Review by Vooska

Reviewed: 03/31/05

Stealth, the ultimate weapon.

Splinter Cell, the game that defines the genre of stealth and spys. Pandora Tomorrow seems to bring everything together as if it were never any question. For those of you that do not know of the Splinter Cell series you play an agent by the name of Sam Fisher that works for the NSA (which I can't seem to remember what stands for). You are the ultimate spy, trained in the black trade, the art of stealth and deception.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay of this game is better then the first one for many reasons. Although it does have alot of the same characteristics of the original, there are many new and improved designs that help set this game off. Single player seems to have set the standards compared to the original. Alternate routes that can be chosen, either trying to be the ultimate spy and stay undetected and hidden at all costs, or doing it the more dangerous way, and stepping out to take that one man down. Unlike the first Splinter Cell where you have multiple weapons but never really NEED to use them all, Pandora Tomorrow brings that back into the picture by implementing the use of all the weapons, from the sticky camera, to a simple flare being used at the right spot for distractions. Also the new added whistle feature allows the player to bring the enemy to them in their court.

Multiplayer is a new feature that they added into Pandora Tomorrow which was a great move by Ubisoft. You are allowed to pick between being a mercenary or a spy, yet there are differences between the two. The spy being more of what you would think, slinking into the shadows, staying out of sight. They seem to be able to go more places and have night vision which helps them out alot as well. Yet the mercenaries are unique in their own way as well. Although they are not allowed to go as many places as the spies, they do have a motion sensor vision which helps them spot the spies. They also carry a bigger array of weapons then the spies bringing a whole different type of play into the picture. Eight levels let you enjoy the multiplayer for a very long time after you have completed single player.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are truly unbelievable, everything looks life like. There is no lagging in the framerate and the videos and gameplay seems almost flawless. The shadow really is Sam's friend and Ubisoft made sure of that with the clearness that they used. Even though everything is so dark there seems to be a sharpness to the gameplay.

SOUND: The sound is emaculate, and fits the gameplay perfectly. Coming on at the right times and speeding as things start to happen. You really get into the game with this added.

All in all, if you're looking for the ultimate spy/stealth game, Pandora Tomorrow is it. It has all the features you are looking for and the first and only stealth multiplayer. I would recommend buying this game if you are using the XBOX, PS2, or PC, and although it is a great game for the GC, you don't get to have the multiplayer action since Nintendo has not yet put a system out with online capabilities.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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