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"What do you get when you cross intense-action with deadly stealth?"

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

What do you get when you cross intense-action with deadly stealth? You get Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. I didn't play the first splinter cell, but right now I love Pandora Tomorrow. It brings the best of both worlds.

Game play 9/10
The game play is that of remaining a secret. You have a variety of weapons and gadgets to use, including smoke grenades, walls mines, and sticky grenades. You are not forced to have to use the same action each time you encounter someone. Instead, you can experiment with what you have to build on your experience. Perhaps the best part isn't the weapons, , its rather how you use the weapons in the different ways they can be used. Your name is Sam fisher, and an elite special operations division of the American Government has trained you to be invisible. You are set in the third person mode, making peaking around a corner easier. During the missions, you will have to use stealth, and plenty of it. When making your move, you have to take into account the resources you have and the amount of enemies you are going to face. This makes the gameplay much deeper.

Graphics 10/10
The game achieves many things in the graphics department. The water effects in this game are completely remarkable; the best of any game ever. The faces in this game are highly detailed and look as if they are real photos, not in a game. The jungle and other settings are pushing the envelop, with thick vegetation and mountain-size sky scrapers. You will be amazed at how far games have come and it will show you the future of other video games.

Sounds 9/10
All the sounds in the game are on the dot. The silenced weapons are stealth and the grenades achieve excellent explosive quality. The designers have greatly detailed sounds and the guns produce pinpoint noises, making the surrounding much more demanding. The guns are detailed so highly that after playing the game thoroughly, you will be able to identify the type of weapon being fired, how far it is away, and the amount of ammo the enemy soldier has left in his clip.

Controls 8/10
The controls are a laid out at the beginning of the game and are easy to understand. However, some of the more advance tactics are hard to use, so be prepared to learn the buttons. The game used the usual shoot and fire method like, which pretty much come standard with any action game these games.

Replayability 7/10
If you play the game in hard mode and don't get frustrated, you can expect to spend over 9 hours planning and testing different techniques till you accomplish your goal and beat the game. You can replay the mission when you're done to try to get a better time and use different strategies, but there's little reward when you do. The best part is the multiplayer. You can either play has a secrete spy, in the third person mode, using artful moves and cutting edge technology. Or, you can play as the first-person mercenaries, paid to track down and kill the spies. This adds a huge amount of replayability.

Story 9/10
The story is interesting and won't keep you bored. Tom Clancy has written an excellent story with plenty of twists, that I promise, you won't come seeing. I can't say too much, but be expecting to pay more attention in this game than you would usual pay in other games. The game begins with dropping you off to rescue hostages at an embassy (no training levels here, you just jump right into the game and the story line).

Value 8/10
The value of the game is pretty good, and multiplied if you have on-line play. Basically, if you have multiplayer available and you like the genre (stealth action) than you will be ok at paying some $40 - $50 dollars, as that will offer so much to do and to play. Spend less if you don't have multiplayer but still like the genre. I consider giving this game a shoot, as you will be impressed by the amount of quality the game offers to any one who is looking for an excellent game.

Rent or Buy? Recommendation?
If your not too much into the stealth action gameplay, but you want to test the game out, try renting it first, than if you like it, buy the next one in the series too fully enjoy what it offers. I strongly recommend that you keep this game as a gift, and it also makes a great present.

Overview Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/03/04

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