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"A dream game of deep meaning, but also of useless complications"

Introduction: Hi, this is my first review for a game so go easy on me. I love this game, from Final Fantasy to Disney flashbacks of my childhood, but I've gotta speak the truth so here I go.

Story: 9/10
The story is great. The way they sanction the storyline is awesome as well. First of all is Roxas' story, then the adventures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, and then we meet Roxas again very near to the end, and then the battles begin, and then after the great story structure, it all ends on a cliffhanger about a letter which indicates there will be a sequel to the game. The only reason I haven't given the game 10 is because of the Pete & Maleficent disappearance as to why she helps Sora in Hollow Bastion. Maybe that will all be revealed in another game but for now it's a useless loose end.

Music: 6.8/10
The music changes throughout the game depending on where you are. It can sometimes be really funky and addictive, but at other times it can be really shallow, eery and just annoying. It could turn the fun of the game upside down. That said, but usually that doesn't happen. Otherwise, wherever you are, the music is quite appropriate.

Sound Effects: 10/10
Kingdom Hearts 2 concentrates on sound effects more than any other game I've played in my gaming experiences. Every character involved in the actual gameplay and not in the cutscenes, such as bosses, allies, and acquaintances has at least 3 or 4 unique catchphrases, and organization 13 have nearly a phrase for every move when you play against them. Not only that, but the Gummi Ship levels have really cinematic effects that enhance the fun by a lot. All this put together makes the sound for this game perfect!

Graphics: 7.9/10
The graphics are on and off throughout the game, but never poor. When you start a new game, the first musical cutscenes graphics will blow you away, as will the end cutscene. All the other cutscenes in the middle of the game still have good graphics, and focus on every inch of the picture. Sometimes the features on faces do get pixelated, but they are still amazing considering the amount of cutscenes this game holds. Also, the actual gameplay graphics aren't that bad, but not that good either.

Gameplay: 9.3/10
Kingdom Hearts 2 is the most addictive game you can come across in terms of gameplay. There are mini-games, the challenging bosses, the quests, you can explore, the gummi ship levels, the searches, and even reading your packed journal is all part of the many things you can do. It really is an incredible experience. Many parts of the game are hard, but definitely beatable in 10 goes, and there are secrets such as the Sephiroth boss and the Torn Pages of the Pooh book.

Overall: 08/10
This score shows that this game is a must-buy. For hardcore gamers, it's a challenging experience that can test whatever part of gaming you are best at, and for beginners, on the beginner mode, this game could be the first steps you take before you go on to enjoy a lot of other rpg games.

A must-have game for anyone, in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts II (EU, 09/29/06)

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