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    Secret Movie FAQ by DarkHelmet543

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    It all began with...
    birth by sleep.
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    | Secret Movie FAQ                      |
    | V Final(?)v2                          |
    | By DarkHelmet543                      |
    | Introduction                                                               |
      Hello, and welcome to my FAQ on Sunset Horizons! I am writing this because
      I have some free time and really enjoy talking and writing about Kingdom
      Hearts. Sunset Horizons is a KHIII concept trailer that is unlockable in
      KHII. A lot of this is taken from my topic on the KHII GB. With the
      confirmation of KHII Final Mix, and apparently an add-on or extension to
      SH, this FAQ very well might not be "final."
      Have fun reading this guide, I hope it informs you.                      
    | Information                                                                |
      Author: Brandon Wakefield                                 
      Username: DarkHelmet543 - Find me on the KHII GB                
      Email: DarkHelmet543(at)gmail(dot)com
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    | Important Notices                                                          |
      -There are MAJOR SPOILERS for KHII in this FAQ.
      -I'm done excepting theories. Thanks to those that submitted.
      -Some people who contributed theories don't have/didnt say a Gamefaqs
       username, so I am crediting them according to their email. PLEASE don't
       email these people.
      -The latest version of this FAQ will always be found at GameFAQs.
    | Updates                                                                    |
      V1.0 - July 15-16, 2006 - Started and finished first version of the guide.
      v1.1 - July 18, 2006 - Added Theories section and some bad-ass ASCII art;
             added to information.
      v1.2 - July 21, 2006 - Added some theories.
      Final - August 8, 2006 - Added and finished the theories section.
      Final(?)v2 - September 15, 2006 - Spoke a bit too soon, added Tyler9's
                   theory for overall erm... beneficial reasons, and added a
                   touch here and there. Tweaked Introduction slightly.
    | Table of Contents - Use the Ctrl+f function to find specific sections      | 
      I. Sunset Horizons..................................................(i000) 
          A. Frequently Asked Questions...................................(ia00)
                1. How do I unlock it?....................................(ia01) 
                2. I wanna know about KHIII! Were those three AU (Armored
                   Unknowns) Sora, Riku, and Kairi???!?...................(ia02)
                3. What is the music that plays in the background?........(ia03) 
                4. Was that armored thing toward the beginning the Xemnas
                   Dragon that you fight? Are those crossroads the same
                   one's from CoM?........................................(iao4)
                5. What are those 3 keyblades in the center?..............(ia05) 
                6. What the hell is a Chaser?.............................(ia06)
                7. Is that a girl?........................................(ia07)
                8. Did I just see Fenrir??!?..............................(ia08)
                9. I'm too lazy to unlock the trailer, where can I view
          B. Breakdown....................................................(ib00)
          C. Sunset Horizons/Kingdom Hearts III Theories..................(ic00)
      II. Credits and Thanks.............................................(ii000)
    | I. Sunset Horizons...................................................(i000) |
    | I. A. Frequently Asked Questions.....................................(ia00) |
    | I. A. 1. How do I unlock it?.........................................(ia01) |
    On Beginner Mode: You can't, tough luck.
    On Standard Mode: You have to complete Jimminy's Journal. Yep, EVERYTHING! If
                      there is a Mickey Head Icon in your start menu, then you
                      know you've done it. It might be easier for some people to
                      just start over on Proud Mode because...
    On Proud Mode:    You only have to complete all worlds. Yes, ALL, including the
                      100 Acre Wood and Atlantica.
    | I. A. 2. I wanna know about KHIII! Were those three AU (Armored Unknowns)   |
    |          Sora, Riku, and Kairi???!?..................................(ia02) |
    Many of these questions can be answered and theories can be put out by the KH2
    Ultimania interview with Tetsuya Nomura. It is a good read, and can be found
    Some of the key questions that were asked:
    Q: After the ending, there's a secret movie this time, too. What exactly is the
       movie trying to tell?
    A: I actually have a solid idea on what the movie's setting will be in my head.
       In the previous game's secret movie, I wasn't even sure if I would be making
       a sequel or not, so some parts of it were quite vague. But this time I
       already have an idea my head where I think "This is it."
    Q: Did that scene happen in the future or in the past?
    A: I would at least say it's an episode in the past, but.... Hmm, how should I
       say this? It's in the past but you can also think it's in the future,
       something like that.
    Interesting, huh?
    Q: Who are the 3 armoured people?
    A: Those 3 are completely new people who haven't shown up at all. In fact, I've
       already thought of their names. Back when I was making that movie, I only
       had their settings but now I've even drawn their faces to give myself a
       clearer image of them.
    This proves that the three AU's are NOT Sora, Riku, and Kairi, which many
    people think.
    Q: The king, Sora and Riku's keyblades were there, too.
    A: It's to show that those three armoured people aren't them but that doesn't
       mean they don't have connections. The words "Keyblade War" that showed up in
       the middle were to implicate that there were fights between Keyblades. Most
       of the puzzles in the first KH have been solved in KHII but there are many
       things about the Keyblade that haven't been revealed yet. A line from the
       previous game's Ansem Report #8 appeared in the movie but that is to say
       "It means this but it's not explained yet."
    Q: Does that mean you already have a plot for KHIII?
    A: Hmm... I have an idea but it can't be helped because my team are planning
       to work on our next different title. So we're not working on KHIII now and
       we're not planning to work on it for some time, too. I have a plot in my
       head but I'm not sure if it'll be released to the world or just stay in
    | I. A. 3. What is the music that plays in the background?.............(ia03) |
    It is called Sunset Horizons, and the trailer was named so by fans with
    nothing else to go on.
    | I. A. 4. Was that armored thing toward the beginning the Xemnas Dragon that |
    |          you fight? Are those crossroads the same one's from CoM?....(ia04) |
    Perhaps, but no one knows for sure.
    | I. A. 5. What are those 3 keyblades in the center?...................(ia05) |
    Those keyblades are Sora's Kingdom Key, Mickey's Keyblade, and Riku's Way to
    Dawn. What are they doing there? No one knows. It is important to note that
    they are the only keyblades in the entire Video to have keychains... wierd.
    | I. A. 6. What the hell is a Chaser?..................................(ia06) |
      1. One who decorates metal by engraving or embossing. 
      2. A steel tool for cutting or finishing screw threads. 
      3. One that chases or pursues another: a chaser of criminals.
    Interesting. Could the Chasers be the people who made the keyblade? Or are they
    chasing Sora, or other keyblade wielders? For now, no one knows.
    | I. A. 7. Is that a girl?.............................................(ia07) |
    Yes, the second AU to appear is very femine looking. The third one is shorter
    than the other two, and it is unknown whether or not he/she is a male or
    | I. A. 8. Did I just see Fenrir??!?...................................(ia08) |
    Yes. Two keyblades that are identifiable in the flashes of the keyblade field
    are Fenrir and Bond of Flames. It is important to note that neither the
    keyblades in the field nor in the AU's hands have keychains attached to them.
    | I. A. 9. I'm too lazy to unlock the trailer, where can I view it?....(ia09) |
    To just watch it:
    If you want to download it:
    http://kh-vids.net/ or just Google it. http://filefront.com has it as well.
    | I. B. Breakdown......................................................(ib00) |
    This is a complete breakdown of Sunset Horizons:
    The screen fades from black to a dusty desert where you can see a shrub. The
    sun is setting.
    The Ansem Reports (starting from 0, which is incorrect for the U.S. version)
    start scrolling down the screen.
    As they scroll, words appear:
    The Keyblade is said
    to hold phenomenal power.
    A flash to the blade part of an Axe-type keyblade, then a strange (and large)
    metallic object. While the metallic object is showing, more words appear:
    One legend says
    Its wielder saved the world,
    while another says that
    he wrought chaos and ruin upon it.
    While these words show, it switches back to the first view (with the sun
    setting) and the reports continue to scroll down the screen.
    A flash to a hand holding the handle of an axe-type keyblade. The hand has a
    glove over it.
    A quick flash to a mysterious figure standing over the metallic object, hold-
    ing the axe-type keyblade over his shoulder (picture Sora), then back to that
    same sunset view. More words appear:
    I must know
    what this keyblade is.
    A key opens doors.
              (Ansem Report 8 & 9)
    As the words disappear, another flash to the hand, and then, a flash to the
    bottom part of an Armored Unknown's body. Another flash, and you see his
    entire body.  One more flash, and his body is no longer blurred, and you can
    see him clear as day. He is wearing a yellow cape and kind of looks like
    a Power Ranger. His keyblade has no keychain.
    The AU turns his head to the right, and a female AU is shown walking up to
    him. She has a purple cape.
    AU1 turns hs head to the right, and a silver, quite shorter unknown with a
    red cape is seen walking up.
    It shows AU1 again, and he steps forward.
    From left to right, Way to Dawn, Kingdom Key, and Mickey's Keyblade are seen
    sticking out of the sand. They all have keychains. AU1 walks towards them.
    A new camera view of AU1 walking towards them, and the metallic figure (which
    looks very much like the Xemnas Dragon) disappears into dust.
    AU1 pulls the Kingdom Key into his left hand, and AU3 pulls Way to Dawn into
    his right. It is shown that AU3 already has a keyblade in his left, and he is
    holding it much the way that King Mickey does when he throws off his
    Organization coat. AU3's keyblade also has no keychain.
    And finally, AU2 (the female) grabs Mickey's Keyblade into her left hand. It
    is seen that she also was originally holding a keyblade (which resembles
    Oblivion) but like the others, it has no keychain.
    An unexpected flash to many keyblades that were not visible before, surround-
    ing the AUs. Fenrir is clearly seen. ANother quick flash shows even more,
    including Bond of Flames. NONE of these keyblades have keychains.
    Another flash shows that the keyblades make a crossroads, very similar to the
    grass one in CoM, which represented the four realms (Light, Dark, Present, and
    A boom, and all three AUs look up at the path across from where AU1 came from
    (probably twilight, if AU1 came from Present), and a shadowy figure is seen
    walking towards them. There is sand all up in the air, so you can't get a good
    image of him.
    A close up to him (but still very dusty in the air, so you can't really see
    him) and many words flash on the screen, some staying on, some disappearing:
    Master of keyblade
    The lost two
    Memory of Xehanort
    Keyblade War
    The words disapper and only these words appear:
    It all began with...
    The screen flashes to black:
    birth by sleep.
    | I. C. Sunset Horizons/Kingdom Hearts III Theories....................(ic00) |
    Thanks to the massive response to this FAQ I now have enough theories and will
    not be accepting anymore, Tyler9 was the sole exception to this. When FM comes
    around, I will be accpeting more, quite obviously. These 10 are the best and/or
    most original that I have recieved.
    Please remember that these are only theories, and aren't fact what-so-ever.
    Almost all of these theories have been slightly edited in some way or another
    by me.
    | Theory 1 - Thanks to vgmaster789@yahoo.com                       |
      My theory is this, by Master of The Keyblade I think it means
      the three masters of the keyblades, Sora, Mickey, and Riku. I
      think the Lost two meant how in KH 1, Riku and Mickey were lost
      in the dark realm behind the door, and the Memories of Xehanort,
      it was referring to Roxas, as he always seemed to see visions
      of Organization XIII in his dreams. I think that in the Chaser
      comment, the Chaser's are Organization XIII who chased Sora
      through the adventure. In keyblade war, maybe Riku, Kiari, Sora,
      Mickey, and anyone other unknown keyblade wielder will fight out
      to be the true master of the keyblade. When it says it all
      begins with birth by sleep, maybe Sora will be put to sleep
      (for whatever reason) again in KH 3, and Roxas will be born as
      a free nobody but in Sora's world as a solid person, and he
      would start the keyblade war. Onto the three in armor, I believe
      the Short Armored Person is Roxas, and two other unknown people
      and they would be the beginners of the war. I also think the
      reason the only keyblades that have keychains are Mickey's,
      Sora's and Riku's, are because they are the only true keyblades,
      the others are copies maybe created by the Chaser's but not
      naturally made by the chosen one's presence in a realm. And the
      whole Past - Future thing, maybe it's in a realm where there is
      no time, nothing ever happened.
      Or, the armored people are the Chaser's who made the keyblades
      and were about to give them to the world but they started a war
      over which to create and destroy.                   
    | Theory 2 - Thanks to wslm55@yahoo.com                            |
      Part of the game takes place way, way in the past, and Xehanort
      is the main playable character. Remember in the Ansem Report
      from KH2 that says Ansem found Xehanort on the streets, with no
      memory of who he was? What if Xehanort was from the past, and
      was somehow sent to the future? In fact, I think Ansem was once
      a wielder of a keyblade. He may have even been a keyblade
      master. I believe he is the shadowy figure blocked by the dust 
      (he's even wearing what looks like an organization cloak). My
      guess is that either A)he turned evil, and was defeated by
      other keyblade wielders in the game, or B)he's a good guy in the
      game, but is somehow sent to the future. He forgets who he is,
      so he turned evil trying to regain his memory, which would
      explain why he is obsessed with hearts, as they have a lot to do
      with memory.      
    | Theory 3 - Thanks to wslm55@yahoo.com                            |
      The game involves Xehanort somehow, but he probably won't be a
      playable character. The AU's we see in the game are keyblade
      wielders from the past. They've found a way to travel through
      time, and now wish to battle Riku, Sora and Mickey to determine
      who are the true wielders of the keyblade.      
    | Theory 4 - Thanks to karonto5@hotmail.com                        |
      Years before Sora's adventure, there was a great war. In a place
      between worlds, there were those known as "Chasers", those who
      had manifested great power and chanelled it through weapons they
      experly crafted known as the Keyblades. There were four Chasers. 
      The Chasers all had to power to create, save, destroy and lock
      world's hearts. Their keyblade gave them enough power to unlock
      the energy of a worlds physical heart and be able to move from
      world to world. 
      The Chasers began to follow their own ambitions. In the place
      between worlds, where all of their keyblades laid to rest, the
      four seperated. Two followed the path of light, bringing life
      to the worlds, following the paths of Light and Twilight. The
      other two, they grew unhappy and decided that those who did
      not respect them should perish. They followed the path of
      Darkness. They began to bring destruction to worlds, destroying
      One of the two Dark Chasers realized the faults in his ways and
      decided to back out. Much as Riku did, this Chaser follows the
      path of Dawn back to the Crossroads where he is forgiven for
      his ways. The final Chaser, the one they called Xehanort, would
      not give up, would not give in. The war began, it is unknown
      for how long this terrible time lasted. It has been recorded
      though and the Chasers are much like gods. 
      The war was either between great armies or just between the
      four Chasers, either way, the Dark Chaser, the Dark Keyblade
      Master known as Xehanort fought against the others in a great
      Keyblade war. 
      Xehanort was defeated, and with that, he lost something dear:
      his memory. Cast away he was born again by sleep. Waking up in
      the world of Radiant Garden, almost dead, a great Saint known as
      Ansem found him and offered his assistance. He promised to help
      him and when he realized the man's memory was gone, he offered
      to help restore it. 
      The Chasers each had the ability to spread their power to a
      disciple or their spirits lived on through a bloodline of chosen
      ones. Passing their power on to make sure to Order of the Worlds
      was kept safe. 
      One Keyblade went to the King of a peaceful Kingdom: King Mickey. 
      When Xehanort began to believe he was in fact Ansem, his
      fascination with the Keyblades grew. Unknowning even to himself
      who he was. 
      When the Heartless were born and began to create chaos, Riku was
      chosen to weild the next Keyblade, to save the people from
      destruction while Mickey was in the World of Darkness. But,
      Riku's heart was tainted by his willingness to let darkness
      overcome him and the Keyblade was passed on to Sora. 
      After being selected first and later overcome by Xehanort,
      Xehanort was able to harvest his power (with help form the
      seven princesses of heart) and reclaim his Dark Keyblade and
      thus, Riku was able to have his own. This keyblade was destroy-
      ed however, as you know.
      Sacraficing it all for his friend, even willing to change his
      appearance, Riku was granted a keyblade to call his own. 
      The final Keyblade was unnecessary until later, when the
      goodness and innocence of Kairi was able to bring hope to the
      other Keyblade Weilders and she too was chosen. 
      After their adventures had ended, Mickey sends a troubling
      letter to Sora, Kairi and Riku. A letter that reveals Xehanort's
      next plot. That he has perhaps remembered his true self. A plot
      to destroy the other Chasers, a plot to be the one and only
      Keyblade Master. 
      A great beast is sent to the Crossroads between worlds but is
      slain by one of the Chasers. The others appear from their
      selected paths and reclaim their Keyblades,as though they
      haven't been touched in a long time. They look to the road of
      Darkness and the shady figure of Xehanort moves forward. Through
      his time within Riku, he is essentially "reborn" and while Riku
      tries to remove him, he is never gone. With enough power he
      returns to the Crossroads and a great war is about to begin
      once again. One that will decide the fate of the Chasers and
      all of those who hold a Keyblade...
    | Theory 5 - Thanks to GameFAQs user Gray_Fox                      |
      1. The ending phrase "birth by sleep" must somehow be connected
      to the fact that Sora was trained to fight in his mind while
      sleeping and Roxas paralleled Sora's sleep training. This was
      also the beginning of both games, hence "birth by sleep." 
      Birth = awakening of heroes/start of game, by = (duh), sleep =
      sleep training
      2. The scene takes place in the past because:
      A. It's a Disney game that's rated E10, the creator
      specifically said in the Behind the Scenes on KH1 that they
      designed the game so that Sora could NOT "die." Thus meaning
      that no characters are killed, especially also considering that
      if they DID die, then all of the KH1 and 2 merchandise would
      be the glory days and KH3 would suck.
      B. With the 2A theory in mind, that means that someone must
      have died (offscreen of course) BEFORE Sora, Mickey, and Riku
      every got their keyblades. So, the scene probably takes place
      shortly after a war involving the death of the original weilders
      of the three keyblades.
      C. With theories 2A and 2B considered, and the fact that the
      three original keyblades are in the middle, the three original
      weilders must have not picked a side, but rather defended
      themselves and died or, similar to Axel's death in KH2,
      they emptied their whole beings into one attack.
      3. The four realms are NOT Light, Dark, Present, and Twilight,
      but rather Light (Sora, Kairi, Donald, & Goofy), Dark
      (Heartless, Maleficent and her followers, Riku and Mickey),
      Twilight (Riku), and Nothingness (Nobodies and the former
      Organization XIII). Don't forget about Xemnas' long speeches
      about Light and Dark hating each-other, Twilight being of both
      light and dark (Sora-Roxas, Kairi-Naminé), and the Nothingness
      will also go on forever.
      4. The Heartless still will not disappear because the Keyhole
      in Destiny Islands that Riku saw as a child (flashback from
      KH1), was never locked by Sora. (Yet another loose end for
      a third game to tie up).
      5. The person who is always talking to Sora in KH1 that no-one
      else hears is either the original Keyblade of Light's weilder or
      a Chaser. (loose end - identity unknown)
      6. The entire scene is actually a theory that was imagined
      by Xehanort with his research, hence the line about Xehanort's
      memories. This would explain where his Nobody, Xemnas, got
      the machine.
      7. Xehanort's heartless (to KH1 fans Ansem) is STILL not dead
      according to Riku at the end of KH CoM Reverse/Rebirth. (Loose
      9. The scene may have occurred when Sora and Riku first met
      Kairi, which could place Xehanort or Xemnas actually IN the war,
      and could somehow tie into the fact that Kairi came to islands
      at night during a meteor shower; which could have been the
      results of some action during the war.
      10. The note given to Sora, Riku, and Kairi, at the end of KH2
      was a summoning to Disney Castle, where Mickey stumbles upon
      this information, like he always does. Perhaps Ansem the Wise
      left Mickey something before he died from the explosion.
    | Theory 6 - Thanks to ethanfranz@yahoo.com                        |
      Xigbar says in the game before you fight him: "Boy, did it pick
      a dud this time."  The Keyblade picked a dud, THIS TIME.  We
      don't know exactly how long it has been since the keyblade has
      chosen their master.  The AUs, their keyblades did not have
      keychains.  Riku's dark keyblade, from KH I didnt have one
      either, and it didn't matter who had that keyblade, anyone
      tainted from darkness could weild it.  The keychain is like its
      heart, if the chain is lost, it's like a heartless keyblade.
      This war, it could be from the past.  One of the theroies on your
      FAQ, saying Xeanort is from the past, that could be true, along
      with this being in the past.  Instead of Xeanort being an AU,
      what if he is the one the AUs appear to be facing?  These AUs
      could pick up the keyblades, and they didn't dissapear from
      their hands, meaning the keyblade did choose them. The hooded
      man is walking towards them, if that is Xeanort, he COULD be
      doing an experiment.  An experiment studying of how the heart
      and keyblade interact.  He is on the dawn path of dawn, like
      in Chain of Memories.  Meaning he was still rejected from the
      light and the dark, like he said.  It says "Xeanorts Memories".
      He could have been sent into the future by accident, but still
      lost his memory.  His ambition to do his experiments aginst
      Ansem's orders might have been some dormant memory of himself
      from the past.  Xemnas did remember after he came to be. Thats
      how Xigbar knew the keyblade has chosen someone before.  It
      also explains why they are in the black coats.  The keyblade
      can either bring salvation or chaos.  Xeanort wanted to see it
      for himself, in an experiment, so he challendeged them.  All in
      all, this may be a prequal.  This is in the far past and these
      AUs were chosen by the keyblades and could be putting these key-
      blades into nothingness, so they couldn't be used again, just in
      case someone would use it for chaos.  But, in the end, it
      falied, because Sora, Riku, and Mickey were chosen.
    | Theory 7 - Thanks to c420smokey                                  |
      I believe it will focus on the 3 knights but what if there was
      another aspect, a nobody that wond up actually getting to become
      human but now that he has all these emotions from taking so many
      lives, that he wants to return to being a Nobody, because if you
      think about it, it's easy to take all these lives if you have
      no emotions, but once you get them, then what, you start to feel
      regret about the choices you made wouldn't you? 
    | Theory 8 - Thanks to Sandino Tan                                 |
      Well first of all, Tetsuya Nomura pointed out that the flashing
      words were the most important clues of the trailer. So I would
      first like to point out "Memory of Xehanort". As you know,
      Xehanort was found by Ansem on the brink of death and without
      any memories at all. That is why Xehanort volunteered for
      Ansem's experiments, so that he could recover his memories. It
      is unknown if he ever recovered his memories. Maybe he's still
      alive in some way. 
      Next, I would like to point out those 3 Armored Warriors.
      According to Tetsuya Nomura, they are not Sora, Riku and Kairi
      as many would assume. But I would also like to point out that
      according to Ansem, Xehanort was not from Radiant Garden. He was
      not even human. I would therefore like to propose that those
      three are from Xehanort's world(wherever it is). This seems to
      tie up with the word "Memory of Xehanort" very well. Maybe
      the world of Xemnas was the origin of the keyblades. It is
      likely that his world is in the realm of darkness as almost all
      the worlds are situated in the realm of light. 
      I now theorize that Xehanort and someone else escaped from their
      world and those three are now looking for them. The second
      person could have been the blurred figure that was seen in the
      secret ending. This supports the words "The Lost Two" and
      "Chasers". Maybe Xehanort's world are full of Keyblade wielders.
      This could support the words "Keyblade War".
    | Theory 9 - Thanks to Prisionero                                  |
      There were others.
      Many others: Xigbar made a hint of it when he fought Sora.
      Many Keyblade Masters came and went. And they all meet the same
      The Chasers.
      For all their power, all their skill, all their magic, one after
      the other were defeated by these beings. And, as a trophy, they
      took each master's keyblade for their own. Now it was again the
      time to claim their price, as three other now held the weapon.
      Why destroy them? Chaser likely created the keyblades for the
      world, but grew tired of the incompetence of their wielders and
      how easily they caved into darkness. They weren't worthy of
      the weapon anymore, so they took them away eventually.
      They no longer took their actions into account, they knew that
      sooner or later they would cave either way. And so they hunt for
      all masters, bringing them down and reclaiming the weapon.
      With Sora, Mickey and Riku, they apparently suceeded once again.
      Master of the Keyblade - The unworthy one.
      The lost two - Like one already said, it was probably Mickey and
      Memory of Xehanort - He was found by Ansem, with no memory.
      He was a good disciple, a good man. What caused him to turn to
      darkness so easily? Curiosity alone? No: He REMEMBERED. He
      recovered his memories, and he at once recalled the Chasers
      and their missions, going insane.
      Chasers - The ones who would fix their error.
      Keyblade War - All the fighting against each and every previous
      keyblade master, which resulted on their 'Garden of Keyblades'
      Birth by sleep - In KH1, there were heartless. In KH2, there
      were nobodies. In KH3, what is born by sleep? Dreams.
      Also, on the keychains... Every keyblade any of the four ever
      used had one. And the ones the try had, had none. The keychains
      changed the form of the keyblade... So if it didn't have one...
      Does that mean that is the keyblade's true form? What if the
      keychains don't increase the keyblade's power? What if they
      CONTAIN it? What if without the keychains, the keyblade's true
      power would erupt? So much power, no wielder would be able to
      contain it? Like, say, Riku's dark Keyblade in KH1? The one
      that also lacked a keychain? That corrupted him and possesed
      him along with Xehanort's heartless?
      Maybe the scene is one of the last ones in KH3. You start as
      Sora and fight these guys, but in the end they beat you, Riku
      and the King, taking your keyblades.
      The one left to fight, would be Kairi. If you'd notice, we
      never see her fight too much in KH2. Maybe that tells us
      something. She's rough around the edges and perfect for a perfect
      level 1 start on KH3. Maybe we'll use HER to fight in that game.
      ...Yeah, I'm not too crazy about using Kairi either. Hope I'm
      wrong on this one.
      And lastly, birth by sleep. Dreams, as I said before. Maybe the
      Chasers started and were created AS dreams. The world was over-
      come with darkness before them and people dreamed and hoped for
      a savior. And so, they were created. And it all began with them.
      Them, and their creation: The Keyblade.
    | Theory 10 - Thanks to sick4paradise@yahoo.com                    |
      The entire movie seems to have an aura of "post-apocalyptic
      future" about it, leading me to believe that it's in the future.
      LONG in the future.  The three AUs appear to me to be survivors
      of the keyblade war.  The fact that the words "keyblade war"
      appear as the hundreds of keyblades are shown gives me the
      impression that the location they are in is an ancient
      battlefield, where said war was fought, and that it is now a
      graveyard for those who died in the war, with each soldier's
      grave marked by the keyblade he wielded in his life.  
      The positioning of the 3 "true" keyblades could represent a
      truce or an end of war in the midst of the graveyard (similar to
      a memorial...for example, the war could have been fought between
      3 factions, and each leader placed their keyblades together
      as a sign of truce at the end or something).  The fact that
      the three AUs approach and draw the 3 "true" keyblades gives me
      the impression that they are connected to the 3 factions who
      fought in the war, or it could imply that the truce is being
      dissolved (possibly resulting in a new keyblade war). 
    | Theory 11 - Thanks to Tyler9                                     |
      The ending I think is at the cross road between all realms.
      There are four realms, light, dark, in-between, Present. Each
      armored unknown is from one of the realms. The Shadowy figure in
      the distance is one character we already know, could be one of
      the Org. members but their real forms (I don’t think heartless).
      Probably is Xehanort, but it could be any one. Xehanort would
      make sense because Xemnas (his nobody) wore armor in the final
      battle. This might mean something.
      Now, if you notice, the cross-road at the very beginning of KH2,
      and at the beginning of Sora’s story in CoM, and at the end of 
      Riku’s story in CoM, all have cross roads. But they differ in
      three ways:
      1. Dont have keyblades forming the crossroad
      2. Has grass and not dead earth
      3. (This one is not often said) the intersection is smaller.
         The one in the secret movie is big. The cross road in the
         three places mentioned above are small, and can only fit
         one person in it.
      What about Xigbar saying “You've really put Organization XIII
      in a pickle. I guess that must be why the Keyblade chose you.
      But MAN, did it pick a dud this time. You don't look like
      you're half the hero the others were.” Now this must be
      implying that he has seen other keyblade masters. So he
      probably knows the armored unknowns, since they appear to be
      keyblade masters. With that being said, he since org members
      1-6 (they all knew each other before they were nobodies,
      as they were Ansem the Wise’s apprentices) they might have
      known the Keyblade master as well before hand.
      What does the armor mean? The armor might mean what Keyblade
      masters, before the world was separated, might where to show
      who he is. If that is true, that would mean that Xehanort
      is an old Keyblade master before his heart was consumed by
      darkness. So in KH3 as time progresses Sora will where armor,
      because he is a keyblade master.
      What is the thing that the main armored unknown standing on?
      What I think is that it is something we have never seen before
      and will be reviled in KH3. But there are other possibilities.
      It could be the dragon that Xemnas was riding on. But I don’t
      think that is true because the shapes are different than
      the dragon.
      Also I think that there is another type of being that comes
      from the heart, they are called endless. They come to be if
      someone’s heart is taken by light, a Nobody is still made is
      the process of this.
      I think KH3 is going to take place after KH2, but there are
      going to be flash backs from someone, I think that someone
      is... (Holds flame shield up) Ansem the wise. I think he still
      lives but was transported, or transformed. He said that
      anything could happen when it was about to explode. (I don't
      think square is going to give Christopher lee up to fast).
      What about Kairi holding a keyblade at the end? We know it
      means something, because Nomura says that it is hinting towards
      something. But what could it mean? Riku gives her the
      Keyblade, and the keyblade has a keychain it self. So it is a
      real keyblade. Maybe she can weild it because she has
      connections to Sora or Riku. Or she might be the fourth
      keyblade wielder, the keyblade master of the present realm (I
      wouldn’t much care for that, but it is a possibility).
      Mickey’s bottle at the end. What could it say inside? Kairi
      looks worried, Riku has a grin on his face, and Sora is looking
      at it blankly. Probably another adventure, because Riku would
      like to go on another adventure, but Kairi would not be happy
      with that, because she is happy the way everything is right
      Now what about the all the keyblades in the field? If you
      notice, they do not have any keychains. What could that mean?
      What my opinion is and the most widely accepted opinion is,
      they are fake keyblades. (Not that the keyblade sora stabbed
      himself with in KH1 had no keychain).
      Also we will learn a lot more about the Keyblade and Xehanort.
      I think Xehanort never had a heart to begin with (that is why
      his name is another and no heart). The keyblade was made by the
      chasers because the one world was being consumed by darkness
      and they had to separate the one world into many worlds, which
      is why it says "one legend says it saved the world, while
      another says it wrought chaos upon it". Because some view it
      as saving it from darkness, but others view it being
      For the words at the end here is what I think:
      Master of the keyblade: There was one true master of the
      keyblade, but died long ago.
      Memory of Xehanort: Xehanorts memory was changed by Ansem
      the wise with one of his experiments
      Chasers: Keyblade makers
      Keyblade war: Before the world was separated people fought
      over there own believes on whether or not it should be
      The lost two: Possibly Riku and Kairi. Or maybe it could be
      Donald and goofy, that is why Mickey sent that letter in a
      bottle at the end.
      It all began with birth by sleep: Maybe the Keyblade? Or the
      Chasers themselves. This is the hardest part to make sense
      out of for me.
    | II. Credits and Thanks..............................................(ii000) |
    -The people who have submitted their theories
    -Blindy (xXMajinerXx), cause he's cool, and gave me the theories idea.
    -ASCII Art thanks to: http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
    -Tetsuya Nomura.
    -Square, making this game.
    -Disney, adding chilhood spirit to this game.
    -Youtube, the English Video.
    -Dictionary.com, the definition of Chaser.
    -Whoever came up with the ctrl+f search function system.
    -You, for reading.
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