How do I beat (Sephiroth)?

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    What level you should be?

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  1. Get glide Level 2 at least, 6 elixers, Combination boost, and equip the strongest keyblade you have. Equip trinity limit, and fight him. Whenever you can use the reaction command, use it, followed by a trinity limit. With combination boost, you should be able to get 3 breaks in. Then, jump and glide away from him until he either says, "Descend, Heartless Angel.", in which case glide up and slash the heck out of him, or he uses his dark ball attack, which you should reflect. if he teleports and hits you into the air, use retaliating slash and you should interrupt his combo. wait for your mp to charge, then use trinity limit. NEVER try to go on the offensive when he is not stunned or using heartless angel, he will slice you to pieces. if you can't interrupt heartless angel, wait till it hits, then use an elixer. for a beginner, a good level to beat him is at level 85, with either ultima weapon, or Decisive Pumpkin if you dont have ultima weapon. for moderate-advanced players, the level dosent matter as much as the abilities equipped do.

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  1. Sephiroth is beatable at or around level 70. You're going to want to equip the skills that make it so you cannot be killed in one hit, glide, and as many combo enhancers as you can get. For the best results make sure you are equipped with Ultima Weapon. Also, if you're still having trouble level your character all the way to 99. Sephiroth should be much less of a headache at this level.

    If all else fails, work on boosting your stats. Refer to the Faqs section for more information regarding stat increases.

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  2. There is a Sephiroth faqs, check it.

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    I profoundly hate this tab and everything it stands for.

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  4. Trinity Limit combined with either Decisive Pumpkin or Ultima Weapon is your best bet. Having Berserk and a means of attacking mid-air helps a ton as well. He may have a brilliant offensive, but on the defensive, he's wide open.

    Always have elixers at the ready in case you get hit by Heartless Angel, and reflect helps a ton if he's about to attack you.

    He can be easily beaten at 50-odds, he isn't that hard.

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  5. <i>Sephiroth is beatable at or around level 70.</i>

    No, Sephiroth is beatable at the lowest level you can reach him at. Thats 34 (iirc) in the Regular version, and Level 1 in Final Mix. Don't answer with lies.

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  6. lol, you can't italic here. Also, this website is called GAMEFAQS.

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  7. Sephiroth is pretty easy at level 99.You could beat around level 75.

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  8. You should be on level 75 to beat him.Make sure you have alot of defense.You should have a total of 55 defense.Make sure you use the Ultimate Weapon,and make sure you can do combos in the air.If I were you I would get glide,and double jump.If you have it great!!!!!

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  9. sephiroth is beatable at lev 50 (this is an incredible feat if done), but you hav a realistic chance at lev 70+. get rid of combo increasing abilities as he teands to teliport behind in long combos. safest option is to stay away untill he has finished attacking or has jumped into the air, then unleash lots of small combos. try to keep MP up and use trinity limit often. even at lev 70 he is still a tough opponent. if all else fails. at lev 90+ he is not much of a handful. to win this battle at lev 70 still takes alot of skill. for an extencive startagy to this battle, buy the kingdom hearts 2 guide.
    Reward is an additional drive guage
    Reward is

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  10. I suggest to start with the sheild at the beginning,
    get to level ... about 60
    turn on last chance, whatever the other one is, and aerial recovery.
    Oh, and equip a bunch of potions.
    when he says "that's enough", press triangle.
    when he teleports then knocks you into the air, hit either square or circle and start whacking him!
    when he flies up and says "darkness sin", get ready to use hi potion,
    cuz he drains your hp and mp
    when his helth gets down, he whips up an "emo fire tornadoe"
    then, if available, glide away, or run.
    when he has about 2 or 3 bars left, he will turn all purpley-black.
    then, u can freak out
    just avoid him until u can get a combo in.
    in about 10 min., a cooked sephiroth with gravy ( Fenrir ) will be served

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  11. You can be at any level, given that you learn his fighting behavior. Even fighting at lvl 1 in critical mode is possible (He is actually EASIER than some other bosses at level 1 imo). Level is not gonna help you much (as stats in KH2 doesn't have much of a impact as in other rpgs), unless your strength is high as to end it up quick before you screw up or simply having high defense as to have most sephy moves tickle you, which I don't think is going to help your pride. If you're having trouble at any level, the problem is you, learn to get better through mistakes.

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  12. You can actully beat him around lvl 80 up just have ultima weapon and have trinity limit equipped and beserk and keep using trinity over and over till hes almost dead and finish him off but make sure to have pots to save yourself from beserk and from dying

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  13. No matter the level, make sure it's a good, high one. 50+ to be safe. I beat him at 69, Ultima Weapon.

    Make sure to equip all good skills-- don't bother with magical skills (except Leaf Bracer and stuff), Summon or Drive related skills.

    Equip yourself with either 6 Hi-Potions (not bad, but...), or if you have time, synth 6 Elixirs (much better. You'll be using Curaga and Reflega (somewhat) as your only spells, and Curaga is expensive. If you're feeling lucky, you can use Trinity Limit too)

    The battle plan goes as followed-- he starts off with the "That's enough..." attack. Mash Triangle and then attack accordingly.

    Now he'll do other things. He could do the aforementioned attack again, he could launch you into the air and do his assault there, or do a ground assault. He teleports, but not an extreme amount-- as he walks toward you during this early part.

    When he's walking toward you, be sure to Guard (Square) if you can time it well, when he starts attacking. Keep a good distance between you two, and if you do a successful guard, if you have Counterguard, attack after the first guard. He'll still be in his assault but you can attack him without getting hurt. Then continue with a combo.

    He'll add new moves to his repetoire, like the Heartless Angel. You should have High Jump Level 2 and Aerial Dodge Level 2 at MINIMUM to disrupt him. If you don't have that, try anyway. If you can't reach him, time an Elixir well.

    He also has orbs of darkness. Use Reflega to cast 'em away, but be careful, they'll get in your way and you can't target him.

    Sephiroth has a Flare attack, which pillars of flame extend and you are sucked toward them. You'll need a Growth ability of some sort to get away quickly, running just won't do it.

    Later on he gets more aggressive and teleports constantly, only leaving himself open after doing a "That's enough!" attack. Be careful.

    During that time he only has one new attack-- Meteor. They are huge and you are bound to get hurt, unless you have a great High Jump ,Aerial Dodge, and Glide.

    Hope this helps. You get the 7 Power Negative Combo Fenrir Keyblade, as well as a badass cutscene.

    If you already have a Negative combo, equip that and Fenrir, and you get instant finisher attacks!

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  14. I beat him at level 64 its not really that hard! Having Second Chance, Once More, Aerial Recovery, and all the combo moves equipped are neccesary. Also have Curaga and Reflega set as quick uses, along with megalixers, which can be very helpful. Hit triangle to dodge his attack at the start, then attack him with your long combo. When he upercuts you into the air, hit circle to recover and attack him when he re-appears to combo you. Repeat this process a couple times to do quite a bit of damage. When he summons the little black balls that seek you out, cast reflega to bounce them away. If he floats up into the air and says something about "heartless angel", be prepared to use a megalixer because thae attack wipes out your health and MP meter. Be ready to hit triangle because he'll do his charge move he used at the beginning of the match about 1 second after he drains your health. If you do it fast enough, you can cure yourself and still be able to block the attack without taking a hit. When he tries to pull you into his firey columns, just use Glide to get away, or run if you don't have Glide. He will keep up this process until you get him heavily weakened. He will then begin to glow purple and move at double speed around you, but its still easy to hit him. When he's close to dieing, he'll float up into the air and make meteors rain from the sky. Again, Glide if you can, or just run and jump. If you get hit, its no big deal because if you only get hit a couple times, it won't neccesarily kill you. Attack him when you get the chance and before you know it, he'll be finished. As a reward, you'll get the last Drive Boost and a Negative Combo. Watch the epic cutscene, and Tifa will give you Fenrir afterwards. It may take you a few tries to get it, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to beat him with less effort. Good luck!

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  15. Oh and for Keyblade, just use the one that is currently your best. I beat him with Oblivion.

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