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"Pretty, but slow paced and boring."

This game got a lot of positive reviews, so I rented the game. Then I wondered why. I'm usually a big fan of stealth games, I love the Metal Gear Solid series, Hitman and Tenchu, but this one didn't do it for me. Keep in mind this review is from the single player perspective, as I don't have online for my PS2 yet.

Graphics - 7/10
The graphics, while not as nice as the X-box, are some of the best I've seen on PS2, but weren't carried out too well. Sam looks surprisingly realistic, with high detail to his stealth suit and great animation. The levels are all diverse and look good but are usually too dark to see them, forcing you to constantly were the nightvision goggles, meaning most of your game will be in black and white. The lighting in the game has a great effect in some places, but usually looks tacky because a light bulb only gives off a 5 foot radius of light and the rest of the room is pitch black. If they didn't screw up the lighting system so much in this game it would have gotten an easy 10 for graphics, but instead gets a 7.

Sound 8/10
The sound was nothing to complain about. The voice acting was great and I can't complain at that at all, but it did sound like they were trying too hard to make Sam sound like Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. The music, while not bad, didn't stand out to me. The enemy voices were always repetetive and got kind of annoying.

Gameplay 4/10
The gameplay is majorly flawed in several areas. The first thing is the checkpoints the developers set throughout the game. It seemed like all I was doing the whole game was going from checkpoint to checkpoint trying to predict the enemies movement and avoiding combat. That's the next problem I had with the game, the combat is HORRIBLE. You have to aim, then move around slowly while trying to fire faster than your opponent because your both taking constant shots. Another thing I didn't like about the gameplay is how they implemented the lighting system, I don't understand how being 10 feet away from a light while inside will make the enemy not even consider going to investigate the movement. I also felt the alarm system was kind of stupid and didn't really make any sense to me why they put it in. But the biggest problem was the difficulty of the game. It seemed like all I was doing was getting to a checkpoint and repeating that part of the level until I memorized the enemies movements, which got really boring really fast. It took me all day to beat the second mission, I'd hate to see what it gets like later in the game.

Replayability 2/10
I guess if you have online this game would be fun to play, but single player is just too boring. You end up playing the same part so many times you forget what your supposed to be doing on that mission.

Rent or buy?
I'd definitely say rent it first, I'm glad I did. Again, if you have online this might be different, but I don't so I say rent it.

Overall 6/10
I didn't like this game at all. It was slow paced, unrealistic and repetitive. The alarm system just plain sucked. I guess I could say the graphics are good, if you put aside the lighting. But overall it was a huge disappointment. I think I'll just wait until MGS3 comes out to sneak around killing people.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/11/04

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