What is anti form, heartless sora?

  1. In Kingdom Hearts there is a rare form called anti form. Sora turns all black and his eyes glow yellow, kind of like the shadow heartless.

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    HawkForm2010 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yep, there is such form in KH2. However, you can't get it into your Drive form list without hacking.

    Still, without hacking, there is a way to transform Sora into this form. Each time you Drive into Valor, Wisdom, or Master, you add 1(one) point to an invisible counter usually called 'Anti Points' The more Anti points you got, chances that your next Drive becomes Anti also get larger. ANd when you finally drived into Anti, the points will be subtracted by 4.

    However, if you want to see Anti, you gotta stay away from Final form, cuz Driving into Final resets the counter to zero. Either that, or it subtracts 10 Anti points.

    Also, there are some multipliers during some boss battles, but I don't know which though.

    And it may seem cool, but Anti form disables the Revert command, so you gotta wait until your Drive Gauge completely depletes. Also, no items and magic in this form, although some of the combos MAY be based on dark magic. So, it's fast, it's furious, but also vulnerable. Think about it

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Other Answers

  1. Oh, but if you want a theory.....

    In KH, Sora once transformed into a Shadow, correct? This Anti-form is the closest thing to a heartless that Sora could become. Meaning, probably after exhausted after Driving too much, the 'darkness' once created inside of him once again took over his body, and possible some of his consciousness, since you could still control Anti, but can't revert back manually

    But, I recalled somewhere the creators of this game said that he wanted to make something powerful and troublesome

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  2. In KH, too, arriving in Neverland Riku manifested something similar. Could be anything.

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