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"Tom Clancey has done it AGAIN!!"

It seems that Tom Clancy has done it again with Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow is one of the best stealth game out there I have played, well along with the original. There are ofcourse some little errors that spoil the game but they dont really matter. The games story is as unique as ever and even includes information from the the last game, making this the ultimate gaming experience.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics arent really different from the previous game, and the graphics arent superior the the X-Box version but are very close, but there are areas that have been sharpened like the characters, but still the faces are a little messed up. This doesnt matter though unless u look with ur binoculars. The shadows are back again and waiting for you to go inside them. This along with the lighting makes the game so realistic. All sorts of new animations making Fisher as invisible as ever, including the SWAT turn that allows you to move past windows or hallways quickly and easily. This with the lighting makes you invisible.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay has dramatically improved since the original game and it shows. the AI is smarter than they were and actually look like they know what they are doing. Fisher has even learned a few tricks and is still te ultimate stealth machine. The USB Headset can also be used during gameplay but unfortunately it can only be really used in Online Play and druring the single player games is just an alternative way of listening the the team. But still this game is the best stealth game ever and would be really hard to beat and it brings realism to the game.

Sound 10/10
Brilliant voice acting and sound effects bring Pandora Tomorrows world to life. They have done a great job by putting all sorts of different environmental sounds to inside and outside areas, and actually bring emotion to the characters. With the new feature of whistling, you can lure guards anywhere you want to, and finishing them off in the dark. Also if any enemy spots you, the music will all of a sudden become faster, meaning that something intense is going to occur.

Replay Value 8/10
The single player alone doesnt really have much replay value as once youve done it, youve done it. The best you can do is to playing it again with no alerts or just to see if you can get by enemies unseen and just make your own mini games. But really, the replay value is the best in multiplayer games. You will spend hours hunting each other Online as its incredibly addictive. This is where you will spend the mos time and having the most fun, as it will be different every time.

Overall 9/10
All the PS2 Owners who have been waiting for this will not be i wasnt. I think that this game is great and will spend many times replaying it with my own mini games. This game will always surpass other stealth games including the original, as its more challenging. It also shows that they didnt need to change alot on the gameplay and they didnt. Pandora Tomorrows multiplayer mode is the best, and you guys should check it out. It has been worth the wait for all us PS2 gamers and as far as im concerned, this game is the best and i cant wait for another to come out, so that i can enjoy myself once again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/15/04

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