay has received HUGE change since Sam's first outing. Well-placed save points throughout the levels (yes, you can save in most checkpoints) make the flow of the game much smoother. Each level's environments now include a well-balanced between indoor and outdoor areas. The linear feel of the original, has been fixed with multiple paths to accomplish missions. A creative alarm system adds the gameplay depth, where enemies will upgrade their defenses each time they detect your presence. The original Splinter Cell receive critics on how some gadget aren't really necessary to complete the game, well, not this time. Even the sticky camera will have its roll on some of the levels. Using the thermal and night vision goggle also plays bigger part in Sam's tactics. However, Pandora Tomorrow is all about the multiplayer. You'll play as either the 1st person mercenaries or the 3rd person Shadow Net spy. The mercenaries have lethal arsenal, but they cannot perform actions such as climbing down ladders or poles which the spy can. This just proves that the game is capable of fun multiplayer material, not just a single player masterpiece.

Sound 10/10
Great voice acting and sound effects bring the Pandora Tomorrow's world to life. The developer has done one hell of a job by putting different environmental sounds to add to the outdoor and indoor realism. The music is great, too. As enemy spot you, the music will suddenly became faster, meaning an intense action is about to happen.

Replay Value 10/10
The single player alone has plenty of replay value. Try playing it again with to see if you can get by enemies unseen and unheard without drawing your gun or knocking them out. Of course, as mentioned above, the real replay value is the incredible multiplayer game. You will spend many hours just killing or sneaking around because it is THAT fun and simply addictive.

Overall 10/10
Overall, Pandora Tomorrow is worth the wait for the PS2 owner. Since everyone is worried; is PS2 version is worth it? Let me tell you guys- it's worth every dollar you will spend on it. They took a great game and made it even better. Whether or not it's as challenging as the first or the story is up for debate but the gameplay tweaks are more than a pleasure. They didn't need to change a whole lot on the gameplay and they didn't. Pandora Tomorrow's multiplayer mode is the highlight. As far as I'm concerned, Sam, Lambert, Grim, Coen and the rest of the gang at Third Echelon passed with flying colours. 10 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/07/04

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