Review by MafiaReborn

"A whole new Splinter Cell!"

Single Player:10/10

This game in single player is even better than the first Splinter Cell.You can distract the enemy various ways as in the first one.But, this time you can whistle to attract the foes and then you can ambush them.The enemy AI is smart and they can kill you in about 3 or 2 shots.Difficulty wise Pandora Tomorrow is harder than the first game.The only problem about single player is about every so often their will be a checkpoint where it will have to load for about 10 seconds.However, the loading times are decreased compared to the first one.But,don't worry this is normal for a ps2 game.


Pandora Tomorrow's online mode is amazing!You can choose 2 teams,the mercenaries or the spies.They both have several gadgets which are cool and are quite useful on all maps.One of the coolest things about being a spy is that you can grab a mercenary by his neck and press select and talk to him, then you can either break his neck or knock him unconscious.As a mercenary you have to find and kill the spy before he can complete all of his objectives.The coolest thing about being a mercenary is the motion tracking vision.With motion tracking vision you can detect the spies if there moving which is cool because it automatically does the searching for you in that area.There are exactly 8 maps in this game.But, don't worry the fun lasts long on each map because you will be finding new ways to get into places on both teams.


This game pushes the ps2's abilities to the max!Every object and character looks realistic in every way.


The music in this makes your heart jump out of your chest.The music perfectly fits this game in every situation.Every voice is clear and their are no muffled voices that you cannot hear.Their are no problems with hearing the enemy's making noises.


I must say whoever has a ps2 must buy this game now!This whole game is worth every cent.The single player and online make this game a masterpiece.Without a doubt if you liked the first Splinter Cell,then you will definitely be all over Pandora Tomorrow.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/21/04, Updated 06/24/04

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