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"Being a shadow is even better in Pandora Tomorrow"

In this review, I'm not going to score each segment. I will put my thoughts and let you decide.

Splinter Cell: a game completely about stealth. It's about being a shadow, getting the job done and getting out without leaving any trace of yourself behind.

Game play: The game play is amazing. You can choose from multiple routes, such as scaling the side of a building and creeping across the rooftops, or sneaking around in the shadows down on the ground. (Note: Shadows are your best friend. ;p)

You have two guns – the SC-20K M.A.W.S. (Modular Assault Weapon System) and a pistol. The pistol is equipped with a laser site for increased accuracy. The SC-20K is equipped with a multi-purpose launcher – you use that to fire all your gadgets.

The gadgets you can use vary from a sticky shocker that incapacitates your enemy to a sticky camera that is used for surveillance.

Graphics: The graphics are truly stunning; rich, clear textures, ripples in the water, leaves and bushes blowing in the wind, and great shadows make the game look spectacular.

Controls: The controls are near perfect. They're the same (in some ways) as SOCOM's (another great game). Left analog stick is move, right is look around. The whistling feature added in this instalment opens up a whole new segment to stealth. Say there's two guards in a room, you can draw both guards out of the well lit room, into a dark hallway and off them – nether of the guards will know what's happening.

Sounds: From guards making conversation, to the floor boards creaking, the sounds are clear and crisp. There isn't much to say except that the sounds are very close to (if not) perfect.

Re-playability: There are so many ways that you can complete a level, you can spend hours upon hours of completing the level in a different ways and confronting the enemies differently. The online feature also adds a lot of extra time you can get out of this game.

Online: The amount of players you can have in a game at a time is 4; you can play two spies, two mercenaries, or, if one of you is brave enough, you can play 3 Vs. 1
Spies don't have any lethal weapons, but they can use the enemy as a human shield of break their neck. The Merc's have many weapons they can use to try and kill the spies, however they aren't as stealthy, and the camera view is first person.

Conclusion: If you like being a ghost's shadow, and stopping terrorists using amazing stealth moves, this game is a must...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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