Was There Any Way I Could Order The Ps2 Game(Persona4)That Would Work?I know It Was A Little Bit Long,But Pls Help Me

  1. I've just started playing the game (persona 4) and i was just getting in to the game until recently that my (persona 4)seems to be stuck in a room where you need to go in,of course that i've taken the game out and have a check if there were some dust covering the disc or my ps2 sensor,but i've tried again and again,the game seem to be stuck in the same place,the other place was fine to continue,but it was that damn room that you just have to if you want to continue the story...i was stuck loading,and i thought it was normal,but the thing was...i can't believe that after HALF A DAY,it still haven't finished LOADING yet!!!

    it seems to be stuck in a same place...i just can't continue,so i was just thinking to buy it in the mall,but it seems to be out of stock...i was thinking about order it online,but i live in Malaysia where most of the ordering sites weren't able to notice...the worst thing was,that most of the (persona 4) i found was written in japanese,i can't play something i can't read...

    so if anyone of you expert who know the answers to my problem or know where could i order the game Persona 4(that would actually work and writen in english) that was available in Malaysia to please answer me,please...T.T

    (ps:i know i wrote a little bit too many,the reason was that i don't know how to explain the problem i've had,so please forgive me if you don't understand my question...)

    User Info: kingyugi

    kingyugi - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you get stuck in the same place it is most likely a bad disc.

    User Info: bandit_wolf

    bandit_wolf - 6 years ago 0 0

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