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"Stealth Redefined"

Ah....where to start. For those of you that haven't played the first Splinter Cell, it's a stealth game on all systems, even the GC, that you play the role of Sam Fisher, an ultra secret "spy" that does the dirty work for a company named NSA (national something something).

Graphics 10/10

Some of the best graphics to hit consoles, and, well, somewhat not the best I've seen on the PC. It has amazing lighting effects, stunning textures, and exceptional framerate. Sometimes I get sidetracked looking at the graphics because they're so mindblowing. I just love how everything looks so lifelike. Although, during multiplayer, the framerate drops dramatically compared to single player( don't worry, MP is so fun you won't even notice). Also, Ubisoft, I commend you on your high level of attention to detail. From the little stringy things that come off of Sam's suit to the buzzy things that happen when you're in night vision mode. Astounding.

Controls PC: 7/10 Xbox: 10/10 PS2 10/10 Gamecube 6/10

Well, on the consoles, the controls are much more usable. I just don't like using a keyboard and mouse, that's not to say that the Gamecube one is any better. But, for the most part, Ubisoft did well on fitting Sam's moves to the controllers.


Wow, they should've thought of this sooner, this works extremely well. Spy vs. Merc is probably the best match up out there. Besides Spartan vs. Elite anyways. Oh, for all those Gamecubers out there, I'm sad to say, there is NO, I REPEAT, NO ONLINE WHATSOEVER for gamecube. ARE THEY NUTS!? NINTENDO, PLEASE GET A GRIP. I don't know what pandora tomorrow is without Multi makes no sense. Anywho, the multiplayer is equally balance in a sorta pro vs con manner. Such as, the merc has heavy firepower, but the spy is faster and can go to many more places (so that they can sneak up on the mercs). And, the merc has frag grenades, but the spy has smoke and flash grenades. Lastly, the merc has motion-tracking apposed to spy's nightvision. Although, it's a lot more fun to use spy because you can hide and be all sneaky, which it's friggin' cool.

Rent or Buy?

It's definitely a buy, buy it now. But if you only have a GC, tough luck, you'll probably sell it after you beat the Single Player.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/05/04

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