Ultima Weapon?

  1. How do you get Ultima before you fight Sephiroth in the Dark Depth's?

    User Info: BenjaminJean

    BenjaminJean - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. First, you must get all the Orichalcum+s.You get them from the Central Computer Mesa in Space Paranoids, the Sunset Terrace(L4) in Twilight Town, the Brink of Despair in The World That Never Was, the ending of Starry Hill in The 100 Acre Wood, after you finish "A New Day is Dawning" in Atlantica, and after you finish the Goddess of Fate Cup in Olympus Coliseum. You'll also need the Ultima Recipe found in the Old Mansion halfway to the Pod Room in Twilight Town. 1 Oricalcum found in Kanga's House in the 100 Acre Wood, 1 Mythril Crystal found in Rabbit's house in The 100 Acre Wood, 1 Dense Crystal dropped by berserkers, 1 Twilight Crystal dropped by sorcerers, 4 Serenity Crystals dropped by assassins, samurais, berserkers, and sorcerers, and 1 Energy Crystal dropped by berserkers and shamans. To get all the items from heartlesses and nobodies you would need the ability Lucky Lucky on everybody and the weapons Sweet Memories(complete Spooky Cave(100 Acre Wood)), Meteor Staff(Seadrift Keep chest(Port Royal)), Genji Shield(complete the Titan Cup(Olympus Coliseum)), and the Lucky Ring(complete the Pain & Panic Cup(Olympus Coliseum)). You'll need them because many of the items are almost impossible to get without them. They will increase the chances to get the items. You will also need do use enough synthesis you're able to take off the 1 Oricalcum+ that is impossible to get. Happy gaming!

    User Info: mkylem

    mkylem - 8 years ago 0 0

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