A list of keyblades and how to get then?

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  1. *sigh* there's already a question like this, but I'm in a good mood, so..

    Kingdom Key~Default equipment
    Star Seeker~Talk to Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Gained along with new outfit and Valor Form
    Hidden Dragon~Defeat Shan-Yu at land of Dragons
    Hero's Crest~Defeat Hydra at Olympus Coliseum
    Monochrome~Defeat Pete at Timeless River
    Follow the Wind~Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal
    Circle of Life~Gained after Simba joins the party the 1st time
    Wishing Lamp~Defeat Jafar at Agrabah
    Decisive Pumpkin~Defeat the Experiment at Halloween Town
    Mysterious Abyss~Complete Atlantica's 'Ursula's Revenge' song
    Photon Debugger~Defeat the Hostile Program at Space Paranoids
    Sweet Memory~Finish the Spooky Cave minigame at 100 Acres Wood
    Fatal Crest~Clear Goddess of Fate cup at Olympus Coliseum
    Sleeping Lion~Given to Sora by Leon before entering Space Paranoids (2nd trip)
    Guardian Soul~Defeat Hades on the second trip at O.C.
    Gull Wing~Talk to Yuna-Rikku-Paine (The Gullwings) after the 1000 Heartless fight
    Bond of Flame~Gained after fighting alongside Axel
    Fenrir~Defeat the optional boss Sephiroth at the Dark Depths part of Radiant garden/Hollow Bastion after the 1000 heartless fight, then talk to Cloud, and talk to Sephiroth again
    Ultima Weapon~Get the Ultima recipe at Twilight Town (Mansion, Basement Corridor) and synth with a lvl 2(or higher) Moogle

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  1. For ultima weapon you need every materials and need like Orcanium + (7 of em) and then you find the recepie, gather the materials needed and synthesize it at higher moogle level.

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  2. hey someone forgot OBLIVION and OATHKEEPER...

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  3. Key blade str mgc ability earned
    sweet memory 0 0 lucky lucky complete the spooky cave in 100 acre wood
    kingdom key 1 3 defender N/A
    hidden dragon 2 2 MP rage beat Shan-Yu in land of Dragons
    star seeker 3 1 air combo plus gain valor form, from magic tower in twilight town
    gull wing 3 0 experience boost meet the girls mission (hallow bastion)
    follow the wind 3 1 draw beat captain barbossa in port royal
    monochrome 3 2 item boost beat pete (timeless river)
    photon debugger 3 2 thunder boost beat malicious program (space paranoids)
    oathkeeper 3 3 form boost hayner & the gang (twilight town)
    mysterious abyss 3 3 blizzard boost complete ursulas revenge in atlantica
    fatal crest 3 5 berserk charge complete the goddes of fate cup (olympus coliseum)
    heros crest 4 0 air combo boost beat the hydra (olympus coliseum)
    circle of life 4 1 MP haste simba joins party (pride lands)
    wishing lamp 4 3 jackpot beat jafar (agrabah)
    bond of flame 4 4 fire boost fight WITH axel (twilight town)
    rumbling rose 5 0 finishing plus beast joins party (beasts castle)
    gaurdian soul 5 1 reaction boost beat hades (olympus coliseum)
    sleeping lion 5 3 combo plus meet leon in ansems study (hollow bastion)
    decisive pumpkin 6 1 combo boost beat the experiment (halloween town)
    oblivion 6 2 drive boost hall of empty memories (world that never was)
    ultima weapon 6 4 MP hastega synthesis: ultima recipe, orichalcum+ x13, orichalcum x1, mythril crystal x1, dense crystal x1, twilight crystal x1, serenity crystal x1,energy crystal x1
    fenrir 7 1 negative combo meet sephiroth mission (radiant garden)

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  4. Too hard to read? Try downloading a guide. Guidewriters often take particular care with formating and may even have spent months testing and verifying their results. Or at least one hopes so.

    ElectroSpecter's walkthrough, for instance, includes an extensive table of keyblades, with properly spelled names you can copy & paste into your program's search or find feature.

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  5. Kingdom Key: Start with it
    Star Seeker: You get it after getting valor form from the 3 fairies in Yen Sids Tower in Twilight Town
    Hidden Dragon: Unlock the Land Of Dragons keyhole after beating Shan Yu
    Hero's Crest: Unlock the Olympus Coliseum keyhole after beating Hydra
    Follow The Wind: Unlock the Port Royal keyhole after beating Barbossa
    Monochrome: Seal the door Pete used to come to Timeless River
    Circle Of Life: You get it after speaking to Simba at the oasis in the Pride Lands
    Wishing Lamp: Beat Jafar in Agrabah
    Decisive Pumpkin: Beat the Experiment in the Christmas part of Halloween Town
    Mysterious Abyss: You get it after completing the 4th song in Atlantica (Ursula's Revenge)
    Photon Debugger: Beat the Hostile Program in Space Paranoids
    Sweet Memories: Finish the Spooky Cave Section of the Winnie the Pooh book
    Fatal Crest: You get it after clearing the Goddess of Fate Cup in Olympus Coliseum
    Sleeping Lion: Given to you by Leon before the second trip into Space Paranoids
    Guardian Soul: Beat Hades in the second trip to Olympus Coliseum
    Gull Wing: You get it after talking to Yuna, Rikku, and Paine(the small flying girls) after the Battle Of 1000 Heartless
    Bond Of Flame: You get it after Axel sacrafices himself in Betwixt and Between
    Fenrir: Speak to Cload after beating Sephiroth
    Ultima Weapon: Get the Ultimate Recipe, make sure the moogles are at least level 2, and you will need:
    7 Orichalcum+
    1 Orchalcum
    1 Mythril Crystal
    1 Dense Crystal
    1 Twilight Crystal
    7 Serenity Crystals
    You will also need an energy crystal to halve the materials you need.

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  6. I forgot to add this

    Oblivion: You get it at some point in The World That Never Was i think
    Oathkeeper: You get it at some point when you return to Twilight Town as Sora

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