How do i do the grim reaper boss?

  1. I have done the pirates of the carribean but i don't know how to unlock that quset to kill the grim reaper boss?

    User Info: crazykeyblade

    crazykeyblade - 8 years ago

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  1. To defeat the Gim Reaper Boss you must be on your second Visit to Port Royal.
    The Second visit should be activated after the 1000 heartless fight in Hollow Bastion (if memory serves)

    User Info: SonicRider13

    SonicRider13 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. You must be in Port Royal the second time to fight him.

    User Info: Darkslayer2014

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  2. How to Unlock: Finish second Holow Baston? One of the above might help.
    How to beat: Unlike the Pirates, you have to lure the thing into the shade to hit it, or gather the Aztec Gold, and deposit it to the Stone Chest, he will lose power, and you can hit, Although the Gamber of Fate tends to resuply the Reaper with the Curse, so Rince and Repeat

    User Info: Zach_Nightt

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  3. Lemme update my post: to Beat him: have Jack sparrow bomb him,or cast Firaga, and he drops the Gold, becareful, and geting hit makes you drop gold, and gather all 882 pecies of the gold to lift the curse, and attack him. he sucks the gold now and then, so use reacton comands, to stop, and knock some gold out of him.

    User Info: Zach_Nightt

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  4. You ABSOLUTELY must be on your second play-through of Port Royal. Remember, you have to beat the worlds once, play Hollow Bastion all the way through the battle in the Dark Depths. Once this is over and you are free to play as Sora and do whatever you want, head back to the Gummi ship via a save point. Then re-unlock the worlds and head to Port Royal. Once you FINALLY do all this, you will get to an overexaggerated boss battle. People tend to have a hard time with him, because they do not know his weakness.

    You must use an INDIRECT ATTACK (damaging magic attack like Fire or Thunder) on him. This will cause him to drop coins. You must deposit all 882 of the coins (medallions) in the chest to break the curse so you can hit him with a DIRECT physical attack (Keyblade). He does take the coins out after awhile though, so you just INDIRECT magic attack him until he drops all the coins, and place them back into the chest. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

    Simple Version: Magic him till he drops coins, pick them up, put them in chest. When 882 are in there, you can hit him with your Keyblade. When he takes the coins back out, repeat, and ta-daaa.

    You have now defeated the Grim Reaper of Port Royal. Congratulations, conqueror of the Living and the Dead.

    User Info: rootbeerman77

    rootbeerman77 - 8 years ago 1 0

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