"Superior sustaining stealth action!"

' Like a sliver of glass, a Splinter Cell is small, sharp and nearly invisible'.

'Splinter Cell', you may have heard the name before, but now Tom Clancy has made a second installment, Pandora Tomorrow. There has definitely been a lot of hype about this game after the first one, and with the new addition of multiplayer online gaming it really looks like it can stand up to titles like Metal Gear Solid 2. Read on to find out.

Basic storyline: The year is 2006, The United States have installed a temporary military base in East Timor. Suhadi Sadono, Indonesian leader of the Darah Dan Doah, has attacked the base with his men, taking civilian and military personnel hostage. Sam Fisher, an operative working for Third Echelon, is sent in to destroy top-secret documentation held in the base, before Sadono accesses it.

Gameplay: The gameplay can be tricky to define for this game, sometimes it is quite free flowing and sometimes it's hard to keep control. For example, when you have a gun equipped, Sam moves slowly, and can't run, which can be annoying sometimes. But the camera control is not bad, and moving slowly isn't too hard to do.

Graphics: The graphics look quite fancy from a distance, but there can be un-detailed areas, and people's faces such as Sam's, look very simple and not complex and detailed. But things like trees and definitely water effects, look quite stunning.

Sound: The music is simply amazing, and nothing can be said badly about it, especially Sam Fisher's theme, which plays on the single player menu. The sound effects are quite good too, bottles smashing on the floor sound just like the real thing.

Multiplayer Mode: I have personally not been on the online multiplayer mode, but I have done the tutorial and visited some of the maps, and looks quite good. You have the choice to choose to be a mercenary or spy, and there are many locations to play in too.

Conclusion: Splinter Cell is a great stealth action game and it may not be as good as Metal Gear Solid, but it definitely tries to compete with it.

Buy or Rent? : If you love stealth games, buy this game, if not, i suggest renting first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/14/05

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