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"Why Couldn't Manhunt Be Like This When I Was a Kid?"

Manhunt,don't let the name fool you. Sure It's the real life game you play with allot of your friends where you have teams,and you have to capture people from the other team If your the Hunters,and hide If your the hunted. BUT this Video Game from Rockstar Isn't about that. It's about a man named James Earl Cash,a man who was sentenced to death. But you come back and you hear someone talking to you. You don't know who they are,but what they do tell you Is about the ''Scum'' that are just like you,and guess what they all want you D.O.A.

Graphics:10 Beautiful,when you thought the PS2 was running a little stale on the graphics,they come back with this. It's kind of like Grand Theft Auto 3 mixed In with a little bit of Dead To Rights. The Character Models Look Awesome,the weapons look awesome(Even when you hit someone with them). One thing you will notice about the game though Is It's dark,but you can adjust the In game color meter to get a clearer picture.All In all good graphics.

Sounds:10REALLY FITS THE MOOD. While you my notice sometimes you don't really get music,that's because no one has found you yet,but when the do,you get a horror movie like music,which really goes good with It. Another time the music Is really good Is when your being chased,like In horror movies where they give you the fast paced music,that's what the put In here. The Sound Effects are good to,and something you really need to hear,because It affects how you play,If you step on something,then you and the gangs will know about It. You can know on the walls which will attract enemies,and throw things to make sounds to lure enemies to you. So the Sound Effects play a big part In this game.

Gameplay:9Basically what you do Is you have to sneak around and kill your enemies In the most brutal manner.Some levels do have other goals but nothing major. I would have liked a good couple of missions to do,but It's mostly like Metal Gear Solid,But that's not a bad thing. Cause Like In real life Manhunt Is about (Being the hunted) hiding and like I said killing you enemies. Is the gameplay good? Yes,could they have done a little more with It? Yes,but If you do want a real sort of ''goal'' then you can try to get 5 Stars,which Is how well you do In the level,If you suck then you will get 1 or 2 stars,but If your good,the you will get 5,and to get 5 you need to never be caught,be quick,and Execute most of your enemies.

Difficulty:10 You have to be Quick,and know when to move,If you get spotted,then you will get your ass handed to you sometimes.This game revolves around stealth(Being quite,going unnoticed),so In this game you need to rely on those skills. If you think your just gonna run In and think you gonna beat up a whole bunch of people like In GTA,AIN'T HAPPENIN,You run up to some of these people and you will be served with a Baseball Bat And/Or a Crowbar to your grill. So If you want to run up to somebody,then make a choice of which one you want to get beat down by. Although I make It sound difficult,some fights are,and some fights aren't. Mostly you have to worry about the numbers,If you against 2 or 3 or how many people,then your goin down,but If you have 1 person that jumps out at ya(Some will jump out at you,Stealth or not),then you got a good shot at whoopin his ass.

Controls:9You use the analog stick to move,O to change weapons,X and O to Hit and throw,and Triangle to pick up/put down bodies and to hide behind stuff.the L and R buttons to peek around stuff,as well as the regular pad.

Fun Factor:10Killing people In awesome ways,3 level type kills per weapon. Great challenge,tons of things to unlock. Dark atmosphere that fits well with the game. I would have like It better If It had Multi Player(Would be Awesome to have teams like In Real life Manhunt).Overall an awesome game.

So there you have It never mind missing out on a new GTA this year,Rockstar came up with a brilliant Idea,and It goes to show,Rockstar Knows How to make Great games.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/03

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