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"Welcome, Champions of Norrath"

Intro-Champions of Norrath is here, and its everything I thought it would be. In the beginning of CoN you pick what class and gender(yes they finally figured out we like to have FEMALE heroes also) you would like your hero to be. You can change the hair style, hair color, facial hair(on some characters), and skin tone you would like your character to have. There are 5 classes you can choose from. You can be the physically unstoppable barbarian. The barbarian is basically a tank, mowing down all enemies with unstoppable physical attacks. You can also choose from the Wood elf Ranger. Aaaa, yes, the elf ranger, one of the most useful characters in the game. The ranger has renowned skill with a bow, and for when the enemies come charging, he also has quite a bit of strength with a sword and shield. Then comes the elf cleric. I personally don't care much for the cleric, but that is just my opinion. Some like the cleric for his strong magic and healing skills, others like him for his skill with a mace, and me, I don't like him. Then comes the etrudite wizard. Well known for his extraordinary talents with magics, he sends even the toughest enemies crawling with his powerful spells. And last but not least, the Dark elf Shadow Knight. The Shadow Knight has the ever so useful ability of summoning undead minions to his sight to aid him in his fight against evil.

Graphics(9/10)-Beautiful, just beautiful. The graphics are intricately done with attention payed to every last detail. The weapons and armor all have a unique look. For example, if you have a sword with a fire attribute, when you equip it appear to be on fire in your hand. The only question I have is why do the characters look so strange when they run?

Game play(8/10)-The game play is simple, but fun, very fun. The system in which you level up has been used time and time again, which is why I'm not giving the gameplay a 10. It is just like every other action RPG, you level up, distribute points to your attributes, then to a skill you want to make stronger. Its been done and done again so i just can't give gameplay a 10. The fighting does run smoothly and is just flat out fun, but sometimes you do run into minor slow down, nothing to bad though.

Sound(8/10)- Wow. Just wow. The sound is superb. You can hear the sword as it slashes an enemy's stomach open. Every arrow you shoot has a wonderful whizzing sound that sounds like something out of a movie to it. The soundtrack is good also. The only problem with the soundtrack is that the music only plays 45% of the time, and does get a bit repetitive. There is also absolutely no climax in the music at all.

Story(6/10)- Well it's no final fantasy story, but I suppose it is good enough for action rpg. It starts out when sworn enemies orcs and goblins join forces under a the most corrupt evil orc you'd ever hear of and the god of evil himself. You are appointed with the task of banishing this evil from the world. To complete this task you will run multiple quests through 4 acts, a typical action RPG setup. Nothing real special right here, once again its all been done.

Replay value(7/10)- With 5 classes to master and countless skills to max out, this game will have your attention for a while. There are over 10,000 items to be discovered and equipped to help make your character as strong as can be. The only complaint I have in this area is WHERE ARE THE SIDEQUESTS!!! There is not even one optional side quest that gets you a special item in this game. With a few sidequests this game would be a whole lot better and keep your attention a lot longer. Even without the sidequests it can easily hold your attention for a good 1 1/2 months before you get bored.

Overall(7.8/10)-Champions of Norrath is an excellent game and quite possibly the best action RPG for the ps2. I have heard people complaining about glitches and freezing but I, personally have has slim to no problem with glitches at all and think that any gamer who hasn't played this title yet is missing out.

Rent or Buy?
I would say go to your local gamestop and pick up a copy for 30 bucks, trust me you won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/05/04

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