How Do I Get Glide?

  1. How do i get glide cause i heard that it makes it easier to defeat sephiroth?

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    lolzorzman - 8 years ago

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  1. Level up your Final Form. You receive the Final Form randomly by form driving after the skyscraper scenes in the final world. Then you need to beat up some nobodies for your Final Form levels.

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  1. ~This does contain spoilers~

    After you watch the fight between Sora and Roxas in The World That Never Was head to the mansion in Twilight Town. When you find enimies go into a drive form (any will work) if you don't get Final Form go to the save spot in The White Room. Then leave the world and renter and do that again untill you get Final Form. Once you get Final Form atack nobodies to get experiance. When the drive bar gets low, leave the world and enter again. Repeat this untill you get glide.

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  2. When you reach Memory's Skyscraper in The World That Never Was, you will witness a fight between Sora and Roxas. After that, there is a chance of transforming into the Final Form each time you activate a Drive Form. Note that if the Anti-Form appears, the chance of the Final Form appearing is increased afterwards. Once you have recieved the Final Form, battle from The Brink of Despair to Twilight's View, saving and leaving/returning to the world at the save points to replenish your Drive Gauge (while in Form, if not, enter a Tournament at Olympus Coliseum) and from Twlight's View to Proof of Existence, again saving, leaving and returning. As Final Form levels up from defeating Nobodies, and it's Growth Ability is Glide, you will have Glide from the start of using Final Form, while you are in the Form, and from Level 3 you can activate it in your Normal Form. Level 3 is attained after defeating 80 Nobodies.

    Note that Levels 5 and 7 yield higher, better versions of Glide.

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  3. After you defeat Xibar you have a random chance of becoming final form when you turn into a drive form. After you use final form once you have it forever and for every nobody you defeat you gain 1 exp and once you level up once it will say you unlock glide as an ability, but I recommend getting final form to the max level because you get glide lvl 7 which let's you glide forever. The best place I think to level is Yen Sid's tower because if full of nobodies but make sure before your drive runs out you should go to the gummi map because it is a glitch and will automatically refill your drive to full

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