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"The single player is fun, but the multiplayer is overrated."

The original Splinter Cell on all systems was a great stealth action game. It gave you the right feel that you were in a real life-or-death situation, but still couldn't kill people. The gameplay, which consisted of sneaking up behind a guard, grabbing him, knocking him out, and hiding his body was unique and suprisingly addictive. Now, Sam Fisher, a spy from the CIA, is back and hungry for more!

GAMEPLAY: 8/10: The stealth action gameplay of the single player mode is awsome! There are a few changes in this game from the previous Splinter Cell. For one, you can now whistle to lure opponents to you. This makes for easy knock-outs and kills, but don't think that this game is an easy game, because it's not. You will constantly be failing missions and having to start over. This is because you'll have a few stipulations to a lot of the missions like, "don't use lethal force," or, "Any alarms and the mission is over." You'll constantly be triggering an alarm inadvertantly getting killed (if they see you first, it takes two elbow strikes, giving them plenty of time to shoot you) that it's sometimes frustrating.

As fun as the single player is, the multiplayer is overrated. They say that the multiplayer would change the way you think of online gaming and even multiplayer as a whole. They said to avoid the Gamecube version if you can, simply because the multiplayer is just too awsome! I say, "the heck with all of them."

Now don't get me wrong. The multiplayer would have been all right if everyone who played multiplayer online wasn't bent on triple-teaming you. They clan together and make you either a spy against three mercenaries or a mercenary against three spies. The result is that when you get killed once by two opponents, the third opponent is at your starting spot, ready to kill you again. The result is that you can't get a single step in, and you loose EVERY MATCH!

Still, though, the single player is fun nonetheless. The single player is worth the money, even on the Gamecube version. The multiplayer shouldn't be your first reason for getting this game, especially if you don't have online (the multiplayer only works online).

STORY: 9/10: The story is great, but I would have prefered a few more FMVs explaining the story. As it is, the FMVs are only news broadcasts, which don't tell the story very well. To be honest, the story isn't necessary to love the game. It's the stealth action that makes this game worth the money. Like the multiplayer, the story shouldn't be your first reason for getting this game.

Bascially, a terrorist called Sadono has this weapon called "Pandora Tomorrow." It's same Fisher's job to find out what Pandora Tomorrow is and find some way to stop this weapon of mass destruction. Like I said, the story isn't very in-depth, but it's the gameplay that I recommend this game for.

GRAPHICS: 6/10: Here's the drawback. This game isn't very graphically sound. The in-gameplay graphics are okay, but the FMV-graphics are substandard. The characters' mouths only move up and down and show no expression or emotion whatsoever. One time you see Sam put an info card into a PDA, and you see a line where his finger is cut in two veritally. I would have prefered color in the night vision, but I've never worn night vision goggles, so that might be realistic. I don't know.

SOUND: 10/10: This catagory makes up for the mediocre graphics. The voiceovers and sound effects are very realistic and the background music is bang on with the mood. It really gives you the feeling that your in danger.

REPLAY VALUE: 7/10: The single player is very linear, and there's no "scores" like there are going to be in Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory, so there's not much reason to play the single player once you've beaten it. Like I said above, the multiplayer is overrated, so I wouldn't keep this game long after the single player is completed just for the multiplayer. Of course, that's just me. I you like an insane "challenge" as some of you call it, then go ahead. I found little reason to replay the game. Of course, the only reason this got a seven, which is average, is because the single player is long. Long and hard. There are only eight missions, but they are long ones and will take a long time to finish because they're so hard. This alone saves the replay value.

OVERALL: 8/10: Definately buy this game... just for the single player. Don't buy this game because of the multiplayer. The real fun is in the single player.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/05

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