how do I get ultima keyblade?

  1. I dont know how to get it because i heard u can get it from synthesis but i just wanna make sure

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    lolzorzman - 8 years ago

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  1. You will need to et the recipe first. It can be found in Twilight Town in the mansion where ora was sleeping at the begining of the game. The you will need to get Orchalum+ there are 7 that you will need to find.
    1 - Finish Atlantica
    2 - Finish 100 Acre Wood.
    3 - Chest at the Brink of Despair in the World That Never Was.
    4 - Clear the Goddess of Destiny Cup at Olympus Coliseum.
    5 - Chest at the Sunset Terrace in Twilight Town.
    6 - Chest in the Central Computer Area at the Space Paranoids.
    7 - Collect one of each of the other 49 materials. The Moogle gives
    you an Orichalcum+ automatically.

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  1. If you go to twilight town and go in the hallway that leads to where Sora was sleeping there will be a treasure chest with the ultimate recipe in it. Then all you have to do is get all the ingredients. You only need 7 orichalcum+ for the recipe because you should be able to cut the ingredients in half in the synthesis menu.

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  2. You need to synthesise 1 of every item i think but i havent played the game for a while so i might not be completely accurate.

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  3. You need to get an Energy Crystal to halve the materials, or it's physically impossible.

    Then you need a dense crystal, a twilight crystal, an orichalcum, 4 serenity crystals, and ALL SEVEN Orichalcum+.

    1- Finish Goddess of Destiny cup in Olympic Colosseum.
    2- Collect one of every Synthesis item.
    3- Clear Atlantica
    4- Clear 100 Acre Wood
    5- Chest in Space Paranoids, room before MCP
    6- Chest in Sunset Terrace at Twilight Town
    7- Chest in Brink of Despair, in The World That Never Was.

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  4. As an addon to my answer.

    You need to have the moogle leveled up enough to use I believe it's Bright materials, to halve the price, or it's not possible.

    And the Twilight, Dense, and Serenity Crystals can be found easily by equipping Lucky Lucky, giving Goofy the Genji shield, Donald the Meteor Staff, and if you have confidence in your skills give Sora the Sweet Memories keyblade. Then run around the Nobody's Castle in The World That Never Was killing things.

    I know I got Serenity Crystals from the Samurai, and I think I got Twilight Crystals, too. Berserkers drop Dense Crystals. The only way I know of other than finding it in a chest is to get an Orichalcum drop from the Bulky Vendors.

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  5. Go to twilight town in the mansion and then go to the place where Donald and goofy were sleeping and you will find a chest open the chest and you will recieve the ultimate recipe for the blade. Hope this helped.

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