Review by Camyboi

Reviewed: 03/02/10

A great game that does the first justice

When Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, I figured it would be a good game. It far exceeded my expectations. I did play the first Kingdom Hearts, and I did enjoy it. Kingdom Hearts 2 is a great rpg, with an engrossing storyline, great characters, and a nice battle system. I do judge games hard, and argued with myself for a long time until I decided on an eight. Story and Gameplay are my two most important subject, so that's what I decided on. Now let's get down to business.

Kingdom Hearts 2 has a very unique story. I mean, Disney and Square Enix combining? It did sound a little like a bad experiment, but you quickly get into it. It features Sora, a teenage boy, Donald Duck, and the lovable Goofy. They travel through many worlds from Disney movies, sealing "keyholes" and saving the world. They fight the Heartless, little creatures who kill people to gt their hearts. Meanwhile, they meet many characters from several Final Fantasy's and Disney, who fight as their allies. The story brings you in, and while getting a little random at times, keeps you interested until the very end. I found myself wondering throughout "Where is Riku?" I will have to let you find that one out yourself. All in all, the story was made by Square Enix, so we knew it was probably going to be good.

The fighting system is nice, featuring an all-new Drive Gauge feature, allowing you to make Sora into several different forms, taking out one or both of your allies to do so. I enjoyed the addition of the Drive Gauge, as it added spice to the hack and slash gameplay. It also has all-new keyblades, even keeping the Kingdom Key. It lets you cast some different spells from the first, even changing what the spells do. While it does seem a little repetitive at times,the gameplay does the first justice.

The soundtrack of Kingdom Hearts 2 is a great addition to the game, spicing up gameplay at many instances. It features many different songs, having a new song for every world you visit. There are different fight songs for each world, which is also a nice addition. To sum it up, Kingdom Hearts 2's music is brilliant.

The graphics in kingdom Hearts 2 could be better, but they are very good. The characters are nicely done, even the characters you don't see very long. The graphics for the background are nice, though water isn't that well done in my opinion. If you are looking for nice graphics, this game will suit your needs.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kingdom Hearts II (US, 03/28/06)

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