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    Colliseum FAQ by linthuslyth

    Version: 1.70 | Updated: 06/10/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kingdom Hearts II, Coliseum Guide
    Table of Contents
    For your convenience, just copy the 'code' within the parentheses to the right
    of a section of the guide and press 'Ctrl+f' and then 'Ctrl+v'.
    I.     Legal Stuff                                                      (lgsf)
    II.    Introduction                                                     (itro)
    III.   History                                                          (hsty)
    IV.    What is the Underdome?                                           (wiud)
    V.     Sora's Artillery                                                 (sart)
     A.     Magic                                                           (magc)
     B.     Limit                                                           (lmit)
     C.     Drive                                                           (drve)
     D.     Combos and Finishers                                            (cmfn)
     E.     Abilities                                                       (ablt)
    VI.    Coliseum Overview                                                (clsm)
    VII.   Pain and Panic Cup                                               (ppcc)
    VIII.  Cereberus Cup                                                    (crbc)
    IX.    Titan Cup                                                        (ttnc)
    X.     Goddess of Fate Cup                                              (gofc)
    XI.    Hades Cup                                                        (hdsc)
    XII.   Dealing With...                                                  (dalw)
    XIII.  Closing and Credits                                              (csng)
    Legal Stuff                                                              (lgst)
    Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts II belongs to SquareEnix. I am not associated with
     SquareEnix in any way other than being a fan.
    Copyright: Everything in this Guide belongs to me. You can only copy or save
     this file for personal use. If you would like to post in your website or
     something of that sort, e-mail first. I don't have a lot of reasons to forbid
     you but I need to know.
    Introduction                                                             (itro)
      Hello there, I'm linthuslyth. I am here to guide you through a part of the
    game called "Kingdom Hearts II". But you probably already know that, since you
    did seek out this guide. In particular, I will concentrate on the coliseum of
    Kingdom Hearts II, the Underdome. Okay, enough formalities.
      Another thing, I'm kinda new to the whole FAQ/Guide thing so if you have any
    comment or questions, please e-mail me at linthuslyth@yahoo.com. And I am not
    in any way implying that this FAQ is void of any mistakes. In fact it's very
    prone to mistakes since Kingdom Hearts II is a bit chaotic and it can be hard
    to see stuff sometimes.
    History                                                                  (hsty)
    v1.00 - June 6. Started the FAQ. Contained the Sora's Artillery; with the Magic,
            Limit, and Drive parts; and a list of the enemies in all the
            tournaments. Other contents include the Intro, What is the Underdome,
            Coliseum Overview, Dealing With... and Closing and Credits
    v1.70 - June 10. Expounded on the Drive part in the Sora's Artillery section.
            Made the History section. Corrected a few mistakes, such as misspelled
            words and wrong grammar.(There was quite a number... I'm very sorry
            about those). A lot of aditions to the Sora's Artillery.
    What is the Underdome                                                    (wiud)
       The Underdome is a place where you can test you skills in battle. Since
    Kingdom Hearts II is an action RPG, it also tests the skill of the player and
    how well you handle battles. It can be found in the Olympus Coliseum. After
    your first visit to the said world the Underdome becomes available but only one
    tournament will appear. To unlock the other tournaments, you'll need to met
    certain creteria. The specifics are placed in the overview section and the
    individual sections of the tournments.
    Sora's Artillery                                                         (sart)
    Why do I have this section, you might(or not) ask. If you've read "The Art of
    War", then you should know. I quote:
       "If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a
      hundred battles"
    Enough said, no? The 'knowing your enemy' part is in the individual sections
    of the guide.
    Magic                                                                    (magc)
    There won't be much magic at first but you'll start to get more spells and
    start to be more dependent on them. It will be good to know how to use all of
    them even outside the coliseum.
    If you don't know, spell can combo as well. You can do attack then chain them
    into magic finishes. Like attacks, finishing magic are usually more powerful.
    Also, spells can differ when in different forms. Also take note that when in
    Wisdom or Final, you can move about while the spell is being cast.
    Fire Element
    When you cast this spell, flames will circle you. Useful when surrounded, like
    after you cast Magnet or dash right in the middle of a group of enemies.
    Although it is very weak when dealing with singular targets. It's worth putting
    in a shortcut since it is cheap, MP-wise.
    Blizzard Element
    Sora shoots icicles forward. First spell in the game and is useful for sniping
    far away enemies. However, the spell does not curve vertically, meaning it will
    miss if you are not at the same height as your enemy. Slightly higher MP cost
    than Fire. 
    Thunder Element
    Sora calls lightning form the sky(or ceiling... don't ask me how) and sends
    them down to his target, dealing splash damage. Like fire, effective against
    grouped-together-enemies and it falls down on the nearest target or the locked
    on target.
    Cure Element
    What's there to say? For all your remaining MP, you get fully-healed. If you
    have upgraded to Cura or Curaga, it can also heal nearby allies. I don't think
    there's any difference between the forms, other than the fact that you can move
    in Wisdom and Final form while casting the spell.
    Magnet Element
    One of the two elements you might have ignored in the game. However, both
    elements are terrific in various situations. Sora summons some sort of magnetic
    force above him(or his target). The magnet attracts enemies in a given radius
    and keeps them there, stunned and air-borne for a while. Very useful for
    MAKING enemies group together. You could follow up by Fire or Thunder. Heck,
    even a simple swing will hit most of the enemies that Magnet clumps together.
    Some or most bosses are immune to it though, but bosses are usually alone so
    there really isn't a point to use Magnet.
    Reflect Element
    Another element that you might have neglected. However, if this element is used
    properly, it can be very devastating. It makes defeating aggressive opponents
    much easier. When cast, Sora surrounds himself with a barrier. This barrier
    returns both magical and physical attacks. However, the barrier only lasts a
    second or so; thus you need to time the casting of this spell for maximum
    efficiency. I'm not too sure about the Reflect, but Reflectga creates several
    sparks around Sora after a successful cast-and-get-hit. These sparks damage
    BIG! Now you can finally go in the midst of Living Bones, just cast Reflectga
    and let the fools attack. The damage is relative to your magic but it isn't in
    any element, meaning nothing is immune to it. Also note that whatever the Guard
    command can make enemies recoil, so does Reflect.
    Limits                                                                   (lmit)
    Limits are 'teams-up' between you, Sora, and another party member. When you
    activate a Limit, a Limit gauge will appear on the upper-right hand corner of
    your screen. This will indicate how much time you have left before the Limit
    will deactivate itself. Usually, you wouldn't pay much attention since you'll
    probably do the finishing move before time runs out. The finishing move will
    also get you out of Limit mode. Also, you are invulnerable while in a Limit. So
    even if you can move around and attack like normal, you cannot be hit. On a
    final note, most finishing moves in Limits are placed at the fourth menu, so
    you can activate the finishing move anytime during the Limit.
    Since you can only have Donald and Goofy in the coliseum then I will only
    discuss those, the Trinity Limit and the Limits with the summons. These Limits
    cost all you remaining MP.
    Donald's Fantasia
    Comet -> Comet Rain
    Donald floats in midair and cast sparks all over the place. You can freely move
    while this Limit is activated and Donald will follow you, all the while
    creating the colorful sparks. Comet makes Donald attack one target while Comet
    hits all enemies surrounding you. Works best when surrounded or when the enemies
    are grouped together.
    Donald's Force Flare
    Duck Flare -> Rocket Flare -> Megaduck Flare
    Donald rides on your back and gathers rockets while you are free to attack.
    When the rockets are ready, you can press triangle to launch them. They hit
    nearby enemies. When enough rockets are launch, the 'Megaduck Flare' will
    replace the Rocket Flare. This sends numerous rockets that lock-on to every
    nearby enemy. Since they are constantly being hit, you can just walk up to one
    and start combo-ing. Works perfect at the start of a round where there are a
    lot of enemies.
    Goofy's Twister Fusion
    Whirli-Goof -> Whirli-Goofra -> Whirli-Goofga
    The Whirle-Goof's are done consecutively, else the Limit will deactivate
    regardless of the Limit gauge. You roll towards your target so it works best
    when enemies are clumped together. However, this Limit is limited to ground
    enemies and low fliers, it will miss most flying enemies such as Hook Bats.
    Goofy's Teamwork
    Knocksmash -> Dou Raid -> Cosmo Boost
    Goofy and Sora stand together. Knocksmash fires Goofy's shield forward. It can
    be done about four times before it is replaced by Dou Raid, where Sora and
    Goofy throw their weapon's like boomerangs. After about two Dou Raids, it is
    replaced by Cosmo Boost. In where Goofy acts as a human... wait, what is Goofy
    anyway? A dog? Anyway, Goofy is launched like a rocket and he ricochets around
    like an open balloon. All these attacks home in at the nearest target available
    Sora's Trinity Limit
    Mega Drive  -\
    Ultima      ---> Begin Combo
    Break       -/
    When you activate Trinity Limit, your menu will be replaced. There are three
    buttons. Triangle will activate Goofy's trinity limit where he jumps up and
    uses his shield to launch thousands of drive orbs(that damage). The direction
    of the flow can be changed using the left analog stick. The square button will
    let Donald cast his version of Ultima, which looks and acts like Comet Rain;
    it damages surrounding enemies. The X button will let Sora lead an onslaught
    on a targeted enemy. After a button has been pressed, its function is replaced
    by the 'Begin Combo' which will gather all enemies while our three heroes
    charge up to make a big bang. The damage of 'Begin Combo' is relative to the
    number of hits you do before that, so always press all three button once before
    proceeding to Begin Combo. You can activate the Trinity Limit even when your
    alone or when either Donald OR Goofy isn't in your party but Sora will only do
    the Break and it will be by himself.
    NOTE ABOUT SUMMON LIMITS: Unlike normal Limits, Limits with summons do not take
    away all your MP. Instead they take away some of the summon gauge.
    Peter Pan's Neverland
    Tiny Fairy     -\
    The Flying Boy ---> Journey's End
    Peter grabs Sora and flies around with him. The Tiny Fairy can be done with the
    triangle button and The Flying Boy is placed where 'Attack' was. I didn't
    notice a difference until I read the Journal Entry. It said that Tiny Fairy
    attack deals more damage while The Flying Boy deals less damage. However, The
    Flying Boy will vacuum nearby enemies. The Flying Boy also makes enemies drop
    score orbs. Another good way to gain orbs, but Ohana! is still the best way.
    Still, vacuuming enemies and dragging them around with you is a good way to
    make them clump together. Your movements will become similar to as when you
    were underwater, meaning you can move directly up and down with the right
    analog stick. Once you use either functions a couple of times, they will be
    replaced with 'Journey's End' which will damage surrounding enemies. Consumes
    2 bars of Summon guage.
    Chiken Little's FPS Mode
    Balls/ Firecracker
    There is no finish. Probably the weakest of all the Limits. The perspective
    changes into first person, with a crosshair and a new menu. The Ball command
    fires a tiny marble(?) while the Firecracker leaves little marble ball on the
    ground, they explode and launch enemies slightly up, stopping their attacks.
    The circle button makes Chicken Little jump and the square will cancel the
    Limit. The only reason I would think about using this Limit is to level up
    the my summon level, as it consumes 1 whole bar of the Summon gauge and you
    can deactivate the Limit. Consumes 1 bar of the Summon guage.
    Stitch's Ohana!
    Shoot    -\
    Ukelele  ---> Blast
    Sora jumps to the screen and joins Stitch. The Shoot command will make Stitch
    and Sora shoot green smile on one of the enemies. Ukelele makes enemies drop HP
    orbs BUT when done in the coliseum they drop score orbs instead. This is the
    easiest, and maybe the only way to clear the Journal entry mission on the Titan
    cup(and also the Paradox one). Other than that, not really a preferable Limit.
    The Limit costs 2 bars of the Summon gauge an you will have to wait for the
    Limit gauge to run out or use the 'Blast' command to exit Limit state. Consumes
    2 bars of the Summon guage.
    NOTE ABOUT GENIE'S LIMITS: As you might know, Genie turns into a Drive that you
    already know thus he has four different Limits, as there are four drives. You
    can change his drive with the third option in your menu. Also, Genie's Limit
    finish's need to be executed right after the initial attack, otherwise the
    Limit will deactivate. All them consume 1 bar of the summon guage.
    "Valor" Genie's Sonic Rave
    Sonic -> Rave
    When Sonic is activated, Genie become a giant bat and Sora swings him a few
    times. This damages enemies in front. Rave will send Genie, still as a bat,
    upward. Works well whenever there are a lot of enemies in right front of you.
    "Wisdom" Genie's Strike Raid
    Strike -> Judgment
    Genie sticks up his hands and fires several lasers with both hands. You can
    control the direction of Genie by moving the left analog stick. Judgment make
    Genie spin around while he is still firing lasers. The hardest Genie Limit to
    use and, in my opinion, the weakest.
    "Master" Genie's Final Arcana
    Aracana -> Bash
    Genie spins around, while the keyblades spin as well. This sends the
    surrounding enemies upward. In Bash, Genie's head grows and he opens his mouth.
    As he spins around, his mouth emits a laser. This works best when surrounded.
    "Final" Genie's Infinity
    Infinity -> Impact
    Genie bashes and strikes like a madman, while the keyblades are circling him
    and Sora. The best part about this Genie Limit is that you can move around
    while Genie is doing it. When an enemy is hit, he is sent upwards slightly. You
    can go around collecting enemies with Infinity for Impact. In Impact, Genie
    counts down from three then Sora launches the keyblades up like a rocketship.
    This move damages surrounding enemies and the radius is pretty large. Almost
    everything on screen is hit, except things up on the background. The combo of
    Infinity doesn't deal too much damage, its Impact that deals the heavy damage
    Drives                                                                   (drve)
    Drives are when Sora absorbs(!) his party member(s) and power-up himself. There
    are four selectable drive: Valor, Wisdom, Master, and Final. The first three
    are obtained through the storyline. Final Form can be obtained when you reach a
    certain point in the story and whenever you go into a form, there is a chance
    you'll awaken Final Form. When you're in a Form, you get a new set of abilities
    and stats, which are better than your base ones. Another wonderful thing about
    Drives is that your HP and MP recover fully once activated. When you activate a
    Drive, all action and growth abilities are replaced with the form's set of
    abilities, you get to keep all support abilities(in addition to the ones with
    the Form)
    Valor Form
    Drive gauge cost: 3
    Character cost: Goofy
     Action: Brave Shot - Frontal Finisher. Sora throws down both Keyblades down
               and creates short shockwaves in front. Knocks target in front. Some
               charge before the move.
             Brave Beat - Spread Finisher. Sora spins around a few times with the
               Keyblade. He spin upwards, which means this move leads to a air
             Sonic Strike - Aerial Frontal Finisher. Sora backs and thrusts with
               the Keyblades, piercing through the enemy.
             Sonic End - Aerial Spread Finisher. Sora slashes around, damaging any
               surrounding enemy.
             Over the Horizon - It's like Sliding Dash only it's a leap and you
               need to press square. Since you leap towards your target, you start
               an air combo.
             Omega Finale - This ability lets you do a finisher by pressing the
               square button regardless of where you are in your combo. When done
               on the ground, it does the Brave Shot and does the Sonic Strike in
             Retaliating Slash - See "Abilities"
     Growth: High Jump - Sora's jump height is increased. Very good for escaping.
     Support:Combo Plus - See "Abilities"
             Air Combo Plus - See Abilities"
             Synch Blade - Allows the use of two Keyblades
             Combo Boost -See "Abilities"
    Pros: Very Fast, Devastating Combos and Finishes
    Cons: No Magic, Losing Goofy
    Wisdom Form
    Drive gauge cost: 3
    Character cost: Donald
     Action: Wisdom Shot - Changes your Attack command to the Shoot command. Shoot
               is long ranged and Sora fires a volley of four or five bullets at a
               time. The bullets curves if your target isn't aligned with you but
               it can only curve to an certain extent.(Semi-homing)
             Mobile Action - This ability lets you move even when your doing an
               action that regularly require you to stand, like casting magic
             Magic Haste - Hastens magic recovery.
             Magic Spice - Enables Wisdom Form Magic Set(see Difference in Magic)
             Retaliating Slash - See "Abilities"
     Growth: Quick Run - Pressing square while the right analog sticks is tilted
               will make Sora dash a distance.
     Support:Combo Plus -See "Abilities"
             MP Hastega - See "Abilities"
    Differences in Magic:
     Fire:     Sora does a sharp dash forward when doing fire. As a finisher, in
               addition to dash, Sora is surrounded by molten balls, making the
               spell's radius much larger.
     Blizzard: As a finisher, Sora fires five icicles spread evenly and
               horizontally 180 degree in front of him. If you have an enemy locked
               on, all five icicles curve towards your target.
     Thunder:  As a finisher, four thunder strikes come down. The formation where
               the thunder bolts drops are like this(When Sora is facing up):
                   X X
    Pros: Very good magic and attack(pierces through auto-guards)
    Cons: Weak in close range battle, Losing Donald
    Master Form
    Drive gauge cost: 4
    Character cost: Both party members (regardless who they are)
     Action: Master Strike - Aerial Frontal Finisher. Sora does several wide swings
               to his target. When you press attack within the pause before the
               final slash, the move will cancel into the Disaster(if there are
               still enemies around). Sounds like we're talking about a fighting
               game here
             Disaster - Aerial Spread Finisher. Sora spins his Keyblades around,
               creating a vacuum around him, bringing in all surrounding enemies.
               This move lasts a few seconds and you can move around as if you had
               Mobile Action; so collect as many enemies as possible because the
               final slash of this move is devastating.
             Master Magic - Enables Master Form Magic Set(see Difference in Magic)
             Synch Blade - Allows the use of two Keyblades
             Endless Magic - Meaning there will never be a magic finish(or you
               could consider all magic cast as finishes).
     Growth: Aerial Dodge - Pressing circle in mid-air will make Sora spin to the
               direction where you tilt the right analog stick. If the analog stick
               is at neutral(not titled anywhere), Sora will be suspended briefly
               in mid-air.
     Support:Air Combo Plus - See "Abilities"
             Air Combo Plus - See "Abilities"
             Draw - See "Abilities"
             MP Hastega - See "Abilities"
    Differrnces in Magic:
     Fire:     Sora dashes a small distance forward and surrounds himself with
               molten balls, thus the radius is much large.
     Blizzard: Sora shoots six icicles. One straight, three upward in a three-way
               spread and three that curves downward in the similar spread.
     Thunder:  Sora cartwheels forward and leaves three consecutive thunder strikes
    Pros: Nice attacks, Pretty much hurts everything on the screen
    Cons: Losing Both Party Members
    Note:  Master always jumps to start a ground combo so you will never do a solid
      ground combo
    Final Form
    Drive gauge cost: 5
    Character cost: Both party members (regardless who they are)
     Action: Final Arcana - Frontal Finisher. Sora throws the Keyblades in front.
               Then he makes the Keyblades hit each other. Damage almost all
               enemies in front.
             Final Stirke - Aerial Finisher. Sora spins his Keyblades in front
               momentarily then makes them do Jackhammers, damaging any enemy
               directly below or above. Then Sora does several backflips upward and
               dives down. Final only has one aerial finish.
             Final Arts - Speard Finisher. Sora spins the Keyblades in a radius
               around him and then dashes and ricochets within that radius
             Auto Assault - Keyblade can damage even when you haven't done an
               attack. They do this in a number of situations such as jumping,
               gliding, using Cure and Aerial Recovry.
             Crime & Punishment - Enables Final Form Magic Set(see Difference in
             Mobile Action - This ability lets you move even when your doing an
               action that regularly require you to stand, like casting magic
     Growth: Glide - Pressing square in mid-air will let you glide through the air.
               Sora will glide where the right analog stick is tilted. If you press
               square without tilting, Sora will be suspended in mid-air. While
               using this ability, Sora slowly decends, if he hits a uphill
               platforms he will land.
     Support:Synch Blade - Allows the use of two Keyblades
             MP Haste - See "Abilities"
    Differences in Magic:
     Fire:     Fire was a very wide radius to start with and even wider when used
               as a finisher (molten balls again).
     Blizzard: Sora fires two icicles, one for each Keyblade. As a finisher, Sora
               fires six icicles in this order: One from the right Keyblade, one
               from the left, followed with a faster repeatition then both
               Keyblades fire at the same time.
     Thunder:  Three thunder bolts coming down semi-erraticly. They appear in
               random(or semi-random) spots in a given radius. As a finisher, seven
               thunder bolts are called in a similar manner only the radius of
               available spots is larger.
    Pros: Attacks adjust to the situation, where enemies are, No one is safe from
    even normal attacks
    Cons: Casting Magneta will sometimes have a large recovery(I'll check when
    exactly), Losing Both Party Members
    If you compare Master and Final, it seems that Master is a bit more magic
    orriented than Final. Master has a higher magic stat and has MP Hastega while
    Final only has MP Haste.
    Combos and Finishers                                                     (cmfn)
    You do it all the time. However there might be somethings you don't know about
    the combo system or something you don't really understand. Here I will hope to
    clarify those things.
    Adding and Subtracting Combo
    You will encounter abilities like Combo Plus and Negative Combo which will
    increase or decrease the number of combos you do. Here's how it works:
    You start with two attacks in one combo and a finisher.
    Attack -> Attack -> Finisher
    When you equip say a Combo Plus, it will add one more attack before the
    finisher. This will delay the Finisher so boss might recover before you reach
    the finisher. Take note that Combo Plus adds to ground combos only, it is Air
    Combo Plus that increases air combos.
    Attack -> Attack -> Attack -> Finisher
    Take note that some finishers will lead to air combos(like Finishing Leap).
    When you equip a Negative Combo ability(without any Combo Pluses). It will look
    like this:
    Attack -> Finisher
    So a finisher arrives sooner. Putting on the Negative Combo and Fenrir will
    make you first strike a Finisher.
    2 Types of Finishers
    I've come to notice that there are two types of finishers. These are not
    official names but I'll call them Frontal finish and Spread finish. When both
    finish are available(as when you have both abilities that trigger them on) Sora
    will do the finisher appropriate to the situation. What do I mean by that?
    Sora does a spread finish when he is surrounded by a number of enemies. When
    there are about five or four enemies surrounding you, Sora will choose to do
    Explosion rather than Guard Break. When your currect target is still in front
    of you, you will do the frontal finish, but when you move too far away, like
    when in Final Form, you will do the spread finish.
    However, frontal finishes are done regularly, when there are no more enemies
    around. So if you killed all the enemies with the last attack in the combo,
    the finisher will be a frontal. With the Negative Combo and Fenrir, you will do
    the frontal combo when in an empty room.
    Adding Finisher
    You might not know this(or you may) but the ability Finishing Plus adds to your
    combo chart much like Combo Plus. So if you have the Finishing Plus equipped:
    Attack -> Attack -> Finisher -> Finisher
    Now there some things I'll need to explain. Since move finishers knockback, the
    following finisher might not neccessarily hit. Also, a following finisher is
    perferred to be diiferent from the previous finisher. Example, you have this
    set up(w/ Rumble Rose):
    Attack -> Attack -> Finisher -> Finisher -> Finisher
    For the first finisher you do, the Guard Break. After that you Sora will do
    Explosion(if it is available) negardless of the how many enemies are
    surrounding you. After Explosion it will do Guard Break again. There are some
    weird exceptions. I've notice that I always do Disaster when in Master Form
    when fighting Cereberus, (three consecutive, very long Disasters, not even
    starting with the Master Strike and canceling into the Disaster)
    An the final note, you can cross from physical attack to magic in one combo.
    You can do(if you have the proper spells in the L1 shortcut or have extremely
    fast fingers)
    Attack -> Fire -> Attack -> Finisher -> Blizzard Finisher
    Abilities                                                                (ablt)
    Throughout the game you'll encounter Sora's enormous set of abilities, most of
    which you probably use and some of them might be a bit puzzling to you. Here I
    will cover what those abilities will do. Note, I might make some mistakes,
    please inform me via e-mail if you see any.
    Guard - By pressing square while on the ground, Sora will parry with his
      Keyblade. Some projectiles will be fired back(or fired to your locked on
      target) and some attacks,when guarded, will make the enemy recoil.
    Upper Slash - Frontal Finisher, press square. Throws the enemy upward, can be
      followed by an air combo.
    Horizontal Slash - Instead of the standard slashes, Sora slashes sideways.
    Finishing Leap - Spread Finisher, press square. Sora jumps and thursts down the
      ground and closeby enemies and the enemy in front will be thrown upward. Can
      be followed by an air combo
    Retaliating Slash - Press square when you have been thrown back will make Sora
      recovery and attack towards the nearest target.
    Slapshot - Hastens attack speed
    Dodge Slash - Sora rushed forwards while doing three consecutive slashes when
      you attack on the ground.
    Slide Dash - Sora thrusts towards the nearest enemy when the enemies a little
      farther than Sora's range.
    Guard Break - Frontal Finisher. Sora jumps back and does a hard thrust forward.
    Explosion - Spread Finisher. Sora creates three orbs the spin around him.
      Damages surrounding enemies. Damage is based on Magic
    Aerial Sweep - Much like Slide Dash only Sora spins upward to an air borne
    Aerial Spiral - Much like Slade Dash only Sora spins towards when in mid-air
      towards the enemy.
    Aerial Finish - Aerial Finish. Like Final, Sora only has one airial finish.
      Lengthens the finish by several slashes.
    Counterguard - Enables Sora to attack after a successful Guard.
    Auto Valor - Creates a shortcut for turning into Valor Form when HP is critical
    Auto Wisdom - Creates a shortcut for turning into Wisdom Form when HP is
    Auto Master - Creates a shortcut for turning into Master Form when HP is
    Auto Final - Creates a shortcut for turning into Final Form when HP is
    Auto Summon - Creates a shortcut for the Summon command when party members are
      knocked out. What summon becomes available in he shortcut is random. Take
      note that you have to be in the menu with the "Summons" command
      (Attack, Summons, Party, Limits)
    Trinity Limit - Makes the "Trinity" Limit available.
    NOTE ABOUT AUTO FORMS: When several Auto-Forms are euiqpped, the form that is
    availble in the shortcut is random. You also have to be in the menu where the
    "Drives" command is.
    Scan - Makes the current target's HP visible in the upper-right corner of the
    Aerial Recovery - Press circle to recovery when thrown back.
    Combo Plus - Adds 1 to your ground combo. See "Combos and Finishers"
    Air Combo Plus - Adds 1 to your air combo. See "Combos and Finishers"
    Combo Boost - Powers up the finishing move in relation to how long the combo
      was. Stackable
    Air Combo Boost - Powers up the finishing move in relation to how long the
      air combo was. Stackable
    Negative Combo - Subtracts 1 from the number of combos you can perform.
    Berserk Charge - Make the combo infinite when your in MP charge. Finishers are
      unavailable when this ability is activated.
    Damage Drive - Recovers some of your drive guage when you've taken damage.
    Drive Boost - Hastens Drive recovery when in MP Charge. Stackable
    Form Boost - Slows the decrese of the Form Guage. Stackable.
    Summon Boost - Slows the decrease of the Summon Guage
    Combination Boost - Slows the decrese of the Limit Guage
    Experience Boost - Increases exp. Stackable
    Leaf Bracer - Make you invulnerable when casting Cure(as when in a Limit)
    Magic Lock-on - When casting Magic, even if you have no enemy locked on; Fire,
    Blizzard, Thunder, and Magnet will lock on to the nearest target.
    Draw - Draws nearby orbs to you. Stacking this ability will increase the draw
    Jackpot - Increased the number of orbs dorpped by enemies. Stackable. Take note
      that a party member must be in battle to put this ability into effect.
    Lucky Lucky - Improves drop rate. Stackable. Take note that a party member must
      be in battle to put this ability to effect.
    Fire Boost - Increases damage of Fire element. Stackable
    Blizzard Boost - Increases damage of Blizzard element. Stackable
    Thunder Boost - Increases damage of Thunder element. Stackable
    Item Boost - Increases the healing capacity of healing items
    MP Rage - Recovers MP when damages is taken. Stackable
    MP Haste - Decreases MP Charge time. Stackable
    MP Hastega - Greatly decreases MP Charge. Stackable
    Defender - Raises defence when in critical. Stackable
    Second Chance - When you take in massive damage from an attack than might have
      killed you, your HP is reduced to 1 instead.
    Once More - When you take damage from a combo that might have killed you, as
      long as your still in the same combo, you're HP will be reduced to 1.
    Finishing Plus - Adds a finisher to your combo. (See "Combos and Finishers").
    Coliseum Overview                                                        (clsm)
    Finally, what you've all been waiting for. Actually what you've(singular) been
    waiting for, unless you really read FAQ/guides in groups. Let's get down to
         Name           Enemy Level              How to unlock
    Pain&Panic Cup          20      After Disney Castle for the 1st time
    Cereberus Cup           28      Clear Agrabah, Haloween Town, and Pride Lands
                                    for the first time
    Titan Cup               41      After Olympus Coliseum for the 2nd time
    Goddess of Fate Cup     53      Clear previous cup and beat Xemnas for the 1st
    Paradox: Pain&Panic     60      Clear all previous cups
    Paradox: Cereberus      70      All Drives Level 5 (except Final), Paradox:
                                    Pain&Panic must be unlocked
    Paradox: Titan          80      Summon Level 5, Paradox:Pain&Panic must be
    Paradox: Hades          99      After Space Paranoid for the 2nd time,
                                    clearing previous cups and Drives and Summon
                                    Level 7
    All information of the how to unlock the tournaments are taken from the Code
    and Secrets section of the GameFAQ for Kingdom Hearts II. I put the url in the
    The Paradox Cups are just like their normal tournament counterparts except the
    the levels are higher; with the exception of The Hades Paradox Cup.
    The tournaments follow a score system, which you should only consider if you
    are filling up the Journal or want to see how you've improved. There is a
    combo gauge at the upper-rightmost corner of the screen. That is the kill combo
    gauge, which tells you how many you've killed in one go. The more you kill all
    at once the more orbs they drop, and thus a higher score.
    Each tournament also has a set of rules that you need to follow, except for the
    Goddess of Fate Cup. The rules usual have a pro and a con. For example, the
    Pain and Panic Cup forbids Summons and Drives but lessen MP-cost for Limits.
    Here's how to read the line ups for the individual rounds. When there's a
    comma(,) in between two types of enemies, it means they appear together. When
    there's a plus sign(+) it means the proceeding enemies are reinforcements that
    will appear if you have defeated all, or a number, of enemies before it.
    Parentheses are put as grouping symbols. So, for example:
    Round X: 1 Shadow, 1 Soldier + (3 Dusks, 1 Creeper)
    This means that there is a Shadow and a Soldier at the start of the round.
    After defeating both enemies 3 Dusks and a Creeper will appear.
    There's a double-score mode that increases the orb droppage. It can be obtained
    by killing a lot of enemies in one move or spell. The more you kill enemies
    simultaneously, the higher the chance you enter double-score mode. Magnet is
    very useful for making that appear but in most rounds, you won't see it.
    Pain and Panic Cup                                                       (ppcc)
    The Pain and Panic Cup is the easiest of all the tournaments. There shouldn't
    be too much difficulty passing the tournament. As for the Journal entry, just
    return later with a stronger magic stat and magnet element;)
    This tournament is unlocked right after you finish your first visit at the
    Olympus Coliseum.
    Rules: NO Summon or Drives
           Limits consume only minimal amount of MP
    Round  1: 5 Hook Bats, 5 Shadows
    Round  2: 6 Minute Bombs, 1 Large Body
    Round  3: 2 Soldiers, 5 Rabid Dogs
    Round  4: 2 Hot Rods, 4 Shadows
    Round  5: 4 Rapid Thrusters + (4 Hook Bats, 2 Bolt Towers)
    Round  6: 3 Gargoyle Warriors + 5 Minute Bombs + 4 Lance Soldiers
    Round  7: (2 Aeroplanes, 2 Soldier) + 1 Rabid Dog + 4 Aeroplanes + 2 Assult
    Round  8: *Rapid Thruster Swarm*
    Round  9: 2 Gargoyle Knights, 4 Creeper Plants
    Round 10: Leon and Yuffie
    In the Paradox Cup: Pain and Panic, at round 8 you will have Donald and Goofy
    as compared to the normal Pain and Panic tournament where you are alone.
    Recommended Set-up:
    A shortcut to Magnet and a Magnet-follow-up like Fire or Thunder. Equip your
    strongest Keyblade and you're all set.
    Cereberus Cup                                                            (crbc)
    If you like Drives, then you'll like this tournament. Each hit will fill up a
    fifth or more of your Drive gauge. Don't hesitate to use Drives; this is
    actually a good place to level up Valor Form.
    Rules: NO Party or Summons
           Drive gauges fills up like there's no tomorrow
    Round  1: 2 Trick Ghosts, 2 Air Pirates
    Round  2: 3 Drill Moles, 3 Hammer Frames
    Round  3: 3 Tornado Steps, 3 Wright Knights
    Round  4: 4 Sliver Rocks, 1 Living Bone
    Round  5: 5 Ice Cubes, 5 Firey Globes, 1 Shaman
    Round  6: 2 Aerial Knockers, 2 Fortunetellers
    Round  7: 3 Cannon Guns, 1 Toy Soldier
    Round  8: 5 Luna Bandits
    Round  9: 1 Fat Bandit, 4 Emerald Blues
    Round 10: Cereberus
    Recommened Set-up:
    A shortcut to Magnet and a follow-up. If you plan to use Drives here, you might
    want to equip Oathkeeper but you probably don't have it at this time(unless
    we're talking about the Paradox one) so you're strongest Keyblade will do.
    Titan Cup                                                                (ttnc)
    There is an additional rule that I must explain in more detail. You are provided
    with 500 pts through the whole tournament. These points will decrease every time
    you are hit and if they run out, you lose. In addition, there will be falling
    rocks, like the ones you see around the Underworld, in all the rounds. Their
    frequency will increase as you progress through the tournament.
    Rules: NO Party or Drives, provided with 500 pts
           Drive gauge is full at the start of every round
    Round  1: 2 Magnus Loaders, 3 Dusks
    Round  2: 4 Assassins, 1 Morning Star
    Round  3: 4 Strafers, 2 Berserkers
    Round  4: 3 Trick Ghosts, 2 Snipers
    Round  5: 3 Neo Shadow, 3 Dancers
    Round  6: 2 Air Pirates, 2 Dragoons, 1 Book Master
    Round  7: 2 Crimson Jazzes, 2 Samurais
    Round  8: 2 Snipers, 3 Minute Bombs, 2 Assassins
    Round  9: 2 Dancers, 2 Berserkers, 1 Devastator
    Round 10: Hercules
    Recommened Set-up:
    As usual, a shortcut for Magnet and a follow-up.
    The quota for the Journal Entry is a score 5,000 and 10,000 for the Paradox one
    Sound impossible? Remember what I said about Stitch's Ohana!? You will need that
    Limit to make all the enemies drop score orbs. Remember that your Drive gauge
    is always full at the start of a round so use up all the Drive gauge by
    summoning Stitch.
    Goddess of Fate Cup                                                      (gofc)
    A tournement with not specific rules. It shouldn't be too hard, given that
    you're arround the same level as the tournament level: 53
    Round  1: 2 Emerald Blues, 1 Morning Star, 2 Snipers + 4 Morning Stars
    Round  2: 1 Living Bone, 3 Hammer Frames
    Round  3: 3 Creeper Plants, 1 Toy Soldier
    Round  4: 2 Crimson Jazzes, 2 Nightwalkers
    Round  5: 4 Shamans + 2 Assassins + 3 Devastators
    Round  6: 1 Fat Bandits, 1 Large Body
    Round  7: 2 Lance Soldier, 2 Assault Rider
    Round  8: *Rapid Thrusters Swarm*
    Round  9: 2 Hot Rods, 2 Bolt Towers
    Round 10: Hades, 2 Hammer Frames + 3 Hammer Frames + 3 Hammer Frames
    Recommended Set-up:
    Make a wild guess. Magnet and a follow-up in the shortcut.
    Hades Cup                                                                (hdsc)
    The nightmare begin here with the hardest thing to accomplish in the game... I
    think. Well it's 50 round long. Yep, 50 rounds! This is probably the last thing
    you'll do in a run through. Level up a lot before attempting, you might have to
    try a couple of times if you get careless or just unlucky.
    Round  1: 3 Shadows, 3 Soldiers
    Round  2: 4 Drill Moles, 2 Hook Bats
    Round  3: 4 Rapid Thrusters, 2 Surveillance Robots
    Round  4: 5 Rabid Dogs, 2 Creeper Plants
    Round  5: Volcano Lord, 2 Soldiers
    Round  6: 3 Silver Rocks, 3 Cannon Guns
    Round  7: 4 Shadows, 3 Ice Cubes + 8 Minute Bombs
    Round  8: 2 Silver Rocks, 3 Soldiers + 5 Armored Knights + 1 Large Body
    Round  9: 4 Creeper Plants, 1 Samurai
    Round 10: Tifa and Yuffie
    Rules: NO Party or Drives
           Drive gauge is full at the start of every round.
    Round 11: 5 Rapid Thrusters, 3 Aeroplanes
    Round 12: 1 Magnum Loader, 2 Air Pirates, 4 Minute Bombs
    Round 13: 3 Luna Bandits, 2 Drill Moles
    Round 14: 2 Lance Soldiers, 2 Tornado Steps, 2 Armored Knights
    Round 15: Blizzard Lord
    Round 16: 4 Soldiers, 2 Wright Knights
    Round 17: 4 Strafers, 4 Neo Shadows + 4 Aerial Knockers
    Round 18: 2 Air Pirates, 2 Luna Bandits + 3 Creeper Plants + 3 Wright Knights
    Round 19: 1 Dragoon, 2 Dusks, 2 Assassins
    Round 20: Pete
    Rules: NO Summons or Drives
           Limits consume only minimal MP
    Round 21: 3 Gargoyle Knights, 3 Armored Knights
    Round 22: 1 Aeroplane, 2 Fortunetellers, 2 Trick Ghosts
    Round 23: 2 Creeper Plants, 2 Soldiers, 2 Shamans
    Round 24: 3 Bulky Vendors
    Round 25: Cloud and Tifa
    Round 26: 2 Hammer Frames, 2 Bolt Towers, 1 Neo Shadow
    Round 27: 4 Rabid Dogs, 2 Gargoyle Warriors, 4 Nightwalkers
    Round 28: 2 Book Masters, 2 Emerald Blues + 4 Shamans + (4 Silver Rocks, 2
     Emerald Blues)
    Round 29: 2 Gamblers, 2 Snipers
    Round 30: Hades
    Rules: NO Party or Summons, Finish up to Round 40 in 10 min
           Drive gauges fills up like there's no tomorrow
    Round 31: 2 Shamans, 2 Creeper Plants, 1 Berserker
    Round 32: 4 Water Clones, 3 Dancers
    Round 33: 4 Samurais
    Round 34: 2 Sorcerers
    Round 35: *Rapid Thruster Swarm*
    Round 36: 3 Berserkers
    Round 37: 2 Snipers, 3 Assassins + 4 Dragoons
    Round 38: 6 Dusks + 4 Dancers + 4 Samurais + 2 Gamblers + 1 Sorcerer
    Round 39: 4 Dragoons
    Round 40: Cloud and Leon
    Rules: NO Party, Drives or Summons
           Sorry, no pros... As the game said: "Sora's on his own"
    Round 41: 2 Toy Soldiers, 2 Graveyards
    Round 42: 2 Fortunetellers, 1 Living Bone
    Round 43: 2 Morning Stars, 2 Large Bodies
    Round 44: 3 Living Bones
    Round 45: *Battle at Hallow Bastion*
    Round 46: 2 Hot Rods, 1 Devastator
    Round 47: 1 Bulky Vendor + (3 Lance Soldiers,1 Living Bone) + (2 Emerald
     Blues, 2 Assault Riders) + (5 Cresendos, 3 Morning Stars)
    Round 48: Cereberus
    Round 49: Yuffie, Tifa, Cloud and Leon
    Round 50: Hades
    Recommened Set-up:
    A shortcut of Refelctga, Magnetga and your Magnet-follow-up and something that
    heals, perferably Curaga.
    Ultima Weapon and whatever you think is the best set-up of armor.
    Suggestable have Elixirs in your item slots. Be at level 90+, 95 is good enough
    but of course 99 is always better.
    I don't know about you but I come realize that long combos aren't really a big
    plus. Especially on bosses, as most of them will recover when hit a number of
    times. It is better to have the Negative Combo on for me so the strong finish
    move comes in sooner.
    Round 5: Blizzard element stuns the Volcano Lord. If you have Finishing Leap
    equipped, Air Combo it and then shot a Blizzardga instead of the Finishing Leap
    after the Air Finish. Then, while the Volcano Lord is floating, air combo it
    again. Keep repeating the process until it's dead. If ever it recovers and
    bouces, use the "Firagun" Reaction Command
    Round 10: Tifa is too aggressive for her on good. She will always run towards
    you and attack immediately. So once you see her close, cast Reflectga. This
    method should kill Tifa in no time. Yuffie teleports between her attacks but
    she shouldn't be anything you can't handle. You can just keep casting Reflectga
    near her whenever she appears. She may become irritating since you have a very
    little time to do damage.
    Round 15: Fire element stuns Blizzard Lord but Firaga isn't really that strong,
    not with a single target. Anyway, stay close to it so it's Blizzardgun attack
    misses, even if you didn't use the reaction command. It's very slow and the
    fact that it's alone should make things so simple. Try not to get damaged at
    Round 20: Pete's attacks are very slow. You can see that he's about to roll a
    bomb like a bowling ball so that's not really a treat. When he backs out and
    says "I'll show you!" he'll leave firecrackers(much like Chicken Little's).
    Dodge with Aerial Dodge or a simple High Jump. When he get damaged too much, he
    might counter with his tantrum attack. Don't get near him while he's throwing
    his fists around. He'll jump and send a shockwave through the ground so jump
    accordingly and counter with an Air Combo before you land. Sometimes, he'll
    create a barrier around him, and like he says, he's invincible in this state.
    He also heals some HP and if you attack while the barrier is still there, he'll
    bounce back. Wait for the barrier to disappear and whack him. I usually just
    spam "Final" Genie's Infinity. Limits are a good way to stop his attacks, if
    ever you feel the need to stop the already slow attacks in the first place.
    Round 25: Tifa hasn't learned her lesson. Reflectga her to death. Cloud
    shouldn't cause a big problem, but just be careful. He'll close in the distance
    with a fast trust which can get you a couple of times. Cloud is a lot more
    patient than Tifa, you should do that same. When you're in considerable
    distance, anticipate his fast trust and jump. Then start an air combo. Whenever
    he does the firefly circling thing, put of lock if you have low tolerance to
    dizziness. Gliding around should make you almost safe from Cloud's attacks.
    When he has done three combos, he'll jump up and do that pillar attack like
    when he started the whole limit. You'll have the opportunity to attack him
    Round 30: He's immune to fire element so deflecting the fireballs back to him
    with either the Guard command or Reflect won't do any damage. Still, he's
    pretty easy. If anything, he's irritating with the teleport thing.
    Round 35: You'll have to kill all the Rapid Thrusters this time. Shouldn't be
    that hard. Use Magnetga and a follow-up then when you're MP's gone change to
    Final Form.
    Round 40: If it helps, you can lock on Cloud and when ever Leon fires a
    fireball, use the Guard command to deflect it to Cloud. Leon's immune to fire
    so, no good returning it to him. Depending on how fast you went through the
    previous rounds, you'll have little or a lot of time for them. Anyway, don't
    forget that Final Form is always available and it will help A LOT.
    Round 45: Keep searching for the Surveillance Robots and use the "Grab" and
    "Sparkle Ray" commands. You can also use the Rising Sun command to keep you
    safe from being damaged.
    Round 49: Oh my...! Damn, all four Final Fantasy characters at once. Hey,
    shouldn't the modern standard party be only composed of three not four party
    members? Anyway, Get rid of Tifa with Reflectga, as usual. Leon already has his
    sword glowing, meaning he already has a very large range. Cloud is still
    patient so just keep you distance until Tifa's dead. Yuffie moves arround
    pretty slowly compared to the others so save her for last. You can just spam
    Reflectga here, that's one option. If you don't like being so cheap, you can
    get rid of Leon using Blizzardga or Thunderga. Be patient and wait for an
    openning and unless there's only one character left, never do more than one
    combo. You'll be begging for a gangbang. Whenever you see Yuffie nearing, it
    means you're staying in one place too long so skeddadle as quickly as you can.
    Try to stay clam, be patient and heal whenever you hit critcal.
    Round 50: Considering you went through the last round, you shouldn't be
    threatened by this one. Hercules is with you and you'll have to throw the Aura
    Spheres to Hades whenever he's red. Also, he'll call a ball of fire above the
    center of the ring. The ball rains flames down but if you keep the battle at
    the edges of the ring, it shouldn't be a problem. Other than that minor detail,
    same tactics as before.
    Dealing With...                                                          (dalw)
    You've probably encountered some enemies that have made you pull out your hair
    in frustration. Like enemies that throw you back while your combo-ing some
    other enemy. Enemies with auto-guards and invulnerable states, which just make
    them irritatingly hard to kill.
    In this section, I will tackle on how to deal with certain enemies you'll
    encounter in the coliseum.
    Large Body
    Point of frustration: Auto-guard on the front
    This big, dumb, fatso can be irritating. Fortunately, he's about as a
    aggressive as he is intelligent. If you don't want to consume MP, go around him
    and hit him at his back. In fact, never be in front of this guy, unless you're
    confident you'll kill him with a few short spells. If you don't mind consume
    some MP, shoot a few Blizzards or if you're surrounded by two or more of them,
    use Fire. Magnet doesn't work but I think the initial damage that Magnet does
    still affects them. Another way to deal with them is with the 'Shoot' command
    of Wisdom Form, which penetrates through the auto-guard. Reflect isn't as
    effective because, as I've said, it's isn't very aggressive, although it will
    throw the Large Body, canceling whatever attack it's doing.
    Fat Bandit
    Point of frustration: Auto-guard on the front
    Like the Large Body but it's a bit more aggressive. Fortunately, you can see
    its attacks as the come so when it backs its head, cast Reflect. It's immune to
    Fire but Blizzard works wonders against them. Other than what differences I've
    said, treat it as a Large Body.
    Hot Rod
    Point of frustration: Invulnerability when attacking
    When in critical state, Hot Rods honk their horns and light up the headlights.
    They dash towards you. Once they pass you, they'll drift arround to dash at you
    again. They'll do this in sets of three, during the dashes they are immune to
    physical attacks. Highly recommended that you use Magic such as Blizzard.
    Wisdom Form will be very useful against these hot tempered cars. If you're out
    of MP and Drive, then you'll have to wait for them to stop. If you already have
    Aerial Dodge then use it.
    Living Bone
    Point of frustration: Aggressiveness and high tolerance to combos
    These can really damage you if you're not careful. They come in four types: one
    without a head, one with a head, one w/ a shaman riding it but not head, and
    finally a shaman riding it with the head. Without the head, the thing will spin
    arround, failing that axe-tail. If it has a head, it was an addictional attack.
    It will rush forward while bitting. With the Shaman, it will have the flame
    attack that the Shamans do in addition to the attacks. The final type will have
    a spell that will surround you with flames. The Reaction Command 'Dispel' which
    will make Sora rush forward and the flames will act like Firaga, only it in
    non-elemental. Reflect will be useful here as well, but it does not throw back
    the Living Bone when the Linving Bone hits the barrier. Blizzard also works
    well against it but when there's a lot of them, it might be better to use
    Thunder or Fire(if you dare).
    Morning Star
    Point of frustration: High Damage
    The Morning Stars can really hurt, they killed me in on of my second attempt at
    Hades Cup in round 43. They can attack slowly with its axe arms or spin arround
    in place, with its axe arms extended or spin like a top, ricocheting around the
    room. It can very dangerous for a critical Sora to roam the room while one of
    these things are doing the spinning ricochet attack(that's the move that killed
    me). Fortunately, these attacks are deflected by Guard or Reflect. So when one
    them is about to attack or is already attacking, cast Reflect. By the way,
    they're immune to Blizzard and Fire element.
    Point of frustration: High Damage
    A lot of people I know just hate her Final Heaven limit.It does do a lot of
    damage when your right in front of her. Always try to be behind her. Her
    aggressiveness makes her a sucker for Reflectga. If you don't want to use
    Reflectga then wait for her to do a simple punch combo, jump behind her and do
    and air combo. When she does her spin-kicks, stay away untill she finishes.
    When she charging for Final Heaven, RUN AWAY! By the way, Magnet works on her,
    although she is only stun and attacts momentarily. Sorry, I said she was immune
    in my first version.
    Point of frustration: Teleport
    Other Notes: Immune to Magic
    Her teleport makes her really annoying. Not to mention that you can't snipe her
    with magic since she's immnue to magic. You can always use Reflect whenever
    she's attacking, you're safe from her attacks and you also deal damage to her.
    You'll have to wait for her backflips, as they are probably the best times you
    can dash in and do a combo. Since she's usually the last to be killed, unless
    she got killed by crossfire, patience is all you need here.
    Point of frustration: Fast Trust
    Other Notes: Immune to Thunder
    I decided to put Cloud since he can become irritating sometimes. His fast trust
    can catch you off guard a lot of times if you're not careful. If you can, jump
    when he does his trust and air combo him from the back. He usually circles you
    in a clockwise movement. The only other big window of opportunity is when he
    does his Limit. Glide around to avoid getting hit wait for the thrid combo.
    After the third combo, he'll do the diving pillar attack. Then you can combo
    him. He's immune to thunder but every other magic works on him, including
    Magnet. Magnet works on him like with Tifa.
    Point of frustration: Wide Range
    Other Notes: Immune to Magnet and Fire
    In the rounds where he doesn't start with that glowing gunblade pray he doesn't
    do it soon. Once he activated that thing after 1 attack, I haven't even touched
    him. When you're very far away, he shoot fireballs at you. You can deflect them
    back or to whoever you have locked on using Guard or Reflect. Actually, even
    without the enlarged gunblade he can hit his surroundings so going behind him
    whenever he attacks might not be such a good idea. The best way to kill him is
    with Blizzard, Thunder or Reflect. If you don't have any MP, you can always
    dash to him AFTER his attacks.
    Closing and Credits                                                      (csng)
    I hope I've helped you not only in the Underdome but also in your overall
    performance in the game.
    Things I'll work on:
    -Add a Summons in the "Sora's Artilery" section
    -Add an Items in the "Sora's Artillery" section
    -More enemies in the "Dealing With..." section
    -Give Details in all the rounds in all the tournaments(specially the Hades Cup)
    Thanks to:
    -GameFAQ for posting this guide for me.
    -HaloMasta050 for contributing the requires for unlocking the tournaments.
    -To SquareEnix for making this amazing game
    -Sun Tzu and James Clavell for "The Art of War"
    -To Lavabear for answering my question about Slapshot in the GameFAQ boards
    -And yo you for reading this FAQ/Guide
    Until next time, Chao

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