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    Hardcore 5-Star Level FAQ by iamthedave

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  MANHUNT HARDCORE FIVE STAR LEVEL FAQ Version 1.0
    I. Introduction
    II. Notes and terminology
    III. Wrong Side of the Tracks
    IV. Trained to Kill
    V. Border Patrol
    VI. Key Personnel
    VII. Deliverance
    VIII. Thanks and contact info
    IX. Copyright and Contact info
    This FAQ is intended to provide an effective guide to getting people to five
    stars on the last five levels of the game, ones that seem to be causing a lot
    of trouble for many players. This guide is not really intended for first time
    players. For one thing it will spoil the atmosphere by rigidly telling you how
    fast and how to do things, for second you shouldn't be playing the game on
    hardcore for your first time through. For those who have played the game
    already, this will help you get your five stars so you can go back to playing
    the game the way it SHOULD be played, i.e. Heavy on the atmosphere, slowly, and
    patiently. Except on Wrong side of the tracks, of course.
    A side note is that there is no discernable benefit for getting five stars on
    all levels, and I may do FAQs to cover the other fifteen levels eventually.
    Feel free to e-mail me with requests if you really need help and if I get
    enough I'll get onto it regardless of inclination.
    The first thing to note is that there is leway in some of the strategies
    contained herein. The AI in Manhunt is probably the best that has appeared in
    this kind of game, and certainly rivals MGS2 for complexity. This means that
    the guards do not always behave in quite the fashion described. Sometimes after
    checking a corpse, for example, they'll go right back to their original patrol
    pattern, sometimes they'll switch and patrol your area, sometimes they and any
    friends they've brought with them will patrol your area. I therefore recommend
    that you follow the guide as close as possible, but always bear in mind that
    flexibility and improvisation may be required. I have been through each level
    multiple times to perfect these strategies, and I assure you that they do work
    more times than they don't.
    Rather than refer to the individual kills as levels, I'll use their given
    names, which are as follows:
    White Cursor: Hasty
    Yellow Cursor: Violent
    Red Cursor: Gruesome
    Another bit of terminology is 'Point Blank', which simply means get close
    enough so you can head shot your target and kill them instantly. You'll see a
    lot of this in the guides. I will also frequently say things like 'when he
    comes to investigate, gruesome him', this doesn't mean you're supposed to do it
    WHILE he's investigating. I'm taking it as read that you're used to waiting for
    the guards to turn their backs then stalking and gruesome them.
    There is one other piece of terminology I use, and that is 'Pop Up Serial
    Killer'. Pop Up Serial Killer is the practice of using Triangle to press your
    back against a wall, then moving to the end and popping out with L1 to shoot
    someone. Obviously in an extended gun battle you repeat the process as
    required. I personally recommend reloading every time you go back into cover,
    because you never know when you'll need a full clip. Anyway, everytime the
    words 'Pop Up Serial Killer' appear, this is what I'm referring to. Its roots
    are the kid's game Pop Up Pirate. Make whatever psychological assumptions you
    like from that association.
    Each level walkthrough is split into sections. The first is a brief intro with
    a bit about the level and tactics required, plus the kind of level it is and
    how difficult I think it is. The second through fourth sections are the
    different parts of the level as indicated by the Save Points. There is also a
    seperate line where I list the equipment I began the level with.
    One final thing to note. Since when you reload you start off with a full health
    bar, I heartily encourage you to quit and reload at every save point if its
    necessary. Whenever you die, quit out and reload, because if you don't the game
    will not stop the timer. When you reload you reload from the exact moment you
    saved. Also, when you reload the guards will begin from pre-set starting
    points, and most of the waklthroughs were completed using these pre-set points.
    Now, on with the guide.
    Equipment: Shogun w/11 shells, Six-Shooter w/28 bullets
    This level is one of my least favourites, because it barely feels like it
    belongs in the game. Its pure gunplay, start to finish, and the time limit on
    it is insanely tight. You need to run hell for leather to finish this thing in
    time, and prodigious abuse of the save and reload feature is highly encouraged.
    Your objectives are thus simplified: Get to the next Save Point as quickly as
    possible, regardless of anything else. Oh, and kill lots of cops, too.
    You'll start off at the top of some stairs. Run down to the foot of them. The
    officers near the train will see you. One will run towards the door on the far
    end of the platform, the other will attack. Try to kill the fleeing one before
    he gets away, because if you don't he'll take up position near the other side
    of the door and make it very hard for you to kill him without getting shot, AND
    you'll alert the cop patrolling the corridor when you do. Not a good plan. Kill
    him, which will take between one and three blasts, then Point Blank the other
    one. If you're fast you should be able to do this between his gun shots. It is
    possible to do this little bit without even getting hit, but one or two shots
    don't matter.
           Go into the room the first officer was running to, then edge towards the
    far corridor, turning the camera angle so you can see the officer patrolling
    the corridor. Either wait until he gets close enough or turns his back, then
    Point Blank him and take his SMG. Use the shotgun to blow the lock off the
    door, then leg it up the tracks until the cutscene with the SWATs triggers. At
    this point switch to SMG and run as fast as you can up the track until you see
    the three different branches. The SWATs lights will be visible coming at you
    from the left branch. Run towards the right branch, and as you near it the
    SWATs will draw level with you. Immediately target and gun them down with your
    SMG. You should kill all but one of them, so quickly switch to the shotgun and
    take the last one down. Pick up ammo as you run down the left branch where they
    came from until you reach the save point. Save, quit and reload so you don't
    need to use the painkillers.
    When you reload, run through the door behind you and to the right, then slow
    down and walk to the corner, press your back up against it. The nearest officer
    is your immediate target. He has an SMG and 2 patrol paths. One will lead him
    close enough for you to Point Blank him, the other will have him stop on the
    way, then turn back and head to the centre of the T-Junction. The latter path
    is awkward, but if you run towards him the second he turns his back you should
    manage to Point Blank him. If you don't want to risk it, just quit and reload
    until he behaves properly. Take the ammo and reload your SMG while running back
    to the corner. Use the SMG to play Pop Up Serial Killer with the three or four
    officers who will come for you. Note that one will almost always take up cover
    in the centre of the T-Junction, and the SMG is the only effective way to kill
    him. You'll waste loads of shotgun shells otherwise. The other officers will be
    slightly reserved sometimes, but if you wait they will come round the corner
    and approach. Point Blank as many of them as you can and just hold the X button
    for the rest. If you empty the SMG switch to Shotgun, obviously. Note that
    sometimes they will try to flank you. You'll know they're doing this if no-one
    comes for you for a little while and you hear a door banging. If they do this,
    LEG IT for the piece of cover that's sitting slap bang in the middle of the T-
    Junction and use it to play Pop Up Serial Killer. When you're done, take a
    handgun and ammo.
           Take the left from the T-Junction and run to the control room. Here
    there will be one or two officers, depending on how the fight in the Junction
    went. Gun them both down and switch on the power. By doing this you will
    trigger another group of SWATs who will head to your position. You need to run
    as fast as possible to the door you entered from and then run back up the
    tracks and into the patch of shadow that occupies the first gap you come to.
    The three SWATs will run right by you and go into the area you just left.
    Ignore them and leg it to the main station and board the train. Nobody will get
    in your way. You'll trigger a cutscene where the train drives to the next area.
    When it ends run out and to the left to hit the save point. Quit and reload if
    you've been badly hurt, because the next bit is dicy.
           There are three bottles of painkillers in the next section, and you may
    need all of them. One is right behind you in the first corridor section. The
    second is out of the door and to the right. The third is up the stairs, through
    the entrance gates on your left, and then in the small room through the door
    immediately to your right. Go for them in order of farthest to closest when and
    if it becomes necessary.
           Look through the door until you can see the officers walking onto the
    platform, then brazenly walk out until you can Point Blank one of them with the
    Handgun. Hold X when you do, so Cash will immediately target the other and
    hopefully Point Blank him as well. If not just keep firing until he drops. Take
    their ammo/gun. Quickly run to the desk that is just on the right of the door
    and hide behind it. If you're lucky you will get there before the cop coming
    down the stairs can see you. Play Pop Up Serial Killer until he's dead, then
    grab your first bottle of painkillers, as you'll likely be down to half health
    by now. If you're not, go you.
          Run up the stairs on the right to avoid the shopping cart, then run right
    up to the food desk and Point Blank the guy with the shotgun. It doesn't matter
    if he shoots you. He should only take one shot then hide, and he'll only clip
    you anyway. Take his ammo and reload your shotgun while hiding on the other
    side of the counter. Three officers will come through the exit gate on the
    right, so play Pop Up Serial Killer until they're dead. The first will be easy,
    the second and third may be awkward. Be patient and take shots when they're
    offered. Its very difficult to shoot through the gates, so don't waste ammo
           Either go down the stairs to grab painkillers or go through the entrance
    gates and grab the bottle in the little room, if you need to. Much kudos if you
    STILL don't need them. Either way, go into the small room, then slowly come
    back out, using the door as cover. There are three officers in the next
    section, two roaming with handguns, one static with shotgun. One of the roamers
    will wander to your side of the area, past the pillar. Step out from behind the
    door and shoot him to death. His friend may move in to attack, if he does
    you'll be able to Point Blank him. If he doesn't, just grin and bear it, then
    shoot it out with him. If you have 2 free Shotgun shells it will work to your
    benefit. Grab Painkillers if necessary, but not if you'll have to cross the
    third officer's line of fire tp get to them.
           Hide behind the first pillar, then play Pop Up Serial Killer with the
    Handgun to kill the officer. Grab his ammo, reload, then run up the steps as
    fast as you can to Point Blank the final officer behind the foot vendor's cart.
    You should be able to shoot him between blasts. Pick up his ammo and reload on
    your way up the stairs to complete the level.
    Estimated Time: 7 Minutes 30 Seconds.
    Equipment: Shotgun w/4 shells, Handgun w/11 bullets
    An improvement on the previous level for certain. The trick here is working out
    when to be stealthy and when not to be so you can minimise your time. Its
    necessary to Gruesome almost all of the cops you stealth kill, though.
    Run forward, pick up wire, run up stairs switching to Handgun. Point Blank cop
    with Handgun bullet, 3 shots will drop the cop on far side of police van to
    your right. Then move forwards and hide behind the first pillar just outside
    the entrance to the building on your left. Lean out to see the roaming cop
    approaching. Pop out to Point Blank him, then if necessary move back to other
    side of pillar and put the last two bullets into the cop behind the bench. Grab
    a six shooter and finish the job. Pick up the ammo he drops and reload on the
    move while you run to the end of the corridor, around and down the stairs, then
    run right up to the cop behind the bench and Point Blank him. He shouldn't get
    a shot off.
           Switch to wire and go through the hole in the wall to your right, and
    move left up the wall. If you've been quick enough so far the SWAT patrolling
    the platform will be walking towards the end past the pillars. If you haven't
    been quick enough, replay this section until you are. The amount of time you
    lose if you don't take this window of opportunity is unacceptable. Sneak up and
    gruesome him with the wire. Take the SMG but ignore the crowbar in the far
    alley corner. Its highly likely he will be in the alley by the time the red
    cursor shows up. Run to the gate across the platform and blow the lock off with
    an SMG bullet, then switch to shotgun and press your back up against the wall
    beside it. Make noise until you can see a cop by leaning out, then play Pop Up
    Serial Killer to flatline as many of them as possible. The maximum is four, as
    far as I can tell. When you run out of Shotgun shells, switch to the SMG and
    use as much ammo as necessary.
           Go back to the building and run right from the hole, take the left set
    of stairs down and run to the end to pick up the baseball bat. Move to the gap
    at the end of the locker area and then press against the wall, make noise to
    lure the cop who patrols the stairs in, then gruesome him when he goes back to
    his route. He never goes beyond the wall line, so you're safe. Once he's died
    messily, run down the stairs and take a right to find some SMG ammo. Reload
    your SMG while you run back to the platform upstairs, through the gate, and tag
    the save point. Save, reload if you want.
           Assuming you reloaded, you start looking forward just next to a grey
    train car. Turn around and proceed down its right side to the end of the red
    car. Walk, don't run. There's an officer in this area who is key to how you
    handle the rest of the level. This officer has three different patrol routes,
    and they're clear to see. If by the time you've walked to the end of the car
    he's halfway up the ramp that leads to the train car just over the tracks, then
    he's on the path we want. Wait outside but keep the camera on him so you can
    see when he turns to go deeper into the car. Follow him in and gruesome him.
           If he is still standing there, wait until he heads back into the car and
    follow him when he turns to go inside. He will look into the shadows in the
    upper part of the car, then turn and walk back out. This means you'll only be
    able to manage a violent kill on him, but it will get the job done.
          If he is walking around the boxes, quit and reload, same if he thinks he
    spots you and starts to approach.
          Assuming he went on the first, preferred path, the officer will die near
    a patch of shadow made by a jutting half-seperation between the two halves of
    the car (its just past the boxes). Hide in these shadows and make a noise to
    lure in an officer. Switch to the SMG, just in case. He should stop just in
    front of your position, then go back outside, when he does, gruesome him with
    the bat. Alternatively, he will come right up to the shadows, at which point
    you should get ready to shoot him if he spots you, and gruesome him if he
    doesn't, or he will see his friend's corpse, summon the last roaming cop, and
    you can gun them both down with the SMG.
           If you managed to gruesome the cop (ideal scenario), walk out of
    the end of the car, and you'll be spotted by the cops at the barricade. Shoot
    the last roamer if he isn't dead already and then move in to the back of the
    train car on the immediate left. Ignore the officers shooting at you and edge
    so that just one can see you. Then
    go first person and shoot the barrel to kill the two officers immediately at
    the barricade.
          Run right up to the barricade and play Pop Up Serial Killer with your
    remaining SMG ammo to clear out the four cops you will be swarming around
    the barricade now. If you don't do this quickly enough you risk having the cops
    pass the barricade and blowing you away with shotguns. If you fail to kill all
    the cops with your SMG, just stay there for a few moments while the ASD
    (Attention Span Deficit) cops decide you've run away from them and they can't
    find you and go wander off back to their patrol routes. Go into the barricade
    and pick up painkillers and a shotgun with ammo, then follow them into the next
    area and finish the job.
           Run out into the next area until you get spotted, then run back and hide
    behind the barricade again. Play Pop Up Serial Killer with your shotgun until
    most or all of the officers are dead, then go hunting the last couple. One of
    these cops will also drop painkillers when he dies, so don't worry. If you've
    made it this far you're sorted. Run through the area, past the flatbed to the
    train with a ladder, then clamber up onto it and tag the save point. Reload if
           Run across the tops of the trains, trying not to tag the painkillers if
    you can. Run to the end of the last car, but DO NOT jump into the final area.
    Hold L1 and there should be a SWAT you can target. Kill him with a couple of
    shotgun blasts, then back off a few steps to watch the remaining four SWATs
    congregate around his body. Three of them will arrive quickly, one may take a
    little longer.
           Slowly walk forwards, holding L1 until Cash targets a SWAT. Kill him.
    Repeat this process until they are all dead. If you do this right, the SWATs
    WILL NOT FIRE BACK. Nor will their mates.
           Jump down, run to the left and to the end of the trainyard, blow the
    padlock off the door, run through to finish the level.
    Estimated Time: 7 Minutes 45 Seconds
    Equipment: Nothing
    Now THIS is more like it! A great fusion of gunplay and stealth, Border Patrol
    is one hell of a level. Nice fog effects, too. This is one of those levels that
    really tests your playing skills and asks you to put to practice all those
    skills you've picked up by getting this far in the first place. One of my
    favourite levels. Its also one that you can play in completely different ways
    and still get good results. The following is the strategy that got me a Five
    Star rating.
    Pick up wire when cutscene ends, then go to the switch by the door and press
    it. Stay where you are and the Cerberus who runs in will not see you. Gruesome
    him, take his head and gun. Go round the back of the garage and swap the
    handgun for the crowbar. Go back around to the front and hide in the shadow of
    the tree nearest to the garage. Hit it to lure the guard to you, and Gruesome
    him. Run up the path until you are seen, then turn around and run back to hide
    in the shadows of the first tree nearest to the wall. The guards will likely
    look around briefly, then go back to their patrol route. This is where the head
    comes in. Throw it in to the open, and if you do it right the guards will hear
    it and see it. This will trigger their 'We've found a corpse' AI subroutine.
    One of them will often return to his old patrol route (which is good), while
    his friend will patrol your area for varying lengths of time, then return. If
    you're lucky he'll go right over to the tree where you are and basically give
    you a free Gruesome kill. Otherwise you may need to work for it a little. Its
    also possible that they'll BOTH patrol your area, which will require some good
    timing, and you may have to settle on a Violent kill for the first Cerberus.
    You should be able to get into cover before you're seen and wait until the
    second sees his friend and gives you an opening.
           Assuming everything has gone perfectly and you gruesomed the first man
    and the second man went back to his patrol route, run up the path until he sees
    you, then retreat to the shadows of the big tree. When he gives up/starts
    patrolling the area, stalk and Gruesome him. Feel free to follow him back into
    his area just beyond the walls. He shouldn't turn around completely, and if
    you're adept at stalking people you should be able to stay behind him without
    any trouble.
           Sneak up behind the shed with the corpse through the window and pick up
    a glass shard, then swing back and circle around the large bush to come up
    behind the fifth Cerberus hunter. Gruesome him (manic grin optional). Take his
    shotgun, then crowbar the padlock and run through to the next area, hide in the
    shadows of the first tree. Sneak around to the next one on your left when the
    guy on the path has his back turned, then edge until you're just out of the
    shadows and he partially sees you. When he comes to investigate gruesome him
    with the glass shard, more for variety's sake than anything else. Pick up the
    other glass shard at the back of the statue, then look around for the final CU
    man. If you've done this area very quickly, he should be standing near the save
    point in the distance. Get into the shadows and make some noise to lure him to
    you, then get your final gruesome kill with the crowbar or glass shard. Your
           Tag the save point and save. You've now gruesomed at least six CU
    hunters, meaning that you're guaranteed a maximum style rating. Now you just
    need to worry about the time limit.
           Reload if you find it necessary, then run to the first bush on your left
    and make noise to lure one of the CU hunters to you. When he turns his back,
    Hasty him. Allow yourself to be seen, then retreat ASAP past where the save
    point was and play Pop Up Serial Killer at the edge of the bush on your left.
    Get as many Point Blanks as you can, because you do NOT want to mess with these
    guys. Two of them will have shotguns, two assault rifles. Kill them all, then
    grab an assault rifle and ammo.
           Go left past the bush, then follow it around and left to the area with
    the poles, fountain and other stuff. Its an openish area. Go around to the far
    end of it where steps lead down. Walk down them with your assault rifle out and
    Point Blank the CU at the bottom. He should have some painkillers which you
    will probably need. Stay near his body and wait for his friends to come. If
    they don't, fire a shot so they do. Shoot them all through the corner of the
    vines if you can, because they won't shoot back. You'll probably only kill two
    of them this way, but they're the really dangerous ones, both armed with
           Swing around to the right, keeping your gun aimed with L1, gun down
    anyone you see, they should only have handguns and be dead before they can get
    more than one shot off. At the stairs leading up, turn left back into the maze,
    and follow the curves through to the centre with the level's final save point.
    Tag it, then quit and reload.
           Run back out of the maze, up the stairs and immediately into the shadows
    on your right. You will be partially seen by the CU standing near the side
    door. He should head for your position, but if he decides against it bang
    against the hedge and he will. When he gets close enough, Point Blank him and
    take his ammo, then reload and press triangle against the edge of the hedge.
    Play Pop Up Serial Killer with the CUs from this point.
           Wait a moment, and a CU will run out from the side door the other guy
    was standing near. Pop out and kill him. This will cause the ones near the main
    stairs down to summon their nearby friends and charge your position. Kill them
    as best you can, there should be four with assault rifles and occasionally one
    with a handgun. When they're dead DO NOT go after all the ammo. Your status
    will still be flashing, and that's because the roof sniper is looking for you.
    Pick up one or two ammo loads max, and reload your gun. You may get hit by a
    sniper bullet if you're too daring about this, and if you do back off
    immediately. NOTE: If you're really low on ammo it will have been necessary to
    drop the crowbar for a heavy handgun and ammo. Go back and pick up the crowbar
    if you did.
          Run into the mansion through the side door, go down the corridor and up
    the winding stairs, then slow down and walk to the first Sniper. Hasty him and
    take his rifle. Go further down the balcony and repeat on the next sniper, take
    ammo, reload while heading back to the first balcony. There will be four CU
    hunters coming up the stairs. Take your time to snipe one of them, preferably
    the one nearest to you on the right.
           At this point one of two things will happen: The remaining three will
    run full pelt towards your position, or they will slowly head towards it
    opening fire on you en route. In the former case, switch back to the assault
    rifle, take up a good position on the stairs, and gun them down as they try to
    get up to you. Your cover should give you the edge. If they do the latter, just
    snipe as many of them as possible, switching back to the assault rifle if you
    either run out of bullets or one of them gets into the mansion. You might get
    hit once or twice, but no more than that.
           Run out, across the front of the mansion, along the side, then down the
    stairs to finish the level.
    Estimated Time: 15 Minutes 50 Seconds
    Equipment: Assault Rifle w/12 rounds, Crowbar
    Played 'the correct' way, Key Personnel is by far my favourite level. Played
    for time its less fun but still good. If you haven't mastered your gun skills
    by now, this strategy will be utterly useless, because it relies 70% on guns.
    You need only a few Gruesomes for that all important style rating, and beyond
    that I don't even try for them. On this level, blatant cowardice is your
    friend. At every point you'll be facing teams of four and higher numbers of
    Assault Rifle armed Cerberus troops, and for obvious reasons this is not a good
    situation. The trick is occupying positions of advantage at all times. Also
    note that if you go down the stairs into the basement at the starting area
    there are two bottles of painkillers, a sickle and two bottles. This allows for
    an alternate strategy where you lure the enemies down into the basement and
    kill them, but it is far too hard to write a specific strategy for, as you will
    encounter pretty much all the vagaries of the AI when doing it. On a side note,
    my strategy doesn't need any of the items in the basement. Go get the sickle if
    you want, there's enough spare time for that little detour. Anyway, on with the
    strategy I DID use.
    You start with a door in front of you. Go through and pick up glass shard, run
    to the left, round the side and through the double doors. Its best not to run
    for this because you can be heard and it screws everything up. There will be a
    Cerberus hunter in front of you, gruesome him. Climb the stairs then turn right
    down the landing and run to the end, picking up the bottle on the way. Slow
    down as you near the terrace and gruesome the Cerb who is looking out. Walk
    down the stairs to his right, go right again into the shadows, then make noise.
    You'll be able to see the Cerb come to check from the ground level. Gruesome
    him. Run out and to the left into the carpeted room, then cross it to stand to
    the left side of the passageway that leads through to the next room. Throw the
    bottle against the right side of the passageway (not too far in, but not too
    close to your area) then press against the wall in the carpeted room and lean
    out so you can see him. Violent him with the crowbar, then violent his friend
    on the far left side of the table as well and exchange your crowbar for the
    man's heavy handgun. Walk towards the door and hide in the shadows to its left.
           At this point a Cerberus hunter should walk into the room. Point Blank
    him and steal some ammo for your assault rifle. There are two other guards in
    this area, and they will very rarely be willing to enter your room. Abuse
    Cash's near immunity to bullets and try to pick them off one at a time. There
    are two bottles of painkillers in the two rooms you've just been through, so
    they should see you through. The best way to kill them is to lure the one with
    the assault rifle into opening the door. He'll step in after it, but not go
    right inside the room. If you hold L1 and edge around until you can see him but
    not target, you can use the right analog stick to fire manually and kill him.
    The other one just has a heavy handgun and is no threat whatsoever. Three
    handgun rounds will drop him, DON'T use the assault rifle. You need at least a
    full clip for the next bit, preferably a lot more. An alternative strategy to
    fall back on if the first Cerb doesn't come into the room is to make noise.
    This will usually cause two Cerbs to come RIGHT into the room, as the first
    will enter and immediately see his dead friend on the far side. If you can,
    headshot one of the two and shoot the other one down. If not either use some
    assault rifle ammo or hope your handgun does the job quickly enough. The third
    Cerb's no threat, as previously mentioned. He should be roaming around either
    outside the door or to your right as you walk out of it. He also patrols the
    room through the door at the left of that end of the corridor.
           Once you've sorted that mess out, go to the left end of the corridor
    (there's an archway there) and wait for the cutscene to trigger. When it
    finishes, hold L1 and back away a little. A Cerb will come sprinting out of the
    room around the corner and go right past you. Shoot him the second the
    targeting reticule goes green and don't stop firing until he drops. This is the
    Cerb leader. With him dead you have his bodyguards to deal with: Four ordinary
    Cerbs with assault rifles. Back off to the room that's seen so much carnage
    already and hide in the shadows on the left side of the door. Use noise to make
    them enter the room and gun them down with the assault rifle ammo you have
    left, or use the handgun (NOTE: If you ended 'Border Patrol' with more ammo
    than I did on the first playtest, this area is a lot easier). After two or
    three have gone down you may need to go out into the corridor and finish the
    job. Very carefully nudge the door open if you take this route and kill them as
    soon as you can.
           Once you've finished them all off, run to the leader's corpse and pick
    up his key. Shoot out the camera and press your back up against the wall. Kill
    the Cerb who will come through the double doors at the end of the other
    corridor. Play Pop Up Serial Killer with him. Another Cerb will come to check
    on the first one's body, so do the same again (note that if you're willing to
    wait they do approach within Point Blank distance), and one more will come
    after that. When all three are dead run through the doors and out into the main
    hall, tag the save point and save.
    Run backwards up the stairs holding L1 and gun down the five Cerbs who are up
    there. The first two will be nearby if you reloaded and you're likely to get
    shot a little before you can kill them both. The third will come running in
    from the right doorway, the last two will come from the centre doorway, and if
    you keep backing off until your back is against the wall these two shouldn't be
    able to hit you yet. Sweep around to the right of the landing, staying back a
    little from the banister and picking up ammo, looking in their direction and
    holding L1 down. Fire until they drop whenever it turns green. This bit can be
    a little tough sometimes, so keep trying until you get it right.
           Run up through the right door where the third Cerb came from (don't
    bother with the other assault rifle ammo yet, we'll be back for that in a
    moment), then go left through the next open doorway and slow down to walk into
    the Surveillance room. Pull out your glass shard (because its cool) and
    gruesome the guy who is looking into the video screens. The cameras are now no
    threat to you. Go through the door across from the one you entered, cross the
    corridor into the armoury, and pick up the assault rifle ammo and painkillers
    which you'll probably need by now.
           Run down to the main hall again then turn right at the bottom of the
    stairs to go through the open doorway. Go through arch straight ahead then left
    down the winding stairs. At the bottom walk straight through the door in front
    of you. If you're lucky there will be a Cerb standing right in front of you,
    and you can Point Blank him. If not, things will be a little more ugly. There
    are four Cerberus hunters in total patrolling this area. One patrols the left
    and right corridors as you go through the door. One is a roamer who patrols the
    centre room and will come at you through either of the doors that lead into it
    (usually he comes up the left side, though), and the fourth stays in the
    immediate area of your target: The room on the other side of this little block.
    Kill them all as quickly as possible. The Cerb on your left will be closest
    regardless, so kill him first then press R2+L2 to quick turn and gun down the
    other one. If done quickly enough he'll only tag you once or twice at most. Run
    to the left end and down the long corridor, killing the third who should come
    at you, then turn right and kill the fourth if he's popped out of the room, or
    walk up to the door, nudge it open and shoot him down. Wait until he drops to
    the floor dead, then tag the save point.
    YOU MUST RELOAD AT THIS POINT. If you don't, you can't get the fourth style
    star, for the following reason: If you don't reload, there will be two more
    Cerbs coming down to investigate all the noise down here. Once they're dead,
    your route to the elevator is open. However, you'll only get four stars. If you
    reload there will be no Cerbs coming to investigate but five of them patrolling
    the landing above the main hall. This is enough for your fifth star. Also note
    that if the fourth Cerb isn't 'properly' dead when you tag the save point he
    will appear right outside the door when you reload, facing the wall. Once
    you've turned the power back on just walk out and Point Blank him, then get on
    with the strategy below.
           Switch the power back on and run as fast as you can back to the main
    hall and up the stairs. By the time you crest them your status should have just
    started to flash red, giving you enough time to turn around and gun down the
    Cerbs who come for you. There should be two already on the landing, and the
    others will quickly run to your position. Don't move, just wait for them and
    gun them down. You shouldn't even get hit. If any of them decide you've gotten
    away, just run up into firing range and kill them while they walk away.
           Run to the elevator, press the switch, enter it to finish the level.
    Estimated Time: 9 Minutes
    Equipment: Nothing
    End of the game, but surprisingly easy level once you know what you're doing.
    Few skills are actually required here, just make sure that you turn the
    Chainsaw OFF when you get it. Piggsy's AI is more random than most, so he'll
    sometimes move places where you don't want him to. Just wait until you can get
    around behind him and move on. Am I the only one who finds most of the chainsaw
    kills disappointing?
    You start out in the loft, with the cut up elevator behind you. In the next
    section there are three weapons in different places. One is at the end of the
    corridor on your left. One is in a room with a large smear of blood leading to
    it at the end of the right corridor. The other is in a small hole in the wall
    if you take a left at the end of the right corridor. This is your first target.
    If my description isn't clear for you, just select scene and sacrifice a life
    or two working out where they are.
           Run to the end of the opening corridor, turn left so you can see the
    weapon at the end and head for it. Piggsy will come charging from the room at
    the end of the corridor to the left. IMMEDIATELY down the right corridor, turn
    left at the end and go into the hole in the wall. Pick up the weapon and hide
    in the shadows. If you've outrun Piggsy, make noise until he runs in and pokes
    his head inside. When he turns his back, stab him. He'll run away.
           Next, head for the blood smeared room. Hide against the wall and pound
    on it a few times until Piggsy comes in to check. His AI can behave VERY
    awkwardly in this room. Sometimes he will make a long, slow sweep of the
    room that takes him into the far corner, then right back around the broken bed
    and out of the door again. All you can do is wait for your chance to stab him
          Finally, head for that first weapon. If Piggsy sees you, so much the
    better. With him following you, run back to the starting corridor and hide in
    the patch of shadow in the little alcove on its left hand side. Piggsy should
    arrive on the scene a half moment later, and he'll give you your chance to stab
    him a third time. If Piggsy doesn't see you before you get the weapon, make
    noise until he finds you and head for that alcove. You may get slashed once or
    even twice, but its okay.
         Piggsy will run to the end of the corridor and chainsaw his way up to the
    loft, his home. Cozy, ain't it?. Follow him up there. Pick up a brick and
    painkillers if necessary, then move to the right past the pillar. Piggsy will
    make no movements until he sees you. So break into a full pelt run down the
    stairs in front of you, left and up the winding stair case, then run across the
    grating on the floor. Piggsy will follow you onto the grate, which will shake
    underneath his enormous weight. After the cutscene he'll say he's had enough
    and wants to go home, then retreat to the loft. Poor mad, chainsaw wielding
          Go back down then up to the loft, then either throw the brick so Piggsy
    will hear you, or just run around until he sees you. Note that its best to do
    this walking backwards. Piggsy has one HELL of a fast forward run, and you
    don't want to have to turn around to get away from him. When he says something
    along the lines of 'Die, scum, die', leg it back up the stairs and over the
    grating to get to see one of the coolest deaths in the game. Bye bye Piggsy,
    you who Rockstar decided in their infinite wisdom to tell us nothing about and
    yet still promote as the game's main boss! Tag the save point and save, reload
    if you want. NOTE: Every once in a blue moon, Piggsy will actually run around
    the grating instead of going onto it. Just run across the grating again and
    he'll follow.
           Hit square to turn on the chainsaw and attack the door, triggering a
    cutscene. When it ends, turn off the chainsaw while running up to the loft,
    round the pillar, and then down and into the alcove on your left. Wait until
    the three Cerberus run past you, then press against the wall and bang the
    chainsaw/brick on it until one of them comes to investigate. Gruesome him when
    he turns around/goes into the loft.
           Make more noise until the second one comes to check. This is where it
    gets complicated. He will investigate the noise, find nothing, then go back to
    his patrol route or up into the loft, in which case you can Violent kill him.
    Alternatively, he will see the corpse of his friend and summon the third
    Cerberus, and the pair of them will start looking. Typically, one will go into
    the loft and one will look around for a little bit in your area first. Hasty
    the nearest one, then either stalk and Gruesome the final one, or make noise
    and follow him into the kill. If you make noise he may fall through the open
    hole in the floor above you, so make sure you're WELL back when you do, so that
    you'll get your perfect kill angle.
           Now run back through the loft and up the winding stairs, slowing down
    near the top. Walk up behind the two Cerberus who have obviously had their
    brains removed since you last saw them (why they are looking at the wall I'll
    never know, since there's only one way to access the landing), and Gruesome the
    first one. You'll notice something bizarre, that being his friend failing to
    notice the horrible grinding of the chainsaw behind him as it turns his
    friend's head inside out. There's only one possible punishment for this: A
    Gruesome kill.
           Turn your chainsaw back on, then open the door again with X, show off,
    run after Starkweather until you can target him with L1, then press X until he
    dies a truly icky and nasty death. Level, and game, complete.
    Estimated Time: 8 Minutes
    Really short section, this. Thanks to Rockstar North for adding another
    brilliant game to their list of accomplishments.
    I can be reached on edge_braak@yahoo.co.uk, though I will be out of contact
    from dec. 18th of this year until February 1st of next. I usually reply to all
    e-mails, but should any get lost I give prior apology. If you don't hear
    anything from me by February 7th, send your e-mail again.
    Copyright 2003 David Rodoy
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
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