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    100 Acre Wood FAQ by Boatz!

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    ============    KINGDOM HEARTS II      =============
    ============ 100 Acre Wood Walkthrough =============
    ============  by OpalDecpt (Milo P.)   =============
    (Yet again, another great ASCII)
    1. Intro
    2. About 100 Acre Wood
    3. Torn Pages
    4. The Minigames
    -----4.1 Blustery Rescue
    -----4.2 Honey Slider
    -----4.3 Bouncing
    -----4.4 The Exposition
    -----4.5 The Hunny Pot
    5. Chests and Whatnot
    6. Outro and Thankees
    7. Le Legal Crap
    I used to love Winnie the Pooh. Key word USED. Things change, and both KH and
    KHII made me see how irritating this bloody wood is. Which is why I'm writing
    this. I can only escape my fear by writing an FAQ about it. Also, I haven't
    contributed for a while and this will be nice and short. :)
    Seriously though, out of the sixteen questions a year asked to me about this
    game, usually 52 percent of them include 100 Acre Wood in some way. The 
    reason? Because some of it is pissing hard. And yet some of it is really easy.
    It's easy because its all minigames...but its hard because its all minigames.
    You know what I mean.
    I mean, Square Enix could have involved some Heartless or something or at 
    least killed off a character or something. Thats the problem with th...
    (This rant did continue for about 15,345 characters, but I had to start 
    writing so I stopped it there.)
    About this version
    Version 1.02 (05/02/07) - Another minor spellcheck, plus I changed my email
                              adress to the current one, added a note about
                              PayPal donation, and another two lines to the
    2. ABOUT 100 ACRE WOOD 
    100 Acre wood is the twisted creation of A. A. Milne, and really did contain
    some gems of characters. However, there was only one you could really relate
    too, and he's been bloody taken out of the game. So you'll just have to
    live with the characters included. 
    Winnie the Pooh
    Voted by Cosmopolitan magazine as the most unfortunante name ever. He is the
    stout, slow, yellow(?) bear who is the main focus of the KH story. He seems
    to only care about two things: honey and eating, most of honey. Altohugh a 
    bit lacking upstairs, he can suddenly have burst of intelligence. Summed up
    in one word? Dopey.
    One of Pooh's friends, but always seems to be iritated by him in any way. In
    fact, he seems to be just annoyed by default. He is pretty much the source
    of all of Pooh's food, as he has his own allotment and seems to excrete his 
    own honey.
    Kanga and Roo
    Apparently there's a clever connection with their names, but I've never found 
    it. Kanga is a mild mannered mother with the patience of a bloomin' saint. 
    She is the mother of Roo, who wants to bounce as much as Tigger and maybe as 
    high. What a family.
    A bird of wisdom and seemingly endless anecdotes. He is the brains behind this
    whole operation. Altohugh I'm sure that his age would work out to about 163
    in human terms.
    The lovable elastic-tailed tiger who loves to sing, although I think he'd be 
    good at gangster rap. He loves to bounce. His hobbies include: bouncing, 
    trampolining, and general merriment. He is Roo's mentor. 
    One depressed donkey. Seems to see the black side of everything. Emos should
    really put away all sharp objects when you first meet him.
    Digs holes and whistles where he says the letter 'S'. Sounds a bit like the 
    guy off CNN. 
    Unbelivieable as it may sound, Sora was not actually in A. A. Milne's story.
    He pretty much fills in for Christopher Robin (not in this game) and leads
    Pooh around by grabbing is featurless hand. (Seriously though, Pooh has no 
    The story in the books pretty much revolves around this wood which seems to be
    able to house animals of any eco-system (tiger, bear, and kangaroo). It is set
    in the various characters houses and the nearby wood, and in one instance the 
    Spooky Cave.
    The story in KHII is really a page turner. Sora returns to visit his old
    friend Pooh after Merlin has recovered the book from somewhere. He goes in
    meets Pooh, then, as seems to happening a lot in this game, time stops and
    afterwards, Pooh has forgotton about everyone, incliding Sora. Plus, all of
    the Torn pages are not there!
    Now what?
    So all of the torn pages are missing. Plus, they found there way into chests.
    But they are REALLY easy to find. You could just find them on your travels if
    you are careful when searching for chests.
    So here they be (not in chronological order):
    Hollow Bastion - Crystal Fissure
    Agrabah - Ruined Chamber (after Magic Carpet)
    Land of Dragons - Throne Room
    Pride Lands - Oasis
    Disney Castle - Library
    Not too hard. Some people wait till they've got all of the pages before going
    to the book, however, I think you should do it one at a time. I couldn't
    handle it all at once...
    4. THE MINIGAMES!!!!
    Horray! We must restore Pooh's memory through the power of minigames!
    4.1 A Blustery Rescue
    Story:               Poor Piglet has been caught by the winds! Go and save him
                         before he is blown away, nad collect some honey as well. 
    What to do:          Use the keyblade to break open the various objects to
                         recieve honey orbs. After a preset course, Piglet comes 
                         into the screen and you have to save him using Triangle.
                         If you are hit by any objects YOU MUST PRESS TRIANGLE TO
                         SAVE POOH BEFORE YOU CAN SCORE ANY MORE.
    Scoring:             10 per small log  
                         400 per large log (4 hits)
                         1200 per hunny pot (3 hits)
    Journal:             Finish with 18,000
    My top:              19,010
    High Scoring Tips:   The biggest tip is to make use of every tornado that 
                         comes, and wait until the screen is full before activating
                         them. This does require better reactions then you think, 
                         as getting hity by anything could ruin a high scoring run.
                         ALWAYS FAVOUR HUNNY POTS over everything, they have the
                         lowest point/hit ratio. For a pretty much guarenteed 
                         18,000, spot the secret tornado hidden behind the last
                         onslaught (where LOTS of stuff falls from above).
                         This was easily the hardest one for me, but the hidden
                         tornado above makes it a doddle.
    4.2 Hunny Slider
    Story:               Good ol' Pooh has gone an eaten all of Rabbits hunny, so
                         you must go out and get some more. 
    What to do:          SLIDE! This is as simple as Jade Goody saying the 
                         alphabet. Use let and right to slide and hold square
                         to slide left and right faster. Whenever you see a red
                         balloon, PRESS TRIANGLE to gain an extra life. Same if 
                         you get hit by a log.
    Scoring:             1 per small orb
                         5 per normal orb
                         10(?) per large orb
    Journal:             Finish with 8,000
    My top:              9,003
    High Scoring Tips:   For extremely high scores, simply get every orb. This is
                         honestly a cakewalk, especially in the first two scenes
                         (forest and book-theme), slightly harder in the avalanche,
                         and quite impossible in the last bit unless you grabbed
    4.3 Balloon Bouncing
    Story:               Tigger and Roo want to do some bouncing, and Sora joins in
                         (This plotline is thickening...)
    What to do:          Press traingle (or circle) at the right time to bounce, 
                         and then use the ballons to get higher and higher. 
                         Balloons become smaller when a combo finishes - you have
                         three chances for a high score.
    Scoring:             This is a bloody pain. The scoring is NOT determined by
                         colours or size of balloon, it is done by the combo
                         count. Apart from the initial ballons (anything before
                         the first greens), which give 3 points each no matter what
                         the number of points scored per ballon increase when the
                         number of balloons popped in a combo inscreases.
                         (To rectify, a combo ends when you land back on the 
                         1-3 balloons hit: 15 points each
                         4-7 balloons hit: 25 points each
                         8-10 ballons hit: 35 points each
                         11-15 balloons hit: 40 points each
                         16-20 balloons hit: 50 points each
                         21-26 balloons hit: 60 points each
                         ...and so on in that vein. This looks confusing, so
                         here's an example.
                         Ater the inital layer (before the first green one) you 
                         get a combo of 22 balloons befroe hitting the ground. So, 
                         you get:
                         15 x 3 = 45 for the first 3 balloons (1, 2, and 3)
                         25 x 4 = 100 for the next 4 (4, 5, 6, and 7)
                         35 x 3 = 105 for the next 3 (8, 9 and 10)
                         40 x 4 = 200 for the next 5 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
                         50 x 4 = 250 for the next 5 (16, 17, 18, 19, 20)
                         60 x 2 = 120 for the next 2 (21, 22)
                         ...which equals 820. Email me and I'll give a better
    Journal:             Finish with 4,000
    My top:              4,356 
    High Scoring Tips:   Since scores are based on combos, you'll have to stay
                         in the air for as long as you can to net high scores. 
                         Also, DON'T BOUNCE TO THE BIGGEST BALLOON. Popping it
                         will take balloons out and make them smaller.
    5.4 The Exposition
    Story:               Pooh Bear has got lost in the 'maze' of the spooky cave.
                         Go with the group and find him.
    What to do:          Comb the spooky cave and find Pooh. Just normal controls
                         here, use Triangle to calm the group down if the 
                         courage bar runs out.
    Scoring:             Timed 
    Journal:             Finish within 90 seconds (1:30)
    My top:              83 seconds (1:23)
    High Scoring Tips:   Just run straight for Pooh. However the 90 second aim can
                         be harder than it looks, as the lovely group behind you
                         can drag you back. Eeyore was giving me problems near the 
                         start. You'll know if you've lost them becuase you hear 
                         the incessent calling of 'Sora!' To stop this from 
                         happening, move a bit slower than usual, AND NEVER USE
                         QUICK RUN. Bees only take one hit to kill as well, don't
                         spend precious seconds comboing whne you can move on to
                         the next set.
                         More quick tips: jump when the ice starts to shine, to
                         avoid falling, and if you just keep running when you see a
                         boulder about to fall, you should just make it.
    Map (courtesy of Electrospectre)
                / B '
               |   /      .-----.   _.-.
                \  '.___.'     A'--'    \
            _.--'           .-----._    .'
          .'   _           |       _)   |
         /   .' |         /      .'      \
        |   / .'C.-.      |     |   .--..'
        |   \ '.__) | .-.  \    \  '__.--.
         \   '.___.'  |  |D |    '__   _.`
          '.         .'  '_.'       | |          
            |   .---'____          START
            | E |  .'    \ 
            |    '`  POOH|
    A. Right on the ice here is a MYTHRIL GEM 
    B. Past a falling boulder is an AP BOOST 
    C. Down this middle path is a MYTHRIL CRYSTAL and the GUARD RECIPE 
    D. Past more falling rocks is an ORICHALCUM 
    E. On the way to Pooh, pick up the AP BOOST 
    4.5 The Hunny Pot
    Story:               Le climax - Pooh has got his head stuck in a hunny pot
                         and you must help him get out of it!
    What to do:          EASY. Press X to set the power and then press X to set
                         the direction. Obviously, higher power will acheive higher
                         scores. Kinda like the hammer throw.
    Scoring:             Length (metres?)
    Journal:             Finish with 8,000
    My top:              8,100ish
    High Scoring Tips:   It should be pretty easy to get full power, its the 
                         direction that really matters. Play around with it a bit
                         and you'll find that aiming straight forward will get
                         7500+, don't aim behind as you will probably hit the tree.
    Pooh's House - To the right of Pooh's house for the 100 ACRE WOOD MAP
                   Next to that is an AP BOOST
                   Behind Pooh's Hous is a MYTHRIL STONE
    Piglet's House - On a tree stump behind the house is a DEFNSE BOOST
                     On the left side of Piglets house is an AP BOOST
                     On a tree stump facing the house is a MYTHRIL GEM
    Rabbits House - Behind the clothesline at the left of the house is a DRAW RING
                    Near the entrence to the area is a MYTHRIL CRYSTAL
                    In the pumpkin patch is an AP BOOST
    Kanga's House - To the west of the house is a MAGIC BOOST
                    To the east of it is an ORICHALCUM
                    Head further east for an AP BOOST neart the fence.
    Spooky Cave - (see map above)
    Starrt Hill - Immediately after entering turn left for COSMIC RING 
                  Go around to the other side of the hill for the STYLE RECIPE
    There are twenty chests in total. You also get the keyblade SWEET MEMORIES after
    you complete The Expodition.
    I'll find some whatnots for the next update ;)
    (Prepare for the worst pun ever.)
    The end is near! Thank you very much for even clicking on the lovely blue link,
    for buying the game, for being alive, for the music, and special thanks to this
    CJayC - for making killer site gamefaqs.com.
    Electrospectre - for his lovely map of the Spooky Cave
    YuGiOhFM2002/YuGiOhAngel - for their treasures guide which helped me fill in a
                               few gaps.
    Square-Enix - for making games like this. Beautiful
    Everyone - if their were no people there would be no games or chicken subs!
    If you spotted a mistake - verbal or info - then drop us a bell at:
    Donations through PayPal can also be paid through this, if you're feeling 
    generous. :D
    to me.
    I hoped you enjoyed le FAQ, hopefully you should be the bee's knees after 
    reading it (Heh.)
    6.1 Extra Thanks
    Thank you all for your 20,000+ hits this year, this is my most visited
    contribution to GameFaqs, and thanks you all for your support! (01/08/2007)
    50K hits on this FAQ now, after about 2 years on the site. Thank you all very
    much, perhaps I'll see you for 365/2 days! (15/04/09)
    DON'T post this anywhere and say its yours. That's mean.
    DO use this for private use, by all means, but GIVE ME THE BLOODY CREDIT.
    If you see the FAQ on any site other than these:
    ...then mail me and I will smite them! Smite them good!
    (c) Milo Pilkington (Opal Decept) - Writing useless FAQs since 2006

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